Pan vs. Supergirl (Series Finale)
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Season Mini-Season 3, Episode 28 (Series Finale)
Vital statistics
Air date July 16, 2018
Written by Nkstjoa
Directed by Nkstjoa
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As a battle, this is godly. As a final episode, my god was this just a rush. It felt like the first time seeing Goku vs Superman, something I never thought I'd feel again.
~ Scythe watch

Pan vs. Supergirl is a What-If? episode of Death Battle and the series finale of Nkstjoa's Fanon Death Battle's.


Dragon Ball VS DC Comics! The last hurrah is here! The final battle will be between Goku's granddaughter and Superman's cousin: the Time Patroller and the Girl of Steel! Who will win? Who will die?


Boomstick: One more time, Wiz?

Wiz: One more time.

Boomstick: They're related to the two biggest alien saviors in Death Battle. Both ladies had their worlds torn asunder and came up heroines.

Wiz: Today, the curtain falls after these two battle it out to the very finish.

Boomstick: Pan, granddaughter of Goku and Time Patroller.

Wiz: And Kara Zor-El, cousin of Superman and the Girl of Steel. I'm Wizard and he's Boomstick...

Boomstick: And this the last time we'll analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!


Pan Nkstjoa Pose 2

Wiz: The world of Dragon Ball isn't as simple as it seems. There are two alternate futures, a splitting of the timeline after Buu, and 12 universes.

Boomstick: Then you have the good ol' butterfly effect, where one simple change can alter the fabric of history. In this instance, a Dragon Ball world where Babidi got himself killed before he could make it to Earth.

Wiz: Without Babidi's machinations, the Earth was granted decades of peace, but along with it, Son Goku never returned to the living.

Boomstick: Yeah, with no pink bubble gum monsters to worry about, he visited everyone, then went back to the afterlife. And this is the world this Pan was born into.

Wiz: In the GT timeline, Pan traveled with Goku and Trunks through space to find the Black Star Dragon Balls. In the current Super timeline, Pan's still a baby. But here, Pan heard the sprawling tales of her deceased grandfather and hoped to live up to them.

Pan Nkstjoa Background

Boomstick: She was all martial arts, all the time. Pan trained under her folks, as well as just about all of the Z-Fighters who knew Goku. Even at a young age, Pan's potential was enormous. She was beating up way more experienced fighters in tournaments and raced a rocket into space... just for fun.

Wiz: But even then, she could never achieve the legendary Super Saiyan form. Despite all her efforts and training, that inner power could not be tapped.

Boomstick: But that's okay. She still had her friends and family to cheer her up and had the luxury of being the granddaughter of Hercule Satan... at least until she turned 18.

Wiz: The tyrant Frieza, who was killed long ago, was resurrected and came to Earth seeking revenge. While she and the other Z-Fighters did all that they could, they were no match against Frieza's new golden form.

Boomstick: He murdered everyone. And I mean everyone. Pan lost every single person she had known... and that rage finally unlocked the Super Saiyan within her... but that didn't do a thing against Golden Frieza, who decided to blow up the Earth as a final "screw you" to the deceased Goku.

Wiz: Left drained and adrift in space, Pan thought it was over for her...

Boomstick: Until she suddenly found herself beamed to Toki Toki City and was surprised to see the face of someone she thought was dead: Trunks.

Kid Trunks

Boomstick: Not that Trunks.

Tumblr nhif2g0aQH1u0g1w9o1 1280

Boomstick: No, not him either.

Trunks Super Render

Boomstick: Try again.


Boomstick: Yep, that one.

Wiz: The same Trunks who had traveled back in time to save Goku's life and change the future. For changing history, Trunks was forced by the Supreme Kai of Time to work for the Time Patrol, a group of elite warriors dedicated to correcting distortions in time.

Boomstick: With a spiffy new coat to boot.

Time patrol future trunks by alexiscabo1-d90qdjj

Boomstick: As for why Pan ended up there in the first place, strap yourself in: Towa, the sister of Dabura, and her creation Mira were wreaking havoc with the "official" history to spread chaos and whatnot, so Trunks decided to use their Dragon Balls to summon a warrior capable of defending all time... which turned out to be her. Huh, with that kind of luck, Pan should really try the lottery... but yeah, she wasn't terribly keen on doing much after what she had been through.

Wiz: Trunks took Pan under his wing and over time, she realized that others would suffer her fate if Towa and Mira were allowed to toy with history.

Boomstick: So she got ready for the training of a lifetime and sure enough, she was sent on her first mission. Over time, she went from a Time Patrol novice to one of the very best in her class.

Wiz: Pan's fighting style is primarily based on her parents', but to cope with the villains ahead, she had to take her training even further.

Pan Nkstjoa Mentors

Boomstick: That's where she trained with the likes of Piccolo, Android 18, Vegeta, and the freakin' Elder Kai... and there was no room for holding back for any of them.

Pan Nkstjoa Ki

Wiz: She utilizes her ki for everything from projectiles to flight, but she can also utilize it to shield herself. She can even envelop her entire body with it in times of desperation.

Pan Nkstjoa Techniques 1

Boomstick: And then of course you have your beams, like the one-handed Full Power Energy Wave and Super Explosive Wave, and the two-handed Masenko. These'll definitely knock someone into next week.

Pan Nkstjoa Techniques 2

Pan Nkstjoa Equipment

Wiz: But she doesn't rely solely on ki techniques. Pan can wield her grandfather's Power Pole, an indestructible magical staff that can extend on command, potentially to an infinite length.

Boomstick: You're probably wondering when we'll get back to talking about Super Saiyans.

Wiz: After nearly being killed by Golden Frieza, she couldn't tap into that form again, even when under pressure.

Boomstick: But then one of her missions was against Frieza on Planet Namek and like her grandfather, she was ticked off after he killed Krillin and wouldn't you know it, she got the form back for good this time.

Pan Nkstjoa Transformations

Wiz: When in Super Saiyan 1, all her stats are increased 50 times. Upon reaching Super Saiyan 2, Pan's power-up is doubled.

Boomstick: And those two forms were definitely helpful, but as the going got tougher, she had to push past both of them. Well after a lot of hard work and elbow grease, Pan finally achieved Super Saiyan 3... buuut it's kinda a double-edged sword.

Pan Nkstjoa Super Saiyan 3

Wiz: Pan's stats are further increased by 4, but her mostly human body can't handle the power and can burn herself out in little time. Despite training to minimize this, the form could only last around 1 minute under perfect conditions.

Boomstick: So basically never. Pan was so frustrated with the form weighing her down that she trained hard to get around it... and then she surpassed it into Super Saiyan 4.

Wiz: Yes and no. Due to Pan lacking a Saiyan tail, it's incomplete.

Boomstick: So... Incomplete Super Saiyan 4?

Wiz: Sure, let's go with that.

Pan Nkstjoa Incomplete SS4

Boomstick: So Pan doesn't have the tail and the pink fur doesn't cover everything, but she gets the strength and speed of a full Super Saiyan 4 and she didn't even have to turn into a Golden Great Ape to get it. That's a huge plus.

Wiz: But when she accessed this form for the first time, her mind was that of a Golden Great Ape, causing her to go on a rampage.

Boomstick: It got so bad they literally had to speed-dial Goku to step in and stop her. After getting her back to normal, the two trained to get the form under control... and they did... for the most part.

Wiz: But thanks to her grandfather's teachings, she truly mastered the Kamehameha, and also learned Kaio-Ken, Instant Transmission and the Dragon Fist.

Boomstick: And with all these tools at her disposal, Pan proved her skills and power. She's fought against powered up versions of Frieza, Cell, and Buu, lifted Great Ape Vegeta into the air by his tail, and disintegrated Mira.

Pan Nkstjoa Feats

Wiz: When teamed up with Goku, the two defeated the big three villains, as well as possessed and power-up versions of Gotenks, Gohan, and Vegeta.

Boomstick: Then there was that time she and Trunks had a friendly spar with Beerus and Whis... god-damn! Another one of her most impressive feats was when she went head-to-head with Broly.

Wiz: Not just Broly. This was Broly after his loss to Goku, granting him a huge zenkai boost... and he was given even more additional power by Demigra.

Boomstick: As for Pan's back-up, all she had was Great Ape Bardock and Vegeta before he became a Super Saiyan, meaning she had to do most of the work herself... and won!

Wiz: Pan's power has led most to mistake her for a full-blooded Saiyan and she has even earned the respect of Vegeta himself, but she still has yet to equal Goku. Also, due to being only 1/4th Saiyan, her Zenkai boost takes four times longer to develop.

Boomstick: So she has to work four times harder to get stronger? That's a raw deal. And as great as having the full power of a Super Saiyan 4 in her Incomplete form is, she doesn't get the durability of one and prolonged use of the form will eventually burn her up.

Wiz: Also, while she has gained some form of control in that form, she still loses most self-control.

Boomstick: So sure, she may not fight as smart, but when in the form, not even the Demon God Demigra could possess her, so it all works out... especially after she fried him herself.

Wiz: After ending the threat to history, Pan went on to become a mentor to the next generation of Time Patrollers... and a legend.

Pan Nkstjoa Toki Toki Hero

Boomstick: 3/4ths human, 1/4th Saiyan, and 100% kick-ass.

Broly rolled across the ground before stopping, his ki fading as he looked over at Pan approaching him on foot.

Broly: Kaka... rot...

Pan: I'm Pan, the granddaughter of Goku... and you are done for.



Wiz: Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton. This was as intrinsic to Superman's character as his emblem... that was until 1959, when Superman met a surviving member of not only Krypton, but also his family: Kara Zor-El.

Boomstick: Short version, a city survived the destruction of Krypton, Jor-El's brother had Kara with a gal named Allura, then meteors hit and everyone was dying, so her folks sent her to Earth to meet with her cousin Kal. Then boom, Supes realized he wasn't alone, Kara took on a secret identity while learning to be a hero, etc, etc, until the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985, where Supergirl was one of the central figures behind stopping the Anti-Monitor... and died as a result.

Wiz: Supergirl's death stuck: she was out of the comics for nearly two decades until 2004 where she was reintroduced, revamped, and reinvented for the modern era.

Supergirl Analysis Background

Boomstick: So now onto her current origin: Kara Zor-El lived in Argo City, which was on Krypton, and when she was just a teenager, her crazy uncle Jor-El was warning everyone about their planet getting ready to explode. Her pappy Zor-El was the only person who took what his brother said seriously, so while Kara's baby cousin Kal-El was sent away in a rocket ship, Argo City was protected by a shield, surviving the whole thing.

Wiz: But Argo City was not safe: the intergalactic Collector of Worlds Brainiac attacked, threatening to rob Kara of everyone she knew.

