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Wario VS Knuckles

Wario vs. Knuckles the Echidna is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Nintendo vs Sega. These two rival treasure hunters who stared in their own games and slower then their rival are here to settle who is the Deadliest powerhouse!

Vital statistics

Air date N/A
Written by Blippeddeeblah
Directed by Blippeeddeeblah

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Wis:Every hero needs a headstrong rival. Whether it be to keep them on their toes, to lend a hand in time of need or to simply be an antagonistic force trying to hinder them. Still, no matter what the affiliate, the hero’s rival is usually seen trying to one-up the hero, and the big heroes sometimes have rivals that are as big as they are and are treasure hunters.

boomstick:Wario, the greedy, garlic-loving treasure hunter and Rival to Mario.

Wis:And Knuckles, the lovable, gullible echidna.

Boomstick:Like we said before Mario and Sonic powerups definitely counter each other.

Wis:So that means no shields,caps,Chaos or Super emeralds, Warioman and only things that are unique to them.

Boomstick:Hes Wis and I am Boomstick.

Wis:And Its our job to see their weapons armor and skill to see who would win in a DEATH BATTLE!


308 pounds



34 years old

Boomstick:Mario's muscular, greedy look-alike, Wario is a common enemy of Mario. 

Wis:Wario used to be friends to Mario at school but Wario started to think his friend was a bully because..

Boomstick:Mario got to be Sheriff 1255 out of the 1256 times and Wario only got to be it once, when mario told Wario how to flatten coins but Wario got flattened and when they were picking up turnips in Mario's garden Wario got bit by the piranta plants.

Wis:Wario wanted revenge by Taking over Mario's castle a-

Boomstick:Mario is so famous that he got himself a castle?

Wis;Yes and decided to fight him at his own castle.

Boomstick:Wario then got kick out of his own castle and got a wish from a Genie to have a castle much better than Mario's.

and succeeded.

Wis:Wario is a greedy, fat and evil version of mario and will do anything even risking his own life just to get money.

Boomstick:Wario may be fat but he can double jump at the height of 22.3 feet and with his Wario waft he can go at the height of 50 feet.

Wis:Wario Waft can stun enemies but if Wario builds it up and then battle field will go out with an atomic fart bang.His farts are like getting hit by an rpg missile.

Boomstick:Wario is said to be one of the strongest mario characters because Wario can lift Dinomighty who weighs 278,000 pounds or 130 tons.

Wis:And he can lift her with ease.

boomstick:He some how has an infinite amount of motorbikes which he could use different types of moves.

Wis:He could drive it slow but it can run over people to sent them in a hole, he can use it to drive around, hitting people. Wario can go a high speed but can't turn around.

Boomstick:But they can break if put enough damage on it.


550 pounds

can make Wario faster and go at 114 mph

boomstick: Wario is such a bad### that he can use his TEETH as a weapon

Wis:Wario can use his teach to chomp on his enemies,eat items to heal himself and even his bike to heal himself.

Boomstick:but if he eats booms or explosive he takes damage.

Wis:Wario uses wasting techniques or other moves to defeat Mario or others.

boomstick:He can pile dives enemies, grabs their feet and spin them around to launch them at something to put damage on them.

Wis:Like Mario he can use a ground pound which he jumps in the air and crushes his enemies by landing on them with his butt causing objects or victims to beak or die.

Boomstick:Wario is know to have a dash attack where Wario charges forwards with his elbow out, upon contact, most enemies die, however, enemies with weapons in front of them, or larger enemies don’t go down as easily, this attack can also be used to break block.

Wis: Wario loves garlic he eats whole cloves of it day and night. So try not to get put in his mouth. Once that smell gets on you it will stick to you for a long time.

Wis: The move is powerful enough to break stone.

Boomstick:His Super Dash attack has Wario charges with his head out in front of him, causing enemies and certain objects to die/break, without Wario stopping.He reminds me of the Juggernaut or Rhino if you think about it.

Wis:His Corkscrew attack has Wario jump i n the air and spins rapidly. The rapid spinning is the cause of most of the damage.

Boomstick:His guy is very durable.He has been set on fire,crushed, in Mario party he took a big bomb explosion to his face,became immune to his body odors.                                                                                                                                                   

Wis:While Wario may be powerful but he never beaten Mario.Not even once.                                                                                                                                                   

Boomstick: Wario is a terrible singer.Just Hear it! -> Imagine if the elevator music was this?!                                                                                                                                                   

Wis:Without his bike and dash attacks he isn't the fastist around.                                                                                                                                                    

Boomstick:And this guy usually cheats to win and uses his fists to deal for fights.                                                                                                                                                   

Wis:But he has accomplished great feats. Like he defeated dinosaurs, Captain Syrup, Rudy the Clown, the Golden Diva, Shake King and many more!                                                                                                                                                   

Boomstck:Rudy the Clown is like a God and Captain Surup? I don't think that could be a name in a family friendly Nintendo series.                                                                                                                                                   

Wis:Shake King can punch the ground, just like Wario, but can produce fire balls as well. He can Shake People, just like Wario, but he is faster than Wario and can only last a small amount of time. He can also chuck people like Wario, but his will sting harder than Wario's.He can also manipulate electricity, either to use hyper beams, shoot projectiles, and lightning bolts at Wario. He can ground pound like Wario, but can produce shock waves.Can break through the floor, and this attack is a One Hit KO and Can regenerate health if necessary.                                                                                                                                                   

Boomstick: He actually apoligises for his horrible singing And Managed to get a fan made game based off FNAF                                                                                                                                                   

Wis:but his lack of a conscience keeps him from doing anything that doesn’t end in profit for himself.                                                                                                                                                   

Wario:I'm-a gonna win!"                                                                                                                                                   

Knuckes the Echidna[]

88 pounds


16 years old

Wis:Knuckles is a redanthropomorphic echidna who is determined and serious but sometimes gullible. He can glide and climb up walls, and is a powerful fighter due to his spiked gloves. He serves as the guardian of the Master Emerald.the Master Emerald, a powerful ancient relic which is his solemn duty to protect from anyone who wants have it , 

Boomstick:but can he beat a muscular fat man who lo-

Wis:Not now.any way knuckles was tricked by Eggman into opposing Sonic and Tails because they had the chaos emeralds at the time. 

Boomstick;BUT he then finds out that they are actually innocent. Knuckles gets tricked by Eggman all lot .

Wis;He is also the sole remaining descendant of the Knuckles Clan and last of the echidnas on earth.

Boomstick:Knuckles has different types of ways to protect it.His Knuckles are capable of shattering boulders, break steel and his strength is said to be equal to sonic's speed which is mach 1 so that means he can crush and lift 100 tons and his strength is in his upper body which  makes him physically stronger than all other characters in the series. 

Spin Dash: One of his first abilities, Knuckles curls into a ball and cuts right through series of enemies.'Drill Claw: Makes his digging ability better.
Gliding: Can hurt opponents, due to his spiked fists facing forward. It makes his falls slower, though he can glide upwards.
Grappling Ring: Can attach to anything, can pull enemies towards him or launch Knuckles away Wis:Knuckles has a spin dash,gliding and the grappling ring can be used to lure people toward the user

Boomstick;Its like this but for a younger audience

WisIf Knuckles is below an opponent, he can use the Spiral Upper to deliver a large punch to his those above him. The hammer punch can deliver a large earthquake-like attack that can briefly stun his opponents.

Knuckles is not as fast as Sonic but he can reach the speed at 532 mph.

Boomstick;But Knuckles is known to be a slow fighter in combat. Why? well he has a problem using both speed and strength.

Wis:If Knuckles wants to go fast he loses strength and if he wants to be strong he loses his speed.

Boomstick;And because of this people with knowledge on him will try to take advantage of this .

Wis;Knuckles uses many defensive fighting tactics and techniques. Knuckles can fight without exhausting for a very long time.Knuckles is shown to take down an entire forest in mere seconds. 

Boomstick;Knuckles can reach heights to well over 30 feet in the air,he can literally use his knuckles to cling on any types of wall.

Wis;However Knuckles is tricked by Eggman many times,He is headstrong, arrogant, hot-headed and extremely gullible. 

Boomstick; This guy has been shown having a difficult time fighting people smarter than him and is easy to read.

Wis:Despite his arrogance and stupidity, Knuckles powerful abilities and techniques make him one of the deadliest Sonic characters to date.  

Knuckles;"As far back as I can remember, I've been living here on this dark island... Always guarding the Master Emerald from anything that could harm it. I don't know why I was given this job... Why it was my fate... Destined to be here... forever!".


