• I was born on October 25
  • My occupation is College
  • I am Male

Da Rules

In case you somehow missed it, here're the rules of the wiki. It's important that you read them, cause you can get into trouble if you don't follow them.

Also, here's the Blacklist, as that has rules to follow too.

Everything Else

Everything associated with me, broken up into tabbers to save space.

My Fights

Mainline Battles

Note 1: Order of DBs are subject to change due to any situation I see fit.

Note 2: I have A LOT of Death Battles. If there are any you're interested in doing, message me on my wall, I'm sure we can work something out.

Note 3: I work on my battles in variable order. If you'd like to see me finish one of these fights early, message me on my wall, & I'll see what I can do.

Completed fights in bold. WIP fights in italics. Incomplete fights in regular text. Planned fights unlinked.

Season 1: The Beginning

My first season. Nothing in particular to define this one.

  1. Dark Gaia vs Godzilla (Complete) (Season 1 Premiere)
  2. Landia V.S. Smaug (Complete)
  3. Weedle vs Kunemon (Complete)(adopted)
  4. Biollante vs Petey Piranha (Complete)(adopted)
  5. Magolor VS Rosalina (Complete)(adopted)
  6. Weedle vs Kunemon Rematch (Complete)
  7. Zoroark VS Blackout (Complete)(adopted)
  8. Sans VS Magolor (Complete)
  9. Dark Gaia vs Godzilla Remastered (Complete)
  10. Pangoro vs Pandamon (Complete)
  11. Lopmon vs Buneary (Complete)
  12. Bowser VS Zavok (Complete)(adopted)
  13. Heckyl vs Magneto (Complete)(requested)
  14. Brendan and Sceptile VS Takato and Guilmon (Complete)(adopted) (Season 1 Finale)
  15. Vrokorta's Season 1 Loser Battle Royale (Complete)
  16. Vrokorta's Season 1 Winner Battle Royale (Complete)

Season 2: Calculations

This season is the first one to make heavy use of calculations, unlike the first season, which mostly used tiers & assumptions.

  1. George vs Congar (Complete)(adopted) (Season 2 Premiere)
  2. Blast (Epic Boss Fighter) vs Godzilla (Complete)
  3. Bionicat VS Cyborg Kuro-chan (Complete)(adopted)
  4. Bowser Jr. vs Silver (Complete)(adopted)
  5. Greymon vs Goodra (Complete)(adopted)
  6. Kineticlops vs. Eye Brawl (Upcoming)(adopted)
  7. Perfect Chaos vs Iblis (Upcoming)(adopted)
  8. Ditto vs Metamormon (Upcoming)
  9. Leomon vs Beast King (Upcoming)
  10. Magikarp vs Numemon (Upcoming)
  11. Gladion vs Ken Ichijouji (Upcoming)(adopted)
  12. Kirby's Return to Dreamland Boss Battle Royale (Upcoming) (Season 2 Finale)
  13. Vrokorta's Season 2 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  14. Vrokorta's Season 2 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)

Season 3: "TBA"

This season will have an overarching story to connect it & stuff. The name has yet to be decided.

