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It had come to our attention that some users that have long fights that they want to add to the Longest Battles on the Wiki list are that long in the first place because of cameos, and without them said fights are a lot smaller. So as a compromise, we the staff have decided to make a new list for fights that have cameos. Here are some things to keep in mind if you wish to have your fight on here:

  • Only fights that have cameos can be allowed on here, hence the title.
  • We are aware that quantity does not equal quality, however it is without a doubt that one is far more... quantifiable than the other. This blog is merely to celebrate those dedicated enough to write lengthy stories for their fights.
  • We count the amount of words you use, not characters. This is simply to keep the word counts to a reasonable number.
  • Only fight sections are included. We will not include the length of analyses or results when determining the length of a fight. Furthermore, fluff such as music cues are removed when counting words.
  • Please don’t be discouraged if your fight does not make it onto the list. As mentioned before, quantity does not equal quality. If you prefer the quality of fights, you can turn to our annual Death Battle Fanon Wiki Awards.
  • This list is not set in stone by any means! If you write a battle you think is long enough to be on this list, please post a link to it in the comments for our Staff Team to review. If it’s long enough, we will promptly edit the blog to accommodate.

With all that out of the way, let’s turn to our Top 25 Longest Battles (with Cameos) on the Wiki!


















Author: Cider621

Word Count: 612


Author: FNAFpro52

Word Count: 6,326

It's the Season 2 finale and we're doing an opposite of Episode 4. It's the favorite characters turn.


Author: DoomFest

Word Count: 12,836

Kirby VS DBZ! You can be weak or seem weak, it's all in the past when you get the power... and become totally crazy. But who's the crazier (and most of all, the most powerful) of these two powerhouses?



Word Count: 14,208

Glitchtale VS EverymanHYBRID! It's battle between two famous villians that came from the internet! Will Betty be able feed Akumu a new soul? Or will HABIT prove to Betty that he is truly mankind's bad habits?


Author: Shadow7615

Word Count: 19,623

Final Fantasy VS Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Time may be their ally in combat, but for one of these Time Manipulators, it's about to run short!


Author: Zacisawesome101

Word Count: 20,038

IT vs The Slender Mythos! In this scary battle, two masters of manipulating and utilizing fear step into the ring. It's the painted face vs no face! Which demon incarnate will win?


Author: MaverickHunterSilver

Word Count: 22,926

Sonic the Hedgehog vs JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo/Golden Wind. They're teenagers, they fight for the sake of justice and righteousness, and they're both so damn broken, but only one can control this battle of chaos and soul energy.


Author: Scarecrow640

Word Count: 26,992

Two incredibly powerful book versions of characters that are powered by something powered by imagination (dreams and fear) with reality bending powers of an ancient race (deadlights and the endless), that come from an alternate universe (dream universe and macroverse), known for having shining eyes and their appearance can vary depending on who sees them, though for different reasons ( Pennywise changes to a person’s worse fear while Morpheus changes to a form more comfortable for them), face of to see who has better control on reality in a major hax battle, will Pennywise face an eternal slumber or will dream float to.


Author: Professor Mewtwo

Word Count: 40,729

SMG4 vs DevilArtemis! It's finally time! The most powerful parodies on the internet will decide who is the master of all memes! Can the Super Meme Guardian win the Cell Games or will things end Perfectly for the Ultimate Android?