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The fight between two demigods who are directly related to the Greek gods.


Wiz: The gods are responsible for the creation of multiple beings or the handle or the balance of the world itself.

Boomstick: or simply create with or without wanting to beings that are almost gods.

Wiz: Wonder Woman, the Princess of Themyscira.

Boomstick: and Kratos, The Ghost of Sparta, He’s Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: and it is our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skill to find who would win a… Death Battle.

Wonder Woman[]

Wiz: Diana is the daughter of the god Zeus and the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta. As all them Amazon, was trained in different styles of combat where showed great talent from small, this called the attention of Ares who is developed in your master turning it in it more skillful Amazon.

Boomstick: She mostly lived with her mother Hippolyta, in the Paradise Island, which is inhabited by thousands of warrior women known as Amazon, is a matriarchal society, because there is literally no man, this island is filled with 100% women and skilled training warriors. Diana apparently is the only Amazon who was born on the island, since the rest of them were guided there by the ancient Greek gods.

Wiz: Diana believed for many years, that their origin, was a miracle granted by the gods to her mother Hippolyta, who, for a long time pray you to the gods, and one day I am a clay figure on the beach of Paradise Island, and the gods gave life to this clay figure, to convert it into Diana baby, and in its quality of Princess, Diana was bred with the culture of them ancient warriors Greek, but also with the culture and knowledge that a Princess, and future Queen should have.

Boomstick: One day a plane came crashing through this island, a man spy named Steve Trevor. He discovered this island and it was no longer a secret anymore, man I really do wish this can be my vacation for a summer, or at least make it a hotel beach or something.

Wiz: You and me both, but they’re pretty fierce when they see a men, so it’s kinda dangerous.

Boomstick: It wasn’t dangerous enough for lucky young Steve Trevor! They discovered a gun and decided to test it out, and the winner for blocking the bullet was none other than Diana Prince, the Wonder Woman!

Wiz: She is a skilled warrior, a strong warrior that can fight against Gods, her sword, lasso of truth, and her bracelets.

Boomstick: Despite her fighting the strongest characters, she can be vulnerable to weapons and claws, which is pretty understandable because she’s not invulnerable like Superman, but she is still considered as one of the badass warriors in the DC Universe!

Superman: This ends now. 

Superman fires an array of his heat vision at Doomsday clones, destroying them

Superman: I had no choice. 

Wonder Woman: They weren't truly alive. No blood, no minds. You did what you had to do. 


Wiz: Spartans are considered notorious warriors that fights and kill in the battle, they fight bravely.

Boomstick: There is other Spartans that was born to fight and kill, the name goes to Kratos, the son of Zeus himself, and the brother of Deimos. He was living with his brother and mother until Ares raided his town and took his brother Deimos, he then swore to find his brother.

Wiz: He became a soldier and even have a wife and a daughter, until Ares’ plan was to trick and harden his plan by killing his own family.

Boomstick: Jeez, no wonder why Kratos has started to kill Gods and be miserable, he’s basically has a bad lifetime!

Wiz: Kratos went on a God killing spree, killing almost all of the Gods in Greek Pantheon, even killed some titans, including Ares, his grandfather Cronos, and his father Zeus.

Boomstick: Damn, in this universe the world is messed up, because you know, the Gods control most of the things around the world.

Wiz: Despite Kratos being an demigod, he has the Strength, Speed, and Endurance. He have weapons as well, the blades of exile, attached to chains, he can whirl them around and burn people.

Boomstick: Oh he got more than just one weapon, he also wields the blade of Olympus, the most powerful blade. And after he killed more Olympians, he gains more tools, the powerful ones as well. The Hades’ claws which can rip your soul out of your body, the boots of Hermes that can allow him to use Speed, and the bow of Apollo which can shoot fire arrows!

Wiz: The Nemean Cestus, some big gauntlets that is strong.

Boomstick: Infinity Gauntlet?

Wiz: No, it’s a gauntlet with forged metal lion’s head. And lastly, the Golden Fleece, the powerful armlet that can absorb a very powerful blows.

