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Jean-Pierre Polnareff VS Weiss Schnee is a What-If?Death Battle By LakuitaBro01.2


Wiz: In the 12th century, citizens of Europe created a new style of sword fighting with a specialized slender, pointed sword.

Boomstick: Cock fighting?

Wiz: No, fencing. Have you been making Wiz 2 and 3 fight each other again?

Boomstick: Uhh... Weiss Schnee, the ice queen of the Schnee Dust Company.

Wiz: And Jean-Pierre Polnareff, the wielder of the legendary Silver Chariot Stand.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skill to see who would win a Death Battle. And we'll talk later, Boomstick.

Boomsticks: They're just chickens!

Weiss Schnee:[]

Wiz: In the earliest of times, hunters and huntresses found a miracle known as Dust.

Boomstick: And so, the Hunters and Huntresses collected all the dust they could find with their trusty Swiffer Wet Jets and lobbed them at the Grimm, killing them all. 

Wiz: This is a different Dust, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Well shit.

Wiz: Heiress to the Schnee Dust Factory, Weiss Schnee is what you would call a stuck up brat that was shown little support and love in life. Plagued by a cruel family and under constant fear of being captured and killed by a member of the White Fang, Weiss was sent off to Beacon Academy, rival to Haven Academy where her sister was sent to.

Boomstick: And not only did THAT create even MORE family drama, she was forced to befriend people that she didn't like. Which never goes good.

Wiz: This was an exception. While hating and disagreeing with Ruby Rose at first, Weiss then became good friends with her. While her behavior didn't change, she was at least nice to the main star of the show.

Boomstick: But enough about her backstory, let's talk about her abilities and her weapon, the... Wiz, how the fuck do you say this?

Wiz: The Myrtenaster.

Boomstick: That thing.

Wiz: The Myrtenaster is a modified rapier used for quick attacks that really fit her fast and poke the enemy multiple times fighting style.

Boomstick: And it's also a mini revolver! It can cycle through each different types of Dust, and the known dusts it can use in attacks are fire, ice, lightning, wind, gravity, and had light. Two of these things are not like the others.

Wiz: Using her ice dust, Weiss can launch ice crystals, freeze people solid, and she can freeze the floor and skate on it in high heels, somehow.

Boomstick: Heh, it's easy to do that. Just get really drunk and put some blades on the high heels... my ex-wife got maimed but hey, I did it!

Wiz: Fire dust allows her to shoot streams or arcs of flames, fireballs, or concentrate the flames at the tip of the Myrtenaster to use it like a welding tool. Wind dust allows her to blow back soundwaves or people with a gust of wind, and hardlight lets her make barriers. The other two have not been used in battle yet.

Boomstick: And that's not the FULL extent of what she can do.

Wiz: Like all Hunters and Huntresses, Weiss has a Semblance.

Boomstick: And unlike the punchy punchy stuff Yang has, Weiss uses Glyphs to her advantage, but strategically. Her normal glyphs is used as a sort of platform, and she can control it to push people around.

Wiz: Using the glyph as a platform allows for some midair acrobatics, and she can also use the Glyph as a barrier. If she uses the Glyph on her Myrtenaster, then she unlocks her "finishing move", or in other words, it just does a whole hell of a lot more damage.

Boomstick: Oh, don't forget her ability to combine the Dust AND the Semblance, making her crazy versatile. Just her ice Glyphs alone let her send out ice to trap her foes, augment projectiles, create large barriers of ice and giant sword to boot, manipulate ice in her surroundings, and she can use the ice Glyphs on an opponent's body to freeze and shatter.

Wiz: Her black gravity Glyphs can be used to scale surfaces so matter the angle, and falling through this Glyph will increase your velocity many times over. When combined with her normal glyph, it creates a mid air platform that Weiss can walk all over, including upside down underneath. Offensive use includes causing enemies to float around inside a anti-gravity field.

Boomstick: Or she can place them in front of her to repel her enemies or below them to launch them up. She can augment her attacks as well to increase her damage, and she can use the Glyph to restrain someone.

