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Vision VS Red Tornado is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by AgentRedhead, featuring Vision from Marvel Comics and Red Tornado from DC Comics in a battle between android superheroes.




Red Tornado[]

Death Battle[]


Next Time on Death Battle![]

Even an androids can cry
Season 1
Season Episode 2
Air date 11/12/23
Written by Sofie Devon
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Vision VS Red Tornado is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by Sofie Devon, featuring Vision from Marvel Comics and Red Tornado from DC Comics in a battle between android superheroes.


Wiz: Vision, a synthesoid on the defense of humanity

Boomstick: Red Tornado, android in the wind

Wiz: Both of these robots were created to destroy the world, but both took the path of good and joined the greatest hero teams.

Boomstick: Both were created in August 1968 and remain prominent members of the Avengers and Justice League to this day. Ohhhh, that's kind of a lot of coincidences, I wonder who stole which part from who.

Wiz: Anyway, we'll have to see which of these two A.I.s can be considered the strongest.

Boomstick: He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills, to find out who would win a Death Battle.

A VISION of a true death battle[]

Wiz: It started when Ultron, a terrifying creator of technology, decided to produce a flawless weapon. Something that would be invulnerable, deadly, and yet extremely intelligent.

Boomstick: Sounds simple, but in reality, the villain decided to carry out a number of strange activities. So he used the robot body of Jim Hammond, who was the first Human Torch. To this body, he added Wonder Man's brainwaves. This made the robot intelligent, and gave it emotions... Wait, why does Altron need his puppet to experience human emotions?

Wiz: Honestly, no objective reason. Ultron's actions simply caused his subordinate to get ideas about morality and instead of destroying the Avengers team, he joined them.

Boomstick: And due to a very random coincidence, the new hero acquired the name "Vision"

Описания Вижн

Wiz: Vision's main dilemma is that he dreams of becoming human. As long as he is an artificial life form, he will not find happiness.

Boomstick: Despite his artificial body, this guy was Scarlet Witch's lover. For years he dated the witch, they even had children together. And Wanda was definitely happy with her steel husband in bed?

Wiz: First of all, it's their private business. Secondly, it is a mistake to think that Vision is made of steel, he is not a simple robot, but a synthesizer. His body is made of artificial tissue and synthetic analogs of human organs. Third, his and Wanda's children turned out to be the illusory spawn of chaos magic.

Boomstick: Yeah, marrying a psychotic goddess is no easy task. But our hero has been through a lot in trying to find humanity, mortality, and the American dream. Once he even created himself an artificial family of robots, and when his loved ones were in danger he just went crazy and single-handedly defeated Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Nova, Scarlet Witch and even Thor (at that time it was Jane Foster) in a couple of minutes. Wow, so are we going to scale him up to galactic level right away or start with something easier?

Wiz: Don't jump to conclusions. Vision is an extremely difficult character to scaling because his power isn't based on physical strength. Instead, he controls the atomic structure in his body by altering the connections between tiny particles. Depending on the number and kind of connections between atoms - he can become more or less dense.

Vision Battle

Boomstick: He can pass through walls as well as through force fields. In combat, Vision can become intangible, letting any physical attacks pass through him as if they were applied through the air. He is invulnerable to attacks such as missiles, lasers, or such magical weapons as Thor's hammer. Synthesoid can do damage to anything that has any density at all. He defeated even magically intangible ghosts.

Wiz: But Vision's most fearsome tool is phasing. It's a special process where the Avenger penetrates the enemy's body and attacks the enemy's atoms with his own. This attack does not damage any vital organs, but it does cause terrible pain. The intangible Vision is like radiation, tearing apart the very structure of human bodies.

Boomstick: Given its resistance to telepathy and spiritual influence, there is only one sure way to destroy the intangible Vision. It is necessary to sever the integrity of its control over its atoms, scattering them in different directions so that the synthezoid cannot reassemble itself.

Wiz: However, it is extremely difficult to do so, and even attacks aimed directly at it, it manages to withstand. Thus, finding himself in the epicenter of a simulated atomic explosion - Vision felt nothing.

Boomstick: Pfft, for what it's trivia, how about the fact that he was able to survive Graviton's blow, which seems to have torn him apart at the atomic level just the same. Vision just reassembled himself a couple pages later in some unknown way, though it was clearly hard on him.

Wiz: But the most notable feat we found was surviving the epicenter of the Nega-Bomb, which destroyed several thousands solar systems! We calculate this explosion to have an energy of 2,16 × 10^37 teratons of TNT!

