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Big’s Note

On 18th August 2013, this wiki’s Founder Justin.sommers.50 created this page, which would become the first battle page of the wiki. 6 years later, it has inspired users to create thousands of pages like it and we would like to thank Justin for creating this page by having the community submit TNs for it, which have now been placed in a gallery above.

Long live this page and long live the Death Battle Fanon Wiki!



this episode of death battle is brought to you by

princesses,female little kids or women who almost all of them need saving

like Princess Zelda from the realm of Hyrule

and Sofia the first of Enchantia

I'm Justin and he's and it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!


Princess Zelda appears in most of the The Legend of Zelda games, often as a central focus of Link's quests. To date, she and those who bear her name have appeared directly in every game except The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, in which a lookalike named Marin appears; and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, in which she only appears in a flashback.

In her first appearance in The Legend of Zelda, she is kidnapped by Ganon, the series' main antagonist, after she divides the Triforce of Wisdom and hides its pieces across the land (as explained in the game manual). She is eventually rescued by Link, and the two of them reunite their respective pieces of the Triforce.

Another incarnation appears in the sequel, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. This Zelda has been put into an eternal slumber until Link breaks the curse. According to the in-game legend, the elder Zelda has been under a curse so long that it is in her honour that the Hylian royal family maintains a tradition of naming all its princesses after her. This is the first game showing a relationship between the two, as they can be seen kissing at the end of the game.


Royal Sword


Light Bow

Light Arrow

Sofia the First

Sofia is a sweet and adorable young girl of humble origins who lives with her mother Miranda. Her biological father is absent for reasons unknown. She becomes royalty after her mother's remarriage to King Roland II. Being new to the entire princess legacy, Sofia attends the Royal Prep Academy where the fairies of Princess Aurora, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, teach her about what being a princess is all about.

Sofia is a young girl with beautiful auburn hair in a wavy style. She has large blue eyes and fair skin. Sofia's prominent princess gown has a lilac color and comes with a crystal tiara. Around her neck, she wears the royal family's amulet called the Amulet of Avalor, which allows her the power of talking to animals, and much more that has yet to be revealed.

While cute and beautiful, Sofia is rather clumsy but has a pure heart. Since she was originally a mere commoner, she retains a very carefree persona, and was once seen to enjoy sliding down the rails of the staircase. Her outcast-esque behavior often puts her at wits with her stepsister Amber, who's apparently jealous of Sofia. Often times Hildegard is a little thrown off by her persona.She can be quite gullible when around Cedric the Sorcerer


Amulet of Avalor


Woodcutter's Axe

Calvary Saber


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Sofia is walking through the castle,Zelda approaches moments later.


Sofia throws her woodcutter axe at Zelda, but Zelda blocks it

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