Wiz: Hardlight Glyphs fire projectiles, and Lightning creates Time Dilation Glpyhs that speeds up her actions. A special trait of the Schnee family is that they can summon the foes they've defeated, in Weiss's case, she can summon a Boarbatusk and a Arma Gigas.

Boomstick: In terms of strength, Weiss can easily take down Grimm in just one hit, like Rbuy who can kill Nevermores in one attack. She was also able of playing a role in taking down the Grimm Sphinx, one of the most powerful species of Grimm.

Wiz: She can also take hits from the same creatures and fellow huntsmen. In terms of speed, she's capable of keeping up with Blake Belladonna, who fought the same Sea Dragon as Sun Wukong, who dodged it's lightning.

Boomstick: Oh, and of course she has her weaknesses, like how she's very stubborn and prideful because of her upbringing, and how repeated use of her aura will deplete it and leave her to take more significant damage.

Wiz: And her higher tier summons like a Lancer Queen or the Arma Gigas take a while to summon, and while she is extremely skilled in use of her Glyphs, it also drains her stamina VERY quickly.

Boomstick: But with her versatility and keep-you-on-your-toes fighting style, Weiss Schnee may take the battle and win.

Jean-Pierre Polnareff:[]

Wiz: In 1888 the Joestar Family began it's century long feud with the vampire known as Dio Brando.

Boomstick: After trapping the bastard in a locked coffin at the bottom of the ocean for a century, Dio got pretty pissed and went to Egypt, and after buying arrow shaped heroin needles from a pink haired Freddie Mercury, he plunged the family into chaos again.

Wiz: Stands aren't drugs, Boomstick, they're a physical manifestation of a person's fighting spirit.

Boomstick: Well shit, load me up on some Whiskey and you'll see MY Stand! Red Solo Cup!

Wiz: Aye... After Dio used the Arrow on himself, all members of the Joestar bloodline developed Stands. Some developed them easily, but others like Holly Joestar became abnormally sick.

Boomstick: So Joseph Joestar, his grandson Jotaro, and his friends Kakyoin and Avdol set off to Egypt to find and kill Dio. Along the way, they met a nice guy named Jean Pierre Polnareff, who happened to be a minion of Dio and tried to kill them.

Wiz: After a long battle, Polnareff's mind control was broken and he requested to join them on their quest, for one of Dio's henchmen killed his sister, and he seeked revenge.

Boomstick: So the French guy tagged along, just like every World War.

Wiz: Polnareff is a very tough individual. He's physically on par with Kakyoin and Avdol, but in terms of taking hits, he's lasted a very long time around the flames of Magician's Red, and survived a hit from Dio, and he's really resilient as he survived hits from Vanilla Ice's Cream and was still able to keep Silver Chariot active.

Boomstick: For one, Magician's Red's flame instantly vaporized enough soil for two men over six feet tall to hide in to avoid getting hit by a train, and Dio before Stand powers was vastly superior to Tarkus, who split a hill in half.

Wiz: While he may pull some dumb shenanigans, Polnareff is an amazing fighter with his skill and his versatility, and it is shown in his Stand, Silver Chariot.

Boomstick: Taking on the appearance of Sir Daniel Fortesque in full, silver armor and a rapier, Silver Chariot is a VERY fast stand. When in India, Polnareff encountered the man who killed his sister, and like the Germans attacking the French, Polnareff had no choice but to run away.

Wiz: No, no, he ran because the Stand, called the Hanged Man, traveled as a beam of light from reflection to reflection, and there was another Stand user with a gun chasing them down.

Boomstick: Well regardless, when the time came for Polnareff to fight the Hanged Man, he was able to intercept the Stand's travel.

Wiz: Running the numbers so you don't have to, the speed in which Polnareff's Silver Chariot was able to intercept and slash the Hanged Man comes out to be 365 times the speed of light.

Boomstick: Star Platinum is precise my ass! Jokes aside, this Frenchman's stand also has the capability of harming Magician's Red and Star Platinum, as well as taking blows from both of them as well. The same Star Platinum that could take hits from Dio's The World. Always with the Dio, isn't it? What if Dio had an italian mafia son? Or a gay priest boyfriend?

