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Vincent Valentine vs Vash the Stampede is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features Vincent Valentine from the Final Fantasy video game series, and Vash the Stampede from the anime/manga series, Trigun.

Vincent Valentine vs Vash the Stampede
Vincent vs Vash
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Written by SoMaShadow
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Final Fantasy vs Trigun! These red-cloaked gunslingers of immense hidden power are about to duke it out in a good old fashioned gunfight! Will the Chaotic Turk be able to gun down the Humanoid Typhoon?





Vincent Vash Set




Vincent Valentine vs Vash the Stampede

Two heroes from a world with little resources to the people and destruction everywhere, with their iconic guns to face even the most powerful enemies no matter what the people say about them.


Boomstick: Vicent Valentine, the mysterious gunslinger full of chaos.

Wiz: And Vash the Stampede, the Humanoid Typhoon.

Boomstick: As you travel across the lands without caring for what others think about you, it a difficult responsibility to protect the innocent from the forces of evil. That why you should always bring a gun to a fight.

wiz: And these two fighters in red coats with the power to destroy any foes will fight to the death to see who is the best gunslinger.

Boomstick: He’s Wiz, and I’m Boomstick.

Wiz: And today we will find out who will win in Death Battle.

Vicent Valentine[]

Wiz: There is a company called Shinra Electric company, one of the biggest power companies on the planet by using Mako energy from the planet itself. The company is so huge that it was able to gain control of the society and politic side of the world that they even own a military called Solider.

Boomstick: Man, I would not like to see what would happen to a person who would miss paying the electrical bill. But they’re a small problem, they would sooner or later use all of the Mako energy in the future. Guess they didn’t learn that no matter how rich you’re are, money isn’t gonna solve that.

Wiz: That why there is group called themselves the avalanche, a team who would stop them from using all of the planet energy with some of the members being cloud Strife to Barret Wallace. Many would join the fight against…

Boomstick: Evil Amazon. Opps, I meant Shinra Electric Company. Two companies are so alike that it easy to see the connection between them.

Wiz: With one of the member you find sleeping in a coffin at Shinra Mansion, he is a mysterious solider from the dark past and is full of regrets. He would help them to stop the destruction of the planet with his two pistols.

Boomstick: And you may know him as Vincent Valentine, the Turk experiment full of chaos.

Vincent: Pain doesn't hurt if it's all you've ever felt

Boomstick: Dark clothes, guns, and and tragic backstory. He is drippy Edge lord energy all over his body.

Wiz: Then let me tell you of the story Boomstick. Years before the events, he was one of the members of the Turks. An intelligence agency, they would do many things from kidnapping to assassinations. He would take a job to watch over the Jenova project. The project is…

Boomstick: Hold on Wiz, I know you love experiments. But they didn’t come here for a documentary on the game. To keep thing simple, it where they combine people with the Jenova. He soon fall in love with a girl name Lucrecia Crescent.

Wiz: But she would have keep her distance away from him when he learn she was part of his father demise, that she start to have a reaction with Professor Hojo as they have a child.

Boomstick: You think he would be there for them. Nope! He would use the that baby for the experiment. He is even planning to use her as part of the experiment. Wow, look like someone will not get the best dad award for father days.

Wiz: Vincent would confront him to try to stop the experiments on her as each day she would get sicker and sicker. But as a respectable scientist… he shot Vincent and use his body for his experiment.

Boomstick: Seeing that he would use his wife and child as part of his experiment, I’m not that surprise.

Wiz: He would use him from giving him different form of monsters that Vincent can transform into, and infusing the chaos-tainted Mako energy allowing him to be the vessel of Chaos. An entity full of power.

Boomstick: And was given Protomateria to control the chaos inside of his body, and finally opening his eyes. He would find the mansion being empty. With Lucrecia looking for a place of Isolation and the professor doing more evil things. He would stay in the coffin for many years believing he was the reason for her illness, and many years would pass until Vincent help cloud to save the planet.

Wiz: While dealing with his past, Vincent would learn how to control his powers and his past.

Boomstick: In battle, he wield the Cerberus, a Quicksilver pistol with three barrels allowing him to shoot three bullets at the time. Being able to hold 84 bullets, he have the precision to shoot down anything in his path from longe range.

Wiz: Wearing a red ribbon to honor Aerith, it can protect him from all status effects in the game. He also carry Materia into the armor and weapons in battle, and for Vincent in battle he can also put inside of his keychain on his gun.

Boomstick: I will tell you this now, it will get crazy of the things he can do in battle. You been warn. Well he can summon small meteorites, reflect attacks, can stop time, and can turn people into toads.