Setting Angle Island

The sun shone brightly down on Angel Island. It didn’t look like there was a cloud in the sky this particular day, which may have something to do with Angel Island floating above the clouds in the first place. Angel Island was peaceful but then... something immediately flew onto it.that person is an overweight man wearing yellow hat and shirt with purple overalls named Wario.Wario used a canon from a toad to get up here and has heard rumors that a giant emerald is on this.

Wario;Whos idea was to have this emerald on a flying island

Wario then got on his bike and looked for it. the plumber didn’t have to look for very long. It took him a little bit to traverse the island to find it, but when he stepped into a particular clearing, he spotted it.He saw an ancient-looking set of pillars surrounding a central platform, but the only thing that had Wario’s attention was the sparkling, huge, green gem on the central platform, bigger than many of the treasures Wario had stolen in the past.

Wario;I can already imagine me wearing it.

wario in his imagination saw himself sitting in his throne wearing a giant crown on his head.

wario then stoped daydreaming and then went up to get his prize

It was a short run to the top of the stairs, and Wario got a good look at the huge emerald up close. 

Wario;This looks great and must be worth millions!!!

While wario rubbed his hands on the emerald he didn't notice a red echidna who was standing behind him.

Stay away from my Master Emerald!”


Wario turned around to see a figured standing in front of him.

Knuckles;Get away from my emerald before I start taking defensive measures.”

Wario; YOUR EMERALD!!!! This is mine!!

Knuckles;I’ve spent years keeping it safe from thief's like you.

Wario;“You don’t scare me buster!

Knuckles;Don't underestimate me buddy!

the Echidna got in to a fighting stance (meaning to get ready to fight)

Wario:I’m takin’ that gem WAHAHAHH!!

then the fat italian gave a smirk and .Who ever wins its going to be one tough fight


Warip runs up to the echidna and punches him right in the face, which was retaliated right away by a punch from Knuckles.

Wario: GOOOO!

Wario suddenly pulls out a bike from nowhere and starts riding it. the fat pulmber (wait... is he a plumber?) rams straight into Knuckles before Knuckles throws the bike and shatters it to pieces.

Wario: Ahahaahah!

Wario goes straight towards the master emerald and picks it up with his immense strenght

Knuckles: NO YOU DON'T!

Knuckles takes the Master Emerald right out of Warios hands and hides it DEEP underground with his digging.

Wario leaps into the air... and slams RIGHT on Knuckles with the ground pound. Wario leaps off of Knuckles and does another one, nut Knuckles uppercuts Wario before he can do it again.

Wario ran straight up to Knuckles.

Knuckles: Are you purposely trying to kill yourself

Knuckles charges up a huge punch and hits Wario but....


Wario chews on it and then kicks Knuckles on the face. Knuckles then punches Wario and tosses him to the Mater Emerald, which somehow escaped.

Wario: YES!

Wario took out another bike and went straight for Knuckles. Knuckles threw the bike at Wario's face and it hit him, but then Wario has an idea.

Wario sees his bike one the ground which had just hit him on the face, and made a greedy smile.

He ate it whole.

Knuckles: What?

Knuckles uses the hammer punch to stun Wario, who isn't stunned for long and gets up.

Knuckles uses the Spiral Upper to hit Wario and knock him on the ground but he gets up

Wario continues ramming Knuckles until..... Knuckles rolls into a ball and sends Wario flying into the sky.

Wario then felt.... gassy. Wario started FARTING!? and he started floating in the sky.

Knuckles glides up into the air with Wario, and they hit each other some times.

Knuckles then smells Wario's fart, which smelled awful.

Knuckles got knocked on the ground.

Wario, with the power of his fart... ground-pounded Knuckles...

Knuckles head went flying off into the distance, he was dead for sure.

Wario sees the Chaos Emerald, walks up to it, takes it, and gets on his bike.



Boomstick: 0-0

Wiz: While Knuckles had the better brute strength, Wario has some good Strength too and could keep up with Knuckles..

Boomstick: Wario was also more unpredictable, whereas Knuckles has very few attacks and les expirience.

Wiz: Wario's fart was also a good way to end the fight, as it almost always kills anybody whose taken enough damage.

Boomstick: Knuckles got.... Wari-OWNED!

Wiz: The winner is Wario

Wario: I won! Wahahahahaha!

Wario VS Knuckles


Mario vs Sonic Which Strong Rival to the main Protagonist and Treasure owner will win?


Wiz: Mario and Sonic both have amazing skill however they are put to the test by their Strong Rivals who are willing to pound anyone who gets in their way

Boomstick: And both are owners of vast treasure and fiercely guard their hoard like Wario Waluigi's smelly Brother

Wiz: And Knuckles Guardian of the Master Emerald

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to anaylse their weapons armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle


Wiz: Born as one of the Seven Star Children Wario made friends with Mario and the two would play games have fun together as children

Boomstick: Both had dreams that would aspire to Wario always dreamed of being rich and living in a castle As time went on however Mario became far more popular than Wario and Was loved by everyone

Wiz: Mario seemed to have everything he wanted whilst Wario became extremely jealous of his former friend and decided to act against him becoming the anti-Mario of sorts

Boomstick: Wario decided to hypnotise everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom steal lots of money and take over Mario's Castle wait Mario has a castle now he's only a plumber!

Wiz: Mario would then stop Wario and wreck his plans Wario would fight against Mario on many occasions as his rival and opponent

Boomstick: Wario would team up with his scrawny brother Waluigi to steal lots of money in order to increase their fortune he would also end up owning his own castle somehow!

Wiz: Despite his appearance and obesity Wario is very capable and has many abilities he is very strong able to rival Bowser and Donkey Kong with his Physical ability lift up a giant weight with just one hand and pile-drive a dinosaur over 10 times his size

Boomstick: Wario is also extremely durable he's fallen thousands of feet been flattened and lit on fire has taken hits from Mario as well as survived a massive explosion when King Snake was dying

Wiz: Wario is pretty fast and is surprisingly intelligent he managed to construct a teleporter in five seconds and is the owner of the Wario Ware Games and is a pretty decent schemer Wario also has his sharp teeth

Boomstick: Wow look at the size of those things - they're huge !

Wiz: With his teeth Wario can chomp on his enemies and bite them he also is quite fit despite his size and can take part in many sporting events and has endured Bowser's tennis workout he is also good at stealing from others and is willing to shake people in order to get their money

Boomstick: Wario can inhale a huge amount of air and glide sort of like some sort of Ugly Kirby wannabe like the puffball he can inhale objects and can shoot them out again and breathe the air back out at his opponents

Wiz: His fighting style is mainly focused on his strength using moves like The Corkscrew The Piledriver and the Earthshake Punch which can shake the ground and stun opponents

Boomstick: With the Distance Dash Attack Wario can break through obstacles and the Super Dash Attack allows Wario to break the sound barrier he has many powerups

Wiz: The Plumber also can use the Fire Flower and control fire he has his Pots which give him many abilities with the Bull Pot he can hit his opponents which a supercharged Headbutt with the Jet Pot he can fly and glide

Boomstick: With The Dragon Pot Wario can breathe fire and with The King Dragon Pot has the abilities of the Jet and Dragon Pots Wario also has many disguises he can use which can be accessed using the Disguises Rod

Wiz: Cosmic Wario can shoot lasers that can bounce off walls Dragon Wario can breathe and shoot fire and travel underwater and Captain Wario has a submarine that can swim underwater and in lava and shoot torpedoes

Boomstick: Sparky Wario makes Wario look like a Super Sayian and makes him faster Arty Wario can create objects out of paint such as health and blocks Genius Wario can hit enemies with his long ranged punch glove and see invisible opponents Wicked Wario can fly and and Thief Wario can run faster

Wiz: Wario has his motorbike which can travel over 100 mph and ram into opponents while they can be destroyed easily spare bikes can be pulled out of his pocket

Boomstick: He can also throw Bob-ombs at his opponents and with the Power Flower can become Metal Wario where his strength is increased he becomes invulnerable but is weighed down as a result

Wiz: Wario's digestive system is quite unusual he can stomach his motor bikes and can then release diffrent types of farts normal farts cause opponents to become dizzy and run around randomly rocket farts launch Wario into the air and damage opponents when taking off

Boomstick: Wario can digest Garlic to heal himself and become Wario Man which Massively increases his strength and durability making him nigh invulnerable and allows him to fly he can also create Nuke Farts which release mushroom cloud blasts and Is immune to these blasts

Wiz: The Form only lasts about 18 seconds which can leave Wario vulnerable if he needs it to fight a powerful opponent

Boomstick: Wario is fast enough to outrun boulders has Fought and withstood Attacks from Mario is Strong enough to Piledrive a Dinosaur and has withstood a blast from King Snake exploding and survived being crushed

Wiz: However Wario is pretty arrogant and has never beaten Mario and he has a bad temper he also isn't the most strategic of fighters and often runs in fists blaring which can lead to his defeat

Boomstick: But with his Strength flatulence and arsenal Wario is one smelly but powerful plumber !

