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Mega Man X VS Star Wars! Which Lightsaber wielding badass will take the win?


Wiz: Lightsabers are extremely iconic in the Star Wars universe.

Boomstick: And are often ripped off by some person that can't come up with any better ideas.

Wiz: Zero, Mega Man X's rival and sidekick, and wielder of the Z-Saber.

Boomstick: And The Apprentice, codename Starkiller and Darth Vader's apprentice, and wielder of the Lightsaber. He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze they're weapons, armor, and skills to determine, who would win, a Death Battle.


(Zero's Theme Remixed)

Wiz: A great scientist, or genius created a great robot. The man, who was Albert Wily, created Bass... Who failed. But then his ultimate creation stepped in. This was Zero. After being created and awaking, he immediately asked his master, Wily, who he was. Only getting an order to destroy his enemy as a response. He was then blinded and deafened, and sent into his first mission against the Mavericks.

Boomstick: Oh, but Zero's got some serious power! His main weapon is the Z-Saber, which can slice through metals stronger than titanium like butter!

Wiz: Anyway, the Z-Saber also has multiple abilities in of itself. He can perform normal slashes with this weapon along with the techniques C-Sword, which is an airborne C shaped slash that Zero can perform. He's also got F-Splasher, which surrounds Zero in ice, and can freeze enemies it touches. Then there's E-Blade, which is a rising electric slash, which also sends lightning bolts both upwards and downwards, damaging opponents. Then there's C-Flasher, where Zero punches the ground, and an explosion erupts around him, which can also turn even more powerful depending on how damaged Zero is. Then there's also Dark Hold, which freezes time for awhile, allowing Zero to attack enemies freely. There's also W-Shredder, which sends out a copy of Zero that strikes an opponent if it makes contact. There's also Quake Blazer, which is a downward thrust with the Z-Saber, which also has adjustable aim. There's also Twin Dream, which is an exact replica of Zero that helps battle the enemy for a short while. There's also Shippuuga & Sentsuizan, which are twirling, rapidly hitting slashes from Zero, except Sentsuizan is the airborne version, which allows him to glide. Then there's Ryuenjin & Shoenzan, which are both uppercuts with the Z-Saber, except Shoenzan is an added flame attribute, but slightly weaker. Then there's Hyoroga, which makes Zero jump and cling to reachable ceilings, then fire icicles at enemies. There's also Ensuizan which is a rolling slash from Zero, which is also performable in the air as well as the ground. There's also Rakukojin, which is a metallic downward jab, and if it hits, can shoot anchors towards the flying foe to hit even more. There's also Guard Shell, which is an energy shield that can reflect energy-based projectiles. Then there's Rekkoha, where Zero punches the ground, summoning light lasers to hit enemies from above, and targets enemies anywhere. There's also Raijinshou, which surrounds Zero with an electric tornado. There's also Suiretsusen, which is a strong forward water thrust. There's also Bakuenjin, where Zero punches the ground, causing a huge fiery explosion. Also Zankourin, which Zero can shoot out as a light energy-based razor. There's also Hieijin, which fires a homing light energy-based missile at enemies. Also, Souenbu, which is a wind boomerang. There's also Hadengeki, which is an overhead slash that sends out an energy slash to hit enemies. There's also Gokumonken, which is basically a counter move, as anyone who gets close during this move and attacks, automatically gets attacked right back. Then there's Raijinken, which is a powerful thunder energy-based uppercut. There's also Enkoukyaku, which isn't a Z-Saber technique, but is a flame energy-based kick Zero performs that burns enemies. Then there's Shouryuuken, which is a spiralling ice energy-based uppercut that freezes airborne enemies and harms ground enemies. That's his techniques. Not to mention he can also fight hand-to-hand if he needs to, with a multitude of punches and kicks.

Boomstick: Oh, but we can't forget his elemental powered Z-Sabers. Flame, Ice, and Thunder! And let's not forget his Z-Buster, which can fire charged up blasts, and even rapid-fire. Then, he can even charge power over time to fire an enormous laser outta the Z-Buster!

Wiz: But then his Z-Saber can also transform into other things! The Shield Boomerang deflects projectiles and can be thrown like a boomerang. And the Chain Rod can grapple onto walls, ceilings, objects, and even enemies!

Boomstick: Oh, but reader, you have no idea just yet! The E-Saber is triple the size and power of the normal Z-Saber, and also has all the same techniques available! But Zero's biggest trump card is Nightmare Zero. He has unlimited flight, extremely higher strength, and slightly better durability and speed. He also has new techniques like Shingetsurin, which fires 2 giant energy spheres to hit enemies. Shin Messenkou, which is like C-Flasher, but much stronger. Denharei is a small homing energy slash. And probably his strongest, Ittouryoudan, which is where Nightmare Zero slashes from overhead, and sends 2 massive energy slashes at enemies, which is normally a one hit kill!

