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Vamp is a major villain in the Metal Gear Solid series, mainly Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. He's a skilled knife-wielder that was a former member of a anti-terrorist group that went rouge known as Dead Cell.

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Battle record[]

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Death Battle Info[]

  • Name: Vamp.
    • Real name unknown.
  • Height: 6'04".
  • Weight: 220lbs.
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Former member of Dead Cell.
  • Sadomasochistic, and possibly suicidal.
  • Loves tasting blood, and cutting himself.
  • Called Vamp because he's bisexual, not because he's has several vampire traits.
    • Once was in a relationship with Marine Commandant Scott Dolph.
    • And a very close with the late Colonel's daughter.

Knife Skills[]

  • Master Knife Wielder.
  • Wields a combat knife, capable of cutting through cyborg flesh.
  • Carries a near endless supply of throwing knives.
  • Capable of parrying bullets with his knife.

Combat skills[]

  • Enhanced strength, speed and agility.
  • Expert on CQC.
  • Expert Knife Thrower.
  • Fights in a very erotic style, almost as if he's dancing.
  • Can determine how a person will move, simply by observing their muscles.
    • Has trouble figuring out a person's movement, if the they're wearing a pressurized suit.
  • Capable of temporarily immobilizing his victim by throwing a knife onto his victim's shadow.
    • Heavily implied it might be due to hypnotic suggestion.

Nanomachines & Regenerative Capabilities[]

  • Due to the Nanomachines inside his body, Vamp has accelerated heal factor.
  • Survived bullets to the head, multiple stab wounds, and managed to prevent drowning from the special waters in the Purification Chamber.
  • Practically immortal


  • Survived after being stabbed by a crucifix, for two straight days, by drinking the blood of his deceased parents.
  • Effortlessly killed the members of SEAL's Team 10, in roughly a minute.
  • Fatally injured Emma Emmerich, before getting shot in the head via a sniper rifle.
  • Only member of Dead Cell to survive the Big Shell Incident.
  • Survived three encounters with Raiden.
    • Once while in the Purification Chamber.
    • Once via a shot from a sniper rifle.
    • Once of which was when Raiden was a cyborg.
  • Survived death on multiple occasions.
    • Which includes several bullets to the head.....multiple times
    • Many stab wounds.
    • Getting slashed open.
    • And avoid drowning and escaping the waters in the purification chamber.
  • Capable of defying gravity.
    • Capable of running on water and pillars, and even medicate above water.
      • Maybe due to the boots he was wearing.


  • Nanomachines do have limits to how much they can regenerate Vamp.
  • Certain injuries with temporarily knock him out while he's regenerating his wounds.
    • Mainly when he receives a headshot.
  • Nanomachines can be temporarily be deactivated, by injecting Vamp with a Supresser.
  • Heavily implied to be suicidal.
    • Only wants to die during combat though.