Boomstick: So her folks made a rocket... guess it runs in the El family... which Kara escaped the doomed city in... buuut it ended up getting caught in a kryptonite meteor before finally arriving on Earth.

Wiz: When she came to, she realized her strength had been dramatically increased and that her baby cousin Kal-El was the seasoned superhero Superman...

Superman (Post-Crisis) 2

Wiz: ...and a grown man. In other words, she had been asleep for decades.

Boomstick: Kal was way older than her now despite him being just a baby on Krypton and she was still physically the same age as before.

Wiz: While Superman was thrilled to meet a surviving member of his family, he realized that Kara's abilities were dangerously unstable and a threat to his new home world.

Boomstick: Hell, he thought she could crack the Earth in half!

Wiz: This was a drastic side effect of Kara's rocket bathing her in yellow sunlight with sun stones for her entire voyage.

Boomstick: So due to her lack of control over any of her powers, Supes and Batman had her trained by Wonder Woman to try and help her work through stuff, which was nice until Darkseid showed up, kidnapped and brainwashed her, and forced her to fight her cousin. Once that ordeal was taken care of, Kara returned to Earth and began her superhero career as Supergirl, the Girl of Steel.

Wiz: Aside from Superman's tutelage, Kara trained with the Amazons, Artemis, and even Batman.

Supergirl Analysis Training

Boomstick: A Kryptonian trained by Batman? Well, game over, man! Game over!

Wiz: And in her time under Darkseid's control, she did receive training with the Female Furies. She is skilled in Kryptonian martial arts, utilizing it to effectively take down her opponents.

Boomstick: I'd tell you all Supergirl's abilities, but you should already know thanks to her world-famous cousin, so there's really no point going over them.

Wiz: No, we're still covering them. Via absorbing sunlight from a yellow star, her strength, speed, and durability are leagues above the average human. She can easily defy gravity and fly at incredible speeds.

Supergirl Analysis Solar Power

Supergirl Analysis Powers

Boomstick: Her super breath can blow foes away with winds akin to hurricanes, or she can turn down the temperature to encase things in ice or straight up freeze them. She can even stop an earthquake just by whistling.

Wiz: Then there's her heat vision, whose temperature and size can be altered at will, whether it needs to be small enough to be invisible to the human eye or large enough to incinerate an entire robot army.

Boomstick: And then she can smite her foes with... wait a minute... aww, come on, you're going to make me read the boring "non-killing" stuff?

Wiz: Just do it!

Supergirl Analysis Super-Senses

Boomstick: Fine! Well her super-hearing can, uh, hear just about anything, her x-ray vision can look through anything except lead, and she can see auras, radio signals, and microscopic objects and people. She can also see in total darkness and look miles away from her.

Wiz: See? You survived.

Boomstick: Yeah, barely.

Supergirl Analysis Intellect

Wiz: Her brain can contain, store, and process information far beyond that of any human, and she is vastly knowledgeable in Kryptonian science and technology.

Boomstick: Which is great and all, but now let's really dig into the meat of things: she's tossed Clayface into outer space, moved a mountain top, knocked out Solomon Grundy, and arm-wrestled with freakin' Lobo.

Wiz: She's been a member of the Teen Titans, the Legion of Superheroes, and even the Justice League. She can move faster than the Female Furies can see, vibrate herself to be invisible, destroyed a moon by flying into it at just under light speed, and can go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman and the Flash.

Supergirl Analysis Feats

Boomstick: She's defeated Maelstrom, Reactron, Lucy Lane, and even the Worldkillers... and I doubt I need to explain what their day job is. In the New 52, she even defeated that universe's Cyborg-Superman, who was actually HER FATHER!

Dramatic Cue

Boomstick: Oh, and she also defeated Power Girl twice... who is literally a Supergirl from another universe!

Wiz: And once, she was under attack by Silver Banshee, Metallo, Kryptonite Man, and Parasite, and through a hard-fought bout, was victorious.

Boomstick: Damn. And two of them had her straight up weakness. Then there was that time she became a Red Lantern. Y'know, like Green Lanterns, but red and angry?

Wiz: When becoming a Red Lantern, the red ring replaces a person's heart, they are forced to give into their rage and anger until they forget everything else...

Boomstick: And the blood coursing through their veins is basically replaced with a fiery hot acid. Which probably burns ♫Like fire, dark fire, now Wizard, it's your turn.♫

Wiz: But she eventually overcame the ring and survived the process of taking it off, which should have been fatal.

Boomstick: But nah, just a dip in the sun and she was good. And then there was that time Superman was stuck in the sticky and inescapable Source Wall, something not even Superboy-Prime could break out of, and she pulled her cousin out of it.

Wiz: With the help of four other Supergirls. But despite all her training and measures to control her power, she still often overdoes it and can risk burning through her solar reserves too quickly.

Boomstick: And while she's tech and science smart, she occasionally comes down with a teenage attitude, like the time she got cocky while sparring with Wonder Woman until the Amazonian stopped holding back and straight up floored her.

Wiz: As super-durable as her skin may be, it is vulnerable to kryptonite and magic the same as her cousin.

Boomstick: And while a blue star definitely amps her abilities up to the umpteenth degree, a red star will completely drain her... though even in red sunlight, her skin is hard as steel, so I guess that's okay.

Wiz: But Supergirl has soared far from the shadows of Superman's cape, rising to become her own figure of feminine empowerment in today's world. A super-heroine of her own making, not a carbon copy.

Boomstick: Whether in a skirt, shorts, or pants, Kara Zor-El is a symbol of hope, shining brightly even in the darkest of hours.

Wiz: That was... really good.

Boomstick: You think so? I was kinda wingin' it to be totally honest.

Wiz: There may be hope for you yet.

Boomstick: Ah, thanks, Wiz, I really... oh, hey, wait a minute...

Supergirl: Things are bad I know, but fighting amongst each other, that's what they want us to do. Other aliens are not the enemy. And the more we fight each other, the more we distract each other from the real problems. They say we are dangerous, that's what they want everyone to believe. Don't let them be right about us.


Boomstick: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all.

Pan Nkstjoa Supergirl SET 4

Wiz: Hey, wait, that's my line.

Boomstick: Now you do my part.

Pan Nkstjoa Supergirl SET

Wiz: I don't know if my vocal cords can take it.

Boomstick: Just try it this one time.

Pan Nkstjoa Supergirl SET 2

Wiz: Okay, here goes. It's time for a DEATH BATTLLLLLLLLLLE! *coughs profusely*

Boomstick: Oh man, that one definitely did a number on your throat.

Wiz: Just start the damn thing.


In a dark room in an unknown location of space and time, two figures stood looking over thousands of monitors. Each one showcase battles from thousands of multiverses. Ranging from a battle between a duel wielder in red and and a fellow dual wielder in black from inside a video game.

???: So he's more offensively-oriented. I know just how to deal with those types of fighters.

???: Tempest! Sonic Thrust!

To a battle between a fighter with a curious hairstyle against a crazed armed nutcase from the World War 2 era.

???: Sonic... BOOM!

???: Get a haircut, hippie!

To even a sword fight between a humanoid robot warrior from the future and a short and round, caped and masked figure.

???: I have longed for a worthy challenger to battle with me. Might you finally be the one?

???: Is that so? Then stop talking and show me what you got!

But they turned their attention to one screen, one which, according to their indicators, was nearly at its end.

???: We've been doing this a long time, haven't we?

A hellfire spawn faced off against a martial artist legend in a rainy field.

???: Yeah? What about it?

A green monstrous man wrestled with a murderous grey creation of science in a desert.

???: We both knew this day would come.

A masked vigilante with pointed ears and a cape was in close-quareters combat against a special stealth agent outside a snowy military base.

???: You mean the day where we get matching tattoos?

A blue armored humanoid robot fought the same red one from another screen in a ruined futuristic city.

???: No! We knew one day, there'd be one last battle to tell.

A violent ex-soldier with a white skull insignia was in a knife fight with a former sidekick who returned bitter from his death.

???: Oh. Okay. Well what fight do you wanna do for our last hurrah?!

The scanner showcased a battle between two female combatants, each related to their legendary relatives.

???: This.

???: Oh, I can't wait.

???: This will be one worth going out on.

(*cues Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Cutscene: Tokitoki*)

Age 850

Toki Toki City, powered by Capsule Corp technology and home of the Time Patrol. In one of the round housing units, Pan was resting in her bed. With no threats on her radar, she could finally have a day to herself.

Just then, a voice from her communicator.

Trunk: Pan, come in!

Alarmed by the call, she fell out of bed, wrestling her blankets and sheets off of her before she could compose herself.

Pan: What's going on?

Trunks: We have a situation with one of the scrolls. We need you here right away.

As Trunks spoke, Pan had already dressed herself in her Time Patroller attire, tied her senzu bean bag to her belt, and tied her orange bandanna over her head.

Trunks stood in the Time Vault with Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, as they spoke.

Pan: I'll be there in a second.

Trunk: Okay, just get here on the doub...

Pan had emerged right in front of him in an instant, startling him.

Trunks: Geez! What did I tell you about using instant transmission that close to me?

Pan: *placed hand behind head* Sorry. Just couldn't help it.

Chronoa: Well now that you're here, this is what we're dealing with.

(*music end*)

She handed Pan the Scroll of Eternity, which was enveloped by a strange blue energy.

Pan: This isn't Towa or Demigra's doing...

Chronoa: Right, we have no idea who is doing this. But it's afflicted all the same.

Trunks: This scroll covers an occassion where Goku encountered a super-powered being. They fought and their battle resulted in the destruction of the Earth itself. After this man used the Dragon Balls to bring back the Earth, he and Goku fought a second time.

Chronoa opened the scroll and she and Pan watched the events unfold.

(*cues Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Track 31*)

AGE: ???

The Arctic

Goku: Hey, Superman.

Superman: Son Goku. I've been expecting you.

Goku floats in midair as he prepares to unveil his Super Saiyan God form to Superman.

Suddenly, Goku is struck from behind, blood spewing. A devastating punch penetrated his back, nearly crippling him completely, as he looks behind him and sees a woman with the same symbol on her chest as Superman, but with a blue aura.

Goku goes for an elbow, which the woman blocks, and he barely stops a punch from Superman. The two Kryptonians unite their efforts and Goku fights as best as he can against the duo in his current state.

The beatings wear him down, the injury takes its toll, and Goku falls into the snow as he sees the two Kryptonians above him, their eyes glowing red. Basically paralyzed, he could only watch as their heat vision beamed into his eyes.

(*music end*)

Pan couldn't speak: she saw her grandfather crippled and beaten down by these two super-powered individuals. But even then, she composed herself: she was a Time Patroller.

Chronoa: But this isn't how it's supposed to go. That woman wasn't supposed to be there.

Trunk: You need to stop her from interfering. It needs to be between Goku and Superman.

