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A wish came true... A dream became a reality....

This is set to become an actual Death Battle. Check out the official page for it here

Sephiroth Vs. Vergil is a What-If? Death Battle pitting Sephiroth from Final Fantasy against Vergil from Devil May Cry. It's the fifth episode of TheDoomGaze's Death Battles, and the third of Sebastian Pereira90's .

Sephiroth Vs. Vergil
Season 1, Episode 5 (TheDoomGaze) / 3 (Sebastian Pereira90)
Vital statistics
Air date 12/20/17
Written by TheDoomGaze and Sebastian Pereira90
Directed by Sebastian Pereira90 and TheDoomGaze
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Final Fantasy Vs. Devil May Cry! When these two silver-haired swordmen clash, you know that something big is gonna happen! Will JENOVA's child defeat the Dark Slayer or will Sparda's son kill the One Winged Angel?


(Cue Invader - Jim Johnston)

Wiz: Warriors. People that fight for what's right at every instance, even if that takes their life away.

Boomstick: Sometimes, a warrior needs more power to get what they want, however, that needed power can also be a curse, and make you go fucking insane, transforming them into powerful antagonists.

Wiz: And carrying their katanas, the following silver-haired antagonists are going to show how much power they've got.

Boomstick: Sephiroth, the strongest soldier from... SOLDIER and JEVONA's child from Final Fantasy.


Wiz: And Vergil, Dante's twin brother and son of Sparda from Devil May Cry.


Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills, to find out who would win… A Death Battle!

Sephiroth (Sebs)

(Cue Life Stream  )

Boomstick: Around the millennium, legends passed throught the hans of skeptical people, from generation to generation. There were probably many, but only one of them really attracted attention, a source of unlimited energy: the Promised Land.

Wiz: The humans did everything to get to that place, but unfortunately, they couldn't find it, and all hope of finding this sacred ground had been lost. That was until the Shinra Electric Power Company excavated the remains of a being that was supposed to come from that sacred place.

Boomstick: It was a weird and naked purple lady, that they called Jenova. Shinra put all their fate in Jenova, and though that if they could bring her back to life, she could help them find the Promised Land, but when you need some Phoenix Downs, they disappear.

Wiz: But Shinra of course continued playing God, and if they couldn't resurrect a being to lead them to the Promised Land, Shinra would simply create their own.

Boomstick: One with Jenova's and human's cells, whose name was Sephiroth.

Sephiroth render by sarah 273-d4zz823

(Cue Judgment Day )

Wiz: Since his creation, Sephiroth was a high class soldier that was really respected, mostly due to success on the battlefield. He didn't know about his past unt-

Boomstick: Until he found a book that contained revelations from his past! Oh, he also destroyed the town when he found the book, his genocide there stopped when certain yellow haired soldier impaled him! That’s… REALLY disappointing….

Wiz: But it isn't that disappointing if you consider thatexactly Sephiroth's body fell on the lifestream, Boomstick, reviving him and actually giving Sephiroth some sort of immortality, as his assimilation of Jenova’s cells enables his will to persist, allowing him to construct avatars in his likeness, as well as other eldritch entities; this enables him to have a physical presence in the world of the living and attain a sort of immortality, showing himself stronger that his past self before his fall in the Lifestream. Due to this, he can also control Jenova’s cells inside living organism.

Boomstick: That means he’s a kind of ghost? Damn, that’s scary.

Wiz: Not exactly a ghost, but yeah, that works. Still, Sephiroth is a powerful swordman with a lot of experience and techniques at his disposal.

Boomstick: I mean; just look at the ridiculously long sword he wields! That's his Masamune. This 7' 2" behemoth of a blade is a lot like the Nodachi swords they used back in Feudal Japan. But instead of swinging this monster with two hands like a wuss, Sephiroth only needs one. That’s pretty badass!

Wiz: Yep. Oh, and we forgot to mention something, Sephiroth's Jenova cells also allowed him to master many types of magic, without the using of Materia, AKA magic orbs of condensed Mako. We can list them here.

(Cue Birth of a God )

Boomstick: Why not? This badass angel has many stuff under his sleeve, here is the materia list!

  • Stop: Sephiroth stops time around his opponent, leaving them helpless
  • Break Inflicts Earth-elemental damage and may petrify the target, killing it instantly.
  • Reflect: Reflects a magical attack to the caster
  • Wall: Protects Sephiroth against attacks
  • Silence: Mutes the enemy, making them unable to use magic
  • Toad: Transmutes the enemy on a regular toad
  • Flare: It's a powerful magic explosion that does extreme fire damage.
  • Shadow Flare: Shoots a barrage of explosive dark energy orbs.
  • Final Attack: Allows Sephiroth to use a last attack
  • Arise: It will revive the target
  • Death Sentence: Whoever is hit by the attack dies within a 60 seconds timespan
  • Slow: Sephiroth slows time around his opponent to have better attack chances
  • Magic Breath: Bypasses any kind of block with a magical storm
  • Pandora's Box: Bypasses defense
  • Death force: Sephiroth renders himself immune to instant-death abilities
  • Death: OHKO's a target

Wiz: He can't leave abilities without mentioning Octaslash, which slashes the enemy 8 times! Most likely Seph's Omnislash

Boomstick: He also has telekinesis, which he can use to throw stuff at his enemies or keep them in a place!

Wiz: Sephiroth has Heartless Angel too, which can one-shot even beings that can harm him, or badly hurt them. This also negates magic. Also, Sephiroth can fly, levitate, manifest Masamune at will, and teleport across the battlefield in a blink of white light.

Boomstick: Obviously, we also have Meteor, one of Seph's best attacks, it uses dark materia to create a giant meteor that busts planets!

(Cue Jenova Absolute )

Wiz: Speaking of feats, Sephiroth stomped Zach Fair on every way possible, you know, the same dude that dodges Bahamut Fury? The latter could an unnamed planet to Earth in about 11 seconds! Through some calculations, we get a high end of around 55 times the speed of light!

Boomstick: Holy shit, that’s more than enough to cross interplanetary distances in seconds!

Wiz: We also have some very weak feats, like cutting through metal pipes and-

Sephiroth slices a skyscraper in half

Boomstick: Now that’s a good boom.

Wiz: Sephiroth, as being a soldier has many combat intellect and experience, he also outsmarts Cloud on a daily basis!

Boomstick: We forgot to mention Sephiroth's long hair and sword? I’ll say it again, that’s pretty badass.

Wiz: But Sephiroth has a extreme feat of power… Something that only Safer Sephiroth can use…

Boomstick: Supernova.

Wiz: Exactly Boomstick, this thing can reach a solar system range, and through calculations, the power of this attack is about 18. 164 KiloFoe, which is more than enough to destroy our solar system and a bit more!

Boomstick: But Sephiroth isn't perfect, his dark materia is really limited, he is overdone as hell and he can drive insane.

Wiz: Not to mention he toys way too much with his opponents.

Boomstick: Sephiroth is a long-haired badass with a giant sword, what can you have more?

Sephiroth: Do you seek a reason for this battle?!

Vergil (Doom)

(Cue Sibling Showdown )

Wiz: Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth: HUMANS and DEMONS.

Boomstick: One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, humans were victorious, and... Wait!

Wiz: What?

Boomstick: I think I heard this before!

Wiz: I doubt. Ahem, humans were victorious and separated the human world from the Underworld after defeating the Demon King Mundus.

Boomstick: But humans weren’t victorious because they were incredible strong, but because somebody from the Underworld woke up to justice, and stood against the Underworld armies. He was called Sparda. And lemme say this, he was fucking awesome!

Wiz: After stopping the war, Sparda ruled over the humans, and many years later, he married the human Eva and had two twin sons to carry on his legacy.

Boomstick: But one day, pappy randomly disappeared and eventually died, and later the demons killed mommy too, this time in front of the two children, leaving them alone.

Wiz: The twins were separated, each believing the other to be dead. The younger twin, Dante, hated demons and his demonic heritage and became a demon hunter, but the eldest brother believed himself responsible for his mother's death for not being able to protect her because he hasn’t the power to do that.

Boomstick: And so he threw his humanity to the fuck, striving to gain absolute power by any means necessary. He decided to be the strongest, and his name, was Vergil.

Vergil's Win Pose

(Cue Beowulf Battle )

Wiz: The years passed, and Vergil’s thirst of power was great, so he planned a way to open his father’s seal, therefore obtaining his power and his legendary blade, the Sword of Sparda.

Boomstick: He allied with the human Arkham, and went into a search in which he would see the interruption of his younger brother, Dante. Interruption that he wanted to happen.

Wiz: Naturally, when the two twins finally reunited, they came to a disagreement.

Boomstick: And like to siblings that love each other, they took their swords and mercilessly tried to kill the other!

... ...

Boomstick: What? Are you saying that brothers don't do that? But my lil' bro and I do that two times per month!

Wiz: I'm pretty sure we didn't have to know that! Anyway, Vergil won their first match without using his demonic power, like Dante, who in that moment hadn't even discovered them.

Boomstick: After that fight, they continued their ways individually, annihilating whatever that got in their way, including a goliath called Beowulf, whose life Vergil ended with a simple unsheath of his sword, on the most badass way.

Wiz: Then they found the other again, and obviously they fought one more time, and the blood that emerged from the battle was what opened the door to the Underworld, where their last contender was waiting for the devil twins. Arkham, the same guy that Vergil thought would help him to find Sparda's power.

Boomstick: Oh, sure he did! But instead of giving Vergil Sparda's power, he took it for himself and used it to fight the twins, transforming into a demon that presumably had all of Sparda's power.

Wiz: Dante and Vergil fought together with that threat, managing to defeat him and to escape from the Underworld, just to find themselves in a new fight.

