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Villager is a character from the video game series, Animal Crossing. He/she also appears in a number of other Nintendo games, including Mario Kart 8 and the Super Smash Bros series.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]

Death Battle Info[]

Weapons and Equipment[]

  • Axe
  • Chopped Wood
  • Tree & Watering Can: Can grow a tree to block attacks. Can cut down the tree to have it fall onto foes.
  • Balloons: Flight
  • Shovel
  • Medicine
  • Lyoid Rockets
  • Fishing Rod
  • golden sling Shot
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Bowling Ball
  • Turnips
  • Fireworks
  • Net
  • Pocket: uses hammerspace to capture a projectile and send it back to the opponent.
  • Giant Lobster: rode behind it just like how they ride Lloyd Rockets
  • Toy Hammer: use to destroy robots in island
  • Abomination: rode on the back of an Abomination
  • Ghost: it can extend it's head and can jumpscare (may potentially hurt someone)
  • Snot-they could use it as their extendable third arm
  • Fart (not joking)-they can have telekinetic powers by farting (manga is weird and awesome at the same time)
  • Wheels
  • Turtle shells (green, red and blue)
  • Kart
  • Bullet Bills (yes they shoot real bullets)
  • Pitfall
  • Master Sword
  • Triforce
  • Has a shirt that made him buff
  • Ass (once again not joking, he use this to wield the master sword)
  • A wheel shoe-this shoe can help him travel through the ocean
  • Cursed Bed
  • Eye-he can extend his eye

Feats and Strengths[]

  • Built the best house ever
  • Dug up a Whole Triceratops Skeleton
  • Shoots a UFO down
  • Pulled a Whale Shark out of the water (which was the biggest fish)
  • Survived Jellyfish stings
  • Chopped down trees with 2-3 hits
  • Can heal up what bees does to their face by sleeping
  • Make a broken part of the star a fully working wand that can change clothes
  • Can dig up a tree after eating food
  • Can shatter rocks by striking them with their shovel
  • Dug up trees with shovel
  • Can lift weight using his butt
  • Survived getting bitten by an unknown fish that looks like human
  • Ripped off trees out off ground and started a massive fire
  • Can control their snot making it an extendable third arm
  • Survived Sharks biting half of their body
  • Goes to a burning shop and saved a life
  • Survived punches from a gorilla villager (The Villager is defenseless)
  • Can keep up with Super Saiyan Resetti
  • Survived crashing into a cactus
  • Ran across the river
  • Made a rock float by farting on it (he can use telekinesis by farting)
  • Can shoot beams out of his hands
  • Had their legs somehow become into wheels as he ends up stuck to the water unable to breathe. He survived
  • Survived getting stomped by a giant 3DS with legs
  • Survived getting punt into the air by Tom Nook and landed straight to the ground
  • He can shed his skin
  • When Buff Villager walks it send houses and trees on air
  • has shown shapeshifting several times somehow shown things like Flamingos, a toaster, a dog house, a hydrant and even a toilet paper
  • Wore a crown and had a fiery aura around them
  • Can de-age themselves
  • Attacked by the moon it self
  • Had a cannon that shot them into the moon in a mere instant
  • Can move so fast he turned into a tornado


  • Not much of a fighter
  • Knocked out by scorpions, tarantulas (which won't do any harms in real life), swarm of bees and wasps
  • Naive (they has shown stupidity many times like shedding his own skin and going into an ocean with a wheel as his shoes)
  • Not enough foods won't make them hungry but to decrease their strength
  • Master Sword, Triforce and Samus suits doesn't work as the original