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Young Link versus Baby Mario Warner


A battle between two young versions of Nintendo's popular heroic icons who save princesses from demons or kings.


Jet: The greatest heroes have to start from somewhere...

Launch: Some have powerful moments in there life that lead them toward the life of good.

Jet: Others are heroes from birth.

Launch: Like Baby Mario, a hero saving Peach from Bowser even as a toddler.

Jet: And Young Link, a hero willing to save entire worlds even as a kid.

Launch: He's Jet and I'm Launch.

Jet: And it's time to see who will win a battle!

Young Link[]

(Cue theme)

Launch: What exactly makes Young Link, a "Young Link" Jet?

Jet: Well, according to Super Smash Bros. Melee's trophy statement:

Link's younger incarnation is often considered to be the true Link: he was a young boy in the very first Legend of Zelda game, and he has appeared as a youth in most of the subsequent games. Since his debut on the original NES in 1987, Link's appearance has changed over and over again, each time adding to the mystique of his incomparable story.

Launch: So basically any Link that's a kid?

Jet: Yes, but the most one most associated with the Young Link title is the Hero of Time, specifically the child portion of Ocarina of Time and the main protagonist of Majora's Mask.

Launch: Well, I guess that's where we can start then.

Jet: As a child living in Kokiri Forest, Link always felt like he truly didn't belong, he was the only boy without a fairy for crying out loud!

Launch: Then all of that changed when The Great Deku Tree sensed evil creeping into the Kokiri Forest and directed the fairy Navi, to find Link to have him carry out his destiny!

Jet: With this Link went through his journey until landing himself upon the legendary Master Sword.

Launch: Which then put him into a 7 year sleep, cause he wasn't worthy or something? Weird.

Jet: Well the reasoning is because the Master Sword viewed that Link was too young to take the title of Hero of Time, thus putting him into a state of a 7 year long sleep.

Launch: Wow the sword is an asshole.

Jet: Well to be fair... Link did get pretty easily beaten by Ganondorf. Anyways, with Link as an adult he went through an entire journey, even learning that he wasn't a Kokiri, but a Hylian!

Launch: Wait, huh?

Jet: Basically during a great battle, Link's mother ran from Hyrule into the Kokiri Forest, before she died she gave Link to the Great Deku Tree who then raised Link as his own.

Launch: Well after his journey and defeating Ganon, Zelda figured he needed some R&R, playing the Song of Time and sending him back to the past. For some reason when this happened, his fairy just up and ditched him!

Jet: This caused Link to search for her, starting the events of Majora's Mask. Here Link journeyed into the lands of Termina, where he met the demonic Majora's Mask, and traveled across the four lands to stop his conquest.

Launch: After that, he just kinda left Termina and... became the Hero's Shade a long while after.

Jet: Yeah, Young Link doesn't have the best life, but through and through he was a hero.

Launch: Which being a hero means he has to have some kind of superhuman strength.

Jet: Despite his appearance, Link is far stronger then any adult male, being capable of moving fully stone blocks larger then him, picking up stones, and throwing them hard enough to shatter them into pieces, being capable of surviving hits from bombs that can destroy large boulders.

Launch: He's also able to fight bosses like King Dodongo, who can eat these bombs and survive them exploding from inside of him.

Jet: Along with this Link can fight and defeat all of the bosses in Majora's Mask, which bosses such as Gohy and Gyorg's mere existence completely mess with the climates of their specific regions. Goht making the summer region of Snowhead in a complete winter storm, and Gyorg making the hospitable waters of Great Bay unlivable for the marine life.

Launch: So how powerful is this exactly?

Jet: Well taking into account many factors, it has been shown to be around 12 gigatons of TNT for Goht and 501 gigatons of TNT for Gyorg. The Tsar Bomba is 50 Megatons of TNT so that's the equivalent of 240x Tsar Bombs for Goht and 10,020x Tsar Bombs for Gyorg.

Launch: Jesus, and Link can fight both of them and kill them in combat.

Jet: Link is also very fast, being capable of fighting against the likes of King Igos du Ikana, who can block light being shone at him.

Launch: Light mind you is 299,792,458 m/s, and King Igos is just blocking this.

Jet: Link also has a very powerful arsenal, Link is equipped with the elemental arrows, fire, ice, and light.

Launch: He has bombs, deku nuts that can paralyze enemies, bottles that can seal people, a magical ocarina that can turn back time, slow down time, or speed up time, and potions that can heal his health, magic, and the cheutaeu romani which gives him infinite magic for 3 days.

Jet: As noted before, his ocarina has magical songs. Obviously the song of time that does what Launch mentioned, the song of healing which purifies one and turns them into a mask, it can also fix broken signs, Epona's Song which summons Epona and makes cows give Link milk, Song of Storms which summons storms, the Sonata of Awakening that can awaken the dead, Goron's Lullaby which puts people to sleep, the Elegy of Emptiness which creates a statue duplicate of Link that inspired a creepypasta, the Song of Soaring that allows Link to transcend time and place to teleport to different places, and finally the Oath to Order which summons the Four Giants. Whew...

Launch: If you think that's bad, he also has a large assortment of masks, each with different abilities.

Jet: ...Oh no.

Launch: Breathes in OKAY, so he has, the main transformation masks, the Deku Mask, which turns him into a deku scrub, the Goron Mask which turns him into a Goron, and the Zora Mask which turns him into a Zora. Each with their own unique abilities, where the Deku Scrub can use flowers to fly around, burrow underground and shoot out magic bubbles that burn enemies acidicly. The Goron Mask gives Link the strength of a goron, allows him to roll around and protrude spikes from his body, and do a massive goron ground pound which shakes the entire vicinity. The Zora mask gives Link the swimming abilities of a Zora, along with creating an electric shield around himself, and having two fins that act as boomerangs. Now time for the other masks, The All-Nighter Masks makes it so Link cannot fall asleep or get sleepy, the Blast Masks allows Link to create explosions without a bomb, the Bremen Mask allows Link to make animals and even some enemies march along to his tunes, the Bunny Hood increases Link's speed and jumping distance, the Captain's Hat allows Link to speak with the dead and prevents them from attacking him, the Couple's Mask can stop people from fighting entirely, Don Gero's Mask allows him to speak with animals, Garo's Mask let's Link summon Garo's and prevents the dead from attacking him, the Great Fairy Mask attracts fairies, the Giant's Mask transforms Link into a giant, the Gibdos mask which allows Link to speak with Gibdos and redeads, Kamaro's Mask which has Link dance and entice others, Keaton Mask which summons a Keaton, Mask of Scents which increases Link's scent of smell allowing him to find hidden objects, Mask of Truth which allows Link to read minds, the Stone Mask which makes Link completely invisible and unnoticiable to enemies and people, Troupe Leader's Mask which calms people and makes them cry when they see it, and finally the ultimate mask, the Fierce Deity Mask, it holds the merit of every other mask and is Link's most powerful mask in his arsenal. It transforms him into a powerful deity-like being that has a sword that shoots out sword beams and can four shot most of the bosses. Gasps

Jet: Yeah... So Link has a lot of equipment and is plenty strong. Though Link isn't perfect, even he has some slip ups.

Launch: Like how he got tricked in the beginning of Majora's Mask by the two fairies surprising his horse, allowing Skull Kid to steal his horse from him.

Jet: Overall, Link is a powerful young kid with a large arsenal.

Launch: He's saved two entire worlds too, keeping Termina alive for it's last few moments with just his pure heart alone.

Baby Mario[]

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