Boomstick: The third and last round of the never ending match between Dante and Vergil!

Wiz: An encounter where the twins show all they got.

(Cue Vergil Battle 3 )

Boomstick: 'Cause of course Vergil didn't spend all of his years just sitting around. He became a badass in his own right, slicing demons and anyone dumb enough to get in his way with Yamato, a katana-like blade that was once wielded by his father Sparda.

Wiz: With Yamato, he utilizes two Japanese sword fighting styles: Iiado and Iaijutsu, which both focus of drawing the blade, quick and controlled strikes, and placing it back into its sheathe.

Boomstick: Don't know where he learned them or how many monthly payments he had to put into classes, but it was totally worth it because nearly every time Vergil draws his blade, his enemies don't even know they're dead until he sheathes it.

Wiz: And due to the magical properties of the sword, as well as his own demonic heritage, Vergil can utilize Yamato for many powerful attacks...

Boomstick: Including slashing so fast and hard that he sends foes airborne and attacking in midair for an extended period of time. But two of his moves are the deadliest of the bunch: the Rapid Slash, where he charges forward for a thrust. Even if his thrusting attack misses, anyone or anything right behind him still gets cut.

Wiz: Then there's Judgment Cut, an attack where he pulls out and sheathes Yamato so quickly it never even appears to to have left its sheathe in the first place.

Boomstick: Basically it's a long range attack where he can slice his enemies from a distance. He can even do this multiple times in one sitting or even unleash a flurry of them at once with Dimensional Slash.

Wiz: Yamato accomplishes this by cutting through dimensions and creating a distortion in space itself. It's been said to be able to cut through anything... though weapons like Dante's Rebellion have proven durable enough to stand up to it. While Yamato is one of Vergil's most prized possessions, it is far from his only weapon. He also wields a pair of gauntlets and grieves called Beowulf, which he forged from the soul of a demon... named Beowulf.

Boomstick: They increase the strength of Vergil's already powerful strikes and allow him to bust tons of bone-shattering moves like the spin kick Lunar Phase, Rising Sun, a charge attack that knock foes into the air, the rapid kicking Kick 13, and Starfall, an aerial kick that's guaranteed to nail someone into the ground. Heck, he can even turn his standard jumps into attacks. And last, but not least, there is the almighty Sword of Sparda.

Wiz: Well... yes and no. It's actually called Force Edge and the true power and form of the Sword of Sparda is sealed deep within it, requiring both Vergil and Dante's amulets in order to unlock it.

(music ends)

Boomstick: Aww... Damn it.

(Cue Demon Awakening )

Boomstick: But that's okay because this big, bad blade is still powerful enough in its current form. Vergil can slam it down onto people's heads with Helm Breaker, stab straight through people at a high speed with Stinger, slash them upward with High Time, and send out a shockwave with Drive. And if that wasn't enough, he can even throw Force Edge at his opponents like a homing boomerang of death with Round Trip. How does it even do that?

Wiz: Magic, I guess. Despite his ruthlessness, hatred of weakness, and absolutely no qualms with the strongest surviving, Vergil does have a code of honor, which is reflected in his fighting style, as well as in his lack of any firearms, which he sees as a coward's weapon.

Boomstick: Though that didn't stop him from finding another lethal projectile to fire at people: the Summon Swords, magical constructs of blades that look a lot like tiny Force Edge's for some reason. He can toss these at opponents like darts one at a time without stopping what he's doing.

Wiz: To keep out of an opponent's path or to lure them towards him, Vergil teleports across the battlefield, into the air, or back down again. This ability allows him to traverse faster than the eye can see.

Boomstick: If he doesn't feel like dodging, but also wants some defense, he can create a barrier around him to stop attacks from touching him.

Wiz: Even then, he's more than tough enough to take the hits. As a half-human, half-demon hybrid and a Son of Sparda, he has strength and durability far beyond that of an ordinary human.

Boomstick: But once he starts tapping into his inner demon, he can unleash even stronger Summoned Sword attacks. He can have a bunch rotating around him like a slashing shield with Spiral Swords, set them loose onto his opponent from above with Sword Storm and Heavy Rain Swords, or fire them in rapid succession from behind him with Blistering Swords.

(Cue Vergil Battle 1 )

Wiz: By far his greatest asset of all is his Devil Trigger form, of which he was more knowledgeable and experienced with than Dante due to embracing his heritage far sooner.

Boomstick: When he whips out this form, he gets pretty motivated. Aside from changing him into some kind of blue metal reptile thing, it unleashes his full potential, increases his speed, strength, and durability, and can even heal wounds over time.

Wiz: It's sheer power can decimate just about any demon, but it isn't unlimited and once it runs out, he'll return back to normal and have to wait for it to recharge to a usable amount.

Boomstick: Or he can use all his demonic power at once for his ultimate attack Judgement Cut End. It's slashes at everything in front of him so quickly that it pretty much one-shots just about anyone who made the mistake of fighting him.

Wiz: Vergil can also access to another form, called Nelo Angelo, a demonious forced transformation given to Vergil while at Mundus' service. This increases his power and durability, and reduces his speed and combat ability. It also ensures that he won't reach his father's power and to think for himself. Nelo Angelo uses giant armor and a demonic sword and is still able to use his Summoned Swords but is easily incapacitated by things that remind him of his past life as Vergil, such as the amulet he shares with Dante. 

Boomstick: Still, Vergil has other interesting abilities at his disposal! Such as a powerful resistance to time stop, being able to react and overcome Dante's Quicksilver

Wiz: And has resistance to hostile telepathy and illusions, thanks to Yamato, which somehow managed to cut through an illusory image.

Boomstick: Heck, even at 18 freakin' years old, Vergil is easily one of the greatest master swordsmen of his world. He defeated Dante in their first outing without Devil Trigger, can spin Yamato fast enough to stop automatic fire, and cut down both the Hell Vanguard and Beowulf in one strike... two demons tough enough to survive an encounter with Dante.

Wiz: He can easily cut down handfuls of demons in mere seconds, was once trapped in an illusion and got out of it by... well... cutting it, stabbed through a demon with Yamato's sheathe, and he aided his younger brother in defeating Arkham when the diabolical mad man wielded all of Sparda's power.

Boomstick: To top it off, Rapid Slash and Judgement Cut are virtually unblockable and, when it was being used by someone else, Yamato once penetrated into the powerhouse Nero's seemingly indestructible Devil Bringer arm. With weapons and power like that, does he really need anything else?

Wiz: Even with the incredible power at his disposal, Vergil's thirst for greater power was unquenchable.

Vergil: I need more power!

Boomstick: On the bright side, it's pretty easy to remember what he wants for his birthday.

Wiz: Despite Vergil's tremendous advantage in experience with his demonic heritage and arguably his technique, Dante's sheer willpower turned their second outing into a standstill and even with Force Edge in his arsenal, it was his younger brother who would end up victorious in their third battle.

Boomstick: After that, Vergil fell into the Underworld of his own volition and came face-to-face with Mundus while in pretty bad shape. He took the Demon King on... buuuut we know how that ended. Vergil got brainwashed and turned into the armor-clad Nelo Angelo, and Yamato was straight up broken in two. I sure hope the warranty for that sword covers everything after two thousand years.

Wiz: And while Vergil was undoubtedly given a power increase while in service to Mundus, he never would truly recover from his loss in technique afterward and would eventually be freed from his torment by Dante after one final battle led to his demise.

Boomstick: Still, Vergil is one white-haired teal coat-wearing dude that you don't want to cross. He's one of the deadliest swordsmen in video game history. I'd say step away, but by the time you do, you're already in pieces.

(Music ends)

Vergil clashes with Dante, knocking Rebellion out of his hand as it spins in the air. Right as it lands and is imbedded into the ground, Vergil stabs Dante with Yamato.

Vergil: Foolishness, Dante.

He stabs Dante further with Yamato.

Vergil: Foolishness. Might controls everything. And without strength, you cannot protect anything.

Vergil stabs Dante even further.

Vergil: Let alone yourself.


(Cue Invader - Jim Johnston)

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, lets end this debate once for all!

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLEEEEE!

Death Battle! (Doom)

Temen-Ni-Gru’s roof.

(Cue Temen-Ni-Gru Dive )

It was night time, and a full moon was in the top of the sky, illuminating part of the world with its tenuous light, accompanied by a cold breeze that spread around everywhere, stopping in the bodies of the persons in the streets and in other places, like the platform where a man was standing.

That man has silver and spiky hair, and is wearing a blue and large coat. He is also holding the sheath of his katana-like sword, Yamato. Apparently, he was watching for something, or somebody to appear, like his twin and younger brother Dante, from which he expects to get another fight, a last fight to decide who is the strongest son of Sparda

The man was Vergil, whose gaze, towards the moon, was cold and also represented doom. The place was in silence, so much that the breeze can be heard, as well as Vergil’s heart beats. Time passes slowly, and immerse in his thoughts, Vergil closes his eyes to get a better concentration. However, his concentration only lasted a few seconds.


A powerful explosion was heard, coming from a place a few kilometers away. That explosion made the half-demon come back to the real world. Instantly, Vergil’s eyes opened again, just to see a green and powerful light coming from the earth, rising up to the sky. Said light is placed after an also green forest aside the city, and it called loudly for Vergil’s attention, call that Sparda’s son immediately took.

“That’s a great power source.”

The white-haired man said before clutching his fists and holding the sheath of his sword harder.

“I’ll take it for me.”

Vergil jumps from the tower he was, teleporting in mid-air to reach the roof of a building, repeating the process for a while until he got to the entrance of the forest, where he starts running in order to get to the explosion’s core.