Wiz: With the support versions, he can make his enemies go to sleep, can absorb the health points to heal, and instant death.

Boomstick: But his greatest Materia is have to be his summons. I mean, summon monsters from a Phoenix to Shiva. He can even summon Knights of the round table with the power to destroy the universe. Good to destroy any final boss and ground squirrel in your path. And if the damage doesn’t kill them, dying from old age will.

Wiz: But when he need the extra firepower, he can transform into his Galian beast as he use spirit energy from beast flames that can hone it onto the enemies. So pretty much if the beast from Disney having demonic power. Get it.

Boomstick: Still need work, from a Frankenstein to a hockey mask monster with a chainsaw. He have strange form to take in battle.

Wiz: And finally, his Chaos form. Created to destroy all life as Omega would harvest the energy to preserve the Lifestream. He is able to fly into the dark night, and being able to use crimson energy to protect him from heavy attacks.

Boomstick: In his chaos form, he can use a weapon call Death penalty. Monsters and Republican worst nightmare, it’s one of the strongest gun in the series. It’s a rifle being able to shoot lasers, but it can’t never crits and carry only six shots. Seeing that it can deal damage up to 2,000 points, guess you only need one.

Wiz: Vincent can release spirit blades from his wings, can slam the foe into the ground while toxic gas infect them, and have the power to destroy ghosts.

Boomstick: He have characters who should be comparable to Bahamut Fury, a summon that can fly from Neptune to earth in nine seconds. Making him over 1,500 times faster than light.

Wiz: Being stronger than Enuo who could move the entire void, he should be as powerful as Exdeath who was planing to use void to destroy all the infinite universe.

Boomstick: Man, another character who can destroy the infinite universe. We got a lot of characters who could do that. Even with the power to destroy all universe, he still have limited ammo to not having full control of his chaos form. Being that chaos is well… chaotic.

Wiz: With his friends, he would finally get vengence for Lucrecia by finally defeating the professor and Omega Weiss in the end as he sacrifice chaos form. Finally letting go of his sins from the past, he can now look forward for the future ahead.

Vincent: Guess I have no choice. It's time... to save the world.

Vash the Stampede[]

Wiz: No Man’s land, a desert planet where the people struggle to survive while they have limited supply and bandits in every corner.

Boomstick: So a place you don’t want to live.

Wiz: By using the plants to generate electricity for the people, it can also create environment conditions where people are able to grow crops.

Boomstick: But in the distance there was a man who have the power to destroy entire towns that he have a bounty on his head worth $60,000,000,000 either alive or dead. That’s 30,000,000,000 Twinkies!

Wiz: Why would you need that much?

Boomstick: The bigger question is why not.

Wiz: Fine, the man known for wearing a red coat, yellow hair, and an expert marksmen. His name is Vash the Stampede, the humanoid Typhoon.

Vash: I don't let anyone in my sight get away, and my bullets never miss their mark. Especially if it's the heart of a beautiful lady... BANG.

Boomstick: Are you sure he’s Vash the stampede? I heard that Vash is one of the greatest marksmen in that world. It just that he is just a little goofy and… ( Show the clip where Vash reflecting the attack from Gofsef Nebraska‘s drill attack.) What the, how could he do that! Never mind, he would easily defeat me.

Wiz: What few don’t know that he is a humanoid plant created…

Boomstick: Wait a minute, you’re telling me that he is a plant monster! Does it mean it get his energy from sun and must water him daily.

Wiz: Not that type of plant Boomstick, the plant that give energy to the people. Created to give energy for the people whom are looking for a new planet to live, Vash and his twin brother knives million would be created by the plant. They would be kept a secret from the rest with only Dr. William Conrad and Rem knowing about their existence.

Boomstick: While Vash was the naive person who believe that killing is wrong, his brother Knives with more resentment against humanity believe that killing is justify by the cause. I mean, if you stumble into a room to see one of your member name Tesla who is alas a planet person getting dissected and die in long painful death. You would too be against the people.

Wiz: As knives fell into a shock-induced coma, Vash would feel the despair from being only one of the two member of his entire species surrounded by humans. He would try to end his life when Rem was able to stop him but got hurt in the progress, now feeling guilty from hurting her, she would inspired him to not give up the infinite future.

Boomstick: When, until Knives know determined that they can’t live with the humans anymore that he would kill them all by tampering the ship to crash onto the planet killing everyone on it while him and his brother with the other planets escape on a escape pod.

Wiz: With the minutes pass, Rem would send them to escape pod as he try to save as much of the people as she could. She even ask Vash to promise to take care of Knives.

Boomstick: And what no better place to talk your plan for the destruction of humanity to your twin brother than reeling as your brother watch the ship explode killing one of your close friend. That would definitely ruin the mood at the dinner table.

