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Dragon Ball vs. God of War. The Prince of all Saiyans and the Greek God of War in a world-shaking clash.





The Battle[]


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  • The connection between Vegeta and Kratos is that they are both aloof and gruff warriors who were formerly responsible for heading conquest efforts on behalf of their hated masters (Frieza and Ares, respectively) before eventually rebelling from their servitude and acting on their own initiates for both freedom and vengeance against them, both seeking out legendary relics to do so; Dragon Balls and Pandora's Box, respectively. Both also come from members of powerful races (Saiyans and Gods, respectively) and are the sons of their rules; King Vegeta and Zeus, respectively). Both eventually turned away from their bloodthirsty natures and conquering lifestyles due to settling into lives on other worlds to start a family; Vegeta settled on Earth, married Bulma and had Trunks and Bulla with them, whilst Kratos married Faye and had Atreus, respectively. Both would interact with godly beings throughout their lives (the Kai and Gods of Destruction, and the Greek and Norse Gods, respectively) which would involve them gaining their own godly natures and fighting in catalysmic events; Tournament of Power and Ragnarok, respectively. Both would later get forms of power based on mental processes; Vegeta's Ultra Ego and Kratos' Spartan Rage, respectively.
  • This battle would have been in 3D
  • The original music for this battle would have been called "War of Gods", a reverse of Kratos' series to make it similar to a Dragon Ball movie title, Battle of Gods, whilst also referring to the both of them being gods themselves