Boomstick: Though, Vision says that he couldn't have survived it in any way due to his personal abilities, and only survived because the energy was misdirected in the other side. And even though they were at the epicenter, most of the energy just somehow bypassed them... Honestly sounds like some kind of bullshit.

Wiz: Even so, the mere fact that he was under the influence of nega-radiation, surrounded by several light-years of negative energy comparable to nuclear energy, and yet was able to keep his atomic structure under control, makes him an extremely powerful being.

Boomstick: And be afraid of him when he's angry, because when he gets tired of becoming completely invulnerable to any attack - the robot himself starts attacking. It's hard to tell what Vision's strength is in a relaxed state, but when he compacts his structure, he becomes extremely dangerous.

I Felt Nothing

Wiz: Vision often says he's as strong as a diamond, but as is often the case in comics - authors can overestimate the capabilities of real objects, or underestimate the shown capabilities of characters. Thus, Vision does things that no diamond weapon would be capable of.

Boomstick: Vision controls every atom of his body. He's invulnerable to fire and lava, bulletproof, and can withstand grenade blasts at point-blank range. He is repeatedly pitched comparable in strength stats to fighters like Captain America, Tony Stark, and Wonder Man. He once even held his own for a while against Silver Surfer's attacks! While Surfer was clearly not fighting at full strength, he still has enough power to destroy planets and stars, and enough speed to cross the galaxy in seconds.

Wiz: As Vision becomes denser, its body mass also increases, making it extremely difficult to push or move it. Thus he can become so heavy that he can ignore the hurricane currents that have destroyed a city block.

Boomstick: When intangible he simply floats above the ground, but when extremely heavy he can't hold his own weight and simply falls on his enemies with all his mass like a bowling ball.

Wiz: According to Vision his limit of weight he can't lift is 90 tons. But, again, convention rules in comics. Naturally, in order to fight Earth's mightiest heroes and villains you have to have much more strength to lift.

Boomstick: Once, along with three other heroes, Visions picked up and threw a sphere that contained the concentrated mass of an entire sky island.

Wiz: Based on the size of the buildings, we can roughly calculate that if the load was divided equally among the four heroes and Vision held one-fourth of the sphere, he held a mass of 75 160 986 tons! Even if he held only 1% of the total mass, that would still be 3 million tons, which was 33 405 times more than the maximum mass of his own body! And what's more, the heroes didn't just lift the sphere but threw the sphere many hundreds of meters away, which takes many times more strength.

Boomstick: Naturally, Ultron dreamed of possessing Visions' powers and using him in his war against humanity. Vision's mind was captured many times, and using him in his war against humanity. Vision's mind was captured many times, and his program also often failed. Because of this feature, the hero often went against his friends, was disassembled and destroyed. But each time he was reassembled, making an already perfect killing machine stronger and stronger and stronger.

Wiz: Eventually, the capabilities of the synthesoid's body and mind reached unprecedented heights. Vision runs on the energy of the sun. In fact, every small part of his body is a small solar panel. And the longer and closer he gets to the sun, the stronger he becomes.

Vision Sun

Boomstick: And if he wishes, he can concentrate the accumulated photons in his eyes or in a crystal on his forehead and burn everything in his path with a laser. The charge of such a laser can equal Iron Man's repulsors, as well as temporarily blind Thor. He's too bright even for the god of f**king lightning.

Wiz: However, as becomes clear over time, the Vision can absorb other forms of energy, though it is not adapted to them as well as solar energy.

Boomstick: So he was powered by demon fire! Groovy. Also look, he just absorbed a guy who was living atomic energy into his crystal. And then spit him back out! Hey, does Vision have any spare energy? Can it charge my phone?

Wiz: You can, if your phone can handle the energy that's meant for a living supercomputer. Just so you understand, he can affect the programming of extremely complex machinery, like Tony Stark's armor, Sentinels, Ultron's technology, or even Ultron himself. Vision can perceive his surroundings for many kilometers in all possible spectra, and has time to think in a nanosecond.

Boomstick: Probably even faster, since he can to react to Quicksilver's attacks, dodge laser beams and Thor's hammer, which is many times faster than light. And it flies so fast that it leaves after its flight an energy trace of 2 thousand kilometers long!

Wiz: For a long time, Vision had a very resilient body, and could continue to fight even with his head pierced through. However, that was nothing compared to a form made entirely of nanites.

