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The Wither is a boss from Mojang's sandbox video game series, Minecraft.

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As the Wither Storm[]

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]

Death Battle Info[]


  • Name: The Wither
  • Dreaded Beast from the Nether
  • Health: 300 to 600 

Wither Skulls[]

  • Explosive projectiles that can be shot
  • Can destroy even obsidian
  • Inflicts the "Wither" effect, which causes victims' bodies to decay
  • Blue variation creates much larger explosion
  • Heal the Wither when hitting opponents

Wither Skeletons[]

  • Servants of the Wither that it can summon at any time
  • May ride a Spider
  • Equipped with a Sword that also induces the Wither effect
  • When they have a bow, they'll shoot burning arrows
  • Immune to Fire

Other Abilities[]

  • Flight
  • Regeneration
  • Barrier Creation
    • Completely nullifies arrows
  • Explosion Manipulation
  • Dash Attack
  • Can see invisible beings 
  • Immune to fire, poison, status effects, suffocation, attacks from the undead and drowning
  • Temporary Invulnerability
  • Becomes immune to arrows when heavily damaged

Wither Storm[]

  • A transformation the Wither undergoes when near a Command Block
  • Grows super large
  • Was going to destroy the world
  • Able to shoot lasers, tractor beams and fireballs, erase its victims memories, induce a sickness on them just by being there, absorb blocks, clone itself and fly
  • Large tentacles
  • Can only be defeated from the inside out
  • Command Block revives the Wither Storm upon death

Friendly Wither[]

  • Another version of the Wither
  • Grows plants 
  • Unable to fly


  • The strongest mob in all of Minecraft
  • Superior to the Ender Dragon
  • Able to destroy entire cities in no time
  • Was going to destroy a universe of infinite size as the Wither Storm
  • Few people have ever managed to kill it
  • Survived a point-blank explosion from the Formidibomb, which is far superior to TNT
  • Survived the Formidibomb and a Death Potion, both of which were specifically made to kill it


  • If the Command Block is destroyed, all Wither Storms will die
  • Friendly Wither is very lacking in offensive abilities
  • May not be able to heal when below 50% health
  • The smite enchantment does incredible damage to undead mobs, including wither skeletons and the Wither.