Wiz: But Zero's base stats are incredible as well! He can rip metals stronger than titanium apart with his bare hands effortlessly, and survive being impaled countless times, his limbs ripped off and still fought, hit with a nuclear missile, which blew up soon afterwards, survived a space station explode, and survived atmospheric re-entry. All perfectly fine afterwards.

Boomstick: That's fucking insane!

Wiz: That's nothing compared to probably the greatest feat in all of Mega Man X history. With The Dark Elf equipped, X completely eradicated The Maverick Virus from the face of the earth during the 100 year gap between Mega Man X8 and Mega Man Zero. As early as X5, it spread to every corner of the globe, covering it completely. So Dark Elf essentially wiped every maverick off the face of the earth, and she did it in one fell swoop. Reploids were described as one of the two factions of earth aside from humans and mass-produced to live amongst them, not to mention that MMX takes place over 100 years in the future and by Command Mission the reploids/mavericks outnumber the humans by far, but there was never a number given for their population. However, since the maverick virus also affected all the reploid animals, and anybody familiar with MMX knows how huge the amount of maverick animals is in every area you go to no matter how small, I am just going to ballpark the mavericks affected to 7,000,000,000. The Maverick Virus had also entered space and the moon so I think this will end up being a low end regardless. The surface area of earth is 510,000,000,000 km^2. 5.10072e14 / 1,000,000,000 = 510072. Presuming all the mavericks are equal distances apart, obviously they are not but that's the only way to estimate it, the radius of a circle with that area is... A / π = r^2. 510072 / 3.14 = 162443.312. Sqrt of 162443.312 = 403.042568. Double this to get the average distance. 403.042568 * 2 = 806.085136. Multiply by 7,000,000,000 for the total distance travelled. 806.085136 * 7,000,000,000 = 5.64259595e12 m. I will presume that it took a single second, very reasonable as her worldwide powers were shown taking effect instantly in Mega Man Zero 3 and the feat is not visually shown. Which gives us a low end result of 5.64259595e12 m/s or 18824.1858c. X is MFTL, and Zero has outpaced X before, putting him even higher. Then, this was also a low end result, so Zero is most likely even faster! And these speeds also apply to his reaction speed!

Boomstick: Damn! Oh, but this isn't all either! He's got a supercomputer mind, and has some fucking insane smarts! Also, he was MADE SPECIFICALLY to be far superior to Classic Mega Man & Bass combined. That's some crazy power!

Wiz: However, Zero doesn't use his smarts often, and can sometimes be arrogant as well.

Boomstick: All things considered, don't fight this guy. Just don't.


Zero: I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!


The Apprentice[]

(The Imperial March)

Wiz: Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Starkiller. But beforehand, he was just a boy named Galen Marek. Darth Vader came to Kashyyyk, in search of the remaining Jedi and seeked to eliminate them. The last Jedi had a son, and after Vader killed him, he took Galen in, raised and trained him, and once he grew, he got the codename Starkiller.

Boomstick: He's got some crazy ass power too! Mainly the Force. Starkiller can shoot bursts of Force energy, charge the Force to Force Repulse, which destroys basically everything within a large radius. He can bend enormous steel gates with relative ease, and even blast them down. Then he's got a Mind Trick that works on lesser enemies.

Wiz: Starkiller's best abilities with the Force however are insane. He can boost himself so fast midair that he shatters the sound barrier. And on ground, he can outpace direct laser fire by Dashing. However, normal movement is only normal human to superhuman. Back to the Force, he can charge a cannon with enough Force energy to blast a Star Destroyer to bits. Star Destroyers are about half the size of a planet! He can also move these entire ships with relative ease, and he can destroy a meteor, and crush AT-AT, and TIE Fighters. Hell, he can even levitate thanks to the Force!

Boomstick: But using the Force he can also shatter reinforced steel, and hold off a barrage of missiles and fire them back. He can even break outta DARTH VADER'S FORCE! Y'KNOW, THE GUY THAT CAN CRUSH ENTIRE SKYSCRAPERS WITH HIS MIND?!?!?! Yeah, Starkiller breaks outta that while Vader's actually trying, which is worse.