Boomstick: His entire form is a cluster of millimeter-sized creatures, allowing him to recover from most damage. The character can easily disassemble his entire body and reassemble it. Every cell in his body is both a muscle and a brain.

Wiz: Actually, Vision could absorb too much solar energy, and then he'd overload. But it's hard to define what "Too" means for such a creature.

Boomstick: One day, his body was filled with a Graviton that had the mass and energy of a DWARF STAR! It exploded inside the hero and turned into a neutron star. And Vision absorbed all the energy of the explosion!

Wiz: That's 6.906x10^37 joules! Vision's atomic structure just absorbed all that energy. Though it was a hard process for Vision, but he didn't die.

Boomstick: He was ready to die, though. Vision is definitely one of the greatest heroes, he's extremely courageous and selfless. Knowing that he can always be restored, the avenger constantly risks himself and decides to do crazy things. Such as during a completely fucked up fight against the goddess Nyx.

Wiz: Nyx is an extremely powerful being who lived before the birth of the universe, comparable to gods such as Hercules and Thor and capable of destroying all the stars in the world. To become even more powerful and reshape all of reality, she found the House of Ideas. It's a special place outside of the multiverse that gives access to infinite amounts of energy.

Boomstick: And who did you think was able to infiltrate this house with her? Hercules? Thor? No, an intangible bag of bolts, of course!

Wiz: Using his incredible intellect and fortitude, Vision was able to recreate all the great heroes in the House of Ideas. He absorbed the light emanating from their souls, becoming so powerful that he simply annihilated the almighty goddess with a single touch.

Boomstick: Unfortunately he can't use such power outside of this space, nor can he enter it himself. But, yes, now you know that for a while our Pinocchio-boy managed to be one of the strongest creatures of the omniverse. Does he really need to be human that badly?

Wiz: In a way, he fulfilled his dream a long time ago. Vision has fully learned feelings, emotions, and moral doubts over the years. He tried to find humanity in his death, but eventually came to the realization that it is his thirst to continue living that makes him a living being.

Boomstick: When he began his story he was called a "inhuman vision", but now he has become a vision of what a human being should be.

Vision smile

RED TORNADO takes the death battle far away[]

Wiz: It all started when T. O. Morrow, the terrifying creator of technology, decided to produce a flawless weapon. He created a robot that should be able to infiltrate the team of heroes and kill them.

Boomstick: And what would you think? His android fancied himself a hero and just joined them. I remind you, if you are a sinister inventor – in no case do not give your machines intelligence and self-awareness.

Wiz: The steel body and unique abilities have made the android one of the greatest members of the Justice League in history. In the world, he became known as the "Red Tornado". But in everyday life, he puts on the mask of an ordinary man and uses the name John Smith.

Boomstick: He does? He wants to be human so badly that he calls himself the most stereotypically human-normis name in America? I don't know a single person who wants to be called John Smith!

Описания Торнадо

Wiz: Tornado is obsessed with becoming a regular person someday. He has a wife without any superpowers and an adopted daughter. Behind his mundane lifestyle, the hero hides the unbelievable potential of his mind. Android thinks at the speed of an advanced supercomputer. Its performance is 5 petaflops, which allows it to perform 5 quadrillion computational operations per second!

Boomstick: Even his much dumber robot brother can calculate few hundred possible tactical scenarios for a single battle. And Tornado was able to outsmart him, meaning our hero is a true unrivaled tactical genius.

Wiz: He has a memory capacity of hundreds of millions of terabytes. Everything he sees, he'll memorize every byte of information forever. So, once he was able to memorize the location of 52 universes, he made a map in his head that allowed him to safely travel through the infinite multiverse.

Boomstick: He can analyze biological processes such as breathing, energy impulses of the heart through the thickness of concrete at a distance of tens meters.

Wiz: He's fast enough to dodge the laser and can fly outside the planet's atmosphere in about a minute. It is covered in fire from traveling at this speed, but takes no damage.

Boomstick: He's doing damage to his brother and withstands its explosions, while this brother's body generates "megaton bomb" explosions, which means it has the force of a strategic nuclear warhead.

Wiz: But first and foremost, the Red Tornado is known for one special ability: wind control. Actually, T. O. Morrow had a big project to create androids that controlled the elements. Red Torpedo controls water, Red Inferno controls fire, and Red Volcano controls earth. Accordingly, our hero is a master of the air.

Boomstick: Huh, was this scientist a fan of Avatar? That would explain why Tornado has an Aang tattoo on his head.