Pan nodded her head, then closed her eyes as she gripped the scroll. A white glow enveloped the scroll and then Pan as the two began to fade out of the Time Vault.

Trunks: Good luck, Pan.

Chronoa and Trunks looked over as Pan disappeared from the room toward her destination.

Trunks: Are you sure I shouldn't be there with her? I mean if this Superman was that powerful and that woman had the same symbol, maybe she's...

Chronoa: Pan just needs to keep her away from the action. As long as she does that, then history will be restored.

Somewhere on the West Coat on a cliffside overlooking the ocean, Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl, stood in civilian attire as she pressed a watch-looking communicator.

Supergirl: Kal? Are you there?

Superman: On my way back, Kara.

Supergirl: So there's something I wanted to ask.

Superman: What is it?

Supergirl: So I was flying back to Earth earlier, but for a moment, it wasn't there.

Superman: Oh?

Supergirl: But then when I looked again, it was right there. Did something happen while I was gone?

Superman saw the Earth in his sight as he heard his cousin's inquiry.

Superman: Yeah... about that...

Just then, he heard something going on in the Arctic. He looked through the ice itself and saw...

Superman: Son Goku...

Supergirl: What was that?

Superman: Something's come up, Kara. I need to take care of something.

Faster than the human eye could see, Kara had removed her disguise, revealing her Kryptonian attire.

Supergirl: What is it? Do you need help?

Superman: No, Kara. I have to take care of this myself.

Supergirl: Kal!?

Their communication ended abruptly and Supergirl could clearly hear Superman flying... toward the Arctic

Supergirl zooms across the globe, taking very little time to do so. With clear skies for many miles, she looked thousands of miles away, slowly catching a glance of the Arctic. Then the familiar cape with an S was in her sight.

Supergirl: What are you doing there, Kal?

She was a few minutes, if not seconds away...

...a strange sound, foreign to Kara. She came to a complete halt in midair, all her momentum stopping and her cape flying over her head before getting back in place. Judging from her current position, this came from Metropolis. She pondered what to do in her head at a speed far faster than the average human brain could process. Just a second or two in real time passed before she decided that she had to investigate this. If Kal-El had something he had to do alone, then it was up to her to defend the city.


A beam of sorts emerges in the middle of the street and Pan stepped out of it before the beam disipated. She turned her head, staring up at the building tops of this alternate Earth. She was almost curious if this world's structures and technology of this world was several decades behind her old world. So far, no sign of her opponent. Her hand against her forehead, she sensed for ki across the entire city and found...

...nothing? No people? A city this size couldn't be abandoned. Pan began to ponder if maybe she was sent to the wrong area. She floated off the ground and flew forward, scanning the windows whilst trying to find nearby ki signatures. Still not a single one, at least not immediately near this city.

Pan: Where are you?

Without any buildings in her direct path, she decided to scan even farther: plenty moving forward, but none near the power of her target. Under the ocean: sea life, certainly, but still not what she's after. In the Arctic... something of massive power, possibly the highest she's ever sensed... but also one familiar... her grand...

Supergirl realized she was going too fast and tried to come to an immediate stop, but did so too late. Pan heard something and turned, then was slammed toward a building by a flying woman in a cape. She stopped herself from crashing into it by stopping herself with her hand, leaving a few cracks in the wall, then turned toward the woman that struck her accidentally.

Supergirl: Sorry. I didn't see you. Are you alright?

Pan: Yeah, but watch where you're going, will y...?

Pan looked upon this woman's blue alien cloth, then her eyes shot up.

Pan: That symbol...

Supergirl's x-ray vision revealed that this girl's heartrate was rocketing: a mix of panic, determination, and slight anger.

Pan: I know what I have to do!

A ki blast shot right at Supergirl, who simply caught it with her hand before clenching her fist, bursting it harmlessly for her.

Supergirl: You really want to make an enemy of me?

Pan: I know what you're going to do... and I'm not letting you get away with it!

A punch was easily dodged by Supergirl swerving in midair, then another in the opposite direction. An uppercut missed as Supergirl turned and threw a punch of her own. Pan caught Kara's wrist with both her hands before flipping and tossing her towards the streets below. Supergirl floated down gracefully before her feet touched the ground as Pan looked down at her during her descent.

Supergirl: Don't say I didn't warn you. You and your bandanna aren't going anywhere.

Pan: I'm ready for you. You're going down, Blondie.

The two stood on the ground eying each other and taking on their stances before taking one step forward.

Then the two fly towards each other with all haste, a fist raised.


Both punches struck true and the two were knocked back, Supergirl still floating in the air and Pan being slammed into a car.

Supergirl: I won't even break a sweat.

Pan fired off a flurry of ki bullets from her hands as Supergirl grinned confidently before swatting the first away with her hand. She then proceeded to alternate between hands as knocking away these ki projectiles was little more than swatting flies to her. As the last one was gone, she looked up and was struck on the back of the head. Her head struck the pavement, leaving a head-shaped dent, then a kick sent Supergirl crashing through a building.

Upon stopping in midair, Supergirl looked over at the girl who had struck her with some curiosity.

Supergirl: You're...

As far as her x-ray vision was concerned in the milliseconds between seeing Pan approaching and catching Pan's fist, she was biologically human... for the most part.

Supergirl: Human?

Pan tried wrestling her hand free from her, but saw that Supergirl's grip was surprisingly strong.

Pan: I'm a human and saiyan from Earth.

Supergirl: Saiyan? Where have I heard that before?

As Kara pondered this, her face was struck by a ki blast with Pan's free hand. To Pan's shock, Supergirl's face didn't even looked even slightly bruised.

Supergirl: Nice try.

Pan felt herself being span around rapidly before being tossed to the ground back-first. A normal human would have felt extremely nauseous after the fact, but Pan only felt partially so. Before she could recover in time, Supergirl grabbed hold of her.

Supergirl flew across the ground, dragging Pan through the pavement before coming to a halt, holding Pan by her collar and punching her backward. Pan was imbedded into the wall of the building before spotting Supergirl's eyes going red. She placed her hand over her head as she caught a glimpse of a heat vision blast coming her way.

After the dust settled, Supergirl saw only a Pan-shaped dent in the building. She heard a new sound... an instantaneous one... followed by a super-charged ki blast. She bounced off the ground before floating upward and watched as Pan fired off more ki bullets as she made her approach. Kara fired off a heat vision beam to cut down the projectiles, then took aim at Pan. She ducked at the first beam, then saw it firing off to the left of her and swiftly going to the right. She jumped into the air, then saw the beam following her and swerved to the side as she saw it above her coming down towards her.

Pan flew into Supergirl before the heat vision beam could get her with only her yellow cape being slighty cut in half. Supergirl was struck back a few feet before catching Pan's kicking foot and slamming her to the ground. Pan went for a sweeping kick, but Supergirl floated upward before going for a downward punch. Pan leapt out of the way before grabbing hold of Supergirl's hair, then tossing her forward. Instead of flying towards her, Supergirl flew to the side with Pan in pursuit despite the buildings between them.

Supergirl fired off heat vision blasts as Pan countered with ki blasts, the two either disipating each other or hitting the various structures as they zoomed by. Pan then lost track of Supergirl, swerving between buildings to find her. She sensed her ki from behind and turned to see a car flying right at her. She charged a ki blast and upon impact detonated it immediately. Another zoomed toward her right afterward, forcing her to descend below it. A third forced her left, then a fourth to the right. A fifth forced her to punch through it, but as she heard something else coming towards her, she was struck by an tanker truck.

Crashing it into Pan herself, she lightly let off heat vision before forcing them into a parking structure. Upon taking to the air, an explosion went off, leveling several stories of the structure. Kara surveyed the wreckage, then saw Pan, who was hardly the worse for wear save for her cape being filled with tears.

Supergirl: You're a tough one for a human... but where's the Saiyan exactly?

Pan: Oh don't worry...

Kara began noticing broken pieces of pavement floating into the air as Pan clenched her fists.

Pan: I'll show you.

A faint yellow glow enveloped her before a flash of white went off...

And Pan's hair shined with a golden hue, her orange bandanna almost glowing as a result, and her eyes green.

Supergirl: Okay, so you changed your hair...

Pan had covered the distance to throw a punch and to Supergirl's surprise, she definitely felt that one. She blocked the next punch too, which nearly broke her guard, and then a flying kick left her pinned to a wall.

Supergirl: Wait, changing your hair color makes you stronger?

Pan: Oh shut up.

Pan's next punch was caught, then she suddenly saw herself being blown back by a powerful gust of wind... or so she thought. Upon further examination, Supergirl was simply blowing her away with some kind of super-breath.

Pan: Eat this!

A much larger ball of ki came right towards Supergirl, who stopped what she was doing and swerved out of the way of it...

Then saw the ball crash into a building, which then completely collapsed.

Supergirl: Maybe I should have blocked that one.

Pan: Pay attention!

She threw a flurry of punches, which Kara blocked with her hands, then threw rapid kicks that Supergirl side-stepped.

The two then clashed, their blows countering before one from Pan knocked her back once again. Pan threw three projectiles before charging at Supergirl herself. The first two were knocked back by Supergirl's wrists, but she decided to punch through the last one... while also hitting Pan. The strike of Kara's punch and the ki from her own projectile sent Pan crashing into the top of a building.

Supergirl: Had enough?

Pan flew upward, looking down at Supergirl.

Pan: I haven't even started!

She placed her hands outward, the two charging with ki.


Supergirl: Don't try it.

A massive beam fired off from Pan's hands.

Pan: HAAA!

Supergirl: Now you've done it!

Kara fired off a beam of heat vision, one just large enough to counter Pan's Kamehameha. Sure enough, a beam struggle commenced and the two remained in place, each vying for their attack to overtake the other's.

Pan: This... this is nothing...

Despite her comment, Pan was starting to struggle: even as a Super Saiyan, this woman's power was enormous. Sure enough, the heat vision beam was beating the Kamehameha and Pan was forced to swerve to the side of it.

Supergirl: Look up in the sky!

Pan did and was grabbed by Supergirl, who slammed her head-first into a building's side, grinding the surface and shattering a few windows. She then knocked Pan downward into what seemed to be an abandoned restaurant.

Supergirl landed and Pan immediately went on an offensive, but Supergirl was gracefully dodging her moves. Kara then punched Pan into a booth before grabbing her and tossing her through the wall, tossing her outside on the streets once again.

After crashing back-first into a steel beam for a LexCorp building under construction, Pan got back up and looked back at Supergirl, who approached her slowly on foot.

Supergirl: Give up before I really let loose.

Pan knew what her opponent was capable of and that even she wasn't in the best spot at the moment... but she had an idea. Instead of replying with words, Pan simply spat on the ground, just a small amount of blood in her saliva. Supergirl grabbed hold of a lamp post and tossed it straight at her like a javelin. It approached Pan rapidly, who reached for something behind her.