Forest’s Mako fountain

(Cue Mako Reactor )

Covered with trees everywhere, the situation inside of the forest was nearly the same as outside of it, with the exception that the air was heavier, thanks to the energy coming from a shining source in the middle of all those trees. It was a gigantic green fountain with a lot of kids emerging from it and walking to the exterior of what seemed to be water, with lost and yellow eyes.

Along the kids, there were three persons with silver hair, the three with black suits and watching the kids walking outside the fountain. The adults, identified as Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo, were smiling sadistically and showing a calm expression in their face.

“Mother’s going to be happy.”

Kadaj says before starting to laugh, holding a black box in one of his hands and a sword in the other. The other two Remnants of Sephiroth laughed too, and when they were about to talk, they sensed a presence that surprised them. Said presence was moving incredibly fast trough the forest and directly towards them.

“Go and intercept it, there’s no reason to disturb mother!”

Loz and Yazoo smile and nod, to then prepare their weapons and move towards the menace at really high speeds, disappearing from Kadaj’s vision.

Somewhere in the forest

(Cue Still More Fighting )

Not even a second passed when they stopped in front of an imposing man with a blue coat, the eldest son of Sparda, Vergil. Loz points the half-demon with the gauntlet in his left hand, showing a daring glare as his Dual Hound sends some shockwaves around his hand. Yazoo does the same, showing his Velvet Nightmare to Vergil, who actually does nothing but keep as cold as always.

“Wanna play? I’ll show you what happens to those who mess with our plans!”

Loz ensures, menacing Vergil with his words. However, Sparda’s son doesn’t show any fear. Meanwhile, Yazoo removes the pistol’s secure.

“That’s it. This crybaby and I are going to make you feel pain.”

Accepting the challenge, Vergil slowly unsheathes his Yamato.

“Then, get here and try to do it.”

In response, Loz gritted his tooth while clutching his fists, preparing himself to run towards Vergil. At the same time, Yazoo, angry, pulls the trigger four times, causing some bullets to be shoot from the pistol. In the moment Yazoo shoot, the two brothers jumped in direction to the man with the blue coat, shouting the following sentence at unison.

“How dare you!”

Vergil finishes Yamato’s unsheathing as the bullets reach him, doing circular movements with the hand in which he had the sword, creating a little vortex that trapped the bullets inside to later somehow put all the four bullets in the ground with Yamato’s edge. The time it took to Vergil to do that was less than the fraction of a second, despite that the remnants were about to get to him. Still Vergil showed a cold and calm look as always.

(Music stops)


Vergil sheathes Yamato as slow as he unsheathed it, while Loz prepares his Dual Hound to punch the half-demon, and Yazoo moves his finger in order to pull the trigger again.


As fast as Vergil inserted Yamato in its sheath, the remnants’ bodies were cut to pieces of flesh and fell to the ground, leaving a pool of blood under of what was supposed to be Loz and Yazoo’s corpses. Their weapons were decimated too, mixing with the blood and flesh.

“Foolishness, humans. That’s all you got.”

After saying that, Vergil continues walking towards the center of the forest, ignoring the remains of the remnants and the green loots of light that spread from their pieces and that moved up to the sky. At the distance, Vergil could see the Mako fountain, and some children going out of it.

Forest’s Mako fountain

(Cue Vergil Appearance )

Just a few seconds later, the half-demon also sees another man, similar to the other two but this one had a katana, and a black box. The children weren’t in the fountain anymore, as they dispersed through the forest with a quite slow walking. However, to Vergil that was unimportant, as what he wanted was to know what that energy source was. Kadaj on the other hand, felt a bit scared, knowing that nor Loz or Yazoo leaved a single scratch on the man.

Still, Kadaj showed himself fearless against Vergil, pointing his left hand and therefore his katana towards the Sparda's son, while smiling in a villainous way.

"So, you're tougher than you look."

Kadaj makes a little silence, taking a battle stance. Meanwhile, Vergil just took his sheathed sword.

"Your interruption in Mother's plans is going to be punished right now!"

Slow motion comes up as the remnant jumps towards Vergil, trying to slice Sparda's son in half from above, and in order to avoid any injury, Vergil puts the sheathed Yamato in front of him, easily blocking the oncoming attack.

"Are you trying to protect this energy source?"

Vergil says before pulling the other away without problems by moving his sheath forward. Vergil's push throws Kadaj towards a tree near to the fountain, hurting him when he struck with the tree. 

"Yes, I am-"


The remnant tried to answer Vergil's question, but something that entered to his mouth at alarming speeds muted him, being accompanied by a great pain and a lot of blood spilling from inside of his mouth. Said object perforated the interior of Kadaj’s mouth and got out from the back side of his head, full of blood, also burying into the tree. The shape of the thing that impaled his mouth was oval and large, and it was Vergil’s.

That object was the sheathed Yamato.

“Then let me tell you something.”

Vergil slowly walks towards the remnant, which drops his katana, and desperate but weakly, tries to take out the sheath from inside of his mouth, but is useless as it’s strongly buried. Then Vergil approaches, and the half-demon holds Yamato but doesn’t takes it out from the tree. 

“Might controls everything. And without strength-“

Vergil pulls out Yamato and its sheath ruthlessly from Kadaj, and a stream of blood is fired from inside of the fatal wound Vergil caused to the remnant.

“-you can’t protect anything!”

Instantly after those words, Vergil does a powerful kick towards Kadaj’s torso, and as fast as the Sparda’s son kicks, the remnant is throw into the mako fountain along with the tree.

(Music stops)

“Let alone yourself.”


He unsheathed just a bit of Yamato’s edge, and an air slash was sent to Kadaj’s throat, cutting it in half and causing the remnant’s head to fall apart. However, when he was throw, the fainted Kadaj managed to shackle the box to his chest, and to close his eyes despite having his head ripped.


Kadaj’s body, his head and the tree fall to the water and they rapidly sink in the mako. The liquid of the fountain became red in less than a second thanks to the blood that spread from Kadaj, but the green energy loots that were levitating above the water were still of the same color.

The half-demon approaches to the fountain a few seconds later, crouching in front of it and submerging one of his hands into the mako, taking a bit of it and sensing its power around the entire place.

“Feels great! What kind of energy is this?”

(Cue J-E-N-O-V-A )


Surprisingly, a man flew from the water at high speeds, causing the mako to disperse and the water to spread. That man levitates above the fountain, looking at Vergil with a menacing glare. In response to that, Vergil quickly stands and returns the gaze to the other person.

Said man is quite similar to Kadaj, in fact, Vergil thought it was Kadaj when he first saw him, but there was something different in that new man. He had the same silver hair and black suit, but the hair was longer and his expression was a more imposing one, plus he had a large and long black wing growing from his back.

“It’s called Mako, and it’s the liquid form of the Lifestream, a river of spiritual energy coursing through the Planet, its blood and soul… A river of dead memories.”

That new man was Sephiroth, Jenova’s son. Slowly, Sephiroth’s expression changed to show a threatening smile.

“It’s the sum of all living things in the planet, and upon somebody’s life ends, its spiritual energy returns to the Lifestream.”

The One Winged Angel aims his left hand at Vergil, and a long blade, Masamune, appears in his hand as a flash of light. After that, Vergil smiles softly and holds the sheathed Yamato harder.

“And I’ll force you to return yours.”

It’ll be funny to see you try.”

They stare at each other, showing discord in their challenging gazes.

(J-E-N-O-V-A intensifies)

Just an instant later, the silver-haired swordsmen move towards the other at alarming speeds, swinging their weapons in opposite directions and preparing them to clash with the other’s.



Sephiroth’s Masamune finds Yamato’s sheath in its way, colliding and causing the air to spread and the mako to ascend. They stare at the other for less than a second, and then Vergil is pushed strongly by Sephiroth, sending him a few meters backwards. Instantly after that, Sephiroth follows the half-demon, swinging his sword. However, Vergil reacts quickly and recovers, managing to stand in the air and to block Sephiroth’s swing.

“This is gonna be fun.”

Vergil pushes Sephiroth away and starts to throw consecutive slashes with the sheath of Yamato, slashes that were easily avoided by the One Winged Angel. Still, the half-demon continues with his non-stopping swings, until Sephiroth counter-attacks with a barrage of lethal sword slashes. Vergil managed to block some of these with the sheath, but when the slashes become faster, Sparda’s son has no option but to jump away from Sephiroth, standing between a few trees. Then, the half-demon takes Yamato’s handle, and starts its unsheathing.

“Take a look at this!” 

Sephiroth stares at Vergil, and then at the sword, which was completely unsheathed when he saw it. Instantly he noticed something coming from the sword at insane speeds, it was a sharp shockwave flying directly towards him. In order to avoid, Sephiroth rolls aside, managing to evade with any injury. Seeing that, Vergil proceeds to throw more air slashes at high speeds. Those were a lot, and Jenova’s son prepared himself to dodge.

“That’s nothing.”

Sephiroth runs towards the slashes and jumps forward, doing elegant twists in the air and avoiding some of the swings with ease. Uninterruptedly, Jenova’s son does a high jump, to continuously fly towards Vergil at insane speeds. Vergil continued swinging, and Sephiroth avoids them with no problems, until he almost ended the distance between both, finding a last slash that he cut in half with Masamune, managing to reach Vergil, who didn’t hesitate to attack with another sword swing that Sephiroth counters with one of his own.


The swords collided with an incredible strength and speed, causing a large shockwave to spread around them, cutting some trees and creating a little crater below them. Without stop, the two start to interchange consecutive slashes. The swords only found each other in their way, sending sparks everywhere and bringing destruction to the place each time they collide. Neither Vergil nor Sephiroth were giving up, in fact, they increase the ferocity of their movements with each new swing, just to get blocked again.