Wario: I'm-a Wario I'm gonna win!


Wiz: Born as the last descendant of the Knuckles clan after his tribes extinction Knuckles was born on Angel Island and destined to guard the Master Emerald for all of his life

Boomstick: Yeah turns out he was really bad at his job and most of the time most people who steal the Master Emerald get away with it and when that happens you better be expecting a Knuckle sandwich 

Wiz: One day Dr. Eggman tricked Knuckles into going after Sonic and Talis accusing them of thrives wanting to steal the Gem Knuckles went to beat the crap out of them and Eggman swiped the Gem

Boomstick: Sonic then knocked the sense into Knuckles and the two teamed up to defeat him this guy has a sad life

Wiz: From then on Knuckles would team up with Sonic against Eggman on many of their adventures while also protecting the Master Emerald and doing a really bad job of doing so

Boomstick: And since the Master Emerald keeps Angel Island floating in the air Every time it falls down you going to be expecting some serious Tsunamis

Wiz: Knuckles is fast he can run around 520mph on foot and while this is not as fast as Sonic he can still keep up with him he can also lock onto foes with the homing attack and hurtle into Foes with the Spindash

Boomstick: Knuckles is one strong guy he's able to lift massive trees shatter boulders throw around a gigantic robot as well as Eggman's forces cause a considerable dent in the armour of Metarex commander Yellow Zelkova and knock Sonic out of his Super Form

Wiz: He's also extremely durable able to take hits from Sonic Rogue be pummeled by Zelkova and when he destroyed a receiver on the reconstructed moon survived the resulting explosion that moved the moon back into its original orbit

Boomstick: Knuckles can also somehow glide through the air across long distances and can tunnel through dirt using his fists 

Wiz: Also if Knuckles adds on his shovel claws he can tunnel through solid metal these claws can also make for a deadly weapon if need be 

Boomstick: And speaking of Fists Knuckles love to use them for every situation especially for fighting and if you are hit by a strong blow coupled with those Spiked fists it's going to hurt bad

Wiz: Knuckles will use those Fists for anything he will use them to climb cliffs smash through walls and attack enemies and if his punches don't work he continues punching he also can throw rocks at his foes

Boomstick: Knuckles has mastered physical combat as a whole and has been able to beat Sonic Rouge Omega Big and other sonic characters with his skills and punch so fast they cause hydrogen through the air to ignite creating explosions he can shoot fireballs from his fists when he punches the ground damaging them even more

Wiz: He can also swim and is able to breathe underwater with the air necklace and has various other items the Hammer Claws increased his strength his sun glasses allow him to see invisible objects and the projectile ring can be fired and attach to objects like a grappling hook

Boomstick: He can strike opponents with moves such as the Spiral Upper which is a fiery uppercut that can damage foes and the Hammer Punch can cause an earthquake and stun opponents

Wiz: Knuckles can track down shards of the Master Emerald due his connection to it and his treasure hunting abilities

Boomstick: He has his own Extreme Gear board called the Red Rock that allows him to boost around at over 100mph he was able to beat the skilled Storm the Albatross in a race with his riding skills

Wiz: Knuckles's Ultimate powerup his Super Form Hyper Knuckles when powered up by the Choas emeralds or Master Emerald Knuckles is granted a 1000% increase in his abilities making him extremely powerful he can teleport in this form can smash gigantic battleships shoot larger fireballs and is totally invincible

Boomstick: But It has a time limit but Knuckles has accomplished plenty of feats without his Super Form he can lift up massive trees, ride on top of Missiles , and caused a volcano to erupt by punching the ground once 

Wiz: But Knuckles Doesn't have that much combat experience and spends most of his time guarding the Emerald rather than honing his skills Knuckles is also extremely stupid and overconfident he never imposes Strategy before combat preferring to rush into action

Boomstick: But with all that Brute Strength and power Knuckles has proven to be a serious badass over the years and beat the crap out of anyone who takes the Master Emerald

Knuckles: I'll probably be on this floating island forever, guarding the Master Emerald again. I may not know the whole story behind this, but perhaps it's better that way. I'm at peace once more.

Pre-Death Battle[]

Wiz: All right the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle[]

On Angel Island Wario was exploring his surroundings looking around the forest he saw a giant Emerald in the distance Wario smiled and ran through the trees he began to travel along the path that would lead to the Emerald however a red echidna stood in front of him

Knuckles: Who are you and what are you doing here?!

Wario: I'm-a-Wario and I'm going to make lots of money with that gem

Knuckles: Oh no you won't I'm the Guardian of the Master Emerald and I won't let you take it

Wario: Ha I will obtain the gem but first I will beat you

Knuckles: Bring it on pal!

Knuckles gets into a combat position Wario does the same ready for battle

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 8.18

They charge at each other Wario moves to chomp Knuckles elbowing him moving his hand towards Knuckles who stops the Attack punching Wario in the face twice and hitting him with the homing attack Wario farts propelling forwards and ramming into the echidna charging up a punch however Knuckles dodges out of the way running forward and attempting to kick Wario his first kick is dodged but his second kick hits Wario in the chest

Wario punches Knuckles whose Attack grazes his nose drawing blood Knuckles merely ignores this charging at Wario and punching him in the belly Knuckles hits Wario with the Homing Attack however the plumber shrugs it off kicking Knuckles and stunning him

Wario: Waa You are no match for me!

Wario punches Knuckles and Piledrives him tossing him into a palm tree but not before landing a kick to Wario's mouth hitting the tree and landing on the ground before Wario charges towards him throwing a punch that obliterates the tree though Knuckles Dodges ducking under Wario's arm and rolling to the side

Knuckles: That was close!

Knuckles then jumps towards Wario who is launched in the air with his rocket fart the two colliding fists as they both fall down Knuckles runs towards Wario trying to punch him but Wario sidesteps punching Knuckles in the face

He then charges into him with the Distance Dash Attack knocking into Knuckles who raises his fists angrily and runs towards Wario hitting him with the homing attack and dashing into him repeatedly with the Spin Dash knocking him off his feet onto the ground

Knuckles ran into Wario Hitting him in the chest and jumping round and hitting him in the back with a strong blow


Wario stood up as Knuckles tried to Attack him he slammed his fist across his face knocking Knuckles back slightly Knuckles tried to tackle him but Wario pulled out the Dragon Pot singeing Knuckles' arm and then stunning him with a fart kicking him

Knuckles: Urgh that's it pal take this

Knuckles Attacks with his fists punching Wario as the two exchange blows Wario use his costume rod and becomes Sparky Wario running into Knux with greater speed though Knuckles stops him with a sharp kick to the nose

Wario then transforms into Arty Wario keeping Knuckles at bay by creating blocks for him to punch

Knuckles: While this allows me to flex my amazing Muscles this won't stop me in getting me hands on you

Wario continues throwing blocks at Knuckles that he continually punches edging closer to Wario about to kick him he raises his leg ...

Wario: Wait!

... Wario raises a hand then gets a paintbrush out painting a portrait of Knuckles with the words 'Ur Dumb!' At the top of the portrait Wario: HaHa

Knuckles: Hey Why you?!

Knuckles launches a punch towards Wario who catches it throwing Knuckles over his shoulder onto the ground jumping on him with his bottom Knuckles gets up and puts on his Hammer Claws

The Two begin to collide punches seeming far more evenly matched now with the claws however Knuckles was beginning to stagger under the blows of Wario both hit each other with blows both sending each other flying back

The both glanced at each other briefly leaping towards each other Wario charging up an Earthshake Punch and Knuckles charging up a strong punch


The Punches collide with devasting Impact disintegrating nearby trees ripping other trees out of the ground dirt flying everywhere as the two Titans were flung back Knuckles threw his projectile ring towards a nearby tree latching on it Wario using the Jet Pot and his Rocket Fart to fly towards the branch that Knuckles was on

Wario:he He Come back here!

Knuckles: Not today pal your too slow!

Knuckles glides from branch to branch of the various trees in front of them as Wario bounds and leaps after him they finally catch up to each other in a clearing above the debrie of wood and sticks below

Knuckles: Ha so you finally caught up guess you aren't as slow as I th..

Wario pulls out the King Dragon Pot blowing a torrent a flame towards Knuckles whilst launching towards him

Knuckles: Oh crap!

