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Utsuho Reiuji is a character in Touhou Project.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Records

  • Wins: 1
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Possible Opponents[]


Utsuho Reiuji is a Hell Raven, meaning she has resistance toward nuclear forces of something, or her own Nuclear Fusion, caused by her own abilities. As a boss character, she was obviously defeated by Reimu Hakurei, who was the first to see her as an idiot, besides Cirno. The Latter was the second, arrogantly calling her "A bigger idiot than she was.", unfair, considering Utsuho has no story of her own (All she had was an Arcade mode and nothing else.). The News spread like a pandemic throughout Gensokyo, as EVERYONE called Utsuho, Birdbrain, Utsuho tried to hide, but the Pandemic held its grasp like God killing the world. The only person that can prove Utsuho's innocence now is Rin Kaenbyou, who unfortunately, is too busy with the Komeiji Sister's demands to realize the emotional toll dealt on somebody whose insult actually has just as much natural science involved as Nuclear Fusion for chemistry.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Gender: Female