Boomstick: His unnecessary anger makes him reckless and get the best of him, but luckily he worked on it for the sake of his son Atreus. But if you do get him angry, trust me it’s not worth it.

Athena: Enough Kratos! With every city you destroy the wrath of Olympus grows. Soon I will no longer be able to protect you. 

Kratos: I need no protection! 

Athena: Don't forget that it was I who made you a God Ghost of Sparta! Do not turn your back on me! 

Kratos: I owe you nothing! 

Pre Death Battle[]

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLEEEE!

Death Battle[]

It was a hot sunny spring day, one month close to Summer, Kratos has entered the island and wandered around. He walked up to the arena, where he would encounter Wonder Woman, who dropped out of the sky and landed in front of Kratos’ eyes, he pull out his axe.

Kratos: Who are you, woman?

Wonder Woman: I should ask you the same, this is the only women land, you should not be here.

Kratos: What are you going to do about it?

Wonder Woman: Whoever you are, you will face the might of an Amazon.

Kratos: The name’s Kratos, and I’ve faced far worse.

Wonder Woman: We shall see.

Wonder Woman dashed at Kratos, Kratos swings his axe and collide at Wonder Woman’s shield, it started to freeze the shield and Kratos kick her away. Kratos charges and swing it again but Wonder Woman throw his shield at Kratos’ guts and knees Kratos’ chin. Wonder Woman pull out his sword and she clashed her sword with his axe, striking each other, until Kratos disarm Wonder Woman’s sword, all she got was shield now so she shielded herself from his attacks until that was also thrown away. Kratos swing his axe, Wonder Woman blocks it with her bracelet of submission, it also caused to freeze so Wonder Woman knees Kratos’ groin and jump back, Kratos charges at her but she created a huge shockwave to push Kratos back, it recovered. Kratos throw his axe at Wonder Woman who dodged under, grab her sword, and tries to cut Kratos but was blocked by his Guardian Shield, Kratos pushed Diana away. She grabs her shield and throw it at Kratos’ shield as he did the same thing, they both collide and fell down to the ground, both combatants dashed at each other and slam at each other. They punches each other, Kratos then elbows Diana, while Diana elbows him back, Diana then tries to throw a punch but was punched in the stomach and got knees to the face. Wonder Woman slams his foot onto Kratos’ foot and head butt him, they both kick each other, then Diana back slap Kratos then he dodged her next punch. They were both equal in combat, pushing and hitting each other, head butt, and almost causing the shockwaves. She grabs her sword, and Kratos dodged under and hit Wonder Woman’s ribs, she then elbows Kratos’ nose and kicking him away.

Kratos: Ugh…

Wonder Woman: You really are stronger than I thought, who are you the son of?

Kratos: I used to be the son of Zeus.

Wonder Woman: Wait what?

Kratos: Was that name personally familiar to you?

Wonder Woman: Yes, he was my father too.

Kratos: Really?

Wonder Woman: Wait a minute, are you the one who killed him and the other Gods?

Kratos: Indeed I did, half-sister.

Wonder Woman: So the rumors are true, you spill the bloods of everyone, including your whole family. Now you want to get to me? You are too dangerous to leave this island.

Kratos: So you’re going to kill me? You look just like Zeus, I’ve kill him and I’ll kill you!

Wonder Woman: Either you’ll be in cage or I just have to put you down for good, and yes I may look like my father but I am not like my father. I am a superhero, I serve justice and peace. And I must stop you, half-brother.

Wonder Woman dashed at Kratos and they both strike each other with their weapons, Wonder Woman punches Kratos’ stomach and Kratos kick her away. Diana took off her tiara and throw it at Kratos, who block it with his shield as the tiara came back to the user. Kratos charge at her, throw a shield at her who blocks it with the bracelet of submission, and got tackled by Kratos. Kratos pummels and punches Wonder Woman multiple times, assaulting her, Diana tries to eye gouge at Kratos but Kratos bit her and continue to punches her. Wonder Woman quickly grab her rope and tie around Kratos’ neck.