Knuckles moves to the side karate chopping Wario's neck the flame is directed to the clearing below as it is set ablaze the branch begins to crack

Wario punches Knuckles knocking him towards the edge of the branch above the fiery inferno as the two lock fists Knuckles beginning to strain under his Sheer strength

Wario: Your A Dead!

Knuckles: Oh.. I don't.. think so!

Knuckles uses the Spiral Upper knocking Wario into the air as the branch begins to collapse Knux leaps for safety as Wario falls jumping a moment later with his bottom on fire

Wario: WAAAA!

Wario leaps and runs through the trees as Knuckles joins him the two exchange blows Wario shoves into Knux with the Bull Pot as the two near the edge of the forest they fall off the branches near the edge of a cliff Knuckles uproots a tree swinging it towards Wario who jumps onto the tree using the Super Dash Attack to run towards Knux who throws the tree up into the air Wario jumping off it

Wario then becomes Genius Wario donning a pair of goggles seeing this Knuckles puts on his sunglasses

Knuckles: Oh right who's cool looking now!

Wario: Come here

Knuckles: What now

Wario motions for Knuckles to come towards him

Wario: Look here

Knuckles looks into a device that Wario was holding Suddenly a glove popped out punching Knuckles in the face


Knuckles sunglasses broke The echnida angrily raised his fist

Knuckles: Urggh my Sunglasses your going to pay for this!

Wario: Ha I'm a broke I can't pay for it

Knuckles: Liar you got loads of money!

Wario: Even more when I get my hands on that Emerald Ha Ha!

Enraged Knuckles grabbed the device's glove trying to break as the two struggled over it Knuckles staggering backwards bringing Wario with him as he tugged on his arm tumbling off the cliff edge as Wario tried to inflate himself to escape Knuckles pulled on his leg forcing him to be pulled down with him as they exchanged punches and kicks falling into the depths of the lake below


A Lake

Knuckles gasping for air managed to pull out the air necklace sustaining himself he glanced around and saw his opponent was no where to be found but then he heard a sound as Captain Wario raced towards him

Knuckles moved upwards to dodge before Wario swang round whacking him with the submarine and blasting him with the torpedo

Knuckles: Grr

Wario tried to ram Into Knuckles with the Submarine Knuckles diving underneath the Attack before Wario launched another torpedo towards Knuckles who punched it sending it flying back towards Wario destroying the Submarine

A Plain

Knuckles swam up towards the now fleeing Wario launching them out of the lake and onto a nearby beach climbing up it onto the soil covered ground

Wario: Ha Ha Take this!

Wario pulls out the Fire Flower firing several fireballs at Knux who dodges them though is suddenly singed in the back by a fireball

Knuckles then strikes Wario extremly quickly his fists causing explosions on Wario's body and knocking him back Knuckles then charged his fist hitting Wario then launching explosive fireballs onto him Wario then punched Knux who then raised his fist in the air

Wario looked up as Knuckles hit him with the Hammer Punch

Wario's teeth cracked as he raised his fist in a slower motion weakened by Knuckles's Attack he hit Knuckles in the gut with his EarthShake Punch uppercutting him

Knux: Oh..Yeah there's more where that came from

Knuckles punched Wario again however Wario held his second punch in place he tossed a Bob-omb towards him blowing Knuckles back as he threw more Bombs towards him Thd Echindina uttering Famous words

Knuckles: Oh No!

Knuckles: Oh No!

Knuckles: Oh No!

Knuckles: Oh No!

The Explosions blew him backwards and forwards launching him upwards and landing on his burnt back with a thud

Wario: Ha Ha

Wario charged towards him but Knuckles simply punched Wario hitting him with another hydrogen charged punch and striking him with a sharp kick

He lifted his fist to Attack again but Wario transformed into Cosmic Wario ramming into him with the Distance Dash Attack and firing his blaster Knux dodged

Knuckles: Ha you missed!

The laser blast ricocheted off several rocks as Knuckles chuckled hitting him in the butt

Knuckles: AHEY!

Knuckles charged towards Wario who launched towards him with his rocket fart propelling the two into the air as they flew over the gorgeous landscape Wario activated the Power Flower as they neared the base of a mountain sending Knux flying into the Rock with a solid punch

Metal Wario sent a punch flying towards Knuckles who blocked trying to hold it in place he then hit Wario with his own punch


Knux: Urgh

Knuckles then kicked him however Wario knocked him back into the Rock punching him twice in the gut bringing him to his knees as he moved to finish him he raised his fist his power up ran out

Wario: Huh!

Reasling this Knuckles spun towards Wario with the Spin Dash however Wario caught him holding him in place his gloves being worn away by the sheer force of the Attack Wario then tossed Knuckles up

Wario: Ha Useless

Knuckles was sent flying towards the rock face still in a spinning ball using the Rock to steady himself sliding across it and hurtling towards Wario

Wario: Huh! Uh oh!

Knuckles struck him with the Spin dash knocking him to the ground with a thud

Wario: Waa

Getting up Wario turned into Wicked Wario and flew up to the top of another mountain Knuckles relentless pursesed after him driving his claws into the hard rock to climb the cliff

A Tall Mountain

With his goal nearing Knuckles pulled himself to the top of the Ledge a flat plain beckoning in front of him with the outline of the Mountain's summit in the background he saw Wario staring at him

Glaring at each other they stood ready preparing themselves for the final clash

Both ran towards each other Wario trying to charge into into Knuckles with his farts and land a hit on him but Knuckles dodged out of the way kicking Wario and trying to land an explosive punch but Wario sidestepped the blow hitting the ground and fireballs launching everywhere

Wario: I'm A stronger than you

Knuckles: We'll see about that

Knuckles brought his fist towards Wario who blocked pile driving Knux into the ground the echnidna spinning around landing on his feet and Wario propelled towards him with a rocket fart Knuckles countered as two engaged in a clash of feet and fists

Knuckles: Urgh your not that strong!

Wario: Oh yeah how about this!

Knuckles was uppercutted by Wario who elbowed Knuckles by the echnidna recovered pushing Wario onto the ground with his leg punching him in the face but Wario turned round and farted at Knuckles launching him away

Knuckles pulled out his extreme Gear whilst Wario pulled out his Motor Bike both charged towards each other landing punches as they drove past each other

Wario turned round charging towards Knuckles at Top Speed with the Echidna hurtling towards him Wario dodged a punch from Knuckles whilst the echnidna swung round with his board hitting Wario in the neck knocking off his bike

Knuckles: Ha Take that

Wario took this opportunity to karate chop Knuckles's Extreme Gear causing an explosion both were knocked back Knuckles stirring slowly as he looked at the burns on his legs

Wario: Time to A Crushed!

Wario sped towards Knuckles knocking him back towards the edge of the plain on the mountain as he prepared to ram Knuckles over the edge the Echindna stoppted grabbing each side of the wheel and holding it in place

The tyres spun furiously dirt being flicked into Knuckles face as winced he pulled. Out a Sliver Claw his Shovel Claw and plunged it into the engine as it exploded smirking at Wario while he did this


Knuckles and Wario were again knocked Back the Echindna was thrown back further with burns and dirt on his arms and chest

Wario looked at Knuckles who dug into the ground and disappeared Wario glanced around looking for his opponent however suddenly he appeared slashing Wario's neck and arm

Wario: Yeoww!

Wario staggered clutching his injured arm but then head butted Knuckles and punched him several times sending him hurtling towards the ground with a thump

Standing up Knuckles hit Wario with the homing attack and leapt up into the air attemping to summon rocks to throw at the Plumber though it was still an ability he was trying to perfect he send a group of rocks flying towards Wario


The rocks smashed against the ground as Wario outran them two Rocks flying towards him Wario smacked them towards Knuckles

Knuckles: Oh no!

Knuckles: Oh no!

Wario watched as Knuckles hit the ground he ran at Knuckles though the Echnida stoppted his Attack punching Him Wario then turned into Theif Wario and ran towards the Mountain Summit as Knuckles raced after him

Wario: You can't chase me forever!

Mountain's Summit

As they climbed up the Rock Wario jumped as he reached the summit Knuckles stood up and the two ATTACKED each other exchanging blows as a punch from Wario sent Knuckles staggering back before Kicking Wario in the face and punching him with his explosive Hydrogen Punches

Knuckles tried to punch Wario but he threw a Bob-omb at Knux striking his fist


The Explosion damaging the glove blood pouring out of it

Knuckles: Aah!

Wario tried to strike Knuckles with an Earthshake Punch but Knux dodged and kicked Wario in the gut

Knuckles: Time to end this!

