I have all the powers of Africa now. From the fox to the elephant, from the spider to the man -- I am the life of Africa -- and I believe in life.
~ Vixen

Vixen is a character from DC Comics.

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Growing up in a small African village of Zambesi, Mari Jiwe lost her mother when her paternal uncle, a local warlord, attacked their home for a family relic known as the Tantu Totem. Mari's father sent her to live in Detroit and be raised by Chuck and Patty MaCabe. Eventually taking a career in the field of fashion design, Mari used her newfound wealth to travel to Africa, meeting her father as he died giving her the Tantu Totem. With the totem's power, Mari resolved to fight injustice as Vixen.

Death Battle Info

All of Mari's powers come from her Tantu Totem, a necklace said to have been created by the spider-god Anansi to enable the wearer to harness the powers of the animal kingdom as long as the user uses that power to protect the innocent. By simply focusing on a specific animal, she can draw its talent directly from the morphogenitic field and mimic its abilities, thus giving herself a variety of superhuman powers.

Vixen's claws/nails are particularly sharp and tough, enabling her to rend through a variety of substances as hard as soft metals. Her claws are magically enhanced and have drawn blood from individuals who are considered highly resistance to damage or near invulnerable.

Animal Spirits

  • Cheetah: Able to move at speeds of 60 mph, sometimes fast enough to outrun the Flash.
  • Elephant: Becomes very durable.
  • Gorilla: Becoming strong enough to tip over whole water towers.
  • Tiger: Becomes incredibly agile, able to leap great distances, and preform incredible acrobatic feats.
  • Chameleon: Optic camouflage.
  • Spider: Web-crawling.
  • Eagle: Flight
  • Reptile: Accelerated healing [1] and infra-red vision.
    • Boa Constrictor: Strong grip.
  • Rhino: Charge attack.
  • Electric Eel: attacks have electric touch.


  • Can mimic abilities of multiple animals once holding onto the morphogenetic traits of an entire forest.
  • Can channel the powers of extinct animals, domesticated animals, and even mystical beasts.
  • Can use the abilities of super-powered animals like Gorilla Grodd or Krypto the Superdog.


  • She can become feral if she remains in contact with the morphogenetic field of the animal whose powers she gained.
  • No long ranged attacks