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Dormin: Hmm? Thou possesses the Ancient Sword? So thou art mortal...
Wander: Are you Dormin? I was told that in this place at the end of the world--there exists a being who can control the souls of the dead.
Dormin: Thou art correct... We are the one known as Dormin...
Wander: She was sacrificed for she has a cursed fate. Please, I need you to bring back her soul...
~ Dormin and Wander meet

Dormin: Behold the idols that stand along the wall... Thou art to destroy all of them. But those idols cannot be destroyed by the mere hands of a mortal...
Wander: Then what am I to do?
Dormin: In this land there exist colossi that are the incarnations of those idols. If thou defeat those colossi--the idols shall fall.
Wander: I understand.
Dormin: But heed this, the price you pay may be heavy indeed.
Wander: It doesn't matter.
Dormin: Very well... Raise thy sword by the light... and head to the place where the sword's light gathers... There, thou shalt find the colossi thou art to defeat.
~ Wander accepts Dormin's ominous and cryptic plan

Thou severed Our body into sixteen segments for an eternity in order to seal away Our power... We, Dormin, have arisen anew... [...] We have borrowed the body of this warrior...
~ Dormin after possessing Wander's body

Wander (also known as the Wanderer) is the main protagonist of the video game, Shadow of the Colossus.

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Battle Record

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Little is known of Wander's past, but it is known that he stolen the Ancient Sword, the only weapon capable of slaying the monsters in the Forbidden Lands, and travelled there with the body of Mono, who he hoped to resurrect. Under the instructions of the deity Dormin, Wander found and slew 16 giant Colossi in order to restore Dormin's power. However, with each Colossi he killed, Wander became more corrupt, and by the time the 16th fell, he became possessed by Dormin himself. As penance for his crimes, and as a way to seal Dormin away again, Wander is forced into a well by the Shaman Emon.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Ancient Sword: A magical weapon capable of tracking and slaying the Colossi
  • Queen's Sword: A blade many more times powerful than the Ancient Sword
  • Sword of the Sun: A blade equal in power to the Ancient Sword, but shines brightly in darkness, aiding in the tracking of Colossi
  • Standard Bow and Arrows
  • Whistling Arrows: Make a high whistling sound to distract Colossi
  • Flash Arrow: Explosive arrows with a 5m radius, capable of detonating with between 2-5 tons of force
  • Harpoon of Thunder: A spear capable of doing tremendous damage to a colossus
  • Cloth of Desperation: A cloak that acts as a parachute upon falling from large heights
  • Cloak of Force: Increases Wander's striking power
  • Cloak of Deception: Makes Wander invisible, but he can give away his presence by attacking or climbing a Colossi
  • Shaman's Cloak: Reduces Damage done to Wander
  • Shaman's Mask: Reduces damage done to Wander
  • Mask of Power/Mask of Strength: Two masks that increase Wander's striking power, but cannot be worn at the same time
  • Agro: Wander's Horse, who is capable of keeping up with many Colossi between 40-50 mph.


  • Swordsmanship and Archery while on horseback
  • Can stand on his horse at full speed
  • Stealth
  • Climbing
  • Exploiting the environment to his advantage


After Wander killed the Colossi who were sealing away Dormin's power, Wander became possessed by the entity. Dormin is extremely powerful, capable of shattering stone and breathing blue fire.


  • Killed 16 Colossi of differing sizes, strengths and abilities. In most of these cases, he had to climb up them to stab their weak points and avoid being shaken off
  • Without the Cloth of Desperation, Wander can survive drops of up to 45 meters and a fully powered swing from Valus without any of his special equipment


Theories state that Dormin contains the power of all 16 colossi who sealed him away. This would mean he is capable of producing electric shocks, energy blasts capable of travelling over 100 meters, and poisonous gas.