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"I'm over here, Qilby! Backstabbing was your specialty, not mine!"
~ Yugo

Yugo is a character from the Wakfu media franchise. He is a member of the Eliatrope species.

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Twas a slow and silent day in the land of the Enutrofs, former bounty hunter Alibert had just thrown in his shovel due to the moral ambiguity of his career. It was on his way home where he found a child by a tree, along with his pet tofu. This boy was destined for greatness, he was Yugo. This young eliatrope set out for many an adventure after an evil time wizard drained an array of civilians' life force, or wakfu and turned his adoptive father, Alibert into an elderly man through rapid aging. After this quest he defeated many more extremely powerful foes with or without the help of his friends.

TL;DR Stats[]

  • Destructive Power- Large Island
    • Teleported an island to low orbit and fought hard enough to cause the rocks to fall to the planet as meteoric debris, contributed to the destruction of a dwarf moon
  • Small Galaxy
    • Yugo scales to the power of the Eliacube and often utilizes the Dofus when fights get ugly. When they exploded in unison, it created a singularity visible from the exterior of the KROSMOS galaxy
  • Durability- Small Moon
    • Blasted into a moon by Qilby, splitting it entirely in half, and Yugo gets up to fight minutes later
  • Travel Speed- Hypersonic
  • Reaction Speed- Hyper relativistic

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Yugo is adaptive and quick thinking. He a fast learner, gaining control of his powers in a short amount of time. But, from season 1 to 3 he show cases that his not as powerful as (yet) as the his most deadly adversaries. He has been defeated by and saved from Nox, Qilby and Oropo. But Yugo is still a hero who's not to be taken lightly.
    • Portal Creation - Yugo has the ability to summon portals by rotating his hand in a circular motion and throwing them to where he would like them to appear. Yugo uses these to out-maneuver and confuse his opponents in battle, allowing him to shift instantly between all attack ranges. He has also demonstrated the ability to redirect virtually any attack thrown at him, either at his foe, or just to avoid getting hit. Initially he could only conjure a single set of portals at a time and was limited to areas he could see. However by the time of the Special Episodes, with concentration he was capable of forming dozens of portals beneath the feet of all the guests at Amalia's wedding simultaneously sending them all to a completely separate area. When empowered by the 6 Eliatrope Dofus, he was able to conjure an island sized portal across dimensions, a feat previously only matched by an Eliacube empowered Qilby (who could only conjure an above average sized inter dimensional portal).
    • Portal Boost - While training with Adamai, it was discovered that by rapidly forming portals successively in front of him, Yugo can achieve a form of high speed movement, appearing as little more than a stream of energy moving midair. Yugo makes use of this when dealing with midair enemies,and can use himself like a ram in this state. When empowered by the Eliacube, his speed in this state is advanced to the point where a powerful Xelor like Nox was unable to track his movements and resorted to using a time-stop spell.
    • Portal Blast - An ability which creates a powerful beam of energy. This is done by by overlapping two portals at once. As the series progresses, Yugo's mastery over this particular power improves greatly, being able to summon the blasts without the same level of time for his portals, as well as adjusting the size and power of his blasts. In a shooting match against a group of pirates, he displayed great precision in his shots, being able to blast perfectly centered holes through 4 gold coins thrown upwards before they hit the ground. With the Eliatrope Dofus, Yugo was even able to replicate Qilby's ability to create more than 2 portals and send a series of blasts through them, as shown in the episode 3 OVA.
    • Wakfu Blast - This ability has not only been demonstrated by Yugo but Qilby and Oropo as well. The ability was first shown when Yugo acquired the Eliatrope Dofus and was able to send a series of blasts just with his hands, which was able to temporarily immobilize a Primordial dragon and distract Ogrest.
    • Wakfu Sensing - By Adamai, Yugo was taught to perceive the Wakfu of the world around him, enabling him a sixth sense that allows for him to see without his eyes by perceiving the Wakfu around him, the Wakfu of living creatures, plants, and how it shapes the environment.
    • Flight - The Eliatrope people have wings made from pure Wakfu. The wings are attached to their skull, and sprout out of their Cranium. The wings are bio-luminescent, and is a turquoise colour. Yugo never uses this ability in the TV series, apart from his battle against Qilby in Emrub. He along with the remaining Eliatrope children used this ability to keep in pursuit of Qilby.
    • Cooking - Under his adoptive father, Alibert, Yugo became a surprisingly good cook, often helping Alibert cook and serve meals at his inn. He also has enough talent in cooking to be able to grasp the principles of baking in a single day, attaining a level of skill sufficient to allow him to act as the assistant to a master baker in a national bake-off.
    • Physical Skills - Yugo is a young and active boy filled with energy, so he can perform various physical skills and activities, such as running, jumping, climbing, playing Gobbowl, fighting, etc.
    • Shushu Guardian - Unofficially, Yugo is a Guardian, having chosen to be responsible for Scribble, a minor Shushu entrapped within a map. Scribble's Shushu nature usually encourages him to jerk the adventurers around but he is much more agreeable to Yugo.
    • Wakfu Weapons - Temporarily granted this power by the dragon Phaeris, Yugo was able to form his Wakfu into a sword and shield composed entirely of his energy. After defeating Qilby, the ability wore off though Phaeris stated Yugo would naturally develop the power when he grew older and matured. Yugo regained his Wakfu Weapons six years later. Upon their first use, the shield proved capable of blocking a Portal Blast from the far more experienced Eliatrope Qilby, while the latter was empowered by the Eliacube (though the kinetic force behind the blast was not completely negated, as Yugo still suffered damage). In the battle with Ogrest (while empowered by the Eliatrope Dofus) the shield proved capable of blocking attacks from the god-like being and the sword was able to pierce through the scales of a dragon.
    • Longevity - Like all Eliatropes, Yugo ages quite slower than the rest of the characters in the series. Even after 6 years, his appearance is still physically the same.
    • Semi-Immortality - Like his Eliatrope and Dragon Siblings, Yugo is semi-immortal and can potentially live forever. He can still die but should he physically perish his Wakfu (soul) returns to the Eliatrope Dofus he shares with his Dragon twin brother Adamaï. This is where he would remain until both he and his brother occupied their Dofus and recovered their Wakfu enough to be reborn. Yugo and Adami do not remember their past lives, and they can continuously undergo reincarnation as long as their Dofus remains intact.
    • The Void - Although Yugo doesn't use this ability often, outside of trapping Qilby for eternity, he has the ability to trap opponents in a void that cannot be escaped unless the opponent manipulates portals (ie Chell, Jo (Kid Cosmic))