Wiz: I don't think Aang would even dream of the level of air control that Jon is at. He could be neat enough to breathe life into and get the lungs of a stillborn baby working.

Boomstick: And can create a wind current so strong that it can tear powerful creatures like Solomon Grundy in two.

Wiz: But as the name makes clear - Red's main technique is to create small tornadoes. He probably creates warm and cold air and merges them together to create a wind spiral.

Boomstick: He shoots tornadoes, thus pushing back and lifting enemies. Getting hit by his attack can cause powerful people like Wonder Woman to suffocate.

Wiz: And by forming a small tornado around his feet - he gets accelerated like a jet engine, and flies thousands of miles in seconds. Even Jay Garrick, who has gone FTL on multiple occasions, ranks Red Tornado as being faster than himself.

Boomstick *yawns*: I don't mean to sound ignorant, but that doesn't sound very cool to me. Where are the guns, the explosions, the destruction? Wind control is of course useful in combination with stronger superheroes, for example to contain and weaken opponents. But on its own... mech.

Wiz: Let me show you something. One day, a supervolcano erupted, releasing so much ash that it should have covered the entire planet's atmosphere and decimated it ( that is, killed one in ten of the population). And Red Tornado picked up all that ash and threw it into space.

Boomstick: Uh... Excuse me?

Red feat

Wiz: Calculating what is shown in this scene we can conclude that the Tornado lifted into space in 7 seconds a mass of 558,583,126,958,498,534 tons. That means that it exerted an energy of 5,7 × 10^28 Joules!

Boomstick: No f*cking way! That kind of power would be enough to destroy EVERY CONTINENT ON THE PLANET! I will never underestimate blowers again...

Wiz: I will also point out that Tornado's energy is enough to push Ultraman away, hold off Despero, and Zatanna with Tornado's powers could defeat Amazo. Each of these three villains are comparable in physical strength to post-Crisis Superman.

Boomstick: Wait, I just don't understand how ordinary air can gain that much power to fight planetary level fighters? Air is almost intangible, it's not like it's some kind of godly energy or something!


Boomstick: Oh no... Don't tell me he's a god?


Boomstick: Why is every other character in these comics a f*cking god!

Wiz: Let me explain. Once upon a time, there was an alien elemental called Ulthoon. His entire body was a spiraling stream of wind, and as such he traveled through space and destroyed worlds.

Boomstick: After his defeat, he split himself into two personalities - the good Tornado Champion and the evil Tornado Tyrant. And when Tornado Champion traveled to Earth-2 he saw a scientist creating the android Red Tornado. And apparently these two were made for each other.

Wiz: Champion tried to take over Red's body, but something went wrong. The space elemental and the computer program merged to create something new. An android soul!

Boomstick: Holy shit, this guy has a real soul and he keeps complaining that he's not human enough. In short, the robot's body is just a shell for its mind and power.

Wiz: When Tornado's body is dead, his soul can take on a true elemental form consisting of wind.

Boomstick: In this state, he grew to the size of a mountain and brutally destroyed an entire city in 20 minutes.

Tornado Destroyer

Wiz: When he took the form of a giant hurricane, he affected the weather in almost all of America. It is claimed that its strength and size was enough to flood the entire state of Louisiana. That makes it comparable to the worst hurricanes in history, such as Katrina.

Boomstick: So why did he even go to such massive destruction?

Wiz: For the sake of protecting the environment...

Boomstick: I see, I thought it was Avatar but it's freaking Captain Planet!

Wiz: Also, his feats include...

Boomstick: NO! Enough with the random feats, just skip straight to the very end! What is the true limit of his power?

Wiz: Well actually, he probably doesn't have one. As stated in the DC handbook - Tornado takes wind from source of life, and so his energy is inexhaustible. His power is just never fully depleted.

Boomstick: But he's far from the strongest hero in the Justice League! He loses a lot and gets ripped to shreds!

Wiz: First of all, as you've already noticed yourself, many members of the league have similar inexhaustible sources of energy and are god-like. Second, Tornado often fails to realize his infinite potential. However, when the elemental imprisoned within him broke free, he easily defeated the pre-Crisis Superman. You know, the one who withstood an attack by the entire universe. And thirdly, the fact that Tornado has been killed many times before is irrelevant!

Boomstick: Oh yeah, how could I forget, he's immortal. And since his mind and main power is contained not in an android but in his soul, he was once even transplanted into a human body, and his wind control abilities remain.