Knuckles pulled out Thd Chaos Emeralds Wario pulling out a piece of garlic and eating it

They had noe transformed into Hyper Knuckles and Wario-Man

Hyper Knuckles flew towards Wario Man their clash obliterating the summit as they flew off the mountain reptadly striking each other in a clash of Red and Purple flying over the landscape once again

Wario: Ha Ha Take this

A Purple fist slammed into Knuckles who was momentarily knocked back flying towards Wario and punching him in the neck



The shockwaves of their blows rippled as they fought through the air Slamming each through the mountain ranges of Angel Island as bits of rocks flew everywhere



As they emerged from the rock face suddenly Wario slammed down onto Knuckles uttering two words

Wario: Bye-Bye





A Nuclear Fart erupted a Yellow Mushroom Cloud encompassing Angel Island in this revoluting stench

Wario yelled in victory but a red echnidna stood up his aura still glowing Wario prepared to face him but suddenly his Wario-Man form disappeared and he returned to normal

Wario: Uh-Oh!

Knuckles smirked Wario charged at Knuckles attempting to strike but Knuckles easily held his arm up and struck his shoulder breaking it


Wario: WAA NO!

Knuckles: Time to finish This!

Knuckles then flew into Wario punching him several times before landing a blow to Wario's back


Wario's vertebrae broke with final flick of of his arm he struck Wario's chin with the Spiral Upper launching Wario's body high into the sky his body vanishing into the sky with a final twinkle as he flew into Space

Knuckles: Huh that was easy!

Knuckles then flew back down to the ground his aura disappearing as his returned to his duty



Boomstick: That was brutal but Wario should have won though

Wiz: Well Boomstick while Wario does have the edge in quite a few categories Knuckles takes this for a variety of reasons

Boomstick: Strength Wise both have pulled off some ridiculous feats Wario has managed to Pile Drive Dinosaurs and lift massive weights while Knuckles has been able to lift and throw Massive Robots and Punch the ground hard enough to cause an Volcanic eruption. Despite being pretty evenly matched in this category Wario probably has a slight edge

Wiz: Speed Wise Knuckles owns he can casually run at around 532mph and even go faster he's been able to keep up with Sonic on occasions whilst Wario is preety Fast he's nowhere on Knuckles's level

Boomstick: In terms of Durability Wario owns he taken stadium wide blasts and withstood a Moon Level explosions from King Snake Knuckles has been floored by being hit by Shadow so Wario has the edge

Wiz: In terms of Fighting skill both are quite Evenly matched and had moves to counter each other such as The Hammer Punch being very similar to The Earthshake Punch while he often ends up rushing into Conflicts and just blantely punching his foes Knuckles is a master of several martieux arts and when he is at his best he can do some serious damage so Knuckles probably takes the edge

Boomstick: When it came to their Arsenals Wario had the edge he far more unpredictable than Knuckles and had a variety of Powerups such as Cosmic And Arty Wario he could use to confuse him

Wiz: While Knuckles does have some extremly useful powerups such as his sunglasses which allow him to see invisble objects and the Air Necklace which allowed him to breathe underwater Wario has very similar powerups in the form of Genius and Captain Wario plus weapons he can use with them which gives him an edge

Boomstick: In terms of their Vechiles Wario has an edge his Bike is far tougher than The Red Rock and he has much more experience using it than Knuckles has had using the Extreme Gear

Wiz: Wario was more intelligent than Knuckles and able to gain the upper hand using Knuckles's stupidity against him and attacking him with his Powerups and deadly farts

Boomstick: When it came to Stamina and Endurance Knuckles had the advantage he was able to keep getting back up and fight Wario whilst running around at high speeds Wario's obesity slowed him down making him tired more easily

Wiz: It was this factor that allowed Knuckles to keep pace with and stand against Wario despite his superior Strength and Arsenal until he could fall back on his Super Form

Boomstick: Once it came down to Super Forms it was the beginning of the End for Wario while he could last against him with Wario-Man as soon that ran out he was in trouble

Wiz: Which leads to the Big Question can Wario endure Hyper Knuckles's Attacks? Well While Wario has taken a Moon Level Explosion from King Snake Hyper Knuckles has fought on par with Metal Overlord who Strong enough to destroy a Planet which allowed Knuckles to obliterate Wario

Boomstick: Still it was preety Spineless of Knuckles to just toss Wario into Space Like that

Wiz: The Winner is Knuckles the Echindna

Knuckles wins

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Knuckles vs Wario (MSZX)

Sega vs Nintendo! The treasure hunting hard-hitting bruisers of the Mario and Sonic series face off to see who's the strongest! Who will win, the Guardian of the Master Emerald or the greedy anti-hero plumber?


(Queue Death Battle - Wiz & Boomstick)

Wiz: Knuckles, former rival to Sonic the Hedgehog and guardian of the Master Emerald.

Boomstick: Wario, the greedy money-loving rival to Mario.

Wiz: They’re two of gaming's greatest treasure hunters, as strong and tough as they come, and some of the most iconic rivals to their respective hero’s.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Knuckles vs Wario Opening (MSZX)


Knuckles Will Guard the Master Emerald on DEATH BATTLE!

Knuckles Will Guard the Master Emerald on DEATH BATTLE!

Wiz: High top the clouds of Sonic the Hedgehog’s Earth lays an island hidden in the skies from the rest of the world, Angel Island was a predominantly peaceful place for the animals and chao that inhabited it, until one day when Doctor Eggman and his Death Egg crash landed upon it after his defeat at the hands at Sonic the Hedgehog.

Boomstick: And there he met the island’s guardian, a spiky red Echidna with a knack of plowing through boulders. Knock Knock, it’s Knuckles the Echidna.

Wiz: Knuckles was the last of his Echidna tribe, the fittingly named Knuckles clan, after they were nearly wiped out over 4’000 years ago for trying to steal the Master Emerald, and while the remainders of the Knuckles clan dedicated their lives to protecting the Emerald as retribution, they eventually died off, leaving Knuckles as the sole guardian.

Knuckles Analysis (Background)

Boomstick: And the Master Emerald is wicked powerful! It can grant people super powers, power entire battle stations, and control the energy of the Seven Chaos Emeralds that Sonic uses to go all Super Saiyan.

Wiz: And so, Doctor Eggman tricked the naive and gullible Echidna into thinking he was actually the good guy, and that Sonic was the villain out to steal the Master Emerald. Determined to protect the Master Emerald, Knuckles set off to do battle with Sonic, inadvertently giving Eggman the time he needed to repair the Death Egg and steal the Master Emerald to serve as its power source.

Boomstick: And when he did that, woah-boy did Knuckles change priorities quickly, teaming up with Sonic to stop Eggman and get the Emerald back. And while their alliance was shaky for a while, now Sonic and Knuckles are nothing more than the best of friends.

Wiz: A good thing for Sonic, because Knuckles is an invaluable ally to have on the battlefield. Not only is Knuckles incredibly fast, enough so to somewhat keep up with the Blue Blur’s speed, his strength is monstrous. He can casually shatter boulders with single punches, charge through cliffsides like they’re not even there, and even throw punches so fast they catch fire and explode. In fact, a lot of Knuckles’ stronger attacks involve fire in some way, from throwing people so fast they explode to punching the ground so hard it causes an eruption of fire and lava.

Boomstick: He can turn into a spiraling drill monster with his Drill Claw and Drill Spin Boost, and when he gets serious, he focuses up and goes Kaio-Ken for the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, which shreds anything in his path! Man, he really is rougher than the rest of them.

Knuckles Analysis (Abilities)

Wiz: You don’t know the half of it. Knuckles is more than an incredible fighter, he’s also an expert treasure hunter, which happens to be both a hobby of his, and something he’s often tasked with doing when he has to find keys or gates to progress through Eggman’s facilities, or shards of the Master Emerald when something shatters it. Luckily, Knuckles rock hard knuckles can allow him to easily burrow through the ground and dig through most surfaces, and he can glide through the air, which is apparently an ability related to his dreadlocks? It makes no logical sense for an Echidna to be able to do that, but this is Sonic I suppose.

[Note: Knuckles glide works via trapping air currents under his dreadlocks, and does not allow for unbound flight. It is also not an ability unique to Echidna’s, but rather Knuckles himself, as the Nocturnus Clan from Sonic Chronicles do not possess this ability whatsoever.]

Boomstick: Well hey, it’s a fun as hell ability to use in the games that’s for sure, especially when he’s looking for Master Emerald shards. Fun fact, Knuckles isn’t using an actual radar when he’s looking for them, he’s actually able to sense and feel the Master Emerald’s energy thanks to a special connection he has to it as it’s Guardian.