Wiz: He does.

Boomstick: Fucking hell.

Wiz: Continuing the Dio train, Silver Chariot could have very well killed him in the final moments of Stardust Crusaders, however he didn't plunge the sword in all the way so he ended up surviving.

Boomstick: Statistics aside, Silver Chariot possesses a lesser known ability.. The sword of the Stand can pierce fire, or better yet, can sort of "lock" fire into the blade until it gets rid of it.

Wiz: When times seem dire, and Polnareff is pinned or an opponent are far away, he can "shoot his sword" at them. Basically, the blade of the rapier can be shot out and ricochet around.

Boomstick: And finally, Silver Chariot can lose it's armor for a speed boost, and begins to move so fast that it appears that there are several Silver Chariots around Polnareff.

Wiz: Polnareff still has his weaknesses, like how if Silver Chariot is damaged, he will be too, but as long as it's armor is off. When it's armor is off, it'll be susceptible to more harm. And if Polnareff shoots the sword, we will have to get it back manually.

Boomstick: But if he decides to stay and fight instead of putting up the white flag, Polnareff has what it takes to win.

Wiz: Why are you hating on french people?

Boomstick: If Joseph can be best friends with an italian, a german, and have a japanese grandson, then I think I can make World War jokes about the French.

Wiz: Ugh, fine.

Death Battle:[]


All you could see was snow and ice. It was on the trees, the ground, the bushes, and it looked like there was more on its way soon. The air was so cold that it felt like your lungs would freeze over in the next breath you took. For anyone not used to the frigid temperatures of Solitas, they felt as though if they didn't get any heat, they would die.

So when Jean-Pierre Polnareff got separated from his friends and was stuck wandering this wonderful frozen wasteland, the Frenchman clad in a half tanktop and cargo pants, you could tell he was feeling the full front of Mother Nature's bitchiness.

"It's so damn cold out here! Why didn't I just stock up on winter clothes, damn you Joseph for bringing me here!" he yelled out angrily to himself. Icicles formed on his chin as he shivered his way through the woods, not knowing what's around him.

Soon, as he was on the verge on giving up and succumbing to the cold, he had come across a light in the distance. It was a campfire. Polnareff's face beamed with excitement as he used all his energy to move him closer to the fire, and when he got past the tree line, he could feel the intense heat from the flames.

He made his way right in front of it and began to rub his hands together, already he was beginning to warm up. He let out an exasperated sigh and leaned back onto a log, happy that he was going to live tonight. Sleep seemed dangerous to him, but as long as that fire was there, he would be fine.

But then Polnareff jumped up, startled. He heard a voice coming from the tree line, and he turned his head in that direction. He could sorta make out the outline of young girl with long hair walking towards the fire. So he ran off into the woods to hide and watch. She walked into the site absolutely fuming as well.

"How could my father send me out here to train this late at night! 'Endurance training' he says, I'll show him endurance when I yell at him for a few hours!" she grumbled and plopped down in front of HER fire. Polnareff slammed his fist into the soft snow; it was HER camp. He considered his options, freeze to death in the snow, or he could not. So he got up and walked over to the girl.

"Hello! Hi! I'm lost and don't know where I'm going, can I stay here for a little bit?" he asked while walking towards her, rubbing the back of his head and smiling. The girl was startled and froze up and looked at him, he was at least 9 inches taller than her and had a very muscular physique to boot.

He stood there in awkward silence until Weiss looked around her camp. She swore she saw a man duck into the trees like an idiot when she was walking towards her campfire, and not only that but there was a clear ass print in the snow from where he was sitting.

"It seems like you already were here," she stated, "go away." Polnareff got angry at her quick, "It's in the negatives out here! You're going to deny me fire?"

The girl stood up, hands on her hips, and scoffed. Polnareff finally noticed the odd looking rapier at her side and got an idea. "Hey, girlie, let's spar! If I win, I get to stay here for the night, but if you win, I'll leave you be. How's THAT for a deal?"