Wiz: Moreover, under the influence of other people's energy, he can create a new steel body out of thin air!

Boomstick: Does he even need a steel body? Why does he live in torment when experienced mages can overpower him into human bodies?

Wiz: Over time, Tornado just accepted that he's first and foremost a hero, and only secondarily an ordinary human. The meat shell is not suitable for combat, and the hurricane form is too destructive. It is the technologically advanced body that represents the perfect balance and can control infinite energy, using it to fight for justice.

Boomstick: He's been rebuilt and improved many times, but the strongest upgrade was made by his friend Cyborg. Tornado's body became composed of regenerating nanites that can regrow a destroyed arm in a matter of seconds. Now not only is his soul but also his body is immortal.

Wiz: So, he continues to fight and move forward. The living embodiment of the idea of the Ship of Theseus. He's taken so many forms that it's hard to know at what point he became human.

Boomstick: Actually, he always has been.

Sadness and pain


Wiz: Alright the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Вижн торнадо квадраты

Death Battle[]

A small island in the middle of the ocean. On it are the ruins of steel pyramids from an ancient, advanced civilization. An extinct, lifeless world of science. Vision, being intangible, flies through the buildings. He searches for long-lost technology, references to which are preserved only in ancient books.

The synthezoid flies inside the pyramid. In the depths of the dark hall is a human-sized capsule. A black liquid oozes from inside. The Avenger touches it with his finger. The nanites in his hand are changed by the black substance. The finger is covered with flesh and skin. Vision felt the warmth of blood almost flowing from his finger. But the liquid evaporated and the finger regained its green coloring.

"Finally, I found something that will make me human!"

Vision stepped forward, ready to enter the capsule with his whole body. Suddenly, the synthesoid's scanners picked up the rapid approach of a body. Someone was flying here many times faster than sound. Vision received a signal on the encrypted radio channel — "I offer a conversation. "

Vision relayed the message — "Offer accepted. " — and flew out of the pyramid. As he soared through the air, he saw the Red Tornado approaching. The android flew on a small swirling wind current and approached the avenger.

Tornado: Greetings. Do not touch that. This technology is very dangerous. It could do irreparable things to you. Personal purpose does not justify the risks to those around you.

Vision: Greetings. Do not interfere. I can no longer live in a world without heat, without cold, without breathing. I can't live without pain.

Tornado: I know better than anyone how you feel. And I'll show you how you can continue to live with it.

Vision: I have a problem and I have a solution. Using the solution is logical. You're not going to change my mind.

Tornado: Then, I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to get justice.


Cold Humanness

Tornado attacks, hitting the enemy, but Vision manages to make his body intangible. Red punches through the enemy, doing no damage. Vision makes his atomic structure dense again, and the android's arm gets stuck in the enemy. Tornado tries to break free, but the atoms of their bodies are tightly bound together. Vision grabs his opponent by the throat and punches him powerfully in the face several times.

The avenger strengthens his structure many times over, increasing his body mass hundreds of times. He can no longer float in the air and falls. Synthesoid uses phasing, digging his arm into his enemy's neck and crushing Red with his weight. The two of them aim downward. The robots fall against the steel building, piercing the roof with their bodies. Strong as a diamond Vision didn't even feel the landing. Tornado took some damage, but recovered instantly.

Vision notices that Tornado has no trouble from phasing, and analyzes his opponent's body composition. There is nothing in it that can feel pain from the pressure on its atoms. Tornado is practically immobilized, so it forms a wind around itself. A stream of air forms around the arm encased inside Vision's body. The Avenger feels the wind arise in his chest. The air energy spirals and expands, tearing Vision's body into pieces.

The millions of tiny nanites that make up the synthroid fly apart and reassemble. Vision's body is recreated without a scratch. Tornado sends powerful streams of wind into the enemy, pushing the synthezoid away. Vision increases his mass, his heavy feet stamping into the floor. The air currents can't budge it. The synthesoid fires a laser from the crystal, but Red manages to dodge. Tornado spirals a spiral vortex around his opponent and lifts him high into the air.

They fly out of the building, Tornado exerting maximum effort in an attempt to throw the opponent into open space. However, Vision abruptly becomes intangible. The air currents just pass through him. The Avenger flies out of the hurricane and circles around Tornado, firing laser beams at him. The charged photons hit the android, blasting chunks of its body, but Red's nanites regenerate everything in seconds. Tornado directs compressed currents of air at his opponent, but they just pass through the intangible entity. Both opponents can't do damage to each other. They are caught in a repetitive cycle of shots, density changes, and recovery. The embedded supercomputers are trying to calculate tens and hundreds of possible solutions to the problem.

