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Keith: Bring the form Voltron!
Activate interlock!

Dynotherms connected!

Infracells up!

Mega thrusters are go!

Voltron Force Team: LET'S GO VOLTRON FORCE!

Form feet and legs!

Form arms and body!

And, I'll form the head!

~ Voltron crosses its arms as it roars

Voltron is the titular giant robot of the Voltron series that originated as an anime and rebooted into an American series. Voltron and its paladin pilots fought in the 75th Death Battle episode against the Megazord from season one of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

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  • Team Kaiju vs Team Mecha

Battle Record[]

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Long ago, there was a godly warrior who sought battle until the day he challenged a goddess. Once defeated, he was splintered into five fragments sealed in comets as a lesson in humility. These comets eventually crashed on planets, with King Alfor of Planet Altea created five robot lions from the material within the meteors. These robot lions, being created from the remains of the ancient warrior, are able to combine into one robot that was named Voltron. When the Galrans sought Voltron's power, placing his only child Allura and their retainer Coran in suspended animation to survive the slaughter that followed, Alfor arranged for the robot lions to only come into the possession of five ideal pilots. These "Paladins" end up being four of five cadets from Earth as they and Allura, the fifth Paladin, work together to fend off the Galrans and cease their goal of universal domination.

Death Battle Info (Official)[]

Keith: Black Lion[]

  • Full name: Keith Akira Kogane
  • Age: 30
  • Home planet: Earth
  • Head & Body of Voltron
  • Leader of Voltron Lion Force
  • Earned the Solar Cross Medal of Bravery
  • Best Pilot in the Galaxy Alliance

Lance: Red Lion[]

  • Full name: Lance Charles McClain
  • Age: 27
  • Home planet: Earth
  • Right arm of Voltron
  • Brash, but brave
  • Nearly expelled from Space Explorer Academy for his temper

Hunk: Yellow Lion[]

  • Full name: Tsuyoshi "Hunk" Garrett
  • Age: 27
  • Home planet: Earth
  • Left leg of Voltron
  • Bent prison bars with his bare hands
  • Demolitions expert
  • Constantly hungry

Allura: Blue Lion[]

  • Full name: Allura
  • Age: 25
  • Home planet: Arus
  • Right leg of Voltron
  • Princess of planet Arus
  • Required little training
  • Communicates with mice

Pidge: Green Lion[]

  • Darrell "Pidge" Stoker
  • Age: 24
  • Home planet: Balto
  • Left arm of Voltron
  • Trained in TechnoNinjitsu
  • Expert engineer and saboteur
  • Youngest Space Explorer Academy graduate
  • Absolutely crazy


  • Height: 300 feet/91.44 m
  • Weight: 5,500 tons/4,989,516 kg
  • Powered by the elements & the Sun
  • Stingray Missiles
  • Lion Torches
  • Spinning Laser Blades
  • Electro Force Cross
  • Blazing Sword

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]

Armed to the teeth with weapons with immense physical strength and flight capability, Voltron can use the mouth cannons of the Green and Red Lions for its Lion Torch attack along with the former's shield for defense. Voltron can shoot off the lion heads on its limbs, and once its actual head, as projective weapons in its Lion Head Attack. When the Paladins' Bayards are all inserted into their respective control consoles, it enables Voltron to use its signature weapon: The Blazing Sword. Furthermore, Voltron can assume four other modes by switching another lion in place of the core in the formation with use of an alternate weapon.

  • Spinning Laser Blades: Forms a spiky disc which he can throw at an enemy.
  • Sting Ray Missiles: Fired from the mouths of the Blue and Yellow Lions.
  • Ion Darts: Beams with tiny darts in them which fire from part of the head.
  • Eye Beams: Shoots destructive rays of energy from the eyes.
  • Electro-Force Cross: This cross emits from the one on the Altean crest adorning Voltron's chest.
  • Lion Lariat
  • Lion Saber
  • Argon Force Field


Separately, the lions use shoulder cannons, missiles, and mouth-holding crescent-blades. But each lion robot has its unique skill set.