Then, after a few seconds of mad slashes, one of them finally shows superiority, Sephiroth, who manages to block a last swing and push Vergil a little, to then leave a slight cut in Vergil’s chest. In response to that, Vergil groans, but he doesn’t recoils, instead of that, he counters with another slash, which got to Sephiroth and cut a lock of his silver hair. Said lock flies around the place in slow motion as the silver-haired swordsmen interchange plenty fast-passed swings, and the slight light of the moon illuminates the action of the moment, being deflected in the edge of their katanas. Then, with a last slash, both combatants are throw in opposite directions, being followed by a large shockwave.

They exchange glares for less than a second, until Vergil pulls out a broadsword that he throws at Sephiroth with a lot of strength, what makes the sword to be send at high speeds. Looking at the sword that was throw towards him, Sephiroth prepares Masamune to block it. In a fraction of a second, Force Edge reaches the One Winged Angel, but a swing from Masamune makes the sword go back. Still, the broadsword continues moving towards Sephiroth, but another swing sends it back again. That went for a second or two, until a shadow light appeared behind Sephiroth in a blink. It was Vergil, who instantly threw a few slashes to Jenova’s son.

“Nice try.”

Sephiroth moves Masamune, throwing Force Edge again to then block some of Vergil’s swings and avoid others. Sephiroth notices the broadsword flying at him again when he was fighting Vergil, and after blocking another slash from the half-demon, Jenova’s son moves his right hand towards Force Edge, grabbing its handle and taking control over the broadsword. Noticing that, Vergil moves Yamato in order to cut Sephiroth, taking advantage of the distraction, but the swing was easily blocked by Sephiroth, who used the broadsword to defend himself. Consecutively, Sephiroth moves Force Edge towards Vergil, who blocks using the sheath of Yamato. Then Vergil swings Yamato, and Sephiroth defends with Masamune. Due to that, their weapons get obstruct, and the swordsmen push each other in order to shake off, achieving nothing but to create an igniting pressure between their swords.

“You’re stronger than the other three.”

The igniting pressure disappears when Sephiroth’s strength shows to be superior to Vergil’s, throwing the half-demon away. Without giving Vergil any chance, Sephiroth flies at him quickly, and connects a barrage of slashes to Sparda’s son using Force Edge and Masamune. Vergil only managed to avoid the first ones, because Sephiroth slashed just faster and faster, achieving to swing through Vergil’s body. To finish him off, Sephiroth slashes Vergil’s chest with broadsword, then with Masamune, and ends by stabbing Vergil in the stomach with Force Edge. Vergil moans a bit after that, and some blood spills from his mouth.

“That means that you’ll have to try harder with me.”

(Music stops)

Sephiroth stabs Vergil even further, and a few seconds later, the One Winged Angel kicks Force Edge’s handle towards the half-demon, completely impaling him and making him crawl in the ground.

“That’s all you got?”

The pain was great, but Vergil wasn’t tired or defeated. He stands slowly, and with his left hand, he pulls Force Edge out of his stomach. Blood spills from the hole that the sword left on him, leaving blood stains in his outfit and in the ground. Said hole regenerates after a few seconds, showing no injury in Vergil’s body. The half-demon sheathes Yamato, and keeps the bloody Force Edge in his left hand, to then hold it with both. Menacing, Vergil stares at Sephiroth, who shows a sinister smile.

“That’s not all my might.”

(Cue Taste the Blood )

“Nor is mine.”

They start walking towards the other. Slowly at the beginning, increasing their speed passed some steps, then, they begin to run with incredible speeds, reaching the other in less than a second and swinging their swords at their rival, and again, a large shockwave spreads across the entire place. Their weapons block the other’s again, but instead of trying to win in an strength match, Vergil rolls backwards and then points Force Edge towards Sephiroth. By doing that, Vergil is sent in direction to the One Winged Angel at high speeds.


Sephiroth narrowly blocks the strike with Masamune, just to quickly move his sword towards another swing from Vergil, which was blocked too. Despite that, the half-demon continues slashing towards the One Winged Angel, without letting him counter-attack. Vergil doesn’t stops for a while, and Sephiroth keeps blocking until Sparda’s son finally manages to land a clean cut on him, leaving a wound in Sephiroth’s chest. Taking advantage of that, Vergil continues moving Force Edge, leaving yet more cuts on Sephiroth’s body. In a fast move, the half-demon pulls out Yamato and its sheath, and hits the One Winged Angel with the sheath a few times, to instantly release a barrage of swings towards Sephiroth with Yamato. All of them got to Jenova’s son and made him flinch and a leave him a bit dizzy. Sephiroth shakes his head a few seconds and opens his eyes, just to see Vergil throwing a powerful kick on his stomach. Sephiroth moans after receiving the blow, which throws the One Winged Angel towards some trees that break down after catching Sephiroth.

“My turn.”

The One Winged Angel quickly stands, shattering even more trees when a powerful impulse sends him at Vergil at alarming speeds. Sephiroth held his sword in high during his flying, and moved it towards the half-demon when the distance between both was small. In response, Vergil puts Yamato forward to block the oncoming slash. The swords were about to clash again due to that, but in a quick move, Sephiroth changes the direction of his sword, and aims it upwards, throwing an upper slash that got to Vergil and throws him to the air. Consecutively, Sephiroth flies at Sparda’s son, and when he catches up with the flying Vergil, he releases a lot of slashes at him, coming from every single direction. The half-demon blocks some, but most of them damaged him.

“Take this!”

Jenova’s son points Masamune at the floor and tries to stab Vergil with it by doing a quick move, but the sword doesn’t even gets to Vergil as the half-demon disappears in a blink, reappearing behind the soldier and still in the air, swinging Yamato’s sheath.

“I’ll teach you how it’s done.”

Rapidly, the One Winged Angel turns towards Vergil and tries to defend from Vergil’s attack, but it is too late as Vergil already hit him, connecting that last hit with a few slashes from Yamato and an upper slash with Force Edge, that makes Sephiroth go higher. Continuing, the half-demon teleports again to Jenova’s son, using Yamato to consecutively cut trough Sephiroth’s body and Force Edge to throw the One Winged Angel back to the floor at high speeds with a vertical swing.

“I haven’t finished yet!”

Vergil teleports to the ground, right before Sephiroth lands on it and kicks upwards after equipping Beowulf, throwing Sephiroth to the sky again. After that, Vergil holds both Yamato and its sheath, and a few soul swords appear around him, rotating and forming a spiral. Said swords, after a few seconds, are all throw towards Sephiroth, who was still in the air. Everything goes slow motion for a second when the swords were about to hit Jenova’s son, and in a flash of light, Sephiroth disappears just like Vergil did before.

“Where did he go?!”

Asks Vergil to himself, looking at everywhere to find Sephiroth, but he doesn’t sees him after a few seconds. Vergil opens his eyes wide when he realizes that Sephiroth’s presence is quite nearby, but still he can’t see the One Winged Angel.

“I’m behind you.”

Vergil turns to where he heard the voice, but there’s nothing but trees and mere silence. Then he turns again just to see Sephiroth in front of him. Immediately, Vergil swings Yamato towards the man, but Sephiroth disappears again. Vergil was about to turn again, but the One Winged Angel surprises Vergil when he throws a barrage of merciless slashes at him. Obviously, Vergil tried to avoid but Sephiroth’s speed was greater, and due to that he managed to trap the half-demon inside his consecutive swings. Masamune leaves cuts around the half- demon’s entire body, even at his face as little cheeks, and with a last slash, Sephiroth tries to rip-off Vergil’s head, but Vergil sidesteps and narrowly avoids. However, the sword still managed to cut a bit of his hair. Quickly after that, Vergil kicks Sephiroth in the stomach and moves him away with that blow. In his new position, Sephiroth shakes Masamune aside, like daring Vergil, who does the same with Yamato.

“Don’t get so cocky!”

Vergil teleports again, disappearing from Sephiroth’s gaze. The One Winged Angel smiles and then points Masamune to nowhere.

“I can play that game too!”

Sephiroth teleports too, and the place stays alone for a few seconds due to that. In a blink, both combatants appear again in the air, slashing towards the other and clashing their swords to then disappear again. That action is repeated again, this time inside the forest and between a few trees that were cut to pieces after the clash of their katanas. They teleport one more time, to were the battle began. Their swords found the other’s in their way again, however, Sephiroth was quicker, and due to that Masamune reached Vergil and cut straight his stomach, causing a lethal wound from where a lot of blood began to spill. After that, Sephiroth prepares Masamune to give Vergil the victory strike, as the half-demon gasps heavily due to the previous swing.

“Your fear will be gone in a flash!”

Sephiroth swings his sword with an incredible strength towards Vergil’s torso in order to rip him in half, but when he was about to hit the half-demon, a shadow force field appeared around him, protecting him from the blow and sending Sephiroth away. Vergil’s wounds started to regenerate faster than the last time, and a dark aura surrounded him.

(Cue Vergil Battle 2)

“You are going down. Feel the power of my father, Sparda!”

After saying that, the shadow force field disperses and the dark aura that surrounded Vergil transforms into a few blue lightnings that flew around the half-demon’s body, which mutated to transform him in a kind of blue demonic reptile. Summarizing, he activated his Devil Trigger.

“Come then.”

Sephiroth stands in a battle stance while Vergil jumps at him at alarming speeds, swinging Yamato at Jenova’s son with a great force. The One Winged Angel blocks that attack using Masamune, and an even greater shockwave spreads around, showing how much Vergil’s strength has grow due to using his devil heritage. Trying to push the other away, they keep moving their sword against the other’s, but something was different this time, as Vergil was the one that show greater strength during the struggle. That went for a few seconds, until…


Masamune breaks and shows Vergil an aperture in Sephiroth’s moves, aperture that the half-demon immediately took advantage of by swinging his sword at Jenova’s son again. Because Masamune was now useless, the only Sephiroth could do was avoid, and so he did it. Vergil throws another slash, and the One Winged Angel dodges, then he slashes again, this time faster, and yet Sephiroth still avoids it, with greater difficult this time. Sparda’s son keeps swinging and swinging Yamato at insane speeds, but Sephiroth continues avoiding despite that.Then, the One Winged Angel fills his hand with a white energy, which is immediately thrown at Vergil.