  • Defeated Nox, Qilby, Oropo (who was essentially a "supreme god" and a more experienced version of Yugo) and survived Ogrest Chaos
  • Portal lasers
  • Portals
  • Broke out of Nox's Time Freeze
  • Teleported an island to space, then to the Land of the Shushus (with help of Dofus)
  • Wakfu Sword and Shield
  • Broke out of Oropo's mind
  • Took hits from the older, more experienced Eliatrope, Qilby
  • Move at supersonic speed (with help of Dofus)
  • Survived getting knocked back into the ground so hard it exposed magma
  • Obliterated a mountain
  • Is of similar strength to Percedal (who lifted part of a tectonic plate in Six Dofus)
  • Moved faster than Nox who can speed up and slow down his own time
  • Survived a direct hit that knocked him into a planet, splitting the planet in half
  • With the help of all his Eliatrope brethren, obliterated a planet
  • Tore through a large tree branch with a single laser
  • Extremely accurate shooter while blindfolded
  • Blasted Ush's massive stone statue cleanly in half with a laser
  • Blasted Black Bump across the room while in his unbreakable armor
  • Incredible reaction speed
  • Destroyed Black Bump's impossible armor
  • Handled the power of the Eliacube, twice
  • Fired off 12 lasers simultaneously within a second
  • Damaged Oropo's Wakfu mountain sized "armor" with lasers that can make explosions the size of a large mountain


  • Once could only generate two portals at a time, but this seems to have been resolved since the OVAs
  • Can use up too much energy quickly. With the Dofus, his power is unstable and can harm the world...