Wiz: But as they crash onto the planet, she was able to save as much people as she could, and they would use the martial from the ship to create a city around it.

Boomstick: With two different believes of how they should use their power, they would separate as they follow their codes while Vash travel the land when he was capture. And seeing the murder tendency from Knives, he kill all of them with ease.

Wiz: Couldn’t believe that Knives kill them all, Vash shot Knives’s in the shoulder as his twin brother retaliated by chopping off one of Vash’s arm.

Boomstick: But don’t worry, he soon get a wicked robotic arm. As Vash was in a city called July, knives would try to make Bash to use his power when Vash accidentally destroy the town as it give him the reputation as the Humanoid Typhoon.

Wiz: Now traveling the desert land, he would travel trying to find his brother as he would meet people who would become his closest friends from Meryl and Milly who work for the insurance company trying to stop his destruction.

Boomstick: And even a Priest with guns name Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Wiz: As Vash travel into each towns, he’s learn many tricks to always be ahead of his enemies.

Boomstick: In battle, he wields .45 caliber silver plated revolver with a double action and with ammunition called .45 Colt. Being able to hold seven bullets, he can change the trajectory of many projectiles back to the sender.

Wiz: With a knife hidden in his shoes to having bullet proof coat, he was able to inherit Wolfwood’s punisher. With a rocket launcher and a storage for eight Grader 2043 pistols. You wonder why a priest would carry carry so much guns.

Boomstick: Easy. That's because it's so full of mercy. And also to serve justice. Not just that, his robotic arm with a sub machine to defend himself from all attacks.

Wiz: But now it time for his most powerful attacks, as a being who can grenade huge amount of energies, he can transform his bodies to gain new abilities with a destructive powers.

Boomstick: Vash can create defensive wings in battle to block strikes and can slice steel into many pieces. He can even fly into the air. Guess it have the power of god and anime on his side.

Wiz: Being able to pinpoint his opponents, he can teleport to creating a barrier, Vash is able to create black hole bullets.

Boomstick: And he can transform his arm into one of the greatest gun of all time! The angle arm, a weapon that can create an explosion onto the moon. It can erase everything in the path, and can send people to the sub-space that is able to hold entire universes.

Wiz: His bullets can to past the infinite distance at instant speed and being able to destroy the planet, he’s more powerful than Non-Independent Plants who are fifth dimensional.

Boomstick: Fifth dimension? What that suppose to be?

Wiz: It’s a micro dimension where that is consider to be the fabric of space time with plants having the power to create a universe including space-time in it. From having over hundreds years of combat, can disarm four opponents with four bullets that it sound he only shot one, and can understand mechanisms of Causality.

Boomstick: But they’re a small problem, every time he use the powers, it will darken his hair and decrease his lifespan. Guess there is a limit to use the power of god.

Wiz: Either the Magna or the anime, he is able to defeat his brother knives and the rest. And while stile believing in the words of Rem, he can look on himself for his own guide in the desert towns.

Boomstick: As a sharpshooter, none could match against his wits and his gun style.

Knives: The humans treat you well? Did you have fun, dear brother?

Vash: Yeah, I did! Best thing that ever happened to me. [pulls his gun and aims at Knives]

Pre-Death Battle[]

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle[]

Vash: Look at that, a small water fountain. Guess a little wish won’t hurt.

As he stand up to make a wish, he pass a mysterious man holding a newspaper with the front showing the bounty for Vash, and that man was Vincent Valentine who is on the hunt. Neatly folding the newspaper, Vincent start to walk as he ready his pistol for battle. He quickly spot Vash holding onto a coin thinking about the wish, and he flip the coin just as Vincent grab the coin from the air shocking Vash.

Vash: Hey, that was my wish. What the big idea… by the nice coat. It fit your… personality.

Vincent: Name Vincent, heard from the ladies that your Vash the Stampede, the one with $60,000,000,000 on his head.

Vash: Guess it mean I won’t able to persuade you with a free meal.

Vincent just stare at Vash ready for a showdown.

Vash: Before you blast me, can we take where no one will get hurt. No point of the bounty if you have to pay the reward for the damage.

Vincent close his eyes as he put his gun away.

Vincent: Fine, let take it a mile away from the town. You better keep up.

With no other choice, they walk a mile away from the city to make sure nothing would get damage as they look at each other for the epic battle. Both have their arms near their choice weapon and knowing only one will walk away from it.

And with that, the battle begins with Vincent pulling Cerberus from the holster as Vash look in horror and dodge each one of the bullets. With little to no cover from the bullets, he take cover behind a giant Cactus.