"You're going to make a mockery of ME? I'm the heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, Weiss Schnee. I've been trained in excellence since birth, there's no way a man with a funny accent and receding hairline's gonna beat me!" she exclaimed.

Polnareff looked confused. Even if he lost he was just gonna steal a log and run away, but she was REAL adamant about how she wouldn't lose. He just shrugged his shoulders and decided that he wouldn't go easy on her.

"Let's get away from the fire, so that way we don't put it out." he suggested, walking towards the tree line. Weiss nodded and agreed and followed. Soon they came to a clearing, and Weiss readied her Myrtenaster. To her, Polnareff was just an unarmed man standing there, but behind him his Silver Chariot manifested itself.

Virtuous Hope - JJBA:SC

"Let's get this show on the road!" Polnareff exclaimed, where as Weiss's Glyph formed behind her, as she prepared to kick off of it. "Agreed."

Weiss launched herself across the snow at high speeds, ready to bring her rapier down upon Polnareff as if he were butter and she was the butter knife. However, as she got closer, Silver Chariot lunged forward and parried her attack. Thrown off balance, and certainly not expecting to hit a invisible force, Weiss crashed to the ground.

"Can you not see my Silver Chariot?" he yelled loudly, laughing as Weiss got up, covered in snow, and slowly circled him. He has some sort of invisible power she can't see, and it's crazy fast. Weiss stabbed the Myrtenaster to the air and created a plethora of Glyphs, and from the Glyphs came icicles.

These icicles few right at Polnareff, but Silver Chariot intercepted and sliced them out of the air. Weiss kept more and more coming, but the Stand kept slicing them out of the air, slicing them down so fine that all was left was ice crystals that rained down, as if it was snowing. While Polnareff saw no reason for her to keep launching these, Weiss was also freezing the path leading straight to him.

In that moment, Weiss skated across the ground at higher speeds than before, getting right up in her enemy's face. Polnareff gasped loudly, and Chariot went to work parrying her blows, and for a moment he only thought about how much stronger she is than he initially thought.

Polnareff yelled in the struggle as Chariot's speed was allowing him to stab at her in between her swings. Weiss felt the pain but continued on, granted it was a blunt pain, but painful nonetheless. She also yelled out in a struggle as she cycled through the dust to her wind dust, and then she proceeded to blast Polnareff away.

The force of the gale sent Polnareff crashing through a giant pine, breaking it clean in half. He stood up and shook off the pain with Silver Chariot crouched at his side. The Frenchman stepped over the log and smiled at her.

"Any more tricks, Ms. Schnee?" he asked mockingly. Weiss glared and then smiled. She switched back to ice dust and summoned a Glyph behind Polnareff, which shoved him closer to her. She rushed right at him too, and he pushed against the Glyph to no avail. So, with no other option, Polnareff ran right at Weiss, shocking her, and Silver Chariot rushed forwards.


The Stand jabbed at Weiss repeatedly, and she swung wildly. She couldn't see it or touch it, and while she noted it was very weak, it still hurt enough to be considered a threat. She put a barrier right up in between the two of them, and Chariot's sword swing bounced off the Glyph. She took a moment to think what to do next.

"Now would be a good time to surrender the fire, Weiss! You're already retreating!" Polnareff yelled out. Then it hit Weiss, fire.

Weiss jumped over the Glyph and landed on Polnareff, forcing him to the ground as she backflipped away. Switching the Myrtenaster's setting to fire dust, Weiss set their surroundings ablaze, and a similar heat to the fire at her camp now surrounded them both.

Polnareff got up and looked around. "Avdol?" he muttered as Weiss sent a wave of fire right at he foe, seemingly encompassing him completely, but little did she know, Silver Chariot was twirling it's blade in a circular motion, and the fire was being absorbed into the blade.

"Merci, Weiss!"

Die - RWBY

Silver chariot rushed her, and now to add to the blunt pain was a VERY nasty burning sensation left on her skin. Weiss got out of there quick and attempted to launch more and more fireballs at Polnareff, but instead Chariot skewered them and sent them right back at her with the same force.

