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But... invader's blood marches through my veins, like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! The pants command me. Do not ignore my veins!
~ Zim

Zim is the main character of the Nickelodeon animated television series, Invader Zim.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 1

Possible Opponents[]

With GIR[]

Death Battle Info[]

  • Alias: Invader ZIM, Space man, that weird green kid
  • Height: About the height of a elementary school student
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Species: Irken
  • Age: Around the 200 range
  • A defective Irken, self-proclaimed Invader, and former Irken Elite

Powers and Skills[]

  • Strength
    • Surprisingly strong for his size
    • Capable of throwing around average sized humans
    • Once beat down a large steel door by beating it by using one of his teammates as a battering ram
    • Legs are strong enough to let him leap onto a school bus
  • Speed
    • Extremely agile able to leap and climb objects at high speeds
    • Very good at dodging objects with flips and leaps
    • Has been fast enough to swipe large equipment away from people's point of view very quickly
    • Has been able to disappear in the blink of an eye to the confusion of his foe's
  • Intelligence
    • Despite his lack of common sense is still rather smart
    • In two days made a city sized water balloon
    • Managed to open up a wormhole to a Room with a Moose
    • Insanely good at making his own tech
  • Superb Healing Factor
    • Had his entire body broken and recovered quickly
    • Had arms and eyes fall out and reattached them with no negative effects
  • Durability
    • Survived a large amount of head juice fly out of his body
    • Can survive countless crash landings
    • Survived an explosion that wiped out a town without any signs of pain
    • Survived vomitted while being exposed to the vacuum of space
    • Survived having half his body liquefied
    • Survived being in radioactive garbage while on fire
    • Survived a head on collision with an airliner jet
    • Survived being burned in the Earth's atmosphere not feeling a thing
    • Survived being sent inside the sun


  • The Thing
    • Boy it sure is doing something....
  • Brain Thing
  • Tracking Device
  • Zim-Bot
  • Voot Cruiser
    • Also known as the "Voot Runner"
    • Zim's primary means of transportation
    • Considered as an obsolete vehicle by the Irken Empire
    • Contains a gee-force compensator to compensate to high gees-forces in dangerous maneuvers
    • Zim admits that its made mostly from garbage
    • Main weapon systems are mostly plasma cannons
    • The pods on the sides can be used as cutting lasers
    • Despite its relatively advanced frame it was incapacitated by a bee when it struck the windshield
    • It has been shown to move far faster than the speed of light
  • PAK
    • Serves as Zim's secondary brain
    • Prevents Zim from suffering amnesia
    • "Resets" Zim if he is knocked out or suffers a blow to the head
    • Is in a way sentient, as it can take it's master to safety if he is incapacitated
    • Has the majority of Zim's arsenal
      • Mechanical spider legs serve as a quick mode of transportation and has other uses
        • Laser Guns
        • Laser cutters
        • Forcefield generator
        • Sharp weapons
        • Drills
      • An audio and/or video communicator
      • A Jet pack
      • Bubble helmet for use in the vacuum of space
      • Nightvision goggles
      • A small robotic appendage
      • An Organ harvesting device
      • A set of ray guns with controllable appendages
  • The Present
    • When opened will remove the victims eyeballs and replace them with robotic ones
    • When the robotic ones are placed on will make the victim under ZIM's control briefly giving ZIM time to control them.
  • City sized Water Balloon
  • Megadoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech
    • Accidentally shipped to Zim
    • Resembles a chicken, especially with its cannon deployed
    • Most likely a prototype
    • Extremely slow
    • Despite having a cloaking device, it does not hide its rider
    • Required al ot of power to charge it
  • Alien Tac
  • Dodgeball Machine
  • Tiny Alien Pod
  • Home Builder
  • Self Destruct switch
  • Electrical Sticks
  • Germ Spray
  • Voot Carrier
  • Pod
  • Pastoolio
    • Only happens when his face gets covered in pizza grease
  • Teleporter
  • Baseball Bat
  • Voice Changer
  • Battle Suit
  • Super Weapons
  • Giant Mech
  • Planet destroying bomb
  • Battle Britches
  • Remote Controlled Robot
  • Bazoogian Core Muncher
  • Alien Serum
  • Dart Gun
  • Squidgyblit
  • Plunger of Doom!
    • Uses a tractor beam to bring enemies closer to their doom!


  • Somehow has fooled the entire world with his less then obvious disguise and hideout, with the exception of Dib and Gaz
  • Started a large food fight with Dib
  • Unintentionally created life, was worshipped as a god by amoebas, and then destroyed them
  • Wrecked his home planet Irk
  • Fought Dib and the Ubertrousers with his Anti-Pants Battle-Legs for 14 hours
  • Stole every kid in Skool's organs including Dib's
  • Made Dib forget where he hid footage of ZIM
  • Made a large water balloon that wiped out a town
  • Nearly sent Dib into a Room with a Moose
  • Piloted the entire planet of Mars across the solar system
  • Was on Mysterious Mysteries and managed to come out on top and prove he wasn't an alien
  • Locked Dib in a cage with a monkey
  • Made his way out of Dib's nightmare world
  • Found the Gargantis Array and used it to transmit footage of an obese Dib across the galaxy, humailiating him
  • Caused mayhem with his Megadoomer
  • Summoned the Star Donkey to kick all life on Earth, into the sun along with himself, and somehow survived?
  • Due to Zim's insanity he caused a Control Brain to malfunction and claimed him to be the "Greatest Irken That Ever Lived"
  • Convinced the president to destroy the Earth but was stopped by Dib
  • Nearly became skool president
  • Fought Dib at dodgeball
  • Got the world to believe he was Santa Claus
  • Went forward in time and defeated his older self, who had somehow taken over the world
  • Survived a city-sized explosion
  • Flew across the Planet-Jackers ship (from a starting point of halfway down the Earth, which they were dragging) in seconds
  • Ironically saved Earth a couple of times
  • Caused a florpus hole to open after teleporting Earth in its entirety


  • Can't become an actual threat if he doesn't put his mind to it, despite having the potential.
  • Human food (it causes him pain and in some cases makes his head inflate).
  • Vulnerable to Earth water, as the smallest drop of rain will cause his skin to burn.
  • If his PAK is removed, he will have 10 minutes to retrieve it, or he'll die.
    • In the comics, if his body is unavailable, it can attach to any object and transfer his consciousness to it.
  • Has a big fear of germs.
  • Came so close in conquering Earth multiple times, but drops the ball at the last minute.
    • However, he temporarily succeeded in Enter The Florpus.
  • Meat will burn his flesh.
  • Always gives his opponents useful advice.
  • Arrogant to a fault.
  • Massive ego can get in the way of his mission.
  • Overzealous, even by his people's standards.
  • Sometimes his plans are just stupid and doesn't think things through.
  • Has been pinned down by Dib, an Elementary Skool student.