Wonder Woman: Why… Why did you kill?

Kratos: They all betrayed me, I was tricked by Ares to kill my own wife and daughter. So I took a vengeance, revenge!

Wonder Woman: What?

Wonder Woman kick away Kratos, she slowly get up.

Wonder Woman: So… You were blinded by rage? All of this was for your family?

Kratos: How did this…

Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, impossible to resist, no lies would ever been told.

Kratos: Enough talking! Let’s finish this!

Kratos took out his blades and swing it rapidly at Diana who jumped over him, then Kratos sent his blade forward to his opponent, it created a explosion that pushed Diana out of the arena and hit a few rocks before landing on the beach. Kratos land on the beach and both combatants slashes each other, Diana throw a powerful uppercut that sent Kratos flying in air, Diana jump and they both clash each other with blades, even they head butt each other. Wonder Woman kick down Kratos, he crashed by the rock. Then Kratos’ eyes start glowing, he growled in fury, becoming Spartan Rage as he roar as he charges at Diana. Kratos aggressively tackles and hit Diana, he punches Diana in the face, rapidly. Kratos then jump in the air, as he come down, Diana rolls over, Kratos landed, missing Diana. Diana weakly get up and tries to fight back Kratos but Kratos punches and kick her, he grabs her head and smashes through the sand a multiple times, he grabs Diana and punch her, sending her background. Kratos grabs his blade and charges at Diana. She took off her bracelets, her eyes glow, she summon the Sword of Hephaestus to block her foe’s blade and break it. To Kratos’ shock, his blade has been ruined, before he could react, Diana slashes Kratos’ whole chest, having him to shout out in pain. Kratos fell on the ground, Diana slams her foot on Kratos’ groin, and stab the sword at Kratos’ chest.

Wonder Woman: I told you that you will face an Amazon’s might, I’m sorry this has to happen, half-brother.

Wonder Woman pull her sword up and cut Kratos’ face in half, she then get up and walk away from the mess.


Boomstick: Damn, I didn’t expect for this half-siblings rivalry to go that far.

Wiz: Both were very powerful warriors, having to beat several powerful opponents. Wonder Woman has the Strength and Speed, as for the Strength she fought against Superman, helped move the Earth and the Sun, not to mention Spectre, who is literally made of eternity.

Boomstick: Kratos’ best strength is when he moved a million tons bridge, he also did keep up with Valkyries, but not Zoom, The Flash’s nemesis. Diana also kept up with Cheetah too, she can block Zoom who is very fast enough to move time it’s pretty impressive!

Wiz: Diana got more experienced in fighting, she lived a thousands years. Her durability can take any blunt attacks that Kratos give her, considering she’s fought powerful opponents such as Superman, Darkseid, Doomsday, etc.

Boomstick: We’ll it’s true that she can be vulnerable to weapons, such as Cheetah’s claws, guns, and swords. Kratos had a large Arsenal of weapons and magic, it can give Diana a challenge but her sword can move between atoms.

Wiz: Diana’s true divine nature and Kratos’ Spartan Rage are both powerful modes, Diana still take this advantage because she has fought against First Born, a monster that can destroy the Underworld and any other realities, Kratos can be bloodlusted all he wants but it still wouldn’t help him to win.

Boomstick: His rage get the best of him, but not Diana.

Wiz: While Kratos was a impressive foe to Diana, and can keep up with her, but in the end Wonder Woman takes all of advantages.

Advantages: Wonder Woman winner

  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Durable
  • Fought against more powerful characters
  • Thousands Years experience in fighting

Disadvantages: Kratos loser

  • He wouldn’t be able to kill Wonder Woman
  • His rage get the best of him
  • He wouldn’t compete with Diana’s true divine nature

Boomstick: No wonder Kratos couldn’t win this godly half-siblings rivalry fight, Diana was just too experienced and quicker than him.

Wiz: The winner is Wonder Woman!