  1. Dark Bowser vs Dark Gaia (Upcoming)(adopted)(Season 3 Premiere)
  2. Vectorman vs Clone Drone (Upcoming)(suggested by Sharaku Jr.)
  3. Muk vs Miasmoros (Upcoming)
  4. Pikachu VS Elecmon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  5. Skylanders Starter Pack Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted)
  6. Suicune vs Dobermon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  7. MechaGodzilla Vs Machinedramon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  8. Blaziken vs. Agunimon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  9. Sceptile vs. Shurimon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  10. DarkTyrannomon vs Tyrantrum (Upcoming)(adopted)
  11. Deadly Six Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted)
  12. Lapis Lazuli vs Chaos (Sonic) (Upcoming)(adopted)
  13. Chaos vs Zygarde (Upcoming)(adopted)
  14. Grand King Ghidorah vs Solaris (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 3 Finale)
  15. Vrokorta's Season 3 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  16. Vrokorta's Season 3 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  17. Deadly Six VS Axem Rangers X (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 4 Premiere)
  18. ObliviousHD vs SMG4 (Upcoming)
  19. Weak Robots Battle Royale
  20. Rhydon vs Tyrannomon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  21. Fawful vs Bowser Jr. (Upcoming)(adopted) (50th Battle)
  22. Biollante vs Audrey II (Upcoming)(adopted)
  23. Thugly vs King Dodongo (Upcoming)
  24. Metal Sonic VS Metal General (Upcoming)(adopted)
  25. Dino-Rang VS Captain Boomerang (Upcoming)(adopted)
  26. R.O.B vs Chibi-Robo (Upcoming)(adopted)
  27. Fling Kong VS Diddy Kong (Upcoming)(adopted)
  28. Jibanyan vs Zoroark vs Guilmon (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 4 Finale)
  29. Vrokorta's Season 4 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  30. Vrokorta's Season 4 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  31. Eye Brawl Vs Eye Of Cthulhu (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 5 Premiere)
  32. 8-Bit Classics Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted)
  33. Anguirus vs. Rodan (Upcoming)(adopted)
  34. Koopa & Goomba VS Moblin & Octorok (Upcoming)(adopted)
  35. Common Baddies Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted)
  36. Secondary Enemy Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted)
  37. Hybrid Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted)
  38. Sceptile VS Yoshi (Upcoming)(adopted)
  39. Angry Birds vs PVZ Plants (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 5 Finale)
  40. Vrokorta's Season 5 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  41. Vrokorta's Season 5 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  42. Dark Bowser vs Nightmare Moon (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 6 Premiere)
  43. King K. Rool vs. Boss Cass (Upcoming)(adopted)
  44. Eye Brawl vs Eyedol (Upcoming)(adopted)
  45. Goomba VS Moto Bug (Upcoming)(adopted)
  46. Goomba vs Primid (Upcoming)(adopted)
  47. Hydreigon VS Orochimon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  48. Skylanders 3DS Villains Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted)
  49. Rei & Gomora VS Tai & Agumon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  50. Rouge the Bat vs Hitmonlee (Upcoming)(adopted)
  51. Proto Man VS BlackWarGreymon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  52. Legendary Golem Pokemon Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 6 Finale)
  53. Vrokorta's Season 6 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  54. Vrokorta's Season 6 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  55. BlackWarGreymon vs. Cell (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 7 Premiere)
  56. Jasper vs BlackWarGreymon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  57. Ninjamon VS Taka (Upcoming)(adopted)
  58. Kefka Palazzo vs. Piedmon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  59. Donkey Kong Villains Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted)
  60. Magolor vs Antasma (Upcoming)(adopted)
  61. Squidward Tentacles vs. Gill Grunt (Upcoming)(adopted)
  62. Gill Grunt VS Gyarados (Upcoming)(adopted)
  63. Splat VS Inkling (Upcoming)(adopted)
  64. Bowser VS Wart (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 7 Finale)
  65. Vrokorta's Season 7 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  66. Vrokorta's Season 7 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  67. Bowser vs Metal Sonic (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 8 Premiere)
  68. Flain vs. SpongeBob SquarePants (Upcoming)(adopted) (100th Battle)
  69. Gooey VS Rocket (Upcoming)(adopted)
  70. Dr. Zomboss VS Count Moneybone (Upcoming)(adopted)
  71. Dr. Zomboss and Randall Boggs vs. King Nixel (Upcoming)(adopted)
  72. Shrek vs Po (Upcoming)(adopted)
  73. Undyne vs. Gill Grunt (Upcoming)(adopted)
  74. Yveltal vs. Bagramon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  75. Dark Link vs. BlackWarGreymon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  76. Digimon Protagonist Battle Royale (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 8 Finale)