Wiz: But we're forgetting Starkiller's main weapon. Or, weapons actually. Two Lightsabers. He can use a huge variety as well. Crimson Lightsabers have no added effects. Chaos Lightsabers get extra Force Energy by destroying the environment. Meditation Lightsabers replenish Force Energy with each hit. Protection Lightsabers increase his durability. Fury Lightsabers give extra Force Fury Energy. Healing Lightsabers replenish health with each attack. Corrision Lightsabers do corrision damage. Life Drain Lightsabers have a chance of draining a chunk of enemy health. Focus Lightsabers allow less consumption of Force Energy. Regeneration Lightsabers regenerate health slowly. Wisdom Lightsabers give more Force Energy. Incineration Lightsabers have a chance to set enemies aflame. Shock Lightsabers grant added Lightning damage. And finally, Disintegration Lightsabers have a chance to atomize enemies. Starkiller is also able to mix and match two Lightsabers at once. He can use a huge variety of Lightsaber comboes, and can also throw them like boomerangs.

Boomstick: But we're forgetting his Force Lightning. He can shoot lightning at multiple enemies in multiple directions at once, which paralyzes most enemies, and is very powerful. He shocked the shit outta VADER! Oh, he can also create a Force Lightning Shield, which protects for a good while against many attacks.

Wiz: His strength is demonstrated with the Force, but even without the Force, he hit a TIE Fighter falling at re-entry speeds, grabbed it, overpowered it, spun it around, and threw it huge distances away, mind you all airborne, and landed perfectly fine. His durability is also insane. He tanked a fall at roughly sound speed and hit metal ground perfectly fine, he also fell from a skyscraper and landed perfectly fine, then tanked atmospheric re-entry inside a ship, as the windows busted and he jumped out. He caught fire, and this is where he hit the TIE Fighter. After all this, he was perfectly fine.

Boomstick: He's even outpaced direct laser fire and deflected them, making his reaction speed FTL. He then outpaced laser fire while Dashing, but while normally walking and running he's normal human to superhuman. But then, his combat speed is great as well, and he can even sense attacks coming before they hit, via the Force Sense. Then, he can activate Force Fury, which lasts about a minute, and Force Energy is unlimited, the Lightsabers are spinning around Starkiller as he attacks, and his strength, durability, and speed are all tripled within this time period.

Wiz: Even with all of this, Starkiller's Force Energy is limited, so he can't use them forever, plus he pretty arrogant.

Boomstick: Again, all things considered, Starkiller's a beast.


(Lightsaber standoff)


Darth Vader: Your feelings for her are false. Stop this now!



Wiz: Alright. The combatants are set. Let's settle this debate once and for all.





Starkiller revisited the place where he fought Darth Vader. Rainy and stormy as usual, Starkiller stood there, and was about to leave when suddenly one of the electric towers fell down, and the figure landed behind the tower. Starkiller then lifted the tower and tossed it into the ocean using the Force.

A long blonde haired person in red stood there, and extended a Lightsaber-like sword. The Z-Saber. This was Zero.

Starkiller readied both his Lightsabers, only Crimson at the time, and they both entered a battle stance.


(Cue ~ Duel of the Fates)

Starkiller dashed towards Zero and began swinging his Lightsabers in rapid succession, as Zero was blocking each attack, suddenly Starkiller used the Force to start floating midair, and still swinging his Lightsabers multiple times, Zero still blocking. Suddenly, Starkiller threw out his arm, and threw a bullet of Force Energy, knocking Zero off guard before Starkiller then grabbed Zero with the Force, and zapped him with the Force Lightning, and threw him.

Zero rebounded off a skyscraper wall, and landed back on solid ground, and dodged the two Lightsabers that came flying at him. He then rushed at Starkiller before the Lightsabers returned and slashed across his chest multiple times, and landed an electrified kick, sending him skyward, and he grabbed his Lightsabers once again, and landed behind Zero and slashed him three times before swiping him upwards, and Starkiller leaped next to Zero and used Force Lightning to send him flying. Zero landed on the ground, electricity surging around him.

He wasn't happy.

Zero then threw the Z-Saber like a boomerang, and Starkiller threw his two Lightsabers like boomerangs, easily knocking Zero's back at him. They both caught they're weapons.

Starkiller then began Dashing towards Zero, who used W-Shredder, and a shadow of Zero's dashed forward and sliced Starkiller upward, causing some blood to fly as he was sent airborne. Zero then used Dark Hold, stopping time and leaped towards Starkiller and used Sentsuizan, and rapidly slashed Starkiller, then time resumed and he was sent into the ground.

Starkiller got back up, just in time to reflect a few Hieijins back at Zero, who easily dodged them. Starkiller then began Dashing back towards Zero, catching him by surprise this time, and slashing him upwards. Starkiller then jumped up next to him and released a Force Repulse, which sent Zero sailing across the sky. Zero began running alongside the wall of the skyscraper, ran around it, came from behind, and used a Suiretsusen, sending Starkiller through another electric tower, and causing it to fall.