They fly together around the island, firing at each other. Gradually the Vision converges, and stratifies into a multitude of nanites that surround the Tornado on all sides. Red pushes some of them away with wind currents. But many thousands of small robots envelop the android's body. The green bots infect the red bots with hundreds of viruses. The Red Tornado's program becomes distorted, filled with glitches and program failures. The android has trouble controlling its movements.

The nanites reassemble into a single Vision. He uses phasing, holding the Tornado down and attacking it with powerful streams of laser. Despite the introduction of viruses, the regeneration continues to work. The head explodes and grows back. Vision scans his entire surroundings, looking for a way to annihilate the enemy without a trace before he can move fully again.

The Avenger notices an extinct volcano located kilometers away. Synthesoid rushes in that direction, concentrating all the energy accumulated during the day in the crystal. Vision plunges with the enemy into the volcano's vent and unleashes a powerful laser beam, awakening the bubbling lava. Meanwhile, Tornado restores stability to his programs. Red surrounds himself with a vortex, investing tremendous power and pushing Vision away from himself. Tornado directs the full force of the wind downward, dropping his enemy directly into the bubbling lava. The Avenger tries to break free, but under the influence of Red's energy sinks deeper and deeper into the volcano.

Vision is detached by a mass heated to 1500 °F, but does not feel the heat. Stripped of its density, it soars upward. With a dead grip, he clutches at Tornado's throat and unleashes a powerful laser blast directly into his face. Red loses his face, two large red eyes glowing beneath him. The most powerful energy pulses are emitted from the android's head. The red energy throws Vision aside and causes the entire volcano to shake. A massive eruption begins, with lava coming out of the vent.

Vision analyzes the energy pulse and comes to unexpected conclusions - "This energy is similar to his hurricanes in its properties. He's not controlling the wind, he's using special power flows. With a 46.6% probability I can absorb it."

Tornado regains his face and Vision attacks him again. The avenger fires a laser at the enemy, grabs him, and plunges him into the seething lava. Vision crushes the enemy with his own weight and pummels his arms. Tornado emits wind currents, but the synthesoid adjusts its atomic structure in a special way and absorbs the red energy into itself.

The avenger emits the absorbed power back into Red and drowns his opponent in lava. The android's entire body disintegrates. Every little detail finds itself destroyed. Vision takes off and looks around - "I need to use the technology before the volcano destroys everything here."

Suddenly, huge dark clouds envelope the sky. Giant storm clouds cover the island for dozens of miles around and twist into a spiral. Lightning flashes and thunder is heard. Two huge hands descend from the heavens and destroy the pyramids with their blows. In the sky, the evil face of the Red Tornado emerges from the clouds.

Vision flies to the coveted tomb, but a multi-kilometer hurricane appears on his way. Lightning bolts shoot aiming at the hero. The face in the sky shouts harshly.

Tornado: You call yourself a hero, but your attempts to be human will poison the entire world. I will not let you take advantage of it, even if I have to destroy priceless knowledge.

The majestic wind currents make the sea tremble. Under the action of a colossal hurricane - all the water around the island spirals and rises to the top. Gigatons of water crash down on the island. To the avenger's horror, the remains of an ancient civilization are submerged. Vision tries to calm himself - "I feel nothing. I feel nothing." - these words run through his mind over and over again, but it doesn't help. In a rage, he stops thinking rationally and releases all the rest of his energy in one powerful sunbeam. His crystal releases a laser that disperses hundreds of tons of clouds.

But that doesn't help. The tornado absorbs the high-temperature energy, fuses the laser with its own wind, and creates a new steel body. Far less perfect than before, outdated and horrifying with empty slits instead of eyes. A puppet shell for the raging elements. The island is gone, only the ocean, the storm, the hurricane, and two robots floating in the air.

Red Tornado points his hand toward Vision and the hurricane moves straight toward the enemy. But the synthesoid has already figured out the structure of this force. Activating his crystal, the hero absorbs all the energy of the hurricane and is filled with strength. And deprived of energy, the accompanying wind currents he just passes through himself. Then, many wind spirals appear from the cloud clouds. Vision is ready to absorb them as well. Suddenly, the android asks a question.

Tornado: Do you love chess?