  77. Vrokorta's Season 8 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  78. Vrokorta's Season 8 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  79. Pokemon Trainer Red vs Tai and Zero (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 9 Premiere)
  80. Donkey Kong VS King Caesar (Upcoming)(adopted)
  81. Shantae vs. TY (Upcoming)(adopted)
  82. Inkling vs. Dig Dug (Upcoming)(adopted)
  83. Geno vs Meta Knight (Upcoming)(adopted)
  84. Asura VS Amaterasu (Upcoming)(adopted)
  85. Metal Man Vs. Hammer Bro (Upcoming)(adopted)
  86. Yellow Devil Vs. Chaos (Upcoming)(adopted)
  87. Duskmon vs. Lowemon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  88. Lloyd Garmadon vs Cragger (Upcoming)(adopted)
  89. Kirby vs Ditto (Upcoming)(adopted)
  90. Gary Oak vs Yamato Ishida (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 9 Finale)
  91. Vrokorta's Season 9 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  92. Vrokorta's Season 9 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  93. Hedorah vs B.O.B (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 10 Premiere)
  94. TY vs. Inkling (Upcoming)(adopted)
  95. Wash Buckler vs Inkling (Upcoming)(adopted)
  96. Groudon VS Gon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  97. Mechagodzilla (Heisei) vs Mecha Sonic (Upcoming)(adopted)
  98. Mechagodzilla (Showa) vs Mecha Sonic (Upcoming)(adopted)
  99. Charmy Bee VS Beedrill (Upcoming)(adopted)
  100. Petey Piranha VS Whispy Woods (Upcoming)(adopted)
  101. The Koopalings vs The Deadly Six (Upcoming)(adopted)
  102. Shoutmon VS Jigglypuff (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 10 Finale)
  103. Vrokorta's Season 10 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  104. Vrokorta's Season 10 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  105. Chompy Mage VS Petey Piranha (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 11 Premiere)
  106. Snap Shot VS Krookodile (Upcoming)(adopted)
  107. Obsidius vs Iblis (Upcoming)(adopted)
  108. Zero vs Infinite (Upcoming)(adopted)
  109. Incineroar VS Leomon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  110. Godzilla vs Ridley (Upcoming)(adopted)
  111. Minecraft Hostile Mobs Battle Royal (Upcoming)(adopted)
  112. King Ghidorah vs Ridley (Upcoming)(adopted)
  113. Rockoon vs Boomer (Upcoming)(adopted)
  114. Primid vs Pipo Monkey (Upcoming)(adopted)
  115. Specter Knight VS Hood Sickle (Upcoming)(adopted)
  116. Ludwig VS Metal Sonic (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 11 Finale) (150th Battle)
  117. Vrokorta's Season 11 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  118. Vrokorta's Season 11 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  119. Boomer vs Bomberman (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 12 Premiere)
  120. Ganondorf VS Captain Falcon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  121. Dan Hibiki vs Yuuko Aioi (Upcoming)(adopted)
  122. Chill VS Weiss (Upcoming)(adopted)
  123. Zilla vs Gorosaurus (Upcoming)(adopted)
  124. Gorosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus Dinozord (Upcoming)(adopted)
  125. Kirby vs. Emerl (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 12 Finale)
  126. Vrokorta's Season 12 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  127. Vrokorta's Season 12 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  128. Orga vs Kirby (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 13 Premiere)
  129. Kirby VS Rayquaza (Upcoming)(adopted)
  130. Controller X vs. Makuta Teridax (Upcoming)(adopted)
  131. Perfect Chaos vs Destroyah (Upcoming)(adopted)
  132. Kirby VS Destroyah (Upcoming)(adopted)
  133. Kaos VS Lord Vortech (Upcoming)(adopted)
  134. Macy Halbert vs. Nya (Upcoming)(adopted)
  135. Scratch and Grounder vs. Orbot and Cubot (Upcoming)(adopted)
  136. Bowser VS Haltmann (Upcoming)(adopted)
  137. Bowser Jr. VS Susie (Upcoming)(adopted)
  138. Waddle Dees vs Goombas (Upcoming)(adopted)
  139. Type: Null vs Kimeramon (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 13 Finale)
  140. Vrokorta's Season 13 Loser Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  141. Vrokorta's Season 13 Winner Battle Royale (Upcoming)
  142. Kittiemon And Gatomon vs Pikachu And Buneary (Upcoming)(adopted) (Season 14 Premiere)
  143. Indominus rex vs unikitty (Upcoming)(alt. version)
  144. R.O.B vs VectorMan (Upcoming)(adopted)
  145. King Dedede VS Golden Queen (Upcoming)(adopted)
  146. Dino and T-Rex vs Tai and Agumon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  147. Bowser Jr. vs Toby (Upcoming)(adopted)
  148. Specter vs Boss Cass (Upcoming)(adopted)
  149. Wilfre vs Mephiles (Upcoming)(adopted)
  150. Olimar vs Chompy Mage (Upcoming)(adopted)
  151. Venusaur vs Camo (Upcoming)(adopted)
  152. Minions vs Badniks (Upcoming)(adopted)
  153. Mega Man.EXE vs. Shoutmon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  154. Danger Mouse vs Kuro vs Dog Man
  155. Bowser Jr. vs Porky Minch (Upcoming)(adopted)
  156. Petey Piranha vs Dino Piranha (Upcoming)(adopted)
  157. Grobletombus Marble Eyes vs Morgo
  158. Tabuu vs Animdude

