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Our world is like a terminal cancer. Saying you’ll change things through individual will is the rambling of a peace-loving fool. Why don’t you understand it’s too late for humanity?!
~ Yamato Hotsuin in Devil Survivor 2 the Animation

Surviving means continuing to shoulder one's burden. When you can't handle that strain, then you'll be the one to die next
~ Yamato Hotsuin in Devil Survivor 2 the Animation

Yes of course. A normal person would think my ideals to be madness but what is "normal" in this case? It is "common sense" planted by others. Self-preservation for those who fear change! Worthless, utterly worthless! So I chose to change the world via Polaris invasion! What is so wrong with righting this fallen world?!

Yamato Hotsuin is one of the Protagonist/Antagonist from Devil Survivor 2 and its port Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker

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Death Battle Info


  • Birth: Unknown
  • Height: 5'9 (175 cm)
  • Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
  • Head of the Hotsuin Family and Direction of JP's
  • Wilder of the Dragon Stream
  • Is fond of Takoyaki

Dragon Stream

  • Passed down in the Hotsuin Family for generations
  • Can generate a barrier which protected Japan from being swallowed by the Void
  • Can convert the energy of the Dragon Stream into forming a giant dragon but can run out of energy
  • Can restrain enemies by pressing them to the ground or sealing them in its energy
  • Can fire out powerful beams which can destroy demons in one hit
  • Can Increase him and his demon energy and their magical power


  • Summon a magic circle which Is able to to overwrite his demons abilities
  • Able to make them nullify towards magical attacks


  • Cerberus: Yamato main demon. Is able to use Physical skills and magic waves while having a high resistant towards physical and magic attacks
  • Baal: Can use fire and lightning skills but is weak against wind skills
  • Nebiros: Have a balance of physical and magic attacks but is weak against lightning skills
  • Zaou-Gongen: High physical attacks but it weak against lightning skills
  • Satan: Yamato strongest demon


  • Is able to lead JP's and his family at such a young age
  • Is able to fight on par with Hibiki Kuze, Alcor, and his own sister Miyako Hotsuin
  • Managed to achieve his goal of a Meritocracy society through Polaris (Meritorious ending only)
  • Survived an point blank explosion while trapped from Alcor self destructing which was suppose to kill him
  • Lead everyone into defeating all Septentriones and kill Polaris who is the head of the Akaskic Records which can edit the fate of multiple universes.
  • Managed to throw Kama straight at Alioth's Core
    • It should be noted Alioth's Core was located in the sky where they couldn't attack it with their demons while Yamato was on the ground
  • Managed to survive Arcturus attacks who killed everyone else with one blow and defeat him
  • Killed Canopus who is the embodiment of the laws of the universe and is indestructible


  • Can only summon a certain limit of demons before running out
  • Lost to Hibiki Kuze on two different occasions (In the game and anime)
  • Has a limit amount of magic before running out
  • Using the Dragon Stream too much can weaken his body