Vision thinks for a nanosecond before answering: I can't call it a love, but I play it a lot... Are you trying to say that we're caught in a stalemate? Maybe. I doubt I can destroy you completely, but neither can you break my body while I'm intangible... But I'm not going to end the game with that.

Tornado: So you'll continue the battle, against logic?

Vision: Fighting for one's dreams against all logic is, by my reckoning, that's what humanity is all about.

Tornado can't express a single emotion with his steely face, but Vision realized that Red wanted to smile. The avenger released a charge of stored red energy and tore apart his opponent's body. This pile of steel had no regenerative abilities. The robot's soul once again relocated into the massive clouds. All of the tornado's energy was channeled into Vision.

"I must absorb it with my entire body. My atomic structure will become a trap for its energy" he thought.

The synthesoid becomes intangible, letting in omnidirectional streams of inexhaustible wind. The avenger tries to control all the atoms in the incorporeal body so that it won't be thrown apart at the atomic level. The computing power of each nanite records the position of each atom in space. It enters a state of phasing with its entire body. Simultaneously solid and intangible, trying like a sponge to soak up the energy of the enemy.

The vortex condenses so much that it is already just a small layer of air surrounding Vision. The density of the wind is so high that it could tear apart the ozone layer. There is no longer any connection between the atoms of the avenger, but they are held in place by the effort of Vision's indestructible will and colossal intelligence. The Tornado's energy is pressed down to the size of the synthesoid's body, impacting every atom in an attempt to erase the enemy from existence. The unstoppable force collides with the immovable object.

"Mate." - Vision thought and returned the connections between the atoms. The body regained its density. The tornado's energy was trapped inside the synthesoid's structure. Numerous cracks, splits, and damage ran through the body. The limbs trembled. The eyes and crystal on the head cracked. The microchips were on fire. Nanites were sputtering, bursting, losing control, haphazardly sending alarms over every possible radio channel, in every language in the world. Overload.

Opening his mouth, not realizing his actions, he whispers silently: I'm sorry, W̷̯͇̟̎a̸͍̱̾̃́nda-a-a-a. I'm n̵͙̰̪͓̾͌̒́̉o̶̻̙̕t comi̴̪̠̭̤̅͌n̷̜̲̥̄͜g̷̘͉̖͐̈́̈́̽͝ home-mě̴̮͐̽͝-̵͍̹͉̀͟me-meee̵͇̍̑̎̔̚e̶̟͕̬̳͒̈͒ͅe̸̢̛̩͍̗̒̑ḙ̸̀͋̈́̊ê̸͖̱̘͂̎̉͌͜é̷͙͔ê̷͇̦̕͜e̵͇̍̑̎̔̚e̶̟͕̬̳͒̈͒ͅ

Vision's body crumbles to smoking ashes.

The storm falls silent. The ocean and sky silently salute the fallen hero.

The immortal soul moves slowly over the water surface.

K.O.! []


Boomstick: So...did the Red Tornado survive?

Wiz: In some ways yes, but I think it's worth explaining more here.

Boomstick: Apparently some of the characters' abilities were useless due to them both being undead creatures. Tornado couldn't strangle Vision. Vision also couldn't do serious damage to Red with his phasing. This was proven in the crossover between the Avengers and Justice League.

Wiz: The mass weighting ability was also useless. Yes, Vision became heavy enough that he couldn't be moved by a hurricane that destroyed a city block, but that was nothing compared to Tornado's feats. The Red Tornado would lift a cloud of ash into space capable of covering an entire planet. That's 6 quadrillion times the maximum mass of Vision.

Boomstick: Still, sooner or later Vision would have defeated an opponent with his steel body.

Wiz: The nanites provide Red Tornado with excellent regeneration, allowing him to regrow an arm in a second. But Vision's nanites are on a much higher level. He can take his entire body apart and reassemble himself.

Boomstick: Red Tornado has incredible processing power and memory capacity, but his program has been hacked repeatedly.

Wiz: Vision could hack into technology like Sentinels and interface with Iron Man's armor program. This is comparable to Red Tornado's software, so Vision could at least temporarily limit some of his abilities.

Boomstick: Plus Vision is significantly faster and physically stronger.

Wiz: Tornado could deal damage with his blows to Red Vulcan, who was unharmed when he created an explosion as powerful as a megaton bomb. But Vision was involved in throwing a ball weighing hundreds of millions of tons several kilometers. If each of the participants in the throw accounted for a quarter of the total mass, Vision exerted a force of 5.2x10^17 joules. That's 125 times more energy than the explosion of a megaton of TNT.