Zero avoided the falling tower, and then dashed towards Starkiller, who had now equip the Shock Lightsabers. Zero noticed, and equip the Thunder Z-Saber. They're sabers collided, sending electricity flying, as they both struggled to overpower the other.

Zero managed to win that struggle, and push Starkiller back. He then ran at Starkiller, but was blasted back with the Force Repulse.

Zero got back up to counter a blow from Starkiller, which broke his guard. Zero then slashed across Starkiller's gut with the Thunder Z-Saber, electrocuting him, and sending him back and onto the ground. Zero then used a Enkoukyaku, which sent Starkiller skyward. Starkiller then used his Force Lightning while airborne and shocked Zero badly.

After the attack finished, Zero fell to his knees for a short moment as Starkiller began Dashing towards him. Zero then punched the ground as Starkiller got close, activating Bakuenjin, and causing the fiery explosion to envelope Starkiller and send him backwards.

Starkiller then pulled out the Disintegration Lightsabers. Zero got back up, noticed, and swapped to the E-Saber. Starkiller then threw his Lightsabers at Zero, who began spinning the E-Saber and deflected them. Starkiller caught his weapons and Dashed at Zero. Zero then used Rakukojin, jabbing Starkiller which sent him stumbling back, and actually grabbed the anchor with the Force and sent it back at Zero, who swung the E-Saber and sliced the anchor in half.

They both then clashed again with the Disintegration Lightsabers & E-Saber. They seemed evenly matched, but Zero managed to overpower him. Now, Starkiller activated Force Fury, and Zero transformed into Nightmare Zero. They both began running up the skyscraper, shooting projectiles at each other and blocking them along the way. However, lightning struck the top, destroying it, causing Nightmare Zero & Fury Starkiller to fall. Fury Starkiller then used the Force and impaled Nightmare Zero, then used Force Lightning, then chucked him into the ground below.

He hit with a thud, but jumped back up and threw two overhead slashes with the E-Saber. He used Ittouryoudan which one energy slash blasted Starkiller further into the air, the other following up the fly, and Force Fury wore off.

Nightmare Zero then flew upwards at immense speeds and impaled Starkiller through the back, and the E-Saber came out the chest. Starkiller gasped for air, and Nightmare Zero flung him into the ground, hitting the ground, ending his breathing. Nightmare Zero landed, and began walking away.




Wiz: Actually, while it was close Boomstick, this was a pretty obvious result. First, let's clear up the Force. Could it kill Zero? It could. But wouldn't. You see, while both are arrogant, it's kinda rare to see Zero do that. It's kinda common for Starkiller.

Boomstick: That's not enough to justify it! The Force would've killed Zero!

Wiz: Actually, no. While if Zero was severely weakened it would. But he was perfectly at his best. First, Starkiller only, at best, shatters reinforced steel. Zero's body is made out of metal stronger than titanium. Starkiller's Force wouldn't kill him, plus Nightmare Zero made matters even worse. Second, Zero was WAAAAY to fast. While Starkiller maybe FTL, Zero at very least is MFTL. Still far outclassing Starkiller's.

Boomstick: And? Starkiller was durable enough to survive that!

Wiz: Considering he died from being impaled by Dark Apprentice, no, he wouldn't. Even so, his health has it's limits. He was hit by two one-shot techniques, then impaled. Starkiller hasn't shown durability surpassing that. For one, in the beginning of his atmospheric re-entry feat, he was protected by the ship. And after he jumped out, he took a position that'd lower his speed drastically. Then, his skyscraper feat, he slowed himself using the Force. That leaves his sound feat hitting metal, and the camera panned out anyway. He could've used the Force again. While they're impressive feats, he's not gonna be able to survive everything Zero would throw at him.

Boomstick: Well, the Disintegration Lightsabers would atomize Zero!

Wiz: Yet the nuclear missile's radiation and all the other crazy shit he survived, didn't? Yeah, no. Regardless, the probablility of these abilities actually working is very low. And with Zero's immense reaction speed and movement speed, he could clearly avoid any of that.

Boomstick: But... Force Fury...?

Wiz: That was FAR outclassed by Nightmare Zero. For one, his Force Fury only lasts maybe a minute. Nightmare Zero lasts forever. Plus, Zero's base stats far outclassed Starkiller's, so that put his transformation much higher too.

Boomstick: Shit... I guess Starkiller had 'Zero' chance of winning...

Wiz: The winner is Zero.

THE Winner IS- Zero

Zero Wins