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Horiguchi: It's an oversized lizard! What is it?

Kenji Uozaki: It could be Varan. Horiguchi: Varan? Kenji Uozaki: But it's unbelievable that Varan can still be alive after millions of years.

~ Horiguchi and Kenji Uozaki discuss the emergence of Varan

Varan is a Kaiju that appeared in the 1958 movie, Varan the Unbelievable. He later reappeared in the Godzilla series of movies.

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Varan is an ancient reptilian creature known as a Varanopode, which lived from the Triassic through Cretaceous Periods. Varan escaped extinction and lived for millions of years at the bottom of a lake in the Japanese countryside. The local villagers of the lake worshipped him as a god. Varan eventually awoken from his slumber and destroyed the village. The Japanese military arrived and surrounded the lake, and opened fire on Varan after luring him out with chemicals but failed. Varan eventually glided away and made his way to Tokyo Bay and began to destroy Tokyo. Varan was eventually defeated when he allowed a bomb that exploded within him and then being stuck by another bomb. Varan would appear later on in the Godzilla universe, becoming an earth defender kaiju alongside the likes of Godzilla himself.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Height: 50 meters
  • Weight: 15,000 tons
  • Species: Varanopode
  • Age: Over 65 million years old


  • Flight Speed at Mach 1.5
  • Osteoderm-like armor
  • Lumps on his body filled with helium, allowing him to glide with out a takeoff point.
  • Using the spike on his back, Varan can perform a deadly roll attack
  • Tail swipe
  • Oral Beam
  • Concentrated Blast
  • When exposed to certain space crystals, Varan can transform into his Critical Mass Form.

Strength & Feats[]

  • Defeated King Ghidorah alongside 9 other monsters.
  • Overpowered Rodan, forcing him to retreat.
    • Shredded Rodan's wing.
  • Fouaght the Trilopods along side other earth defender monsters
    • Killed Trilopod Titanosaurus along side Zilla.
    • When head to head with Trilopod Varan.
  • Strong enough to lift Gaira with his tail.
  • Defeats Nancy with help of JSDF


  • If Varan swallows some explosives then this can weaken him, making him less durable to some missile fire.
  • While he capable of fighting one-on-one, he may require assistance from an ally in battle.