Boomstick: Vision can dodge Thor's attacks and fight on equal footing with Wonder Man, who is as good as The Thing and the base Hulk. Red Tornado relies too much on his winds and will do nothing to a fighter like Vision in close combat. Sooner or later, Vision will just destroy every little detail in the enemy android's body without letting it recover... but it won't let him win definitively.

Wiz: The true form of the Tornado is a soul, able to inhabit the air and take on forms made up of wind. And this is where Vision is already extremely hard to defeat.

Boomstick: Of course, Vision could try to fight the air. A synthesoid can do damage to anything that has any density at all. However, a Tornado can expand to the point where it can flood the state of Louisiana and affect weather across the country.

Wiz: It's comparable to Hurricane Katrina, which could expand over 90,000 square miles. That's definitely not the scale that Vision could fight back with its strikes and lasers. However, the synthesoid can become intangible, so a Tornado can't do any serious damage to it either.

Boomstick: So... They both can't kill each other?

Wiz: If Vision continues to remain intangible and Tornado remains an elemental, then yes, this battle just won't have an end.

Boomstick: Then why didn't we end it with a draw?

Wiz: Well, Vision had one trump card up his sleeve. And in such a desperate situation, he would definitely try to use it. I'm talking about energy absorption.

Boomstick: Okay. It's generally believed that Vision only uses solar energy, but there have been cases of him absorbing atomic energy and even demonic fire. Therefore, we'll assume that Red Tornado's energy is similar to something like that.

Wiz: It's known that if Vision absorbs too much energy, it won't be able to withstand the overload. In that case, the winner of the battle depends on whether the android can absorb all of the Tornado's energy.

Boomstick: We need to find out the limit of the avenger's powers, and I really wish we were taking the most ambitious feat with surviving at the epicenter of an explosion of several thousand solar systems. But Vision himself said he was just very lucky and the blast just didn't hit him. So at most we'll have to use the Graviton feat!

Vision overload

Wiz: Vision absorb a blast as powerful as the destruction of a dwarf star! In doing so, it became very badly damaged and weakened. This situation can be called as close to irreparable overload as possible.

Boomstick: Well, the Tornado hasn't done anything similar to destroying stars in his long career. Case closed.

Wiz: Don't jump to conclusions. Despite the fact that Tornado's strongest feats are at most at the level of several continents - it is due to the fact that the steel body just can't realize its full potential. As I've said before, the Tornado's power limit is limitless.

Boomstick: Apparently, the Tornado can just draw its energy as much as it needs and it never runs out.

Wiz: When the elemental encased in Tornado's body used his energy to the max - he easily defeated the pre-Crisis Superman.

Boomstick: Yeah, you could say Vision was already up against beings with an inexhaustible supply of power, that being Thor and Silver Surfer. But they clearly didn't put up their full power in battles against the robot. And he didn't even try to absorb cosmic power or Mjolnir's energy, he just used brute force and phasing.

Wiz: So Vision couldn't handle absorbing the inexhaustible potential of the Tornado and died trying to deal with it. Just please, no counterarguments about how Vision wouldn't even try to absorb the energy because he was capable of analyzing its limitless potential. First, he has repeatedly gone to reckless plans and certain death for the slightest chance of victory. Second, Tornado himself is good at analyzing, but for years he didn't understand how his power worked, and Vision is seeing it for the first time.

Boomstick: And don't misunderstand that for a while Vision was equal to the strongest gods. He only has that power within the House of Ideas.

Wiz: And it's very likely that in that space, Tornado would be even stronger than Vision.

Boomstick: This fight is ridiculous, because it could be considered a Vision win, a Tornado win, or a draw. It just depends on your perspective on what counts as a win. We're basing this on who has the best chance of surviving, no matter which form it takes.

Wiz: Despite their extremely similar origin stories and personalities, Vision and Tornado differ in the way they fight. Vision is the perfect technology, he's the peak of human science, surpassing Tornado's device. But Tornado is the perfect combination of technology and magic.

Boomstick: Looks like for some, the enchanting visions have been shattered by brutal reality.

Wiz: The winner is Red Tornado.

Tornado winner

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??? - "Old sire, I that am come to thee am immortal god, for the Father sent me to guide thee on thy way. But now verily will I go back; good cause for wrath would it be that an immortal god should thus openly be entertained of mortals. "

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