Weiss yelled in pain as she switched settings again, this time back to wind, and used the gale to put out the surrounding flames. Silver Chariot got in front of Polnareff and put it's guard up, protecting him from being blown away. Extinguishing the flame, and the sword as well, Weiss breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Polnareff rush towards her.

Weiss summoned a black Glyph this time, right underneath Polnareff, the gravity lifting him off the ground as he flailed helplessly. Then, she summoned her standard Glyphs and climbed them in the air before jumping off, determined to come crashing down upon her foe. Luckily, Chariot was able to fly forward and plant it's saber in her shoulder, causing her to tumble midair as well.

They both landed with a thud, wind knocked out of them both. Weiss was getting tired of this, she couldn't just attack him head on, or with projectiles. She needed to force him into situations that greatly unfavored him. For the moment, she retreated into the woods, and pulled Polnareff with her as she looked for a way to beat him.

Polnareff just decided to ride the Glyph as it followed her, intrigued to see what she was doing, and where she was headed. Alas, he lost sight of her, but the Glyph kept moving, and moved right out of the tree line. He turned around and spotted her, walking calmly after him.

"Get back here!" he yelled as he was about to move, but he looked down at the 200 or so foot drop below and shit his pants. The Glyph disappeared and he fell, but Weiss jumped off the cliff after him, summoning another platform Glyph under them both. Polnareff's ass caught the font of the landing, while Weiss was able to land on her legs safely.

She went on the offensive, slashing at Polnareff, catching him across the chest a couple of times, but Silver Chariot kicked her away, and she summoned her own Glyph and stood on it, switching her Myrtenaster back to wind, and began to blow her foe away, towards the rock face. The Stand User got an idea and jumped up, letting the gale blow him towards the cliff.

He smacked it, but was quick enough for Silver Chariot to bury it's saber in the rock, holding him there. "Take that!" he yelled triumphantly, but Weiss smirked and a black Glyph was created below him. He stared at it, and noticed a giant icicle flying at him, knocking him free of the cliff and plummeting down below.

"I'll just land on it" he thought, but as his leg went THROUGH it, he began to fall MANY times faster, crashing to the snow packed ground, creating a large crater. Weiss made her way down using her Glyphs, and as Polnareff lay there watching this, Silver Chariot aimed upwards and shot the saber.

When Weiss got down to Polnareff, he grinned at her. "I lost, huh?" he laughed and started to get up, but she pinned him down with her foot on his chest.

"I can't trust anyone but those I'm close to. You're done." she said coldly as she raised the Myrtenaster above her head, ready to bring it down.

Il vento d'oro - JJBA:VA


The saber came crashing down, passing through the Black glyph from before, and it embedded itself in Weiss's shoulder, while Polnareff shouted "bullseye" in her face. She screamed and fell backwards, while Silver Chariot pulled the sword out and reattached it. Polnareff looked down at her with a look of regret and sadness.

"If you can't trust me, then I guess this will have to go a bit differently."

Silver Chariot rushed Weiss, who was still on the ground, and rapidly jabbed her over and over and over and over again. The pain got worse and worse as time passed on, and Weiss held strong.


Weiss began to be lifted off of the ground from the amount of times she was being stabbed by Silver Chariot, and as she was lifted up in the air, blood has being drawn with each thrust. Polnareff was turning Weiss into a human pincushion.


With one last thrust, Weiss was launched across the snowy field and she tumbled into the snow. Her aura was shattered, and she was now vulnerable to more damage, though with the amount of blood and times she was stabbed, Polnareff didn't bother to check to see if she was still alive, he had the experience to know better.

"Au revoir, Weiss Schnee", he sighed with a salute as he made his way towards a path leading back up the cliff.

But if it wasn't obvious, Weiss was still alive and kicking. She slowly pushed herself up, four puncture wounds visible on her body, one on her right cheek, one in her shoulder, one in her stomach, and one in her leg.

