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I am the one called Yveltal. This is your end. You shall all become energy for us.
~ Yveltal

Yveltal is a Legendary Pokémon from the Pokémon series. It is a member of the Aura trio alongside Xerneas and Zygarde.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

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Yveltal is classified as a Pokémon that brings destruction and heralds doom. It was at some point killed and formed a cocoon which was taken away by Lysandre and revived to power the Ultimate Weapon, which would destroy most of Pokéarth and bring the world to an end except for a select few.

Yveltal was eventually reawakened and captured, preventing this and used to defeat Lysandre in a battle. It is a Dark and Flying Type and classified as the Destruction Pokémon. It is 19'00" in height and weighs 447.5 lbs.

Death Battle Info[]

  • Respect thread; VSBattles Wiki page
  • Name:- Yveltal
  • Type:- Dark/Flying
  • Weaknesses:- Fairy, Ice, Rock, Electric
  • Resistances:- Dark, Ghost, Grass
  • Immunities:- Ground, Psychic


  • Snarl:- A growl that lowers the opponent's Special Attack.
  • Dark Pulse:- Yveltal emits a dark aura, which may make the opponent flinch.
  • Roost:- Yveltal loses the Flying typing for a turn to heal itself by around half its HP.
  • Double Team:- Yveltal increases its evasion with clones.
  • Hurricane:- Yveltal creates a strong gale which can confuse the foe.
  • Taunt:- Yveltal teases the foe, preventing them from doing anything but attacking for a few turns.
  • Razor Wind:- Yveltal absorbs wind like blades and hurls them into the opponent.
  • Air Slash:- Yveltal slashes the opponent with razor like air.
  • Disable:- Yveltal disables the last move its opponent used.
  • Foul Play:- Yveltal turns the opponent's attack against them.
  • Focus Blast:- Yveltal launches a shot that does massive damage and may lower the opponent's Special Defense.
  • Psychic:- With psychic energy, Yveltal messes around with the opponent, possibly weakening their Special Defense.
  • Phantom Force:- Yveltal vanishes into thin air and reappears with a ghost portal, striking the opponent.
  • Dragon Rush:- Yveltal slams into the opponent like a dragon crashing, possibly making them flinch.
  • Sucker Punch:- Yveltal stops the opponent attacking and attacks them first. This move only works when the opponent is attacking.
  • Hyper Beam:- Yveltal shoots a blast so powerful, that afterwards even it needs to relax.
  • Sky Attack:- Yveltal takes in energy and launches off a huge blast that deals massive damage.
  • Oblivion Wing:- Yveltal sucks out the opponent's energy with his wing.


  • Can power the ultimate weapon single-handedly, which can destroy multiple continents.
  • Went toe-to-toe with Xerneas.
  • Turned Ash's Pikachu into stone.
  • Helped defeat Lysandre.

Other Abilities[]

  • Can turn enemies to stone.
  • Can suck away the life force of enemies.
  • Flight.
  • Said to cause mass destruction.
  • Energy absorption.
  • Dark Aura powers up Dark type moves.