Just as the javelin was about to make its mark, it was knocked away by a red staff: the Power Pole. Pan then readied it in one hand and waved her other hand in a "come on" fashion with a cocky grin.

Supergirl: Oh that does it!

She zoomed forward to punch, but Pan had vanished from that spot. Just as she heard Pan behind her and turned to throw another punch, Pan had placed a hand on Kara's head while also placing her other on her own, her middle and ring finger on her forehead. Pan focused on a person, one far away from the action of where she was. Whether it was a good idea or not, she went for it.

Supergirl: What...?

In an instant, the two of them vanished from Metropolis, their disappeared unnoticed by the unusually quiet city.

Toki Toki City

Trunks was standing outside of the item shop, pointing out what capsules he wanted to the mechanical worker.

Trunks: I'll take one energy, one power, an aura, and a Mr. Antido....

Just as it began reaching for the items Trunks wanted, they suddenly saw Pan and Supergirl in front of him.

Trunk: Holy...!

Supergirl was stunned at their instantaneous change in location.

Supergirl: What?!

With a two-handed slam, Pan took advantage of her opponent's confusion and sent her crashing through the floor. Her gamble seemed to pay off. However, she turned to see a furious Trunks.

Trunks: Pan, what were you thinking?!

Pan: She was giving me a little trouble.

Trunks: So you just brought her here?!

Pan: Well I just need to keep her away, right?

Trunks: Do you realize what could happen if you both go all-out here?!

Pan raised her hand in front of Trunks as the two realized Supergirl starting to get back to her feet. Pan hopped and waved her hands to get the attention of all the Time Patrollers in the area.

Pan: Hey! Over here!

With the audience she wanted, she pointed at Supergirl.

Pan: Whoever takes her out gets a bonus!

The Time Patrollers in the area, ranging from humans and Saiyans to Namekians, Majins, and Frieza's race, all flew in towards Supergirl. With her opponent being dogpiled by a mass of warriors, Pan confidently turned back to Trunks.

Pan: See? It's all works out.

Trunks: Uh... Pan?

He tapped her shoulder and pointed out that the dog pile was starting to shake. A few Time Patrollers fell back as the rest pushed in vein to keep Supergirl down. Suddenly, all of the Time Patrollers in front of Supergirl flew backwards as if some invisible force had knocked them back.

Pan: I may have forgotten to mention that she can knock people back with her breath.

Trunks: Oh, you just forgot!

After Trunks' remark, Supergirl stood up with her arms raised, all of the Time Patrollers holding her down knocked backward. While a few were simply too stunned to even get up, the rest flew back towards Supergirl immediately, either attacking with their fists and feet or ki projectiles. But Supergirl either avoided them, blocked them, or completely tanked them.

Trunks: Look at them. They aren't even making her flinch.

Supergirl began turning the tables and started taking out the Time Patrollers one by one, only needing a single punch or kick to down them.

Pan: Aww crap bask...

She caught Supergirl's fists, but slowly saw her feet grinding against the floor she stood on. Trunks flew in with his sword at Supergirl, then saw her catch it with one hand.

Pan: Now!

Trunks let go of his sword and both of them aimed their hands at Supergirl. Kara caught too late the ki generating from them.

Pan & Trunks: Masenko!

The double Masenko knocked Supergirl into the air as the remaining Time Patrollers flew up after her. Pan hunched over for a moment, her hands on her knees, as Trunks looked over in concern. Even in her full powered Super Saiyan form, Pan was getting exhausted.

Pan: She's tough... could've pushed me through a building if she had the chance.

Trunks: Here.

Trunks grabbed hold of the bag of senzu beans on Pan's person and opened it. He tried to do so carefully, but spilled a few in the process.

Pan: Careful with those!

Trunks: Alright, alright! Sorry.

He finally grabbed hold of one, handing it to her, then tied the bag back up.

Fully rejuvinated by the senzu bean, Pan got back up, placing the few excess beans into her front pockets. Trunks looked over at Pan, the two nodding and ready for their opponent.

Trunks: Try and keep up, partner.

He went Super Saiyan and flew right at Supergirl, armed with his sword. Pan scoffed, then took out her power pole and followed him.

Meanwhile, Supergirl heard the two coming and was more than ready for the duo, catching Trunk's sword and Pan's power pole.

Supergirl: You're gonna regret bringing me to your lair.

Pan: Lair? You can't be serious!

Both fired a small ki projectile with their freed hand, which Supergirl span upward to avoid before forcefully tossing Pan toward the ground and spinning Trunks in a circle. Pan landed on her feet, the impact leaving footprints, before flying back upward with all fury. Trunks tried wrestling his sword out of her grip to no avail as he saw her eyes go red.

Before the heat vision could touch him, Pan slammed into Supergirl, sending it firing in another direction. Trunks finally freed his sword and went after her for a swing. Supergirl blocked it and while she didn't suffer a cut, the impact was akin to a blunt object breaking her guard. Before his next sword swing could strike her head, she used her freeze breath on the weapon, then grinned as she readied her fist.

Pan struck her downward with the Power Pole, stopping her intended weapon break, then threw the weapon right at her falling opponent. As Kara hit the ground, the power pole struck her stomach, and the impact was much more than she had expected: all this from a staff? Then Pan charged up a sphere of purple ki in her hand as she slammed it into Supergirl's face. After the explosion of ki, Pan saw no scarring, let alone a scratch on her, as Supergirl lifted her up and headbutt her to the ground. She was then struck in the back by a projectile, looking back more like she was annoyed than hurt.

Trunk: Come on!

He flew in at high speed with his sword, both it and himself glowing a golden hue. Supergirl flew in as well with her fist raised as the two collided, then flew past each other.

Supergirl stood, realizing a few pieces of her hair were floating behind her.

Trunks heard something clatter to the ground, saw pieces of something, then looked at his sword's handle... which lacked a blade.

Trunks: Aww damn it! Not again!

Pan quickly retrieved her power pole and tossed it at Supergirl, who caught it without even looking. She had her attention turned toward a charging Trunks, whose punch she caught. She tossed him at Pan, then saw him phase right through her. Kara was then struck on the chin and sent off her feet: she had thrown Trunks at an afterimage. A kick to the head knocked Supergirl through a clothing shop, greatly startling the robotic shopkeeper.

Pan: Sorry!

Supergirl flew upward, sending various Great Saiyaman costumes flying away, then flew right towards Pan with all fury. Pan was struck back and saw Supergirl flying at her with a flurry of punches. She moved as quickly as she could to block them, but enough were getting through. Finally, Supergirl slammed her into the Time Machine Station, causing the mechanical staff to flee. She looked over at Pan, who fell onto her knees, gripping her stomach in pain.

Supergirl: Come on, I didn't go that overboard.

Pan: Give me a minute. I've got...a stomache ache.

Supergirl used her X-Ray vision to see for sure and saw no signs that was even the case.

Supergirl: You're not fooling me.

Pan: But I got your attention.

Trunks kicked Supergirl in the back of the head, sending her into the Hercule statue. Pan pelted her with ki bullets to keep her in place.

Trunks: Final...

Knocking away Pan's ki projectiles, Supergirl flew at Trunks with all haste, not even bothering to try getting out of the way of the oncoming attack.

Trunks: FLASH!!!

In the split-second before the massive golden beam left Trunks' hands, Supergirl's leg swung into his right arm like a hammer.


Trunks felt his arm broken, bringing up deja vu of what Android 18 had done to his father in the past. In spite of this, he aimed his left arm right at Supergirl, the Final Flash enveloping Supergirl and sending her backward. The beam neared the Hercule statue, but only barely grazed the statue's mustache: it seemed to have the same luck as the idol it was based on. Pan rushed over to Trunks, who fell to his knees.

Pan: Trunks!

Trunks: *gripping his broken arm* I'll live... just get her out of here now!

Pan turned and saw Supergirl flying back towards them, little worse for wear from Trunks' one handed Final Flash.

Supergirl: Are you finished?

Pan disappeared from Supergirl's sight and she could hear something behind her. She saw Pan making a mocking face, but as her fist went through, she saw that it was another afterimage of hers. She then saw herself surrounded by them and decided to sort through them quickly: a spinning heat vision beam. Within seconds, all the afterimages were revealed as fakes, but Supergirl still didn't see Pan in sight.

Pan: Aha!

She placed her hand on the back of Supergirl's head and with her other hand tried to find a ki source from outside Toko Toki City.

Trunks: Hurry!

She knew she didn't have the time to pick out any favorites, so she went with the first one she found. In that instance, the two disappeared from the city. Trunks lifted himself up, gripping his broken arm, as he and the remaining Time Patrollers tended to the wounded.

Pan and Supergirl ended up in a canyon of some sorts, but before Pan could act, she felt a hard elbow to her stomach.

Supergirl: That's not going to work on me again.

With a left hook, Pan was sent flying into...

(*cues Pokémon VS. Digimon Mashup Theme at 1:10*)

Red: Get up Charizard!

Greymon: Nova... Tai!

Tai turned and was nearly struck by Pan, who then crashed into a canyon wall nearby. During this, the Pokemon Charizard had gotten up and awaited instructions.

Supergirl: Look what you made me do! I could've hit that kid!

Pan got up, brushing dirt off her shoulder, and noticing her nose bleeding from the punch.

Pan: *wiping her nose with her glove* Then let's take this somewhere else.

She put her hand up to her head again and while Supergirl fired heat vision to stop her, it was too late. Kara heard the sound of Pan nearby and flew forward, going through walls of the canyon just to get there quicker, and going for another punch...

(*cues Stronger Together - Yates at 2:40*)

One that Pan jumped over, resulting in Supergirl punching a giant mech in its right blue leg, causing it to stumble.

Lance: What the hell happened?!

Allura: Something struck my lion!

Just then, another giant mech took advantage of their distraction and shoulder-charged into them.

Zack: Let's keep it up!

Supergirl saw what had happened as a result of her rushed attack without much thought.

Supergirl: I'm not focusing my power. I need to...

A one-handed beam from Pan knocked her into the air towards the two dueling mechas, who clashed with their swords. During this clash, Supergirl came in between, being knocked even further away by the Power Sword. One of the mecha's left green arm stopped for a moment.

Keith: What's wrong?

Pidge: That girl... did they...?

Lance: We don't have time for this!

The red lion arm of Voltron hastily swung at the Megazord, only to find the Blazing Sword struck downward by the Power Sword.

Trini: Gotcha!

The mastodon shield struck Voltron's head, causing the mech to turn around, followed by receiving a slash to the back.

Kimberly: I think we've got this one.

Pan was flying through the rest of the canyon to go after Supergirl when she heard a voice in the distance.

(*cues Glamor: In Charm and Allure - Bayonetta 2 at 2:38*)

Superman: With every breath...