Time stops when the spell is executed, but something weird happens at that moment. Vergil doesn’t stops swinging his sword, what highly surprises Sephiroth.


While dodging, Sephiroth stumbles with a rock, making him fall just when Vergil throws another slash at him, this one being apparently stronger and faster than the others.

“Now, rest in pieces!”

Vergil’s last swing was about to rip Sephiroth in half, but a white light surrounded Jenova’s son in the last moment and teleported him a few meters away from Sparda’s son. After that, Sephiroth points Vergil with his left hand, and an orb of dark flames is generated is his hand.

“Too late for laments.”

Dark Flare

Sephiroth moves his hand and the orb of dark flames is throw towards Vergil, dividing into five orbs of powerful flames that flew towards Vergil rapidly. Noticing that, Vergil generates more soul swords, five of them exactly, that are throw at the dark orbs and force them to stop shortly, and due to that, the orbs also-


-explode when they touch the soul swords, burning a few trees and causing a curtain of smoke and fire that separated both combatants.


The half-demon teleports at Sephiroth and slashes towards him as Jenova’s son jumps backwards to avoid said swing. Vergil jumps after him while holding Force Edge in high, and noticing this, Sephiroth puts his hands together, to then separate them. While doing that, lightning light appeared in his hands with the shape of a sword. Force Edge hits the light between Sephiroth’s hands and the light reveals its true form, a non-broken Masamune. Jenova’s son throws Vergil away by moving his sword, and then follows him while throwing another slash; slash that the half-demon blocks by throwing one of his own. Consecutively, Sephiroth moves Masamune and leaves more cuts to Vergil that made him flinch, but apparently caused no damage as the wounds instantly regenerated. Vergil tried to fight back at that moment, but Sephiroth’s speed surpasses his and allowed the One Winged Angel to make even more swings, and all of them got to Vergil. Again, the wounds leaved were lethal, but were healed in an instant.

“Know your place.”

Masamune moved vertically towards Vergil in a blink after Sephiroth said that, and the sword stopped when it hit flesh, showing how the blood spills and slips in the sword. In first instance, Sephiroth thought he has cut Vergil’s head in two, however, another look allowed him to see that just above the half demon’s head, and in front of Masamune, was Vergil’s hand, holding the blade. Surprised, Sephiroth moves backwards, leaving his sword in Vergil’s hand.

“Let’s see how great the thirst of this blade is!”

Vergil throws Masamune to the air and catches it by the handle, then, holding Yamato in one hand and Masamune in the other, Vergil moves at Sephiroth, swinging both swords in opposite directions and forming the shape of an “X” with the edge of them. Noticing that, Sephiroth raises his left hand, and an orange light appears from his hand.


Right when the swords got to Sephiroth, a light shield is generated in front of the soldier; and the swings from the half-demon don’t even touch Sephiroth because of that. Insistently, Vergil continues moving both swords towards the light shield, but it’s useless as the attacks coming from Sparda’s son are completely nullified by the crystal-like energy shield, but that doesn’t stops Vergil as he continues attacking without tiring and from every direction.

Sephiroth stood in the same place for a few seconds, and noticing how the effect of the wall was almost over, the One Winged Angel draws his fist, being surround by a blazing aura that later moved to his fist only.


“Foolish child. Get away!”

Everything becomes slow and at the same time, Vergil makes a last slash that almost pierces Sephiroth’s head, Jenova’s son puts his glowing hand in front of Vergil’s face, the effect of the energy shields goes out and so does Vergil’s Devil Trigger. Sephiroth smiles, and right when Yamato is about to cut him, he releases the energy contained in his hand.


(Music stops)

Everything goes black for a while, and when the lights turn on again, a burning forest is shown. The explosion made the mako fountain disappear, and the liquid from the fountain started to fall from the sky like rain, extinguishing a bit the flames caused by the explosion. In opposite sides of the forest, are placed Sephiroth and Vergil, the two lying in the floor apparently unconscious. And in the middle of the forest, the handle of a shattered Masamune is seen along Yamato.

After a few seconds, the two slowly stand. Vergil is the first to fully stand, and due to the liquid that was falling from the sky, Vergil’s hair had a new style, being a bowl cut one. He, from his side of the forest, sees Yamato away, then looks at his hand, noticing that was he was holding was only Yamato’s sheath. After that, he stares at the distance, to see Sephiroth standing really far from him. The One Winged Angel was looking down, slowly raising his gaze. When Sephiroth finally sees forward, he shows a sinister smile, said smile juts incredibly due to the burning forest, and makes him look more threatening.

One more time, Sephiroth generates Masamune by shaking his left hand aside. Then, both combatants teleport to the center of the forest, having a few meters of distance between both, and with Vergil being nearby to Yamato.

“Just let me tell you something…”

Vergil crouches and takes Yamato, to then stand and sheathe the sword. After that, he moves his hand to his hair, giving it the same spiky shape it had before the rain started.

“This place shall be your grave.”

In response, Sephiroth laughs and swings Masamune aside. At the same time, his wing flaps a bit and some black feathers unfasten from it.

“Heheheheh… I… Will never be a memory.”

The two stand in a battle stance, getting prepared for a new round as the flames slowly engulf the entire forest and the mako falls from the sky. Then, they move towards the other, slashing in opposite directions and clashing their swords one more time.

(Cue The Soldier Way )


Then they swing their swords again, and when the two clash, the air expands around them, causing some flames to extinguish and the rain to fall slowly. They continue interchanging swings for a few seconds, throwing the liquid drops away with each slash. They were fighting at incredible high speeds, undoubtedly a lot of times the speed the human eye can see. The first to show any superiority was Sephiroth, who doesn’t leaves his elegancy to continue slashing at Vergil. In the other hand, Vergil was using both Force Edge and Yamato, evenly using Yamato’s sheath too, in order to block all of Sephiroth’s attacks and counter with his. They put all of their strength in a last swing, blocking the other’s and causing another shockwave to expand, also throwing them to opposite sides of the battlefield.

Being separated by ten meters at least, Sephiroth swings his sword four times at nowhere but pointing at Vergil, and sharp energy beams are throw from Masamune, cutting everything on their way. Noticing that, Vergil sheathes Yamato and generates a few soul swords that flew at the sharp beams, colliding with them and causing little explosions of blue energy around the place.

“Stay where you are.”

Vergil unsheathes a bit of Yamato’s edge, and without any warning, a dark sphere surrounds Sephiroth. Surprised, Sephiroth jumps backwards, going out of that sphere, where a lot of hypersonic cuts were seen. Noticing from what he has escaped, the One Winged Angel sighs lighten just to see what was Vergil doing, revealing Yamato’s edge once and once again, and creating more of those orbs around him. Sephiroth flies away from them quickly, until he is surrounded one more time, having no reasonable way to escape. Jenova’s son puts Masamune in front of him as a blocking way, looking at Vergil from the sky. Right when the cuts began inside the sphere, Sephiroth disappeared and reappeared behind Vergil.

“Avoid this… Here.”

Sephiroth swings Masamune towards Vergil, hitting him and continuing slashing at him a few times since that first hit. Then, Sephiroth’s right hand is engulfed with dark flames again, and after an upper slash that sends Vergil to the air, Sephiroth releases the dark energy that was in his hand.

Dark Flare

The orb divided in more individual orbs that flew towards Vergil, who rapidly recovers while falling, noticing the flames flying at him. Using Force Edge, the half-demon swings the first two orbs that got to him, slicing them and making them explode behind him. The others were just ignored as Vergil teleported away from the explosion that also destroyed the remaining orbs. Sparda’s son appears again in the ground, in front of Sephiroth but with a lot of distance between them. Despite that, Sephiroth demonstrated to be incredibly fast as he ignored the distance and flew at Vergil in a blink, trying to slice Vergil’s arm, but he sidesteps. Vergil is surrounded by blue lightings again for a second, and once again, he activates his Devil Trigger. Instantly after that, Vergil counter attacks by slashing with Sparda and then throwing a powerful kick with Beowulf, but Sephiroth blocks the first swings and easily avoids the kicks. Consecutively, the silver-haired swordsmen swing again, just to clash their swords like before and then move backwards.

“You will not forget this devil’s powers!”

With that said, Vergil dashes at Sephiroth at alarming speeds, swinging Yamato. However, instead of blocking, Sephiroth just avoids and raises his right hand while drawing his fist, which is surrounded by an orange light that instantly disperses when he opens his hand again. The Earth begins to shake heavily after that, and while in the beginning that didn’t matter to Vergil as he continued trying to slice Sephiroth, that changed when he saw the sky, having his eyes opened wide when he noticed that a gigantic meteor was slowly falling at them.

“Say goodbye.”


Vergil stays back, and after a second of thinking, he jumps at the meteor, preparing Yamato to intercept it, however, when he was about to attack the meteor, his sword struck with another sharp thing, Sephiroth’s Masamune.

“I want you to beg for forgiveness.”

Falling as slow as the meteor was, Sephiroth swings Masamune at the half-demon, pushing him at the burning rock. In response, Vergil uses the Beowulf shoes to stand at the meteor instead of clashing with it, and then jumps at Sephiroth again, slashing towards him. Sephiroth slashes too, and the swords collide one more time. Meanwhile, in the city and around the forest, people look at the sky scared, running everywhere and trying to escape from that gigantic menace, having no savior and noticing their near end.

