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Terumi vs Bison

Terumi vs Bison


Blazblue vs Street Fighter. Will Bison's Phycho Power be enough to take out Terumi's Ouroboros, or will the place they fight become Bison's grave. This is Gogeta46power's 14th battle in season 3.


Gogeta: Being insane is something that I would not typically want to be, but you know there is one exception to that rule.

Flowey: Yeah if it gives me power like no one else than I am completely fine with it.

Gogeta: Like Yuki Terumi, the Black Susano'o!

Flowey: And Master Bison, the leader of the Shadaloo.

Gogeta: I'm Gogeta and he is a little shit and it is our jobs to analyze their weapons, armor, and skill to see who would win in a Death Battle!

Yuki Terumi[]

M Bison[]


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