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Oh, you know what? I changed my mind. That won't matter after we beat the snot out of you.
~ Zelos Wilder

Zelos Wilder is a character from the video game, Tales of Symphonia.

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History []

Son of Mylene Wilder Zelos's Mother was forced to marry Zelos's Father the current chosen of the time even thought she loved someone else. Growing up in the city of Meltokio Zelos's everyday life was very uncomfortable Neither his Father nor Mother really cared for him. As such His Main Caretaker was Sebastian the Family Butler. As a child His father's mistress a half elf gave birth to Seles. As children Zelos and Seles got along very well. Seles especially was happy to spend time with her big brother, But there relationship strained following the death of their father. Wanting a better life for her and her daughter Seles's Mother tried to kill Zelos knowing if he died Seles being the last relative of the previous Chosen she would become the next Chosen by default.

The indecent happened on a snowy day apparently the first day he saw snow his mother had taken him outside to build a snowman when Seles's mother launched a barrage of magic aimed at Zelos. His mother was caught in the crossfire her last words to Zelos  were a condemnation that he should have never been born. Zelos soon grew to dislike snow to the point in which he would vacation as far away from Meltokio in the winters as the sight of snow would remind him of the traumatic event.

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