She turned and saw Superman flying above Goku, who had a red aura around his hair.

Superman: ...I could create a hurricane!

He slammed Goku into the ground with a downward two-hand strike. He then landed to the ground by his opponent.

Superman: This is my burden. Be thankful it is not your...

Pan: Dragon Fist!

A red ki-enhanced punch to Superman's cheek sent him flying through a canyon wall.

(*music end*)

With the two Kryptonians out of the way, Pan made her way to Goku to offer a helping hand up.

Pan: Need a hand?

Goku took Pan's hand and she lifted him back onto his feet. He only needed to see her eyes and he already knew exactly who she was.

Goku: Pan? Is that really you? *places hand over her shoulder* You're all grown up... and your hair. I knew you could do it.

(*cues Iron Dite - Battle Fever: Chrome Shelled Regios at 21 seconds*)

Meanwhile, across the canyon...

Red: Flare Blitz!

Before Mega Charizard could fly downward onto Greymon, Superman nearly crashed into the fire type Pokemon when Supergirl caught him.

Supergirl: Sorry, sorry! Carry on.

(*music end*)

Red and his Pokemon were dumbfounded as the two alien heroes flew away.

Red: What is happening around us?

Supergirl: See? I've got your back, Kal.

Superman: We need to be careful, Kara.

Supergirl: They can barely even hurt us... right?

Superman: I wouldn't be so sure. We can't underestimate them.

He had noticed the bit of Kara's hair cut off from before.

Superman: By the way, what happened to your hair?

She wasn't keen to talk about that and knew the perfect change of subject.

Supergirl: And what happened to the Earth again?

Superman: Uh...

The two then stopped in midair: they saw their opponents below them.

Goku and Pan turned and saw Superman and Supergirl landing to the ground side-by-side. The two duos turned to face one another, eying their oppositions' subtle movements.

Pan: We can't hold back. I gotta keep her away from you. Trust me.

Goku: Get ready, Pan. Let's fight them at our best.

Supergirl: That girl has it out for me. We have this one, right Kal?

Goku and Pan scream as they charge with ki. Many rocks fly up off the ground as Pan goes into Super Saiyan 2.

Superman: Well as long as they don't pull out any more...

Goku's scream concludes and his red hair turned a blue hue.

Superman: ...hairstyles. Great.

A golden streak and a blue one clashed with two red and blue streaks in midair at a rapid pace, much faster than nearly any human could keep up with.

As Superman and Goku continued rapidly punching, Pan and Supergirl gripped one another by the hands, trying to overpower the other. Supergirl's heat vision missed Pan's tilting head as Pan placed her hands by her eyes.

Pan: Solar Flare!

A bright flash of light went off, something Superman had noticed before taking a ki-enhanced punch from Goku. Meanwhile, Supergirl was unaffected: bright lights couldn't blind Kryptonian eyes.

Supergirl: Okay, so what's that supposed to do?

Suddenly, she felt two knees to the stomach.

Pan: Only this!

Pan flipped the two over in midair before elbowing her in the nose and blasting her back to the ground with a ki blast.

Superman: Kara!

Goku heeded no words and went for a punch, one that Superman caught.

Superman: Excuse me.

He tossed Goku away as he flew in to help his cousin. Pan was ready to swing her Power Pole when Superman stood in front of her, taking the blow himself. Kara was surprised that a staff like that could cause her cousin to stumble.

Supergirl: Do you think that staff is...

Superman: Magic? Yes.

Just as he grabbed hold of the weapon and prepared a mighty punch, Goku used instant transmission to appear between Superman and Supergirl. He unleashed an explosive wave of ki around him, knocking the two back. He then noticed the weapon in Pan's possession.

Goku: Oh wow! The Power Pole!

She handed the weapon to her grandfather.

Goku: I haven't used this thing in ages!

The two looked back the Kryptonians heading right for them.

Pan: We'll take turns with it, okay?

Goku: Okay!

Superman charged at Goku with punches, each with Goku blocked or redirected with the Power Pole. Goku saw an opening and struck Superman in the throat with his pole arm, causing him to back up before booting him away. He then tossed it to Pan, who put it against the back of Supergirl's neck before shoving her forward with it and knocking her to the ground with a falling elbow.

Pan: Alright. Keep it up!

Goku chuckled cheerfully as she tossed it back to Goku, who held of an assault from both Kal and Kara. Pan swooped in from the side, grabbing both by their heads and slamming them into each other, allowing Goku to strike both in the side with the Power Pole. With the two Kryptonians vulnerable, Pan and Goku grabbed their respected opponent by their trademark capes and pulled off Goku's trademark Dragonthrow grapple.

Supergirl and Superman were both spinning towards each other like tops until their heads slammed into each other, sending them flying.

Kal was slow to get up, allowing Pan to kick him towards Goku, who performed a clothesline-esque slam. As Kara began getting up, the two of them both flew right at her, grabbing onto her and pulling her down even as she tried flying upward. Eventually, both yanked her down and dragged her across the ground. With her grounded, Pan and Goku prepared a charged attack when Superman stomped the ground, shaking them both long enough for him to slam Goku through a wall.

Pan swung the Power Pole at him, but Superman caught it, his grip practically unbreakable as Pan tried to shake him off in vain. Supergirl recovered and was flying in from the side when Pan saw the Power Pole was facing her.

Pan: Power Pole extend!

Superman couldn't process it in time: the Power Pole extended in length, striking Supergirl and pinning her to one of the canyon's walls. Goku ran across the pole before kicking Supergirl right through it as Pan grabbed Superman by the head and flipped him onto the ground head-first. With the Power Pole free from his hands, Pan sweeped his legs with it, then swung it akin to a baseball bat to knock him back.

Pan *thought*: Huh. Guess Yamcha's baseball training did pay off.

She slammed it down onto his head, then cupped her hands together.

Pan: Grandpa, now!

Goku teleported right next to Pan as the two readied his trademark technique.

Goku & Pan:

As Superman recovered from the magic-enhanced blows of the Power Pole, he was too late.

Goku & Pan: HAAAAAAAA!!!

The Grandfather-Granddaughter Kamehameha struck Superman with incredible force, sending him not only away from the canyon, but zooming through the globe and into space.

Supergirl: Kal!

Pan guarded herself with the Power Pole as Supergirl flew in with all fury. She punched the Power Pole so hard it flew out of Pan's hands. She then proceeded to fly upward after the Power Pole, catch it, land to the ground, and toss it at Goku.

Pan: Grandpa, look ou...!

She pushed him to the side and nearly avoided it... nearly. It caught her collar and cape, forcing her toward a wall. The Power Pole was embedded into it and she hung off the ground by her cape. She wasn't there for long, as she tore the cape off of her.

Supergirl: Word of advice: not just anyone can wear a cape.

Goku: If one trains enough, I'm sure they could.

Pan: Is this really an important discussion right now?

Pan waited for Goku to make a move, but instead, he flew backward.

Pan: Grandpa... aren't you going to help me?

Goku: You don't need my help anymore. I know you can stand up to her on your own.

Pan shouldn't have been surprised that her grandfather's tendency for wanting a fair one-on-one fight would kick in. Even then, Pan couldn't help but find those words coming from Goku touching.

Pan: You got it, Grandpa.

Supergirl: Okay, sure, but don't think I'm done with you yet.

Pan: I'll show you what my grandfather taught me!

She and Supergirl jumped high into the air, engaging in an aerial slugfest before the two were knocked backward. The moment they touched the ground, the two collided once more.

Goku *thoughts*: Man, Pan sure has trained a lot. I wonder who taught her all that.

Supergirl broke off the clash and got in a quick jab. Pan threw kicks, but Supergirl's hands were blocking them with ease before catching one and slamming Pan to the ground.

Supergirl: How's that for Kryptonian martial arts?

Goku: Oh. So what's what you guys are called.

Pan: I've fought monsters that can destroy whole planets.

She flew back and fired off a barrage of ki projectiles, Kara moving side-to-side to avoid them before punching her through a boulder.

Supergirl: You're not the only one whose fought planet breakers.

Goku had his hand to his head... but not to use Instant Transmission. Suddenly, Pan could hear his voice in her head.

Goku: Pan, you have to get a hold of yourself. There's no need to be angry: she's just your opponent.

Pan: I'm sorry, Grandpa.

Goku: No, no, it's alright. Nobody's perfect, least of all me. *chuckles* But all we can do is...

(*cues Alive - Yates at 47 seconds*)

Just as Goku was finishing his thought, Superman zoomed past Pan.

Superman: Outta my way!

He kicked Goku into the air.

Superman: Take this!

His barrages of punches sent him and Goku zooming out of the canyon.

Pan: No! Grandpa!

She went flying after the two, but was struck down hard by Supergirl. As she landed, she realized her bandanna had been knocked off her head, caught in the wind. She suddenly received communications from Chronoa and Trunks.

Chronoa: Pan, listen! Goku and Superman's fight can't be interupted at this point. You'll only endanger history from here.

Trunks: I'm sorry, Pan, but she's right. Keep it between you and Supergirl. Got it?

Pan: *sighs* Got it.

She stood up, leaving her bandanna behind.

Supergirl: So... ready to call it quits yet?

Pan: *points* I'm not giving up. Not even for a second.

She roared as she channeled her ki to take on her next form.

Supergirl: If you take that long to transform, then I'll just take you out now.

She fired a heat vision blast, but saw Pan had disappeared. She then saw Pan with incredibly long blonde hair, reaching down to her legs.

Pan: You're stupid enough to think that'd work!?

The two traded punches and Supergirl found herself unable to overpower her that easily.

Pan: Get serious!

She headbutt Supergirl and punched her downward through the ground, then flew underground to kick her back upward. As she went for a two-handed slam, Supergirl blocked it.

Pan *thoughts*: No, this isn't good. If she can stand up to Super Saiyan 3, I'll burn out before I can beat her.

Supergirl: You think you can overpower me?

She pushed Pan through the ground and pushed her back out before knocking her farther back.

Supergirl: You get serious.

Her eyes didn't just glow red: they oozed heat. A massive heat vision beam fires. Massive compared to the ones from before. Enough to cover a small building, perhaps. Unable to get out of the way in time, Pan could only summon ki around her to form an energy dome. This bubble-esque shield kept her safe for now, but as Supergirl stepped forward, the shield began to break down and the sheer power forced Pan to her knees.

Pan: I can still... stand... I won't... lose...

Right after these words, the shield broke down and the beam seemed like it'd meet no further resistance... except for a layer of ki covering Pan's entire body. Undeterred, Supergirl stepped forward even quicker, trying to force the field of ki around Pan to give way. Her jacket's left sleeve began to burn off. As did her pant's right knee down to her ankle.

Pan: I can... I can still...