Vash: Do you think having a gun with three barrels seem a little too much. ( Vincent focus on blast as parts of the cactus are being blown apart, Vash was able to roll as Vincent need to reload when Vash pull out his .45 colt aiming at him.) Now I got you!

But as Vash about to shoot, the only thing happen is that the gun only make clicking noise, and now nervous he check his gun to see that it was completely empty. He scream as he forget to reload his gun.

Vincent: Really, aren’t you supposed to be humanoid Typhoon? How embarr….

Using his quick reflex, Vash throw a rock at Vincent’s head with enough force to stun him for a quick escape as Vincent look at his opponent running away into the canyon.

Vincent: Don’t think you can run away!

Summoning a Chocobo, he jump on top of it to start the chase across the desert, and with Vash making into the canyon. He start to looking for a place to think how to get out from it when he found an abandoned wagon full of dead corpse. Feeling lucky, he was able to grab some of the bullets from the guns when Vincent jumping off from the Chocobo as he start blasting. Without a second thought, Vash was able to reload his gun to use each bullets to deflect all of the bullets in the air with little effort. Vincent landing on the ground a few meters away, aim his gun at Vash.

Vincent: We’ll at least you can handle with a gun.

Vash: Thanks?

Vincent: It wasn’t a compliment, you still going down.

Vincent pull out a green Materia from his coat as he use an thundaga with Vash barley dodging the attack from the sky, and using the fallen wagon as defensive barrier for protecting. The Humanoid Typhoon take aim for a perfect shot knocking the green Materia away from Vincent. Without it, Vincent come up with a plan by taking the fight much closer, he is able to use the canyon walls to jump high into the air as he dodge each one of the bullets to him pulling out another Materia putting Vash to sleep. Now got Vash in a weak position, he got close enough for a powerful punch that send Vash into a wall making a huge crack on it as Bash barley open his eyes in pain. Vash look around for his gun when he spot it underneath Vincent. Not saying anything, Vincent was able to aim where out of nowhere Vash aim his cybernetic arm to pull out the machine from his arms for a surprise attack. Vincent only option is to jump back dodging the bullets as he use his gun to knock down a giant boulder from above as protection.

Using the small window, Vash run fast enough to grab his gun from the floor and using his quick thinking by using the mirror from the wagon he was able to ricochet from the mirror into Vincent arm knocking the weapon away.

Vash: If you smart, you should give up now when you can walk away from it.

Vincent: ( Vash only see sparks coming out from boulder as he don’t know what is happening.) I didn’t come here just to surrender. Time to end this.

With the battle near it end, Vincent in his chaos form and his weapon call death penalty, he burst through the boulder like it was made of paper as he grab Vash to fly above the canyon. Vash was screaming as he look down to even see the clouds below them, and using his speed Vincent slam Vash to the ground creating a small crater. Now in more pain, Vincent take it to the next level by dragging Vash across the desert floor dealing even more damage. Using his strength, Vash was able to use his gun knocking Vincent back to the air as he tumbled across the floor until he was able to land on his feet with many bruise on his body to some torn on his suit.

Both look at each other in the eyes, and Vincent pulling out his gun shoots a powerful beam of energy at Vash, and without any protection for the powerful attack coming at him. Vash was able to summon defensive wings to block the strike completely.

Vincent: Guess that mean you’re not a human. But it doesn’t matter what you are, you still going down.

Using his powers, Vincent send many energy blades flying into the battlefield, and using the power of levitation he was able to dodge each one of them to using his wings to block them. With a clear shots, Vash was able to get each hit as blood fly in the air for each one, but Vincent just shrug from each attacks just as he charge for the final attack called satan slam with Vash transforming one of his arms wanting to end this fight into his angel arm. His arm his angel arm and use his ultimate attack as both yell at the split screen. Now caught in the blast, Vincent try to reach for Vash but the blast is so powerful that he start to disintegrate into dust ending the fight. Being the victor, Vash fall into the ground in pain from using that much power.

Vash: Sorry for things to end like this, but my time isn’t up just yet.


Boomstick: I’m telling you this Wiz, there are so much characters that can destroy the universe with ease that we been doing. While was the stronger opponent with the better weapon and abilities. It can’t match against Vash greater feats.

Wiz: With attacks that can travel infinite speed, he should be able to dodge attack much easier than him in battle. Including that Vash fought opponent who can create the universe with time actually making him the more powerful opponent.

Boomstick: With him being way older with him experience in fighting foes over hundred years, he can easily use his quick wits to find the weakness of Vincent to end the battle. Look like Vincent die in a chaotic end from the humanoid typhoon.

Wiz: The winner is Vash the stampede.