This Life is Mine - RWBY

She rested on both her knees, staring at the ground. He was fast, but he's only been doing damage because of the amount of times he's hit her. With someone like that on the loose, especially when the world is, to say the least, destroyed and with civil unrest everywhere, he could be a follower of Salem.

He couldn't escape.

Weiss set the Myrtenaster to fire dust and burned the blade, and she made quick work to cauterize the wounds on her body. Starting with the stomach wound, which missed her vitals, and she burned the holes close. It was a painful process, but in the end, she was able to pull through and get up. She began the slow trek out of the crater, and stared ahead at Polnareff.

He was whistling to himself near the top of the cliff. Weiss suddenly became so blinded by rage at him. He believed she was dead, and he didn't care; he took lives with little to no remorse, she hates people like that. Below him, up on the hill, Polnareff was taken aback by the five light blue Glyphs that appeared around him.

"Silver Chariot!" he yelled as projectiles rained down upon him, and his Stand made quick work to deflect them all. He sighed with relief and looked down the hill at the fuming 19 year old woman that was running up at him, and the relief turned to fear. More of the Hardlight Glyphs appeared and blasted the rest of the cliff above, causing a landslide.

Polnareff was sandwiched between Weiss and a landslide, a rock and a hard place, so he took the easy way out and jumped off the side of the cliff towards the snow bank below. The five feet of snow softened the landing, and Weiss blew flames down below at her foe, who's Silver Chariot absorbed the flames again, while the rest melted the snow and burned down trees.

Polnareff got up and Silver Chariot prepared itself again. Weiss glared down at him, and below her foe a black Glyph appeared, launching him far up into the air, and Weiss used her normal Glyphs to race out and meet him halfway. Silver Chariot rushed forwards to counter and was met with a strong blow that bounced it back.

"WHAT?!" Polnareff screeched as the Myrtenaster slashed him across the chest, spraying blood every where and onto Weiss's dress as a line of red. He clutched his chest as he smacked into the ground with a heavy thud. Only one thought crossed his mind in that moment: "Well she's angry."

Weiss didn't bother to descend with Glyphs, she summoned a black Glyph below her and jumped through it, holding the Myrtenaster straight forward, becoming essentially a missile. Polnareff rolled out of the way in time and punched her in the stomach, causing her to cough up some blood, and Silver Chariot slashed her across the cheek.

But she didn't care, she dove forwards and tackled Polnareff and beat him down with her hands. Her punches were shockingly strong as well, but he was able to stab her eyes with his fingers, causing her to reel back. Then, the Stand User ran away again, needing some distance between him and his foe.

Weiss saw him run and below her a new Glyph appeared, a Time Dilation Glyph.

"You want to keep running away?" she said to herself, amping up her speed, "I'll just keep up."

She took off and caught up to Polnareff instantly, catching him off guard with a flying kick. The kick pushed his face to the ground, grinding it against dirt as she rode him into a giant boulder. She then picked him up and tossed him in the air and sliced him repeatedly, spraying blood everywhere, but Polnareff held onto life, he had one last trick up his sleeve.

She roundhouse kicked him away into a tree and approached quickly. Polnareff got up, and Silver Chariot manifested, it's armor exploding off in several directions, revealing it's body underneath.

"Perfect!" he exclaimed as Silver Chariot parried Weiss's blow, with several sword strikes, throwing her off balance, before it stabbed her hard in the shoulder, blasting her away.

"My Silver Chariot's armor is now off! It's too fast for you to comprehend!"

Find You - Max Anarchy

Weiss ran forward, ready to bring the Myrtenaster down on Polnareff, but she was stopped in place. It felt like she was being stabbed by six different people at once. She jumped back and looked down. She was in a ton of pain, blood soaked her dress.

"I know you can't see my Stand, Silver Chariot, but at the moment there appears to be six of it! It's moving so fast that you wouldn't be able to tell which one it is!" Polnareff boasted with a hearty laugh.

Weiss sighed and summoned more Hardlight Glyphs and bombarded Polnareff with them. Silver Chariot went to work and cut them all down, and while it was busy, Weiss raced forward, summoning for ice Glyphs to launch icicles. She was trying to overwhelm the Stand in hopes she can get in, and Polnareff saw straight through that plan.

