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Future Zamasu

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You have misunderstood me, master. There is no other leaf, there is only divine justice.
~ Zamasu to Gowasu

My form is justice... and my form is the world. Worship me! Give praise onto me! Me, the beautiful... the sublime... Me the invincible, the almighty and defined... All hail Zamasu...
~ Fused Zamasu upon being created

He may be trying to become part of the very fabric of the cosmos

Zamasu (also known as Goku Black) is the main antagonist in the "Future" Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball Super, initially appearing as two versions of himself that eventually fused into one being.

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As Fusion Zamasu

With Goku Black

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As Fusion Zamasu

With Goku Black


Originally a North Kai in Universe 10, Zamasu was once an apprentice of the Supreme Kai Gowasu. He would listen to every word Gowasu said but found that the world is evil and must be purged with "justice" and after learning of the Super Dragon balls from Zuno he murdered Gowasu to take his earring and use the time ring. He took the time ring to go into 1 year in the future to switch bodies with Goku before killing him and his family. One day, Future Zamasu saw Goku Black killed his master and joined him to purge the universe via the Zero Mortal Plan. Zamasu (as Goku Black) with Future Zamasu then travelled across the universe devoid of a Destroyer as Beerus died 10 years prior. Goku Black helps Future Zamasu become immortal with his reality's Super Dragon Balls before destroying them to prevent the wishes being undone as they two travel to Universe 7 to continue their work. But they find opposition in the form of Goku and the Z-Fighters, temping the duo to display their full power.

Death Battle Info

  • Name: Zamasu
  • Race: Shinjin (Saiyan while as Goku Black, Shinjin/Saiyan hybrid as Fusion Zamasu)
  • Age: Unknown (physically 53 while as Goku Black)
  • Weight: 137 Ibs (62 kg; as Goku Black)
  • Height: 5'9" (175 cm; as Goku Black)


  • Potara Earrings: A pair of earrings possessed by Supreme Kai that allows them to permanently fuse with each other or some on outside their species. The earrings that Future Zamasu acquired belonged to his master Gowasu before he was killed by Goku Black, who gave them Zamasu to use the full capacities of a Supreme Kai. The two later use the earrings to become Fusion Zamasu.
  • Time Ring: A item possessed by Supreme Kais, or those with their godly energy, that allows them to travel through time and space (though while it can travel to the future with ease travelling to the past is trickier as there needs to be a disturbance in the time flow to travel to the past even then he will be sent back to the timeline he exists in after a short amount of time), serving as a temporal anchor as seen with Goku Black after his past self was killed by Beerus practically giving Black Partial Acausality.

Fusion Zamasu

Using the Potara Rings, Future Zamasu and Goku Black fuse into the embodiment of their ideals. Appearance-wise, the fusion is Zamasu supplemented with various traits of Goku Black. The being's power becomes so immense that the mere pressure from his energy field alone, which nullifies all ki-based attacks instantly, is too intense for even Goku and Vegeta to get close to him. But Zamasu's body is unstable due to being a fusion of the same being with only one an immortal, making the being on whole partially mortal while having mutating fluctuations that increase his stats yet leave him, victim, to accumulated damage.


  • Though defeated as Fusion Zamasu, he became a non-corporeal being that merged with the universe of the future timeline. As a result, killing nearly everyone on Earth, Zamasu became an omnipresent god and was about to spread across the time-space continuum also capable of affecting the present timeline as he was breaching it until he was wiped from existence by the erased future's version of Zeno.


  • As only Future Zamasu became immortal while Goku Black is not, this made half of Fusion Zamasu's unable to tank a majority of attacks. This ended up deforming his body, not making him fully immortal again.
  • The holy weapon spirit sword killed him in his broken-down phase.