The literal heat was taking a toll on her, but as it turns out, this overuse of heat vision was doing the same to Supergirl.

Supergirl: My eyes... can't...

Kara finally ceased the attack, the beam dissipating entirely, as she fell to her knees and covered her eyes with her hands.

Supergirl: Overdid it... I really overdid it this time.

Pan, meanwhile, was steaming, both due to the intense heat she had been under these past tens of seconds and with this girl having taken her this far.

Pan: Now I'm mad!

She flew forward at Supergirl, the first punch of which Kara was in no position to avoid. After falling to the ground, Pan lunged onto her, punching her in the head repeatedly. At this point, Pan couldn't hold on to Super Saiyan 3 for long: she had to end this quick.

Kara finally opened her eyes and managed to fire off a thin beam at Pan's upper body: much smaller than the one before, but still a high temperature. Pan shrieked at the burning wound in her chest and unleashed a large red ball of ki, one that seemed to pull Supergirl in towards it as it struck. Pan was powering it up, making it even larger, as Supergirl tried to move away from it.

Pan: You're finished!

Instead of trying in vain to fly away like before, this time, Supergirl took a simple, but effective approach: she punched the ground with her hands.

From afar, the entire rocky canyon showed cracks at the seams.

The sheer force caused Pan to stumble back, leaving the ball to explode. As she got back to her feet, she saw Supergirl walking towards her, bringing down a single fist onto her.

She caught Supergirl's fist with both her hands, but struggled to even hold it up: Super Saiyan 3's strength wasn't enough. All she could do was grit her teeth at her. But it wasn't enough and Supergirl slammed her back-first into the ground by the throat.

Pan unleashed a massive explosion of ki, causing even more cracks to emerge in the canyon. Only pushed back a few feet, Supergirl simply stood as her opponent gathered as much ki as she could before flying towards her. Pan's punch was in vain, for Supergirl had left her line of sight. But she felt movement behind her, so she turned...

...only to be struck by a gut punch. As she was forced into the air, an elbow to the back sent her flying back. She tried to wiggle away before touching the ground, but Supergirl grabbed hold of her by the back and slammed her onto her knee.


(*music end*)

Pan spat and gave off a whimper as she exited Super Saiyan 3 back to her base form before rolling off Supergirl's knee. Supergirl stood up and looked over at the Time Patroller, whose pose was not terribly dissimilar to that of one of her mentor's. Pan saw her bag of senzu beans on the ground within arm's reach and tried to reach for it.

Supergirl: It's over!

Heat vision quickly reduced the bag and its contents into ashes. Pan could only watch as Supergirl looked right at her with her red eyes. As Pan waited for her opponent's next attack, she instead saw Supergirl's eye revert back to normal.

Supergirl: I didn't want a fight. I could've killed you there... but I didn't.

She began to float off the ground.

Supergirl: Remember that.

She flew out of the canyon and at a rapid speed towards space.

Supergirl *thoughts*: I completely overdid it. I'm lucky I didn't drain myself dry. Gotta get to the sun... now.

Pan could only crawl with her hands as she watched her opponent leave: she couldn't feel her legs.

Trunks turned toward Chronoa infuriated by what he saw.

Trunks: You need to send me in there now!

Chronoa: I can't let you do that.

Trunks: What, you think I'm too hurt?! My arm is fine!

Chronoa: That's not the reason for concern!

Trunks: Then what is?!

Chronoa: You'll jeopardize everything!

Trunks: What, by me saving Pan?! Are we just going to let her die?!

Chronoa: Listen to me, Trunks. We have to preserve history.

Trunks: Forget history!

Chronoa: HEY!!! LISTEN!!!

Trunks was shaken by Chronoa's shout, then realized what he said in anger and frustration. Protecting history was his life's mission now and he had just stated he was going to throw it all away. Finally, he let go of his rage and composed himself.

Chronoa: I'm not happy with what happened with Pan. She is in bad shape and lucky to even be alive. Whether this "Supergirl" held back or didn't have enough power to kill her, Pan is still alive. And thanks to Pan keeping her at bay, history will be restored.

Trunks: *deep sigh* You're right. But we can't leave her there.

Chronoa: We won't. The distortion in the scroll is beginning to fade. Once it leaves entirely, then we can retrieve her. But for now, we have no choice but to wait.

Trunks nodded, but was still at complete odds with not helping his partner right away. He could only hope that she'd be alright until then.

Frisco, Texas

Goku: Get off my planet!

He punched Superman thrice, then third hit knocking him away, then sensed something going on from afar: Pan's ki was completely drained. While combating Superman, he spoke with Pan.

Goku: Pan! You're hurt!

Pan: Grandpa... listen... forget about me.

Goku: You know I can't do that.

Pan: Please... you have to. Just... please win...

Goku: I will. And then I'll come help you.

Pan: You can't. Just... take care of yourself.

Goku: But I can't leave you like that.

Pan: Trust me. I'll... I'll be fine.

Goku had to think hard on her granddaughter's request to not even help her. Pan wouldn't have told him this if she didn't really mean she'd be okay.

Goku: Alright, Pan. Just... please be okay.

After this exchange had concluded, the blue aura around the Scroll of Eternity was nearly gone.

The shadowy figures saw Goku and Superman resuming their battle undisturbed, Supergirl leaving the Earth's atmosphere, and Pan lying on the ground. An alert popped up on the screen.

???: An alert?

???: Oh, what's wrong now?!

One clicked a keypad, causing another video feed to pop up: one of the scroll nearly reverting back to normal.

???: Aww damnit! We've still got two live ones down here! Neither one killed each other! Now what are we supposed to do?!

A chuckle in the room.

???: Huh? What's so funny?

???: You think I hadn't anticipated this?

The figure typed on a keyboard.

???: A plan B?

???: Plan B.

Pan, still on her side, decided to reach into her pant's right front pocket.

Pan: Good thing she didn't check my pockets.

Unfortunately for her, she felt nothing in her pocket but burned remains of senzu beans. She tried the left pocket... and the same... except...

Pan: Did one of them...?

In her hand was a single senzu bean, one untouched by the heat.

Trunks: You're kidding me... she had a senzu bean in her pocket the whole time?!

Chronoa: You saw her put them in her pockets, remember?

Trunks: Yeah... you're right.

With that senzu bean, she was completely healed. While not a painless process, Pan managed to get back onto her feet. She was getting a message from the Time Vault.

Trunks: Pan, you're alright.

Pan: Yeah, I'm fine. That one was way too close.

Chronoa: Agreed. The distortion in the scroll is nearly gone. You just have to wait a little longer and then you can come back.

Pan: Alright. I'll just...

She looked at her hand and saw a blue aura around her. Before she could speak, it covered her entire body.

Trunks: Just what?

(*cues All Things Must Die (Piano Cover)- RWBY Volume 5*)

Pan saw the scenario she had seen before taking the mission, but much, much worse. This time, not only were Superman and Supergirl killing her grandfather... she was there, lying on the ground crippled, unable to do a thing. After they had done their work in the most gruesome way possible, one turned towards her and punched the ground so hard the Earth around Pan exploded. Within the light of the explosion, this figure was... Supergirl, who had just crippled her earlier.

???: We both know she didn't spare you out of kind-heartedness or even mercy. She wants you alive and well for after they're done killing your grand-pappy.

Back in space, Supergirl was well past Venus when a blue aura entangled her.

Supergirl: What is...?

Suddenly, she was struck with images: visceral images. Ones of Goku beating Superman to near-death followed by another holding him up by the throat, their other hand raised, then stabbing through his chest. The shadows around this figure faded: it was Pan, the girl whose life she had just spared.

???: You know letting them live is a mistake, right? They'll both be back to kill Kal-El if you do nothing now.

Chronoa: What is this?!

Trunks: That aura! It's...

Supergirl: I won't let them kill you, Kal!

Chronoa: Pan! Do you hear us!?

Trunks: Pan, please respond!

Pan: I won't let those two get away with it!

Trunks: Something's possessing her. Quickly... we have to bring her back, now!

Chronoa: I'm trying... but... that's... that's not possible...!

Trunks: What's going on?!

Chronoa: Whoever's doing this... they've locked her out. We can't reach her. We... can't bring her back.

Trunks: What bastard is behind all this?!

???: You mean bastards!

???: Quiet down. The real fight starts now.

Pan quickly went through her first two Super Saiyan forms into 3, then pushed herself even further. The canyon she was in shook even more violently than it had before as she pushed for her final form.

Keith: Give him covering fire!

Allura: With what?

Keith: Everythi...

The ground shook, causing Voltron to nearly lose its footing completely.

Billy: Quick, now's our chance!

The Megazord's Power Sword stabbed through Voltron's chest, piercing through its back.

Jason: We've got 'em!

It tilted its blade upward, also lifting Voltron off the ground. While flying with the Blazing Sword in his mechanical lion's mouth, Pidge was shaken by the sight of his allies at the Megazord's peril.

Pidge: No...

Red: Hoohoo! Yes, we did it!

Tai: Stop hurting my...!

As he had began running towards Red, the ground shook so violently that it tore open, causing Tai to fall in.

WarGreymon: Tai!

Tai finally landed...


And screamed in pain as he gripped his right leg, which took the full impact of the landing and whose bone was sticking out.

Red: What's going on?

Red saw the injured Tai in the hole, then looked back at WarGreymon and noticed something happening with him... he began reverting back to MetalGreymon, the form before.

Red: Wait a minute... Aha! I've got it! That Pokemon's power is coming from his trainer! Charizard, take that trainer out!

Charizard flew towards the hole Tai was in with all haste.

MetalGreymon: Tai! NOOOOO!!!

MetalGreymon stood guard to stop him, but Mega Charizard simply knocked him to the side, eying Tai as it readied its flame breath.

Pan's eyes went yellow.

A massive sphere of red aura covered her and the entire canyon.

Superman had Goku by the throat and was ready to end it when he felt a massive shake from the canyon. He looked ahead, then saw Pan beginning to transform.

Goku: P... Pan?

Pan Nkstjoa Transforming

At its climax, the aura shrunk and there Pan stood, her left arm partially covered in a red-pink fur, as well as her exposed right knee and ankle. Her hair was now black, spiky, and long, and she had a red trim around her eyes.

Pan: No more holding back.

She took off, leaving the canyon barely intact while doing so as she made it to the atmosphere in seconds.

Superman kept watch and Goku could feel an intense ki eminating from Pan. Kal saw her departing from Earth towards Kara, who was in space.

Superman: This has gone too far.

He turned his head in Pan's direction, readying his heat vision.

Superman: I'm ending this.

Goku: No... stop...

Goku tried turning Superman's head with his hands, but couldn't even get him to budge.

He couldn't do a thing...


...could he pull it off?

Goku: Stop hurting my FAMILYYYYYYY!