The second that Weiss got close again, Silver Chariot lunged forwards and pierced her through the chest. Weiss coughed up blood and staggered backwards, summoned a Gravity Glyph, and used it to launch herself into the foliage. She was running out of options, and she only had two left, so she cauterized her wounds again and created a summoning Glyph.

Meanwhile, Polnareff was on alert. She could be anywhere, but Silver Chariot was fast enough to catch her, and she looked as though she was on death's door anyway so hopefully she would give up.


Polnareff spun around, a giant ice sculpture of a knight lumbered through the treeline towards the Stand User. It swung it's massive sword in the air and slammed it down, but Polnareff rolled out of the way in time. He looked up at the sculpture as it spun towards him and prepared to slam the sword back down on top of him.

But Silver Chariot hopped right back out in front of the ice knight.


Each jab chipped away the ice more and more, and Silver Chariot reduced the summon down to just the legs, where it collapsed. Just behind the crumbled sculpture sat Weiss, who was visibly panting and weak looking. Polnareff took a step forward, but couldn't.

He looked down to see that his legs were freezing over.

"What the hell?!" he yelled out as he fell forward on his face. The ice was slowly creeping up his body, and it was freezing. Weiss stood up, rather weakly.

"I used my Glyphs on your body. You lose." she said coldly, just tired with the fight as is. Polnareff began to shiver violently as Weiss made her approach, her Myrtenaster beginning to shine with power as she was preparing to kill the Stand User.

In a last ditch effort, Silver Chariot shot the sword past Weiss, praying it'd make it back in time, but for now, in front of Weiss was a french guy being frozen over. She raised the Myrtenaster high above her head and was ready to bring it down right on top of him.

Polnareff closed his eyes. This was the end, there was no way he was gonna survive.


It was a quiet noise. Polnareff opened one eye to see Weiss standing there, doing absolutely nothing. He looked up further and saw that her face wasn't there either. He hadn't realized, but Weiss's Gravity Glyph from earlier was still up, and instead of lodging itself in Weiss's head, it instead flew right through her head, leaving a massive hole.


Her body flopped to the ground and the effects of the Glyphs wore off. Polnareff took the Myrtenaster and ran off back to the campfire to get warm again; he was bloody freezing.

Meanwhile, it was now down to Ruby and Blake.


Boomstick: Does France get a redemption arc in World War III?

Wiz: This match was extremely even throughout all analysis done on each character, with Polnareff's only advantages being experience, speed, and possibly intelligence, while Weiss held strength, durability, versatility, and they both tied for skill.

Boomstick: But underneath the difference in strength and durability lies what caused Weiss's defeat: the speed of Silver Chariot. If the difference in those two was a 10, this difference was at least a million for speed.

Wiz: To elaborate, Weiss dealt with threats that threatened the destruction of portions of cities or mountains where as Polnareff dealt with threats who could contend with building destroying beings like Star Platinum.

Boomstick: But Weiss can keep up with artificial lightning and Polnareff intercepts beams of light like it's nothing. So if you compare the amount of times Silver Chariot could stab Weiss before she moved a muscle, then good job counting Einstein.

Wiz: Without her aura, this battle would've been over way quicker and no contest for Polnareff. Even the 3x speed boost would've done nothing for her at normal speed, Silver Chariot's speed boost is approximately 8x anyways.

Boomstick: And while Weiss could keep Ol' Pol on his feet, it's not like Silver Chariot can't intercept flames or deflect projectiles, because it can. Even the gravity Glyphs wouldn't help because Polnareff would be smart enough to know he could use them to his advantage, and if he got caught he could still react to Weiss's attacks.

Wiz: In short, Polnareff's speed and the smaller gap between power created too big of a gap for Weiss to handle.

Boomstick: Looks like France won't be putting up the Weiss flag this time.

Wiz: The winner is Jean-Pierre Polnareff.

Weiss Schnee VS Jean-Pierre Polnareff
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