Random Battles

These battles are mostly made for fun as opposed to connections, & are usually unconventional.

  1. Grobletombus Marble Eyes vs Mata Nui
  2. Zavok vs Po
  3. Shoutmon vs Kuro
  4. Kuro vs Hattori
  5. Robot(RWIA) & Hero(Labyrinth: Secrets of Shadowhaven) vs Blast(Epic Boss Fighter) & Max(Boss 101)
  6. Crow vs Zavok
  7. Meatball Man vs Mighty Poo

"Lemme Try" Battles

These are fights I made my own version of because I wanted to improve upon the original. I mean no offense to the original creators.

  1. Blaziken VS Kokatorimon (Upcoming)

Unique Seasons

Rise of Bionicat

A large season featuring Bionicat from Paw Paw Miaw.

  1. Bionicat vs Freddy Fazbear
  2. Bionicat vs Robot(Robot Wants Series)
  3. Bionicat vs Dan Hibiki
  4. Bionicat vs Sphere Robot(OC)
  5. Bionicat vs Troopmon
  6. Bionicat vs Baldi
  7. Bionicat vs Runmo
  8. Bionicat vs Hat Kid
  9. Bionicat vs Egg Pawn
  10. Bionicat vs Metal Slime
  11. Bionicat vs Bonanza Bros.
  12. Bionicat vs Clone Drone
  13. Bionicat vs Megac(Megabyte Punch)
  14. Bionicat vs Bendy(BatIM)
  15. Bionicat vs Magikarp
  16. Bionicat vs Pinkie & the Brain
  17. Bionicat vs Little Mac
  18. Bionicat vs Mag Nex(Scrap Rush)
  19. Bionicat vs Koopa Troopa
  20. Bionicat vs Stormtrooper
  21. Bionicat vs Sukapon
  22. Bionicat vs Bubsy Bobcat

Extras (these fights are optional, & may not get made): Bionicat vs Chucky(Child's Play)

CK-c Strike

A giant season featuring characters from Cyborg Kuro-chan.

  1. Kuro vs Gatchmon
  2. Matatabi vs Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
  3. Kuro vs Cleaning Cat(Tasty Planet)
  4. Mi vs Skesaur(OC)
  5. Kuro vs Cyborg E.
  6. Kuro vs Jenny
  7. Vice vs E-102 Gamma
  8. Hebibinga vs Godzilla
  9. Kuro vs Blake Belladonna
  10. Kuro vs Garfield
  11. Kotaro vs Jimmy Neutron
  12. Dr. Go vs Lord Boxman
  13. Kuro vs Unikitty
  14. Kuro vs Mao Mao
  15. Devil vs Mr. Flummocks(Mighty Magiswords)
  16. Dunk vs Shattermaster(Dreamworks Dragons)
  17. Kuro vs Koro(Akame Ga Kill)
  18. Kuro vs Kuro(One Piece)
  19. Big vs Tendou (Same series fight)
  20. Big Sam vs Robot Probe(Monsters vs Aliens)
  21. Kuro vs Sans(Undertale)
  22. Kuro vs Gumball
  23. Vice vs Viggo Grimborn
  24. Cyborg Kuro-chan Villain Battle Royale
  25. Kuro & Mi vs Jibanyan & Robonyan
  26. Kuro & Mi vs Vambre & Prohyas(Mighty Magiswords)
  27. Kuro & Mi vs Metabee & Rokusho(Medabots)
  28. Kuro & Mi vs Banjo & Kazooie
  29. Kuro & Mi vs Sonic & Shadow
  30. Nyan-Nyan Army vs Badniks
  31. Cyborg Kuro-chan vs Freedom Planet (Verse v. verse fight)
  32. Cyborg Kuro-chan vs Fortnite (Verse v. verse fight)
  33. Cyborg Kuro-chan vs Samurai Pizza Cats (Verse v. verse fight)