Wiz: Knuckles’ connection to the Master Emerald goes further than that, as he’s not only learned how to control its power via a special prayer for neutralizing the Chaos Emeralds, he can also use the Master Emerald to empower himself into a sort of Hyper Mode, fire bolts of lighting via the Thunder Arrow, summon rocks from the sky, and harness the power of the Earth’s spirit’s to heal himself. Heck, he can even use it to teleport whole islands across both space and time.

Boomstick: And remember, the Master Emerald is even stronger than the Chaos Emeralds since it has the power to neutralize their energy, and single Chaos Emeralds can move pieces of the Earth around! It can even be used to attain golden Super Form’s, which surprise surprise, Knuckles has one too… his is pink though, for some reason. Well anyways, Super Knuckles grants Knuckles vastly enhanced strength, enough so that he can cause Earthquakes, the power of unlimited flight, and nigh invulnerability! He’s strong enough to even match Super Sonic in battle!

[Note: While Knuckles has not technically used the Master Emerald itself to turn Super, we know it is possible as both Mecha Sonic Mk. 2 and Neo Metal Sonic have done so, and on both occasions Knuckles was there to witness it, so it’s highly likely he could do so if given the chance.]

Wiz: Though it’s duration is limited, and once Knuckles runs out of power rings, it’s back to his usual red self. Still, even in base form Knuckles is a dangerous and deadly opponent in combat. He’s easily kept up with Sonic, who can outrun black holes and even ran fast enough to keep pace with a starship flying across the galaxy, which would require him to be moving at speeds of 560 million times the speed of light.

Knuckles Analysis (Feats)

Boomstick: Man, even being a faction as fast as that would make Knuckles one of the fastest guys in existence. It’s a wonder Eggman ever manages to steal the Master Emerald.

Wiz: Well, Knuckles is a tad gullible and naive, but he’s grown more aware over the years. He’s taken down superpowered robo Sonic’s, ghosts, the God of Destruction Chaos, and matched the likes of Shadow the Hedgehog in a fight. Safe to say, crossing Knuckles isn’t a wise move. He even stepped up to lead the Resistance against the Eggman Empire during the War to Reclaim the Planet when Eggman successfully took over, and has helped take down the Metal Overlord on two separate occasions.

Boomstick: He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but you can always count on this porcupine with a buff chest to knock some heads whenever trouble comes his way, shelving whatever adversaries he may find coming after the Master Emerald.

Knuckles: "Whoever is behind this better show yourself now! We'll settle this in a fair fight. And after I win, you'll send me home. Got it!?”


Wario Hungers for Treasure in DEATH BATTLE!

Wario Hungers for Treasure in DEATH BATTLE!

Wiz: You’d be pretty hard pressed to find a hero as busy as Mario. Between doing actual plumbing and saving Princess Peach from the dastardly Bowser, he’s got a lot of time on his hands. So one day, after he made a quick trip to save Princess Daisy and her Kingdom of Sarasaland, Mario returned home to find someone dastardly has hypnotized the people of Mario Land and taken over his very home.

Boomstick: I feel like we should bring up the fact that Mario has his own Kingdom more often. But who would be dastardly enough to take over Mario’s whole Land? None other than his self-proclaimed arch-rvial, Wario!

Wario Analysis (Background)

Wiz: Wario is Mario’s opposite in almost every way, from name to color pallets, fitting as both of them are two of the Seven Star Children who are said to possess extraordinary power. But while Mario uses his innate power for heroism, Wario does so for self-centered gain. Greedy to his core, Wario is the definition of chaotic neutral.

Boomstick: Seriously, he will do ANYTHING for money, which makes sense since it was implied he was raised by bandits as a baby. He’ll run head first into an underground cave, steal the already stolen treasures of a pirate crew, or even help Mario fight Bowser just for the slightest chance of being able to steal Princess Peach’s riches. There is nothing he does that isn’t motivated by his lust for treasure.

Wiz: And he usually has the power to take it as well. Wario is inhumanly strong, being able to Shoulder Bash through rocks and boulders with ease, yet he doesn’t just rely on brute strength. Should it come down to it, he’s more than willing to run his enemies over with his motorcycle or straight up bite opponents, which is…hardly a hygienic way of fighting.

Boomstick: Please, that’s nothing! Wario’s entire body is a wacky and weird weapon. He can be crushed, smashed, squashed, twisted, and nothing will happen! He’ll just get turned into a spring and bounce away, belch on opponents to paralyze them, or if he gets set on fire, he’ll just run around and set YOU on fire as well! But far and away, his greatest and deadliest ability is his atomic warhead of a gut, the Waft! This nuclear gutrot explosion can not only annihilate just about anyone in its path, it can also propel Wario through the air. And uh…I’ve not been exaggerating about the nuke part.

Wiz: Literal atomic Waste aside, Wario has a surprisingly versatile arsenal to draw on. His power flower can encase his entire body in metal, he carries a surprising amount of bob-ombs on hand, the iconic Invincibility Star, a jetpack, the fire breathing Dragon Hat, his own personal motorcycle, and the Ultra Hand. You know, the Nintendo Toy from the 1960’s made by the late Gunpei Yokoi, the inventor of the Game and Watch and the Gameboy.

Wario Analysis (Arsenal)

[Note: While Wario is said to have the power of Hypnosis, it’s unclear as to how exactly he performs this ability. It’s only shown in the commercials to Mario Land 2, and he has never used the ability sense.]

Boomstick: Wario’s managed to turn invisible when getting hit by certain enemies, turn into a human superconductor to shoot electricity, combine the power of flyingness and fire as King Dragon Wario, or after eating a bit of his favorite food Garlic, he can become the all-powerful WARIO-MAN!

Wiz: Well, he doesn’t actually seem to become that much stronger, but he does become significantly faster and far tougher physically, in some cases even becoming completely invulnerable for a brief period. Emphasis on brief, as his transformation duration is often inconsistent. Sometimes he can hold the form for a duration of several microgames, other times he can’t even sustain the form for a full 20 seconds.

Boomstick: Needless to say, Wario’s been on some pretty wacky adventures, like the time he took on the Shake King, a pirate who exploded when Wario defeated him and released a blast so strong that it split the sky and resulted in a detonation of over 96 sextillion tons of TNT, enough juice needed to blow up the moon! And Wario survived it at point blank range! Man this bastard is tough.

Wario Analysis (Feats)

Wiz: And over the course of his wacky and weird adventures for more and more treasure, Wario’s managed to defeat the Pirate Captain Syrup and her Black Sugar gang while also somehow finding the time start up a failing video game company and even manage to make some friends, like his brother-in-spirit Waluigi or a witch Ashley, the latter of whom could fly from earth to the moon in just four seconds. To do this, she’d have to be moving at almost 3% the speed of light, and Wario should certainly be faster than her as Wario-Man.

[Note: One could also scale Wario to Bowser, who has survived falling into a star, but this is a little shaky. Wario, despite his strength, has never defeated Bowser in a one on one fight, and it would be difficult to assume he could when Mario has never beaten Bowser via strength, and Mario is considered Wario’s superior.]

Boomstick: He even managed to beat a sentient piece of treasure known as the Black Jewel after it blew his home to smithereens and turned all of his treasure into other pieces of treasure sentient and evil, and he just collected it all, all over again! Though, despite his best efforts, he’s never managed to beat Mario in an unfair and rectangular fight, because frankly, he’s a dumbass. Still, this greedy and gluttonous bastard will never stop looking for ways to get rich quick, even if he manages to accidentally save the world while doing so.

Wario: “I'm-a Wario! I'm-a gonna win!”


Knuckles vs Wario (Pre-Fight)

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, and we've run the data through all possibilities!



(Queue Sonic Mania - Angel Island Zone)

It was a normal, peaceful day on Angel Island, as the hidden island of the skies was enjoying plenty of sunshine and no sights of trouble from Doctor Eggman. And as such its guardian, the mighty Knuckles the Echidna, was enjoying a nap before the Master Emerald. Unbeknownst to Knuckles however, trouble was indeed brewing right beneath his nose.

Hundreds of miles away, down on the mainland, a giant slingshot had been erected aimed directly for angel island, pulling back and held down by a few large pins to wind up its shot, and Wario stood directly on the slingshot’s sling, looking over to his partner in crime and thievery, Waluigi.

Wario: Alright-a Waluigi, on my mark, fire the Slingshot! I’ll make it to the island, and steal the gem on it for myself!

Waluigi: You mean ourselves, right?

Wario: What? Yes, yes, of course. Now, FIRE!

And with that, Waluigi pulled on the pins, releasing them and sending Wario flying off into the distance with a loud goofy scream as he disappeared over the horizon and from Waluigi’s view.