Back to the fight, they swing their swords again, but this time, when their swords collide, they’re knocked out of their user’s hands, falling to the ground at high speeds. Nor Vergil of Sephiroth give up despite that, and they keep fighting using their first, grabbing the other by the shoulders and falling faster than before, like the meteor, whose speed become far greater than before, and surpassed the falling speed of the swordsmen. After noticing that, Sephiroth manages to throw Vergil at the gigantic rock, causing him to be trapped in the fall of the meteor because of that.

“Go to hell!”

Vergil tries to stand from the meteor, but its gravity and speed doesn’t allows him, burying Vergil slowly in the rock, his skin was burning slowly, but thanks to his Devil Trigger, he can keep regenerating it. In response to what Vergil said, Sephiroth’s, who was falling in front of the meteor and almost clashes with it, shows a smile, while his left hand burns again.

“Hehehehe… I’ve already seen hell.”


Sephiroth releases the fire from his hand and throws it at Vergil, who was still in the meteor. The gigantic flare thrown by Sephiroth collides with the meteor as well, and due to that, the meteor’s fall stops, but just for a mere second, because instantly-


(Music stops)

-it exploded, filling the sky with small falling rocks, that crush on the city and in the remains of the forest, which was now a gigantic campfire. The center of the forest shows to be completely lonely, having just a lot of fire surrounding it, but a different sound than the one made by the burning trees was heard thought the entire place.


Two swords fell from the sky, Masamune and Yamato, and right as they land they are embedded into the hot ground, forming an X.


The forest continued burning after that, and that went for a few minutes, until a great howl of the wind extinguish all of the flames in a blink. The wind was brave, and makes all the smoke spread too. At the same time, a holy light fell from the sky and formed a circle in a place of the campfire. The place illuminated by the light, was where a badly hurt Sephiroth was lying. The howling wind became furious, and created a little dark tornado that destroyed the remaining but burned trees just to get into a Vergil that had a pretty bad shape. The silver-haired swordsmen looked terrible, but they were still alive, and their wounds were healing slowly. 

(Cue The Planet has become my Guardian)

The holy light raised Sephiroth from the ground, and so did the dark wind with Vergil, completely surrounding them, and from a moment to another, said elements quickly transform them into really different beings, giving Vergil a clad armor that covered his entire body, a red cape, and a strange black zweihänder with a great size. His helmet covered his face two, only showing Vergil’s eyes, which were now yellow. Also, he was entirely surrounded by a dark blue aura, even his sword was. On the other hand, the light that got to Sephiroth mutated him into a really weird and giant creature, with a grotesque body and the same face as Sephiroth, but with his eyes closed. After transforming, the two stare at each other,


Nelo Angelo roars before dashing at Bizarro Sephiroth, showing himself slower than before. In exchange of the speed he lost, he won more power, which was shown with every footstep he makes, as the place stumbles with them. The gigantic Sephiroth, in the other hand, moves slowly towards his enemy, still being surrounded by that light. When they were near, the Dark Angel jumps at Sephiroth, just to be throw away by a shockwave sent from Bizarro’s core. In the air, Nelo Angelo generates a few soul swords that fly at Sephiroth’s wings, being impaled at them. Then, the Dark Angel stands in the ground, and punches the air to send electric shockwaves from his gauntlets at his enemy.

Bolt 3

Thunders fell from the sky at insane speed and blocked the shockwaves throw by Vergil. A bit upset, Nelo Angelo continues throwing soul swords and lightning shockwaves, which find the same destiny as the others. Vergil then grabs a giant rock from the ground, and without struggling, he throws it at Sephiroth, with incredible force and speed. Noticing that, Bizarro Sephiroth just moves aside, easily dodging the rock. That worked as a distraction that Vergil tried to take advantage of, by jumping and slashing his sword at his left wing, achieving nothing because another shockwave coming from the core made the Dark Angel flinch.

Ice 3

Enormous icicles are generated from the particles in the air, in front of Bizarro Sephiroth. Said icicles fly from their previous position to where Nelo Angelo was. Noticing that, the Dark Angel prepares his zweihänder, and in a quick move, he slices the icicles in a million of pieces. Consecutively, Vergil throws a few soul swords and fist shockwaves at every part of Sephiroth’s large body. Acting independently, each part of Sephiroth’s body throws energy beams to destroy the oncoming projectiles, and at the same time, Nelo Angelo jumps at the core, swinging his sword a few times and leaving lethal cuts at him. The grotesque creature shakes completely when he gets cut by Vergil, releasing a weird groan that spread across the forest.

After leaving those cuts at Jenova’s son, Nelo Angelo teleports away while throwing yet more energy souls that were simply destroyed too.


Sparda’s son swings his sword at nowhere, but pointing it at the creature and a large and sharp beam is throw at Sephiroth. Noticing that, the monster tries to avoid, but his gigantic size and minimal speed didn’t allowed him to do that, and thanks to that issue, the sharp beam completely hit Sephiroth, leaving a great cut straight his entire body. Said cut became a big wound from were blood spills heavily, but after a few seconds, said wound regenerates with no problem. Vergil roars angered, to then swing his sword more times, up to five. All of the sharp beams get to Bizarro Sephiroth and leave even more slices on him, but all of them are healed in a blink. Despite showing no injury, the monster still seems to be a bit exhausted, and is sometimes releasing weird gasps from his mouths.

Quake 3

The entire place shakes heavily instantly after the spell is called, especially where Nelo Angelo stands. Then, the earth starts to fall apart, and giant rocks fell from everywhere, showing great fissures in the ground. Some of the rocks coming from above fall at Nelo Angelo too, but with little to no effort, he breaks then by using his electric gauntlets, to later being surrounded by the same dark blue aura as before, and release an expansive shockwave that protected him from the falling rocks and shattered the ground where he has standing.


Ignoring the shaking place, he runs towards the creature again, dragging his sword while doing that and keeping that dark blue aura around himself. Bizarro Sephiroth continues throwing energy beams from his body parts, but Nelo Angelo easily blocks them or avoids, before doing a high jump and holding his sword in high in order to slice the monster in half. Bizarro Sephiroth just looks up, moving his wing to block the oncoming attack.


Vergil’s swing entirely ripped Sephiroth left wing, causing a lot of blood to spill from the hole leaved where the wing was supposed to be. The wing falls on the ground, crashing on it and leaving a crater under it. After that, Nelo Angelo jumps again, and Bizarro Sephiroth struggles to move away.

(Cue Super Ultra Violet) 


Moving incredibly fast, Nelo Angelo swings his sword one more time, this time cutting the remaining wing. Bizarro Sephiroth cries loudly for a few seconds, and Sparda’s son teleports away once more, looking at the beast that was levitating above the two craters caused by the fall of his wings. Massive amounts of blood spills from his great wounds, falling in the ground and transforming the dry floor into a bloody lake.


Vergil dashes at the monster, to then jump and prepare his sword to slash through Sephiroth’s core again, to give him a last slice. The strength Nelo Angelo used for that last slash was massive, so that the clouds cut with the mere wind move caused by the swing. The edge of the sword was about to reach the monster’s core, but a great pressure pushed Vergil away, and into the ground, burying him heavily.

Demi 3

The same pressure also surrounded Vergil with a purple and spherical aura that keeps Vergil pushed onto the ground, without letting him to stand or move any muscle. That desperate Nelo Angelo a lot, and angers him even more. Trying to stand, the ground shatters, and buries Sparda’s son in the floor more than before by every second that passes. Bizarro Sephiroth uses the time Vergil is attracted to the ground to take a little rest, and to stop the pain given by the ripping of his limbs, but that rest only lasted a few seconds, because Vergil started to surpass the increased gravity of the attack, and despite the floor beaks when the Dark Angel tries to stand, he still manages to slowly rise again. Then, Nelo Angelo pulls out his zweihänder, and raises it too, holding it on high.


Vergil slashes through the sphere that was holding him in the floor, and it gets destroyed instantly, allowing Nelo Angelo to move freely. After that, Sparda’s son throws his sword at the monster’s core, and the sword is completely embedded on it. Sephiroth releases a guttural cry after being stabbed by the zweihänder, and the core starts dropping even more blood than what the wings did. The spilled blood got to Vergil, wetting him at the moment and filling his armor with blood, and his sword as well. Then, a fire aura completely surrounds the grotesque creature, that then moves to the core.

Fire 3

The blazing aura is fired from the core at alarming speeds, along with Nelo Angelo’s sword. The zweihänder was covered with fire and a powerful explosion followed it. The Dark Angel looked at this a bit confused, but then prepares his hands to catch his cannonball sword, which got to him almost instantly. He put his hands in front of him, and with them, he tries to stop the blazing sword. The force of the shot was insane; however, Nelo Angelo still managed to stop the zweihänder with his bare hand and to ignore any fire damage in his body. He then grabs his sword by its handle, and with one hand. He laughs a bit after that, feeling how the place gets warming every second, without knowing why. Due to that, the Dark Angel looks up, noticing a great blaze moving at him.


Nelo Angelo jumps at the fire moving at him, and swings his sword. The blaze is sliced in two, and a little explosion comes after that. The Dark Angel jumps from the explosion that propels him to the creature. He reached Bizarro Sephiroth almost instantly, and then, with his sword in high, he does an horizontal swing that slices the creature’s upper body in half.


Screams the monster as his body splits. After that slash, Vergil falls on the ground, seeing how the creature is ripped and his body falling apart. Just a few seconds later, the creature exploded entirely, and liters of blood spilled from the now inexistent body of the monster, giving Vergil a bloody wash.