Superman felt an even more powerful surge of ki coming from Goku. He went for a punch, which Goku caught with one hand.


A red glow surrounded his Super Saiyan Blue aura.

Superman: Kaio...

Goku's hand squeezed Superman's fist tightly... and Kal felt pain from it.

Superman: WHAT?!

Goku struck him with his other hand, sending Superman through rows of buildings like paper. Kaioken infused with Super Saiyan Blue shook the entire Earth, making his transformation into Super Saiyan 3 seem like a small temper tantrum by comparison.

(*cues I Burn - Jeff and Casey Lee Williams at 1:28*)

Yang Xiao Long's semblance had enabled her to shatter Tifa Lockhart's Premium Hearts, stunning the former AVALANCHE member. Before Yang could throw her next punch...

...she lost her footing from a massive quake.

Yang: What?

Tifa took advantage of this with a jump kick to her head.

(*cues Slingshot - Trocadero at 2:32*)

Thanks to Church's distracting of the Meta, Carolina had managed to grab hold of her enemy's brute shot.

Just as she aimed at his head...

Church: Oh! Son of a Bitch!

A massive shake shook the Mother of Invention, and Carolina missed her shot.

Carolina: Oh...

Church: Fudge.

No longer distracted, the Meta struck Carolina on the head, sending her onto her side.

(*cues Mick Gordon (feat. Omega Sparx) - I'm Back (to Rise) at 5:22*)

T.J. Combo was unleashing a beating on Balrog thanks to his Last Breath power-up. After avoiding a forward punch, he swerved to the side and was ready to snap Balrog's right arm...

But the shake sent him flying into the ropes.

TJ Combo: Oh you've gotta be sh...!

Balrog grabbed hold of TJ with his gloved hands and headbutt him.

(*music end*)

(*cues GRV Music/Intermediate Music - Mother of All Battles at 13 seconds*)

Superman finally stopped himself as he saw blood from his lip from that punch alone. Could Goku finally be... his equal?

Goku flew forward, the windows of nearby buildings shattering when he passed them.

Superman: Guess I've got no choice here...

He flew forward towards Goku with his full might, also shattering windows like his opponent. The two collided, their clash causing several blocks of buildings to turn into powder.

Supergirl flew back towards the Earth, then saw a red aura of sorts flying toward her. She had a feeling she knew who it was.

Supergirl: You should've lied on the ground when you had the chance!

She fired a heat vision beam toward her opponent. She looked afterward, seeing no remains of her opponent.


She turned and was struck with such force that she flew through space at a high speed. Pan followed up with one more punch, knocking Supergirl further back, then flew into her again with a third.

After crashing through an asteroid, Supergirl finally gained control and the two shoulder-charged into each other.

Pan: You thought you could just cripple me and murder my grandfather?!

Supergirl: You and him are out to kill Kal! I won't allow that!

Pan: This form will put you down!

Supergirl: Not if I put a hand through your chest first!

Their viciousness had taken full effect, almost as if their personalities were overwritten. All that was left was anger and hatred.

Pan & Supergirl: DIE!!!

The two broke off their shoulder charge and went for a punch. Both stopped them with one of their own... in that split-second. From there, their battle was a blur of red and blue, nearly impossible to keep up with.

Supergirl tried her freeze breath, but Pan flew right through it at high speed before uppercutting her. She tried her heat vision once more, but Pan's ki attacks tore right through it, forcing Supergirl to be evasive.

Kara pinned Pan to another asteroid and punched her in the face repeatedly, not unlike what Pan had done to her on Earth earlier. In the midst of the barrage of punches, Pan dug her hands into the asteroid and flip-kicked Supergirl, then swung the asteroid into her. With a large chunk still left on her fist, she punched it into Supergirl as well, shattering the whole thing.

Supergirl: This... is nothing! *spat blood* You.. are nothing!

Kara grabbed Pan by her longer hair, span her at an even more rapid speed, then fired off a short burst of heat vision, sending Pan toward the Earth. As this occurred, Supergirl grabbed hold of a massive meteor, far larger than any of the asteroids nearby. She flew forward with full force toward Pan, who looked over.

Pan Nkstjoa Finale

Pan: Pathetic!

She charged a golden ki in her right hand, then flew towards the meteor with it outstretched.

Pan Nkstjoa Finale2

Supergirl finally made contact with Pan... and saw the meteor shattering before her eyes.


The punch struck Supergirl in the stomach. Kara spat out blood: it was almost like the punch had pierced her. But then soon afterward, a golden ki dragon emerged and rammed into her.

Golden Ki Dragon

Supergirl was completely stunned.

Supergirl: How...?!

She then saw Pan charging red ki in her hands.


A massive red Kamehameha struck Supergirl with full force sending her carreening through space. Supergirl tried pushing forward to no avoid, but she began to slow down. Soon enough, to Pan's shock, she managed to start stepping forward through her Kamehameha.

Pan: That's not gonna work... not this time!

She felt the massive ki from her grandfather on Earth, one far exceeding even her own.

Pan: If he could do it... so can I!

Her ki began expanding further and further.


The Times Ten Kamehameha grew even more massive, perhaps as large, if not bigger than the heat vision beam Supergirl used on Earth... and Kara was being pushed back by it. Not just that, but she felt a burning in her very flesh...

...was she starting to disintegrate? Was this where she would end?

Supergirl: No...

She raised her fist toward Pan's direction, trying to halt. She looked over at the sun, the source of her power and her cousin's.


Supergirl's face made a roar-esque cry of defiance as she placed her other fist out...

And flew through this Kamehameha with incredible speed.

Pan: You...?!

Even when under the possession and in her Incomplete Super Saiyan 4 form, Pan knew she was in trouble. She stopped her Kamehameha and placed her hand to her head as quickly as she could. Pick a ki source, any ki source, the first ki source you find, go to it now.

But by the time she had, Supergirl had collided with her, her two fists tearing through her as the two zoomed through space. Pan spat out blood and was helpless at the sheer force of Supergirl. After trying in vain to escape, Pan's arms fell and the blue aura around her left her body. Her eyes re-opened: Pan was back to herself. By the time she realized what was happening and where she was...

...she was inside the sun with Supergirl nowhere in sight. Unable to move both due to her wounds from Supergirl and as a result of using Kaio-Ken in that form, all she could do was cover her body in ki to try and to save herself now. But she was already beginning to turn back to Super Saiyan 3. Seconds afterward, she dropped to Super Saiyan 2. She tried sensing ki on Earth and found her grandfather's... but whatever she sensed wasn't good.

Pan: Grandpa is... Grandpa is...!

The Saiyan from Earth was on his knees going into muscle contractions, unable to so much as even move. Superman was still standing. It was over.

Goku: I'm sorry... Pan...

The Saiyan looked over at Superman, a tear running down the Kryptonian's face over what he was about to do.

A flash of red and it was all over for her grandfather.

Now with just one form away from going back to her base form, Pan knew she only had seconds left before her ki would give out. She closed her eyes, tears running down her face.

(*music pause*)

Pan: Grandpa... Everyone... I'm sorry...


Finally, in her base form, her ki was completely exhausted. She perished inside the sun, akin to her great-grandfather's demise in Frieza's Death Ball.

Supergirl floated off in space unconscious from the amount of sunlight needed to pull off that feat. Superman flew up towards her, shaking her by the shoulders.

Superman: Kara. Kara!

Her eyes opened.

Supergirl: Kal?

Superman: What happened?

Supergirl: I was going to the sun to recharge... but something... something took over me. It was worse than being a Red Lantern... I... that girl...

Superman didn't even need her to finish her sentence to understand why she began tearing up. He held onto her, trying in vain to comfort her, but knowing deep down that both their battles went too far.

Superman: It was never supposed to be like this.

Chronoa: The interference is gone. It's gone!

Trunks: Quick! We need to find Pan! Where is she?! What happened to her?!

Chronoa: Let me see... she's... she's...

The room was silent for what seemed like an eternity.

Trunks: Well, where is Pan?

He could see the Supreme Kai of Time tearing up.

Trunks: What is it? What's the matter?

Chronoa: It's Pan. She's... she's...

Trunks: Tell me! Where is she?! Is she okay?! TELL ME!!!

She placed a hand on Trunk's arm.

Chronoa: She's... gone.

Trunks: No...

He couldn't hold back his emotions any further.

Trunks: No, no, no... Pan...

He fell onto his knees.

Trunks: PAAAAAN!!!

His head fell onto the Supreme Kai's shoulder, who held onto him as he sobbed. He had lost not just a partner, but a friend. History may have been restored, but at what cost? Was it really worth it?

???: Well, mission accomplished. We did it. We got the battle we always wanted to make and then some.

???: You mean I did it.

???: I gave you most of the ideas.

???: Yeah, and I designed the tech to make it happen.

???: Yeah, well... oh screw you, Wiz!


Supergirl flew through space back to Earth alongside Superman as Pan's bandanna flew across a decimated city, landing near Goku's body.


Boomstick: You hear that, Infinity War? We're coming for you!

Wiz: Not even in your wildest dreams, Boomstick.

Boomstick: Keep my dreams out of this!

Wiz: Alright, withdrawn. Pan may have had the advantage in martial arts prowess and training to fight her entire life, but it didn't amount to much in the end. Now let's be completely transparent here: this was not decided by scaling Pan to Goku or Supergirl to Superman.

Boomstick: Sure, arguments could be made that Supergirl could reach Superman's potential someday as they are both possess nearly everything the other has, but that's still yet to be truly realized. As for Pan, same difference with her and Goku: maybe some day, but not this day.

Wiz: So let's look at their individual strength, speed, and durability through feats of their very own.

Boomstick: Let's start with Pan.


Boomstick: So remember how she lifted Great Ape Vegeta into the air by his tail? Well it's tricky to calculate due to how inconsistent a Great Ape's size can be.

Wiz: Using these character models from Xenoverse, we get a definite scale of that form. So for starters, Goku is about 5'9.


Boomstick: So stack seven Goku's on top of each other for around 40 feet.

Untitled presentation (2)

Boomstick: But since there's some extra space up there, let's have another. Eight Goku's give us a height of around 45'11, or 1,400 centimeters.

Wiz: With his height measured, we can now work on deciphering his potential weight. The average gorilla stands 6 feet tall and weights anywhere between 400 and 500 pounds.

Board of Wizdom - Great Ape Size

Boomstick: Great Ape Vegeta, at nearly 46 feet tall, would be over 7.5 times bigger than a gorilla. And as increasing an object's size greatly increases its weight, G.A.V. should be nearly 450 times heavier.

Wiz: Putting Great Ape Vegeta at 90 tons.

Board of Wizdom - Great Ape Size 2

Boomstick: Which is as heavy as over 7 cruise ship anchors.