Black Lion
  • Pilot: Keith Kogane (Formerly Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane and Zarkon)
  • Element Affinity: Air
  • Armaments: Tail Cannon, Mouth Cannon, Jaw Blade, Energy Wings
When Voltron was first splintered, what would be remade as the Black Lion crashed on the planet that would become the heart of the Galra Empire and was originally piloted by its founding ruler Zarkon. Following the Galra Empire's war on the universe, the Black Lion later ended up in the Castle of Lions on the planet Altea where it awaits a more worthy pilot. The Black Lion normally forms the core of Voltron, arming the robot with its Blazing Sword and a shield formed from its wings.

Red Lion
  • Pilot: Lance (Formerly Keith)
  • Element Affinity: Fire
  • Armaments: Tail heat laser, mouth magma cannon, back-mounted railgun

Originally residing in a magma chamber in the depths of planet Altea before taking residence in the Castle of Lions, the Red Lion is the fastest and most agile among the lions while resistant to extreme heat and cold. While the Red Lion usually forms the right arm of Voltron, it can switch places with the Black Lion to serve as their combined form's core with use of the Magma Pistols.

  • Feats:
    • Can navigate its way through an asteroid belt without a single collision.
    • Damaged a solar system spanning space station.
  • Flaw: Can be temperamental to inexperienced Paladin, very picky of its pilot.

Green Lion
  • Pilot: Pidge
  • Element Affinity: Nature
  • Armaments: Mouth sonic cannon, Tail Blade shuriken, Cloaking shield, back-mounted Vine Cannon

Originally residing in a giant tree in the deepest parts of the Altean forest before taking residence in the Castle of Lions, the Green Lion is a blending of nature and science. While the Green Lion usually forms the right arm of Voltron, it can switch places with the Black Lion to serve as their combined form's core with use of the Boomerang Shield.

  • Feats: Most customized of the lions since Pidge became its paladin.

Blue Lion
  • Pilot: Princess Allura (Formerly Lance)
  • Element Affinity: Water
  • Armaments: Tail Ice Laser, Mouth Water/Ice Cannon, Back-mounted sonic cannon, Blockbuster turrets, Laser darts, Cryogenic Missiles, Blue Claw missiles

Originally residing in the lake near the Castle of Lions when it was on planet Altea, the Blue Lion is suited for long-range combat and can withstand depth pressure and extreme cold. While the Blue Lion usually forms the right leg of Voltron, it can switch places with the Black Lion to serve as their combined form's core with use of the Titanic Trident. Allura herself took over as the pilot when it's original pilot, Sven Holgersson was stabbed and apparently killed during training.

  • Feats:
    • Most friendly of the lions, easily accepting its Paladins

Yellow Lion
  • Pilot: Hunk
  • Element Affinity: Earth
  • Armaments: Tail Laser/hammer, Mouth cannon, back mounted plasma cannon, rocket booster
Originally residing in a cave in an Altean canyon before taking residence in the Castle of Lions, the Yellow Lion is the most physical strong of the robot lions. While the Yellow Lion usually forms the left leg of Voltron, it can switch places with the Black Lion to serve as their combined form's core with use of the Wrecking Maces. Although Hunk is very hesitant to resort of violence due to his gentle nature, he still is capable of it, nonetheless.


  • Once sent a 39,000-ton opponent flying off a distance of 1,900 feet.
  • Survived the gravitational force of a black hole


  • Joints are weak spots
    • If struck in battle, it can effectively weaken Voltron by bereaving him of his limbs
  • Voltron has no formal close combat skill
    • Thus, Voltron is reliant on long-range combat capacities
  • Pidge is freaking mental


  • In the reboot Voltron: Legendary Defender: Pidge is retconned as a girl disguising herself as a boy.
    • Princess Allura is retconned to be the elven advisor of Voltron Lion Team
    • The Blue Lion pilot is replaced by Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane, the original name of Keith Kogane
  • Voltron's joint weakness has never been exploited outside of training