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Thanks to NK for giving us this idea a while back, we're going to be creating this post to document the Top 20 longest battles featured here on the wiki. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • We are aware that quantity does not equal quality, however it is without a doubt that one is far more... quantifiable than the other. This blog is merely to celebrate those dedicated enough to write lengthy stories for their fights.
  • We count the amount of words you use, not characters. This is simply to keep the word counts to a reasonable number.
  • Only fight sections are included. We will not include the length of analyses or results when determining the length of a fight. Furthermore, fluff such as music cues are removed when counting words.
  • Please don’t be discouraged if your fight does not make it onto the list. As mentioned before, quantity does not equal quality. If you prefer the quality of fights, you can turn to our annual Death Battle Fanon Wiki Awards.
  • This list is not set in stone by any means! If you write a battle you think is long enough to be on this list, please post a link to it in the comments for our Staff Team to review. If it’s long enough, we will promptly edit the blog to accommodate.

With all that out of the way, let’s turn to our Top 20 Longest Battles on the Wiki!


Author: Fllflourine

Word Count: 12,000

Kizaru vs Akainu vs Aokiji! The battle of the Admirals! Will Akainu take this in a shower of magma, will Aokiji put his competition on ice, or will Kizaru be too fast for them?


Author: SuperSaiyan2Link

Word Count: 12,161

Ben 10 vs Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! Two heroes of justice, clad in green, hired by interstellar forces to protect the world from invading aliens. Ben may have an entire arsenal of aliens at his disposal, but will Tommy have enough raw strength to leave victorious?


Author: AksisTheArchonPriest

Word Count: 12,197

RvB vs RWBY! These two may not look like much compared to the rest of their teams, but when push comes to shove, they'll shove right back and then some! Will the laziest red take the victory despite his... well, laziness, or will the leader of team JNPR's training pay off?


Author: Fedora Lord Para 348

Word Count: 12,365

Disgaea VS Sailor Moon! It's a battle for galactic conquest in a duel between The Devil and God!


Author: Pikart767

Word Count: 12,513

Earthbound HW Hack vs Undertale! Toby Foxes' first games' protagonist vs his newest games' protagonist! Will Varik be capable of overpowering Frisk's determination?


Author: BangJang96

Word Count: 12,516

Sonic the Hedgehog VS DC Comics! The lightspeed collision between the red and blue speedsters! Will the Flash win the ultimate race of life or death, or will Sonic leave the Flash in the dust?


Author: MaxIrvaron

Word Count: 12,519

Two cocky, heated and prestigious OCs duke it out in this battle! Who will leave on fire, and who will leave feeling not so hot?


Author: DemonProsecutor

Word Count: 12,779

Ace Attorney faces Dangan Ronpa in a thrilling murder mystery!


Author: SlashLion5K

Word Count: 12,796

The rivalry ends here! Three heroes, loved throughout the world finally duke it out to the death! It's the final clash as these three Shōnen Kings meet in the ring!


Author: SleepyDragonSushi

Word Count: 12,832

Persona vs JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!!! In a battle of the Homage and the Original, the juvenile and the bastard, which fifth protagonist of their respective series will come out on top?


Author: DoomFest

Word Count: 12,836

Kirby VS DBZ! You can be weak or seem weak, it's all in the past when you get the power... and become totally crazy. But who's the crazier (and most of all, the most powerful) of these two powerhouses?


Author: MaxIrvaron

Word Count: 12,987

Fire Emblem vs The Dragon King's Son! It's the dragon-slaying Exalt vs the dragon-blooded prince! Which of thse two fierce swordsmen will be able to tip the scales in their favor?


Author: Sinnovalos

Word Count: 13,038

Akame ga Kill fest! In a total self destruction of the Jaegers, which assassin busting team member stands above all others?


Author: Metal875

Word Count: 13,460

Super Mario VS Paper Mario! Two different versions of Nintendo's red-wearing plumber mascot slam against one another to find which truly out-ranks the other in the power compartment!


Author: Professor Mewtwo

Word Count: 13,580

Marvel vs DC! The most iconic psychopathic anti-heroes are finally going head to head and things are bound to get wild! Will the Merc with a Mouth take down another target or does the Maiden of Mischief have a few tricks up her sleeve?


Author: Shadow7615

Word Count: 14,087

Final Fantasy VS Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Enduring icons of Japanese pop culture, but for different reasons. Both godly, but only one will survive.


Author: SuperSaiyan2Link

Word Count: 14,254

Final Fantasy VI vs Dragon Ball Z! Two green-haired passive aliens enter the ring! Kept under locks by mind-controlling crowns, these two have incredibly sporadic levels of destructive powers; but when pit against each other and left unhinged, who will come out on top?! Can the kindhearted Esper's magic be enough to overwhelm the Legendary Super Saiyan's ever-growing pool of Ki?


Author: SoMaShadow

Word Count: 14,300

Tekken vs Fatal Fury! The heads of powerful companies, terrible fathers, and the hosts of worldwide martial arts tournaments, which power-hungry parent will come out on top? Can the ruler of South Town topple the King of Iron Fist?


Author: Ahomeschoolingroudon

Word Count: 18,246

It's a duel between the half-demon protagonists of their respective series. Will the Spirit Detective kick Dante's ass, or will the Son of Sparda put an end to Yusuke's life, for good this time?


Author: Shadow7615

Word Count: 19,623

Final Fantasy VS Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Time may be their ally in combat, but for one of these Time Manipulators, it's about to run short!


Author: Zacisawesome101

Word Count: 20,038

IT vs The Slender Mythos! In this scary battle, two masters of manipulating and utilizing fear step into the ring. It's the painted face vs no face! Which demon incarnate will win?


Author: Necromercer

Word Count: 22,556

Monstrous vs The Dragon King's Son!


Author: MaverickHunterSilver

Word Count: 22,926

Sonic the Hedgehog vs JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo/Golden Wind. They're teenagers, they fight for the sake of justice and righteousness, and they're both so damn broken, but only one can control this battle of chaos and soul energy.


Author: Professor Mewtwo

Word Count: 34,552

Kill la Kill vs Pokemon! There has never been a more fearsome foursome than these two teams of terrifying titans. Does the student council of Honnōji Academy have what it takes to be the best like no one ever was, or will the Trainers from the Indigo Plateau go in for the kill four times over?


Author: SoMaShadow

Word Count: 35,560

Steven Universe vs Star vs. the Forces of Evil! Up and coming teenage heroes, these two have struggled with learning how to use their abilities and prove themselves worthy of the weapons their mothers wielded. They’ll always save the day, and if you think they can’t, they’ll always find a way. It’s gonna get a little weird, and maybe a little wild, but only one will walk away from this Death Battle.