Back on Angel Island, Knuckles yawned as he opened his eyes and took a moment to stretch his arms, when something glistening in the eyes caught his attention. Narrowing his eyes to try and figure out what it was, Knuckles could only watch as Wario came flying down and landed face-first down on the Emerald Altar with a loud SMACK, leaving the Echidna somewhat flabbergasted as he looked down at the man in yellow.

Knuckles: …what?

And then suddenly, Wario stood up like nothing had happened.

Wario: WAHAHAHAH! It worked! Now to steal the large gem!

Knuckles: Steal the Master Emerald!? Not on my watch you thief!

Wario: You think you can stop me?

Suddenly, Wario was punched in the face and sent flying down on the grass below the Emerald Alter as Knuckles leaped down after him, and the two fighters stared each other down.

(Queue Wario Land Shake It - Hot Roderick Race)

Knuckles: I KNOW I can stop you! Leave my Island now, or pay the price!

Wario: Wahahahah! You’re a fool! I’m-a gonna clobber you!

And so, both fighters took off, charging straight at each other as Knuckles wound up a massive punch and threw it to clash against Wario’s Shoulder Bash.

Knuckles vs Wario Sprite Render 1

The two fighters impacted each other, sending a shockwave out as Wario charged into Knuckles head on, and the two brutes clashing head-on before Knuckles ultimately overpowered Wario, pushing him back and winding his fists up to land a clean one-two combo before winding up and hitting Wario into the air with an uppercut. But Wario flipped out of his spin and quickly dived down, landing atop Knuckles to smash him into the ground before getting kicked off and away.

Quickly landing back on his feet, Wario ran in and brought his fist around to land a right hook on Knuckles head, but the Echidna quickly blocked Wario’s next attack and punching him in the gut hard enough to send ripples through Wario’s body that caused him to suddenly belch in Knuckles’s face, catching the Echidna off guard long enough for Wario to wind his fist up and deliver a powerful back-hand smash straight to the face.

Wario: WA!

Knuckles: Ngh!

Digging his feet into the ground to stop his momentum, Knuckles quickly dug into the ground and disappeared underground much to Wario’s surprise, only for Knuckles to reappear behind Wario and hit him in the back of the head with a lunging punch before landing on the ground and charging up a spin-dash, then zipping forwards and hitting him with the force needed to send Waio flying through the air. Unfortunately for Knuckles, this plan backfired as Wario’s malleable body bounced off of the side of the Master Emerald’s Altar and came flying straight back at Knuckles.

Knuckles: …oh no.

And then Wario hit Knuckles with his rebounded momentum, causing Knuckles to be sent flying over as a result. Squeezing his opportunity, Wario began running up the steps of the altar, but just before he could reach the Master Emerald a force grabbed him from behind, stopping his momentum entirely no matter how hard he ran. Looking backwards, Wario saw Knuckles just in time for the Echidna to punch Wario’s face in and send him flying back off the altar, and Knuckles quickly combo’d it with a slam dunk that lodged Wario into the ground face.

Knuckles: Is that all you got? I’ve fought ghosts stronger than you.

Quickly, Wario pulled his head out of the dirt and took his iconic W-Cap off, replacing it with one shaped like a Dragon’s Head.

Wario: Just-a you wait! I’m-a gonna win for sure!

And just like that, Wario shot out a blast of the fire that Knuckles narrowly avoided and began running to escape the burning flames, Wario laughing maniacally as he turned to make the fire chase after Knuckles.

Knuckles: You bastard! Get the hell off my Island!

Quickly leaping over the fire, Knuckles leaped into the air and began spinning around to build up momentum before flying back down, bringing his fist down onto Wario and crushing him downwards into paste…

Knuckles vs Wario Sprite Render 2

Only for Bouncy Wario to spring upwards and slam straight into Knuckles’ gut at full-force!

And with the Echidna stunned, Wario quickly dealt the three-hit combo before spinning in the air and grabbing Knuckles with his teeth, performing a full 360-spin, and spitting him out to shoot him right into the ground. Coming back down to the ground, Knuckles wound up a punch to push Wario back, only for a loud CLANG to ring out as Wario activated his Metal Flower, turning his entire body to steel and allowing him to resist being pushed back.

Quickly winding his fists up, Knuckles began unleashing a barrage of repeated rapid jabs again and again over and over, slowly beginning to push Wario back as the greedy bastard dug his metal feet into the ground and hit Knuckles with a single supercharged punch that threw him back and caused him to spit out a bit of blood from the recoil of it all. Wario suddenly brought his metal fists down again, Knuckles weaving past two more punches and another jab before he tried to punch Wario again, only to stall the fat plumber before pushing back against him again before Wario suddenly slammed his fist into Knuckles’ gut to send the Echidna flying back into the ground.

Knuckles: Ngh…

Wario: WAHAHAHA! You’re a stinky loser, Ima number one!!

As Knuckles began to stand back up while huffing and puffing to catch his breath, a red aura began to permeate around the Echidna that began charging up, suddenly sending out a shockwave as he began charging up the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, starring Wario down as rage burned in the Echidna’s eyes and he clenched one hand into a fist.

Knuckles: This isn’t over yet! I will not surrender the Master Emerald! Not to the likes of You!

Wario: Bring it-a on loser! I’m-a not scared of you!

And with that, Knuckles flew forwards at blinding speeds, appearing straight in Wario’s face as he put all of his power into one punch that connected with Wario’s body, and a loud ringing sound followed by the sound of metal cracking and breaking rang out for miles. Wario initially began to laugh in confidence as his metal form held up to Knuckles’ punch, only for his laughter to be cut short as his metal body began to crack until the entire shell around him shattered and broke away, reverting Wario back to normal and causing him to be sent flying away from the recoil of the punch!

Knuckles vs Wario Sprite Render 3

Hitting the ground with a hefty thud, Wario sat back upwards and yelped in fear before lunging to the side to avoid taking another direct hit from Knuckles and started digging into his overalls to pull out a bob-omb and throw it at Knuckles. Knuckles leaped back to avoid the explosion, only to blink in surprise when he saw Wario throwing numerous bob-ombs repeatedly at him, and Knuckles jumped back and started gliding through the air as numerous explosions began ringing out beneath him.

Noticing Knuckles taking to the sky, Wario quickly put on the Jet Pot and took off after him, still lobbing bombs at the flying Echidna while Knuckles weaved and turned to avoid getting hit, landing on one of the pillars around the Emerald altar before leaping off it and gliding back at Wario, slapping a bomb out of his hand before he punched Wario down into the ground, hitting him with the force to cause a reaction in the ground that caused Lava all the way down in Lava Reef Zone to fire up and send Wario flying upwards into the air yelping as he became Fire Wario, and began falling back to the ground as he ran around in panic. Knuckles watched Wario run around and just crossed his arms and sighed, only for Wario to trip over him and cause them both to fall over…

And both of them realized Wario’s many bob-bomb’s had been ignited by his being set on fire, and they were both about to be caught in the dead-center of the explosion.

Wario: Mama-mia!

Knuckles: …oh no.


Both fighters got blasted away from each other as a result, Knuckles slamming into the side of the Master Emerald’s altar while Wario’s face-planted into the grass, only to get back up and spit out a whole heaping of dirt before brushing his tongue off with his hand, and then reaching into his overalls and pulling out two bulbs of garlic, tossing them into his mouth and transforming into Wario-Man while Knuckles climbs up the Emerald altar and leaps up next to the Master Emerald.

Knuckles: The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos!

(Queue Sonic Frontiers - Break Through It All (Instrumental))

The Master Emerald reacts to the prayer of it’s Guardian and began to flood his body with its power, and Knuckles let out a titanic war-cry as as powerful green aura shot into the air, shaking Angel Island itself and nearly causing Wario-Man to trip over as the superhero looked up to see the green aura of Chaos Energy fading, revealing Super Knuckles, glowing pink and looking dead on at Wario-Man with murderous intent.

Knuckles vs Wario Sprite Render 4

Super Knuckles: Still think you can win? Your funeral.

Wario-Man: Grrr! Don’t-a mock me!

Quickly flying through the air and up to the Emerald altar, Wario-Man drew his hand back and threw a powerful punch straight at Super Knuckles, one hard enough to send a shockwave flying backwards behind the Echidna, and yet Knuckles himself remained completely still and unharmed, until he grabbed Wario-Man’s hand and began to effortlessly push it backwards, much to the surprise of the fat-spandex wearing thief.

Super Knuckles: That all you got? Guess it's my turn.