Vergil walks away from the lake of blood, thinking that the fight was already over, however, apparently he was wrong, as the head of Bizarro Sephiroth continued levitating, now without body, wings or anything else. Vergil roars a little, and he dashes at the monster’s head, moving his sword strongly, wanting to finish that fight in that moment, but when they were incredibly near, a holy light falls from the sky like before, surrounding Sephiroth one more time and throwing Vergil away, crashing him against a big rock. The light was brighter than before, and it also recovered all of Sephiroth’s energy.


Vergil swings his sword, and a sharp beam is fired at Sephiroth, but it doesn’t even damages him, in fact, the beam is just absorbed by the head of Jenova’s son. The light then creates a sphere of white energy around Sephiroth, and a holy mutation can be seen through the walls of the ball, showing Sephiroth’s face as it was originally, seven wings with a lot of colors, and what seemed to be a halo.

“I’ll bring you despair!”

Sephiroth’s voice is heard across the place, and then the lights disappear. The sky became cloudy, showing white and clean clouds. The flames disappeared, and the entire forest re-growth again. Flowers grew everywhere, and the burning place became a green land where Nelo Angelo was standing, and the holy Safer Sephiroth was flying above.

(Cue Birth of a God)

Safer Sephiroth moves around the place, and just his mere presence shakes the earth. His seven wings flap at the same time except for the one that was in the place his right hand should be, which was intact. Meanwhile, Nelo Angelo takes a battle stance, ignoring the shaking ground like he did before.


Laughs the Dark Slayer after hearing what Sephiroth said and before running towards the One Winged Angel. Sephiroth also moves at Nelo Angelo, the two reaching the other at really high speeds. The Dark Slayer then swings his sword Safer Sephiroth, just to hit nothing because in that moment, Sephiroth teleported away, being surrounded by an orange light that later spreads around him.


The spell’s effect is activated instantly, as an energy shield is generated around Sephiroth. To Nelo Angelo, that doesn’t matters, as he jumps at the One Winged Angel again and swings his sword up to five times, causing little to no damage to Sephiroth, whose energy shield took all of the damage. Despite that, Vergil continues moving his sword, causing no damage one more time.


A mind shockwave coming from the One Winged Angel throws Vergil to the green land above them, crashing him in the ground. Then, dark flames are generated from each of his wings, also surrounding his own body entirely.

Shadow Flare

The dark flames generated in each Sephiroth’s wing are throw at the Dark Slayer, each one having a great amount of speed, reaching Nelo Angelo in less than a second. Still, Vergil managed to react to that, recovering in the air and putting his sword between him and the shadow fire balls. He swings his sword, and all of them are sliced in half, due to that, the danger seemed to be over, however, every dark orb exploded after that.


The multiple explosions send Nelo Angelo even higher, and also broke his helmet entirely, leaving his head defenseless. Still in the air, Vergil swings his sword a few times, throwing more sharp beams. In companion of those beams, he also throws soul swords and draws his fists to send lightning shockwaves at Sephiroth. The One Wigned Angel sees that and immediately his left hand is filled with a blue light, which forms the shape of a ball.

Pale Horse

Sephiroth releases the blue sphere at the projectiles, and a large beam of energy is shot. The beam destroys all the projectiles with just touching them, and then it reaches Nelo Angelo. Again, Vergil puts his zweihänder in front of him, cutting the beam in half and getting no damage from the beam. Falling quickly, Nelo Angelo teleports to the ground again, and throws more soul swords at Sephiroth. In response, the One Winged Angel just flaps his wings, and the soul swords are shattered instantly. Seconds after that, Sephiroth starts laughing sadistically, looking at Vergil, who roared angered. Nelo Angelo then draws his fists and punches the air a few times, throwing even more fist shockwaves.


The fist shockwaves simply disappear in the air when they get to Sephiroth, causing no harm to the One Winged Angel. Vergil teleports at Sephiroth, and releases several slashes at his entire body, and due to the effect of the wall being off, he managed to make some little cheeks in his body. Jenova’s son just keeps laughing despite that, throwing another mind shockwave that sends Vergil away one more time. This time, Nelo Angelo just teleported to the ground again, looking at Safer Sephiroth, whose holy light continued harvesting the entire land. Nelo Angelo seemed a bit exhausted, but his energy was still great. On the other hand, Sephiroth was still completely filled with power despite having that long time fighting with Vergil, in fact, the One Winged Angel seemed to be restraining his power.


Vergil makes a few cut to the ground, six of them, cutting the floor, to then stomp on it. By doing that, the parts of the floor he cut rise from the ground, and keep flying in front of him. After that, he punches all of them, and the ground pieces are throw with an immense speed and strength at the One Winged Angel. Sephiroth just sighs and laughs again, to flap his wings one more time and shatter what was throw at him with great ease. Despite having destroyed that without problem, he didn’t noticed Vergil jumping at him after the ground pieces. Nelo Angelo had the edge of his sword pointing at Sephiroth, and he was about to leave a clean cut on him, but something grab him in the air, an unknown and invisible force that surrounded him entirely and stole all of his mobility. Said force moves the half-demon slowly in the air and put him in front of the One Winged Angel.


Screams Vergil while trying to get out of Sephiroth’s telekinetic abilities, being his struggle really useless. The One Winged Angel shakes him a few times, them he throws the Dark Angel to the ground with an immense force, leaving him helpless as he isn’t able to recover during his swift fall.


Vergil strikes the ground and is completely buried on it. The earth shakes a few seconds after that, and the hole leaved by Nelo Angelo’s crash started to close again. Sephiroth also shines a bit, meaning that he was casting a spell. 



The ground closes around Vergil, completely crushing the Dark Angel’s body. Blood emerges from the hole as it closes, and the sound of the bones and flesh being triturated is heard everywhere.


His laugh intensifies by each second that passed, and so did the holy light surrounding him. Even if the fight seemed over, something called his attention. The place where Nelo Angelo was crushed, was trembling harder than everywhere on the land was, also giving Sephiroth a feeling of emotion for some reason.


Nelo Angelo breaks the ground and he’s shot from it, instantly standing aside the new hole he created with his jump. His armor was a bit cracked, but he was apparently intact and show no wound. He cleans his armor of the ground that messed it, then stares at Sephiroth with anger.


Sephiroth sighs, denying with his head as he shows a threatening smile, his wings flapped harder, and some rainbow feathers unfasten from them, losing in the sky and flying inside the clouds.


(Cue One Winged Angel)

Safer Sephiroth flies higher, his body being covered by flames and dark fire, and a brighter holy light that spread over the entire forest and the city too. The One Winged Angel reached the clouds, and his shape was in front of the sun. Meanwhile, Nelo Angelo is filled by a dark violet aura that covers him completely, forming a sphere of dark energy around him. He swings his zweihänder using his two hands at Sephiroth, and a large dark energy beam is fired at the One Winged Angel. This last beam seemed stronger than the others, and its size was greater too, but Sephiroth still kept that smile in his face. The beam reaches the clouds, cutting all of them and clearing a part of the sky. Less than a second after that, it got to Sephiroth, and the One Winged Angel did nothing to avoid, getting his chest and part of his hand-wing sliced a bit, causing some blood to spill. Said blood falls to the earth as a little spout, but as fast as it gets to the ground, it transforms into pure water that loses into the green land instantly. The wound leaved by Nelo Angelo’s last swing is quickly healed by Sephiroth. Again, he denies with his head. 


Sephiroth laughs again, causing a greater rage to the Dark Slayer, who almost instantly disappeared from where he was, appearing again in front of the One Winged Angel, swinging his sword at Sephiroth’s still blazing body. The wounds that the consecutive swings leaved at Jenova’s son heal at the very moment they’re made, causing no harm to Sephiroth, who keeps laughing and laughing. Nelo Angelo continued slicing through his body insistently, until the flames surrounding Sephiroth engulfed the One Winged Angel, and later began to spread around.


Said fire, after spreading, returns to Sephiroth and is throw at the nearby Dark Angel. The explosion made by the fire attack is heavily contained by Sephiroth, and it only affects Nelo Angelo, sending him even higher, actually throwing him to the upper atmosphere. Sephiroth follows him by flying after the Dark Angel is propelled, reaching him in an instant and levitating above Vergil, still being surrounded by some dark flames. Nelo Angelo recovers, and noticing Sephiroth flying above him, he throws some soul swords, ten of them approximately, and all of them impale Sephiroth in different parts of his angelic body, however, Sephiroth shows no injury after the soul swords disappear.


Vergil teleports, appearing in front of Safer Sephiroth, to then do a quick turn while grabbing his sword harder, giving more power to the following swing.


The swing sliced the One Winged Angel’s throat, leaving a wound that looked deadly, however, it instantly regenerated like the others. Nelo Angelo stays in shock for a second, a bit surprised by the soldier’s healing ability, but not enough to make him forfeit. He continues moving his zweihänder at Sephiroth, still causing nothing but tickles to him. At the same time, the dark flames surrounding Sephiroth formed a few dark orbs. The dark orbs were about to be throw, but some soul swords generated by Sparda’s son at that moment made them explode prematurely, interrupting the casting of the spell and damaging both Sephiroth and him, also separating him a little from the One Winged Angel. Still, he teleported at Sephiroth again and continued swinging his sword.


Sephiroth flaps his wings, and in a blink, Vergil crashes to the ground, shattering some of his bones with the fall. The ground started to shake even heavy than before, the lands were ripping, and lava spilled from the fissures that the massive earthquake created. Nelo Angelo was sobbing in the ground, slowly standing after having regenerated the wounds from the fall, feeling a great pain in his entire body. In the sky, only one thing could be seen besides the clouds, Sephiroth and the sunny day that was summoned when the One Winged Angel came up, a gigantic ball of fire approaching slowly from nowhere.