Board of Wizdom - Great Ape Size 3

Wiz: Compared to the world record of weightlifting at 582 pounds, Pan in her base form is 309 times stronger than the strongest men on Earth.

Boomstick: Now could Pan lift more than 90 tons in base form? Maybe, but we're sticking to the bare minimum here. You'll see why.


Board of Wizdom - Pan Strength

Wiz: Adding in the additional Super Saiyan multipliers, we eventually get to a minimum lifting strength of 360,000 tons. By comparison, the Empire State Building, one of the tallest buildings in the world, is 350,000 tons.

Boomstick: Holy shit! This girl can lift the freakin' Empire State Building! Oh, and it doesn't help that now she's over a million times stronger than the strongest men on Earth. This human-Saiyan can lift! Now let's talk speed.


Boomstick: So Pan could fly fast enough as a kid to outrun a rocket ship into orbit. Now we don't know how fast the rocket was precisely and we're pretty sure she could travel much faster as she got older, so let's look for the fastest rocket ever.

Wiz: The New Horizons, the fastest unmanned rocket, flies at a top speed of over 36,000 miles per hour.


Board of Wizdom - Pan Speed

Wiz: At her fastest, Pan can travel over 145 million miles per hour.

Boomstick: ...which, I hate to break it to you, is not light speed. But it is 1/5th light speed and four thousand times faster than any rocket. And now for her ki...


Boomstick: So why haven't we talked about her durability?

Wiz: Pan's part Saiyan heritage may lend itself to increasing her toughness with the zenkai boost, it takes four times longer due to her mostly human heritage. As such, it's much more difficult to quantify.

Boomstick: But one thing that always helps her take hits is her ki, which she can cover herself in to protect from attacks.

Wiz: Without much in the way of durability feats from her base form, we can deduce her output by looking at her fateful encounter with Golden Frieza, who left her for dead and blew up the entire Earth.

Boomstick: With all her ki from her Super Saiyan 1 form, she survived... and was completely drained afterward.

Wiz: As it requires at least 53 quadrillion megatons to destroy the Earth, we'll use that for her maximum ki potential while in Super Saiyan 1.


Base: 1,060,000,000,000,000 megatons

SS1: 53 quadrillion megatons

SS2: 106 quadrillion megatons

SS3: 424 quadrillion megatons

ISS4: 4,240,000,000,000,000,000 megatons

Boomstick: While in Incomplete Super Saiyan 4, her ki has the potential to reach the power of over 4 quintillion megatons of force. That's 19 digits. But now that brings up to durability.


Boomstick: It'd be easy tempting to just copy-paste the numbers from before and call it a day, but there's one tiny little catch:

Wiz: Pan's Super Saiyan 4 is not complete due to her not being a pure-blooded Saiyan. While the form offers her the full power and speed of a Super Saiyan 4, it does not include the durability of one.

Boomstick: Which means she technically can wield more power than her body can handle, which I guess explains why it can burn her out.


Base: 1,060,000,000,000,000 megatons

SS1: 53 quadrillion megatons

SS2: 106 quadrillion megatons

SS3/ISS4: 424 quadrillion megatons

Boomstick: Even assuming that she'd be durable enough to survive an exploding planet without her ki, Pan, at most, can only take 424 quadrillion megatons of force. I mean, hey, that's still goddamn impressive for a human... well, a 3/4ths human.

Wiz: And this is all without scaling her to Goku or his feats. Now let's take a look at her opponent, Supergirl.

Boomstick: Starting with... you guessed it... strength.


Wiz: Supergirl has shown many displays of strength, though they can be difficult to measure with 100% accuracy.

Boomstick: Like that time she moved a mountain top. We don't know exactly how tall or wide this mountain top was, so we'll just have to lowball it.

Wiz: Even a small portion of a mountain could conceivably weigh a billion tons.

> 1,000,000,000 tons

Boomstick: Sooo... yeah. At bare minimum, a billion tons. Now how fast can she move?


Wiz: It has been shown multiple times that Supergirl has kept up with the likes of the Flash and Wonder Woman...

Boomstick: Though it's implied that when fighting Supergirl, they've held back on her, so scaling her speed to theirs doesn't really work in this case. So now we go onto her next best speed feat.

Wiz: Supergirl once destroyed a moon by flying into it at 99.8% the speed of light. The speed of light is over 670 million miles per hour.

Boomstick: But once again, we're going for the barest minimum here, so let's say she can't go the full speed of light.

> 669,275,396 mph

Boomstick: Well that still puts Supergirl at 669 million miles per hour. But now here comes the tough one.


Wiz: While Supergirl has shown plenty of feats of standing up to extreme temperatures and taking hits from some of DC's heavy hitters, there haven't been many feats to truly give her durability a definite limit.

Boomstick: Supergirl once claimed that she could survive an exploding star, which have a force of 10 octillion megatons. Well let's just say she's fibbing and she can take less.

Wiz: While, to be clear, we aren't assuming she can equal her cousin Superman in every area, it probably wouldn't be unreasonable to assume she could survive at least quadrillions of megatons.

Boomstick: So total cop out, let's just say her durability is equal to her opponent's: 424 quadrillion megatons.

> 424 quadrillion megatons

Boomstick: Now that we've gathered the numbers, let's take a look at the two side-by-side.


Pan Nkstjoa Supergirl Comparison

Boomstick: I know, I know, durability probably goes to Supergirl too, but let's just look at what we have here.

Wiz: The closest gap between them is speed, with 5 million miles per hour between them, making Supergirl over 21% faster...

Boomstick: Or 5 times if you don't like percentages. As for strength, it's not even a competition.

Wiz: Even with Pan in Incomplete Super Saiyan 4, Supergirl is over 2,700 times stronger, as well as several trillion times stronger than the strongest men on Earth.

Boomstick: But wait, if we're saying Supergirl has the same durability as Pan, whose maximum ki output is greater than what her body can take, couldn't she unleash her full might and annihilate Supergirl?

Wiz: Even giving the ultimate benefit of the doubt of Pan not burning herself out, that would not be an easily attainable feat due to Supergirl having both the strength and speed advantage.

Boomstick: So even if Pan could kill Supergirl with all of her ki at once, she'd still have to hit Supergirl in the first place... let alone survive long enough to even get into Incomplete Super Saiyan 4.

Wiz: And that's perhaps one of the biggest deciding factors of all: Pan's Super Saiyan levels against Supergirl's maximum potential.

Boomstick: Pan's ridiculously strong even in her base form, but she really shines the further into Super Saiyan she goes. That's certainly great and all for an opponent who gives her the chance.

Wiz: But due to Supergirl's being bathed by sun stones for decades and despite trying to get her strength under control, Kara still tends to overdo it on a regular basis, seemingly offering more strength than Superman...

Boomstick: least until Superman goes all-out, but that's just because he had subconscious barriers for most of his life, as well as due him really not wanting to kill people. The thing is, Supergirl's lack of control actually works in her favor in a Death Battle.

Wiz: Right. While Superman traditionally holds back until a situation becomes more extreme, Supergirl has not had nearly as consistent luck in doing the same.

Boomstick: Meaning theoretically, she could kill Pan while in her base or lower Super Saiyan forms by complete accident before her opponent could even get to Incomplete 4. "Whoops, I hit her too hard." "K.O.!"

Wiz: But strength, speed, and durability aren't everything. Another deciding factor comes down to how reliant the two are of allies.

Boomstick: Yes, Pan struggled to fight a powered up Raditz alongside the Goku and Piccolo of that time, but she clearly got way stronger as time went on, so we're not going to hold that against her. However, she definitely needed Goku's help in securing two of her best feats.

Wiz: Surviving a battle against Dragon Ball's big three bads, as well as against Gotenks, Gohan, and Vegeta immediately afterward is beyond impressive, but Goku was there to help take half the brunt and dish it out as well.

Boomstick: And yeah, when she was against Broly and her two allies were substantially weaker than her, they may not have been able to do much to Broly, but they could at least distract the mad Saiyan. Completely on her own, it's difficult to say how she'd do without extra targets for Broly to chase.

Wiz: By comparison, Supergirl has been shown to be able to win battles against the bigger bads solo on a much more regular basis.

Boomstick: Not to mention fighting Silver Banshee, Metallo, Kryptonite Man, and Parasite on her own. Sure, they're not exactly light speed like her or blowing up planets, they still have some of her specific weaknesses... and she still did it all by herself.

Wiz: And finally, we move onto Pan's biggest feat of all: her defeat of Demigra.

Boomstick: As for anyone wondering, "Hey, if Pan killed Demigra, who could threaten all space and time, shouldn't she scale to him?", there's just one problem with that: she's not as strong as Demigra.

Wiz: She certainly fought against Demigra's final form on her own for as long as she could, but by the time she was trying to fend off his final charge with her Kamehameha, Pan's ki reserves alone were not enough to match it, let alone survive.

Boomstick: When they realized Pan was in trouble, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin all lent her their ki, which proved enough to overpower and kill Demigra. But again, that was Pan with the ki of five others included, not her with just her own power alone.

Wiz: As for Beerus and Whis fighting her and Trunks, it's clear they were testing their power, not fighting Pan and Trunks anywhere near their maximum.

Boomstick: Because if they did... yeah, they're dead.

Wiz: Let's be clear: Pan is nowhere near a weakling. Her feats, assisted or otherwise, are immense accomplishments, and she's more than proven herself as capable of fighting amongst seasoned Z-fighters like her grandfather, but Supergirl is physically in a greater league.

Boomstick: No knocking the loser by any means. Pan's still a badass chick in my book... hell, they both are. Supergirl's the more powerful of the two, but there's no shame in 2nd place here.

Wiz: Uh, Boomstick, where's the rest of the script?

Boomstick: Yeah, about that... seeing as how this is our last dance... would it be alright if you did the pun and I read the winner?

Wiz: I don't know. That seems a little...

Boomstick: Pretty please?

Wiz: Aww, okay. I guess things did Pan out well for Kara Zor-El.

Boomstick: Good one, Wiz.

Wiz: Ah, thanks.

Boomstick: *clears throat* The winner is Supergirl.

The Winner Is Supergirl

Boomstick: *sniffles* We had a good run, Wiz. I'm gonna miss you, man.

Wiz: I will too, Boomstick. *wipes glasses* I will too.


Written & Directed by Nkstjoa

Research aid by Big the cat 10

Great Ape Vegeta measurements by SuperSaiyan2Link & Friendlysociopath.

Music assistance by BakaLord

Supergirl info originated from Supergirl Soars Into Death Battle by Dynamo1212 on DeviantArt.

Dedicated to AgentHoxton, Ahomeschoolingroudon, Chesknight, & Fedora Lord Para 348

And to Ben Singer, Chad James, and all members of the Death Battle crew

And to you, the readers

Nkstjoa, signing off from writing Death Battle's.


Nkstjoa Sayonara


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