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You know something, Carlo? For the last ten years, all I done was kill. I killed for my country... I killed for my family... I killed anybody that got in my way. But this one... this one's for me.
~ Vito Scaletta before killing Carlo Falcone

Vito Scaletta is the main playable protagonist of Mafia II.

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Weapons and Abilities[]

  • M1911
  • M1911 with extended clip
  • Mauser C96
  • .38 Snubnose
  • .357 Magnum
  • Thompson M1928
  • Thompson M1A1
  • M1 Garand
  • Kar98k
  • Shotgun
  • Grease Gun
  • MP-40
  • Beretta Model 38
  • MG-42 (cannot be carried by hand)


  • Survived World War 2 (2 years until he was injured) (The old country)
  • Stole a "42 Jefferson" car
  • Damaged and destroyed a car by shooting the tires and a gas tank in the car junk yard
  • Killed a gang of black thugs and stole the "cream colored Walter Coupe"
  • Beat up some of Derek's laborer workers one by one
  • Stole the gas ration stamps from the US Government
  • Robbed a local jewelry store (Alongside Joe) fought away and escaped
  • Ambushed Sidney Pen and his men with the MG-42 and took care of him (Alongside Joe and Henry) and rushed Henry to a doctor and payed off his late father's debt
  • Learned proper fighting skills from Leo in prison
  • Fought and killed Brian O'Neill without been detected in prison
  • Survived and spent 6 years in prison
  • Killed most of the Greasers in a lengthy firefight (Alongside Joe, Steve and his gang)
  • Rescued Antonio "Tony Balls" Balsamo and Harvey "Beans" Epstein and took out Luca Gurino 
  • He and Joe were brought into the family as made men
  • Took out Alberto Clemente (Alongside Joe)
  • Saved Leo from assassination from Henry
  • Beat up his sister's cheating husband
  • Evaded the O'Neill Gang when his house was set on fire and took care the leader (with Joe's help)
  • Killed all the fake cops after been ambushed (Alongside Joe and Henry)
  • Sold many drugs without being caught (Alongside Joe and Henry)
  • Avenged Henry by killing "half" the Chinese gang and Zhe Yun Wong (Alongside Joe)
  • Killed Tommy Angelo (Mafia 1 player) (Alongside Joe) and evaded the cops
  • Killed Derek Pappalardo and his men for killing his father and stole his retirement funds
  • Escaped from Frank's gang (Alongside Joe) and payed back the loan shark
  • Killed Carlo Falcone (Alongside Joe)
  • Worked for Sal Marcano as a lowly associate
  • Survived been kept in the freezer for some time until he was rescued by Lincoln
  • Joined up with Lincoln Clay as one of his under bosses, along with Cassandra and Thomas Burke
  • Helped Lincoln took care of Grecco


  • His true ending in Mafia 3 is unknown
  • Not exactly perfect individually
  • Does not know of Joe's fate after Mafia 2