Nelo Angelo finally stands, and swings his zweihänder like daring Sephiroth. Meanwhile in the space, the gigantic fire ball was consuming everything at its way, even the Moon and other planets, and then it arrived to the Earth. Just the nearness of that destruction orb shaked the entire planet and made it hottest. The gigantic fire sphere entered to the Atmosphere, and proceeded to slowly rip the planet apart. At that moment, Safer Sephiroth teleports at Nelo Angelo, and he smiles sadistically while part of the planet is destroyed slowly, and the fire ball moves at the Dark Angel.


Super Nova

The small sun lands on the planet, engulfing both Sephiroth and Vergil in the process and burning their bodies instantly with the mere touch of the death ball. All fades white for a moment, and a silence floods everywhere, until-


-the explosion of the Super Nova is heard throughout the entire galaxy, and everything fades white one more time. Then, the colors return, showing an image of the planet Earth. It had cracks everywhere, lava spilling from those cracks, and a green energy flying across and around it. The place where the small sun crashed had a gigantic crater, and a few continents where destroyed as well by the explosion. Still, the planet showed to be good, despite having all those fissures and natural disasters happening everywhere because the destruction brought by the Super Nova, and also due to the Moon non-existing anymore. 

(Music Stops)

But there was something weird besides the planet being not destroyed; there was no sign of Sephiroth and Vergil in nowhere, or that was what seemed, because they were still alive, alive in a place that only a few can access, inside the planet’s blood, the Lifestream.

A dark place is shown, and nobody was on it. As fast as the dark place appeared, a few green loots of energy appear flying around, and later some of those loots fuse together in two positions of that dark place. After fusing, the green loots generated what seemed to be two humans, the two with silver hair. One of them seemed to be greatly damaged, having wounds in his entire body; he was also gasping, wearing a blue coat and holding a katana and its sheath. The other man, had no shirt, and his long hair was moving with the inexistent wind of the Lifestream, he had a large katana and showed no tiredness. The two take battle stances after looking at the other, and the one with large hair smiles.

“A fate of endless battle… Let us see who is the best warrior!”

The half-demon unsheathes Yamato, while most of his wounds, that were really lethal, are healing slowly. At the same time, the two started to run towards the other.

“Now I’m motivated!”

(Cue The One Chosen by the Planet)

With each footstep given during their run, the sound of water drops is heard everywhere; also, the two fighters seemed to be running at slow motion. They reached the other after a few seconds; swinging their swords and making them clash. Sparks fly away with that first swing, but that didn’t stop there, because they continued slashing at the other, interchanging swings that sometimes get to their enemy, slicing them and leaving wounds in their bodies. Apparently they felt no pain, as they continued moving their swords at high speeds. Now, beside the sound of the water drops, the sound of blood drops and of their swords clashing was heard too. They increase their speed and strength with each blow, and the ferocity of the interchanges was great.

Sephiroth then sidesteps, avoiding one of Vergil’s attacks to then drive his sword up to the half-demon’s chest, leaving a great cut on it. Vergil moans but slashes again, just to be dodged one more time, and being consecutively sliced by Sephiroth again, this time in his stomach. The wounds caused had blood spilling from them, and the regeneration was really lower than when the fight began, but that wasn’t a trouble to him. Vergil rolls backwards after blocking the One Winged Angel’s following swing, and then he moves Yamato in order to point Sephiroth with its edge, later dashing at his enemy with an insane speed. Sephiroth notices this and puts Masamune between the two, but he doesn’t achieve to block as Vergil was far faster this time.


With that swing, the half-demon cuts through Sephiroth, moving through him and stopping behind the One Winged Angel, leaving a great wound in the left side of his stomach and slicing some of his organs too. Vergil whirls Yamato to clean its edge from the blood, then, he slowly sheathes Yamato.

“Kneel before me.”


Vergil finishes its sheathing and purple lines are seen in the air and almost everywhere, instantly all of those lines move everywhere revealing to be powerful cuts from Yamato, and nearly all of them got to the One Winged Angel, leaving a lot of lethal wounds across his entire body. Sephiroth then kneels down, coughing a lot of blood and feeling how the blood also sprouts from all the cuts in his body. Vergil’s Judgement Cut leaved him badly harmed, but Sephiroth still had enough strength to stand up. Vergil turns towards him, and slowly walks at the One Winged Angel.


Vergil throws a powerful kick at Sephiroth’s face, and it hits something. The half-demon first though it was Jenova’s son head, but no, it was his hand, with which he holds Vergil’s feet. Sephiroth stands after throwing Vergil away, apparently feeling no pain from the wounds he has. Then, he grabs Masamune’s handle with both hands, and points it at Vergil.

“You have done well…”

Sephiroth’s Masamune glows with a bright yellow light. Noticing this, Vergil takes a battle stance too, unsheathing Yamato and driving its edge at Sephiroth with a fast move.

Pandora’s Box

Sephiroth swings Masamune at the half-demon, who despite having slashed first, didn’t noticed Sephiroth moving. Masamune moves towards Vergil’s body at an incredible speed, surpassing Yamato’s slash and getting to Sparda’s son.


The swing slices through Vergil’s body and leaves a great wound from his left shoulder to his stomach. Vergil coughs a lot of blood after that, but Sephiroth’s doesn’t stops and he swings Masamune again.


“But now… Taste the blade of a hero!”

The move of Masamune rips Vergil left hand, and continuously, Sephiroth throws six more slashes, driving them to every part of the half-demon’s body. The first sliced his left leg, the second his right hand, the third opens a deep hole in his chest, the fourth takes away the other leg and the fifth slices his head in half. The One Winged Angel finishes by impaling Vergil through his throat with Masamune, and then moving the sword aside, slicing Sparda’s son throat completely, filling the edge of his sword with Vergil’s blood. He then turns towards the camera, and swings Masamune aside. With that move, Vergil’s entire body falls apart being followed by a bloody explosion that gets to Sephiroth and wets him completely.


The screen fades white and the colors return to what the dark place was, revealing to be a completely burning and destroyed land with a few lakes of mako and lava around, sighs of the destruction brought by the battle of these two silver-haired titans.

“What a perfect fencing dummy.”

Sephiroth walks away from Vergil’s ripped corpse, which later is consumed by the flames that quickly spread around.

Results (Sebs)

(Cue Victory Fanfare )

Boomstick: Oh man! Takin' all his weapons!

Wiz: This was… Suprisingly not-so close, Vergil had the edge on arsenal, uses all his power since the beginning, and he had sharper reflexes, with them being even on intelligence, but…

Boomstick: Sephiroth had a giant edge on Attack Potency, Durabilty, Abilities, strength, destructive power and so on! Sure, Nelo Angelo may defeat Sephiroth and Bizarro Sephiroth, but once Safer Sephiroth came onto play, it turned on a complete stomp.

Wiz: Put in on perspective, when you can negate durabilty, negate any sort of Magic and you have an attack that produces 18. 164 KiloFoe of energy, there's nothing Vergil could do.

Boomstick: Vergil can move at Massively Hypersonic speeds, but Sephiroth far suprasses that, being 55 times the speed of light!

Wiz: Sadly, Yamato's durabilty negation capabilities were simply negated by Pandora's Box, Death and Heartless Angel, leaving Vergil outgunned on hax.

Boomstick: Even if Vergil taked down Sephiroth, he could revive back, giving him his fight peak.

Wiz: Correct Boomstick, Vergil was simply outclassed physically and magically, leaving this battle, really straight forward.

Boomstick: At the end, Sephiroth was Vergil's Final Fantasy.

Wiz: The winner is Sephiroth.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Sephiroth (Winner)

+ Stronger.

+ Resistant.

+ Faster.

+ Reflexes.

+ Haxier.

+ Basically immortal due to him being able to resurrect thanks to the Lifestream.

+ Masamune isn’t better than Yamato, but he can generate it at will.

+ Not as overconfident.

+ Vergil’s regeneration has its limits.

= Intelligence

= Fighting ability.

= Yamato ignores durability, but so do Heartless Angel and Pandora’s Box.

- Does not fight with everything at the beginning of the fight.

- Underestimates his enemies, a LOT.

- Judgement Cut is basically unavoidable.

- Not as fast during combat.

- Devil Arms are nearly indestructible.

- Arsenal.

Vergil (Loser)

+ Arsenal.

+ Devil Arms are nearly indestructible.

+ Faster during combat.

+ Judgement Cut is basically unavoidable.

+ Does not underestimates his enemies as much as Sephiroth.

+ Fight with all he’s got since the beginning if needed.

= Yamato ignores durability, but so do Heartless Angel and Pandora’s Box.

= Fighting ability.

= Intelligence

- His regeneration has its limits.

- Overconfident as hell.

- Masamune isn’t better than Yamato, but Sephiroth can generate it at will.

- Sephiroth is basically immortal due to him being able to resurrect thanks to the Lifestream.

- Haxier.

- Reflexes.

- Faster.

- Resistant.

- Stronger.


  • This is TheDoomGaze's fifth written What it? Death Battle, and Sebastian Pereira90's third.
  • Sephiroth and Vergil are two of TheDoomGaze's favorite characters from fiction.
    • Also, he prefers Vergil over Sephiroth.
  • This is TheDoomGaze's third 'Video Game' themed What if? Death Battle, being Roger Jr. Vs. Kangaskhan the first, and Frisk Vs. The Batter the second. Curiously, it's also Sebastian Pereira90's third, being Super Mario RPG Battle Royale the first andMeta Knight Vs. Sephiroth the second.
  • Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine  and Dante were thought to appear in the fight as a cameo, but where cut in the final version.
  • This is the first time TheDoomGaze uses a character from borth Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry. On the other hand, is the second time Sebastian Pereira90 uses a Final Fantasy character, curiously being Sephiroth the first one too.
  • This fight was finished the same day the official episode came out.