And then, Super Knuckles disappeared in a flash of light, just to reappear and strikes his opponent with a sudden supercharged kick to the abdomen in a flash of lightning, causing Wario-Man to cry out as Knuckles let out a massive roar and began to draw his fist back and punched his enemy straight into the atmosphere. Flying up after him, Wario-Man put on the King Dragon powerup and used its flight ability to stop his momentum, shooting fireballs out that Super Knuckles just flew through with ease before he managed to reach Wario and drew his fist back.

And then, several shockwaves began ringing out through the air as the two fighters flew across Angel Island trading rapid lightspeed attacks back and forth as Wario-Man’s fists impacted Super Knuckles several times to no avail before the supercharged Echidna began beating him through the air and cause Wario to repeatedly grunt in pain despite his nigh-invulnerability allowing him to tank Knuckles’ attacks before he got punched down into the ground, then summoning together chaos energy to zap Wario with the Thunder Arrow.

Suddenly, Wario released an electrical-discharge from his body, the force of the lightning pushing Knuckles into the air before Wario took off after him. Slamming into Knuckles head on, the two engaged in another series of trading rapid-jabs as Wario began pushing Knuckles higher and higher into the stratosphere before blasting him point blank with an explosion of fire. Super Knuckles flies backwards, just to grab pieces of space debris and start throwing them at Wario, who dodged two chunks of rock before grabbing the third with his teeth, quickly began spinning around, and spit it back at Knuckles.

Unfortunately for Wario-Man, Super Knuckles just punched straight through it and flew into Wario, punching him right in the nose before dealing a severe roundhouse punch to send Wario-Man flying across space, dealing several insanely fast punches to keep Wario’s momentum going before at last punching him straight in the face again, only for Wario-Man to grab Knuckles’ fist with his jaw and chomp down hard, causing Knuckles to let out a cartoonishly goofy scream as Wario used the chance to start punching Knuckles over and over again and again before Knuckles grabbed Wario’s fist, and with one heavy throw, spun around and threw Wario-Man straight into the side of the moon.

Knuckles vs Wario Sprite Render 5

Charging up his energy, Super Knuckles boosted straight at Wario-Man and began charging into him, pushing Wario down into a crater being kicked up by the force of their impact while Wario-Man pushed back at Knuckles using his brute strength, the two charging into each other despite the limited duration of their Super Forms, both were intent to make sure the other didn’t make it off the moon, and they both knew that meant winning this here clash.

And then suddenly, Wario-Man grabbed Knuckles’ fists, holding onto them tight and baffling Knuckles as Wario himself began to laugh loudly.

Wario-Man: Wa-hahaha!!!!

And then Knuckles gasped as Wario’s gut began gurgling before a massive explosion of a literal nuclear atomic gut bomb was dropped, the fully charged Waft, causing a chunk of the moon to explode and send debris flying out into space as Wario-Man himself was sent flying across space, laughing louder and louder as he soared down through the atmosphere along with bits of the moon. He had done it, he’d won! Nobody could stop him from stealing the big rock now!


Not even that stupid dead Echidna!

(Queue Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle - AGL LR Vegito Blue Active Skill OST)

And then, a light shone from above, and when Wario looked backwards, he suddenly gasped when he saw Knuckles roaring loudly as he flew down through the air still filled with a fierce determination to keep fighting, to protect the Master Emerald! In a lightspeed movement, Super Knuckles appeared before Wario and punched him once, causing him to fly downwards faster as he caught on fire, burning away the Wario-Man costume as Knuckles began charging all of his remaining chaos energy into one final punch.

And with one last punch, Super Knuckles threw out his Hyper Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, punching Wario with all the force of the Master Emerald’s power itself, sending waves of chaos energy rippling through Wario’s body.

Super Knuckles: NOW YOU DIE!!!!!!


The full-force of Super Knuckles final attack surged through Wario’s body again and again, and despite his malleable body’s attempts, no reaction could counter it, Knuckles was just too strong! In a final yell, Wario’s body finally gave in, and the greedy plumber's head exploded from the pressure of Super Knuckles’ punch just as his body finally hit the ground of Angel Island once again.

Knuckles vs Wario Sprite Render 6

The fight was over. Wario was dead.

As his super form finally dissipated and faded away, Knuckles breathed out a sigh of relief as he began brushing the blood off of his fist, turning to face away from the body of his fallen foe. It didn’t matter who that man was, truly, Knuckles didn’t care. All that matters was that he’d protected the Master Emerald once again from any threat to it, just as he had before, and just as he would again, against any enemy.

He had to admit though, this strange man fought hard, harder than most who tried to steal the Master Emerald. He was almost impressed, but in the end, he did what he had to do. That was his mission, and nobody would ever deter him from fulfilling it. This was his mission, and nobody would ever deter him from fulfilling it.

Knuckles vs Wario Sprite Render KO!


[(Queue Sonic Adventure - Unknown from M.E. (Instrumental)]

Boomstick: This just in, Waluigi has been appointed the new CEO of WarioWare Inc. after Wario’s mysterious disappearance on a floating Island.

Wiz: This was a surprisingly tricky fight to determine a winner for, and Wario seemed like he should have been able to endure all of Knuckles’ beatings until he could land a killing blow, thanks to his malleable body and reactionary powers, but to our surprise, that simply wasn’t the case. Despite Wario’s impressive durability and endurance, he ultimately lacked the ability to keep up with the raging red Echidna.

Boomstick: Wario’s arsenal was definitely more versatile than Knuckles’ thanks those reactionary abilities, plus things like the metal flower, his dragon hat, jetpack, compared to Knuckles who kind of just punched a lot, so you’d think Wario could’ve totally overwhelmed Knuckles with his weird arsenal, but that was gonna be hard to do when Knuckles was way-faster! I mean, Wario could scale to Ashley moving at 3% the speed of light, but Knuckles can keep up with Sonic, who has no trouble fighting at or beyond the speed of light with ease! Even being a fraction as fast as Sonic still makes Knuckles dozens of times faster, and with his greater skill as a fighter, he’d easily be able to work around Wario’s arsenal.

Wiz: But none of that would have mattered if Wario was simply too-tough for Knuckles’ speed and skill to matter, which was certainly a possibility. After all, Wario could survive the Shake King’s 96 Sextillion ton explosion at point blank range, meaning it was entirely possible he could have endured Knuckles beatings, and Knuckles himself doesn’t have too many showings of raw power on this level.

Knuckles vs Wario results

Boomstick: But what Knuckles did have was the Master Emerald, which was more than enough to give him the edge in power. After all, the Master Emerald has the power to shut down all seven Chaos Emeralds, and which would have to mean its power is superior to, or at least comparable too, the power of all Seven Emeralds when they’re assembled together.

[Note: The Eclipse Cannon once produced a blast equivalent to 1.53 Yottatons of TnT with only Six Emeralds, far greater than anything Wario has ever survived.]

Wiz: And if you recall, the Chaos Emeralds were able to produce enough energy to move around pieces of the earth in Sonic Unleashed. Considering Earth's total mass, and the speed at which each piece was moved, this would require exerting energy equivalent to 407 Zettatons of TnT per Emerald, which translates to Super Forms like Super Knuckles being able to produce an energy output of over 2,800 Zettatons of TNT with the power of all Seven Emeralds combined. It’s even possible his super form would not be required.

[Note: While one could give Wario Star Level Durability via scaling to Bowser despite it being unreliable, Knuckles can be given the same through scaling to Sonic defeating Infinite, making the argument pointless for either side.]

Boomstick: Right, because Knuckles can draw power from the Master Emerald without going Super, so he could easily channel the power equivalent of a single Chaos Emerald’s power to overpower Wario that way, or heck, he may not even need the Master Emerald! I mean, base form Sonic beat Perfect Chaos who has drained the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds, and Knuckles has always been portrayed as being just as, if not stronger, than Sonic. I mean hell, Knuckles once punched the Chaos Emeralds out of Super Sonic! Doesn’t quite matter how you want to argue it, the plain and simple truth is, Knuckles is way stronger than Wario, more than enough to blow through Wario’s crazy durability with one clean shot.

[Note: Even if one wanted to argue Knuckles could not physically defeat Wario, he could always seal him inside of the Master Emerald if absolutely necessary.]

Wiz: Wario was an incredibly unique opponent who’s hunger for treasure made him incredibly tenacious, but in the end he just couldn’t keep up with Knuckles’ superior strength, speed, skills, and the power of the Master Emerald.

Boomstick: Although Wario wasn’t aWare of it, his greed finally Landed him in a fight he couldn’t get out of.

Wiz: The winner is Knuckles the Echidna.

Knuckles Wins (MSZX 2023)