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Whis (Revival of F)
I'm simply the life form that's known as Whis! At the moment, it's my job to look after Lord Beerus.
~ Whis

Whis is a character from the anime/manga series Dragon Ball, serving as the attendant of Beerus, the God of Destruction.

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Battle Record

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With Beerus[]


Whis is the angelic serving attendant of Universe 7's God of Destruction, Beerus. Like all attendants, he is bound to the service of his deity and usually does not leave Beerus unaccompanied.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Was able to reverse time twice, first by a minute after Frieza destroyed Earth in Dragon Ball Super, and second after Zamasu killed Gowasu.
  • Knocked out Beerus with a single strike to the neck.