Starring Dan Hibiki

A season featuring Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter.

  1. Dunsparce VS Dan Hibiki (Upcoming)(adopted)
  2. Dan Hibiki VS Farfetch'd (Upcoming)(adopted)
  3. Dan Hibiki vs Luvdisc (Upcoming)(adopted)
  4. Scrat vs Dan Hibiki (Upcoming)(adopted)
  5. Dan Hibiki vs Sheep Man (Upcoming)(adopted)
  6. Dan Hibiki vs Noodles(Skylanders)
  7. Dan Hibiki vs Pizza Steve
  8. Dan Hibiki vs Robot(RWIA)
  9. Dan Hibiki vs Big Rigs
  10. Dan Hibiki vs Bluster Kong
  11. Dan Hibiki vs Halfling or Clubber(TABS)
  12. Dan Hibiki vs King(OPM)
  13. Dan Hibiki vs Pinwheel(Dark Souls)
  14. Dan Hibiki vs Olimar
  15. Dan Hibiki vs Globglogabgalab
  16. Dan Hibiki vs Bob(SMG4)

Battle of the Bionicle

A giant season featuring characters from Bionicle.

  1. Toa Tahu vs William Furno (Upcoming)(adopted)
  2. Toa Tahu vs. Glatorian Ackar (Same series fight) (Upcoming)(adopted)
  3. Onua vs Steve(Minecraft)
  4. Makuta Teridax vs. Myotismon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  5. Tahtorak vs Godzilla
  6. Axonn vs Chop Scotch/Crusher (TBD)
  7. Karzahni vs Biollante
  8. Gali vs. Natalie Breez (Upcoming)(adopted)
  9. Gali vs. Nya (Upcoming)(adopted)
  10. Mata Nui vs Kirby
  11. Vahki/Hydraxon vs Robocop (TBD)
  12. Krahka vs Ditto
  13. Vezon vs Deadpool (collab with ShrekAnakin)
  14. Gali vs. Arcee (Upcoming)(adopted)
  15. Teridax vs Kaos
  16. Maxilos vs Terminator
  17. Mata Nui vs Light Gaia(Sonic Unleashed)
  18. Kopaka vs Frozone
  19. Pohatu vs Mi(Cyborg Kuro-chan)
  20. Bohrok Kal vs Piraka (Same series fight)
  21. Makuta Teridax vs. Von Nebula (Upcoming)(adopted)
  22. Lewa vs Leafy
  23. Tahu vs Toriel
  24. Takanuva vs Lobomon(Digimon)
  25. Pohatu vs Onua (Same series fight)
  26. Vezon VS The Mask (collab with ShrekAnakin)
  27. Bahrag vs Megaguirus & D'Vorah
  28. Teridax vs Aku
  29. Brutaka vs Spinel
  30. Mata Nui vs Chakravartin
  31. Teridax vs Wilfre(Drawn to Life)
  32. Maxilos & Spinax vs Sphere Robot & Robot T-Rex(OCs)
  33. Tahu, Lewa, & Gali vs Kanto Starters
  34. Piraka vs Deadly Six
  35. Toa Nuva vs Crystal Gems
  36. Toa Nuva vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  37. Bionicle vs Mixels (Verse v. verse fight)
  38. Bionicle vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Verse v. verse fight)
  39. Bionicle vs Skylanders (Verse v. verse fight)

Geodude's Rock Solo

A season featuring Geodude (Starter Squad).

  1. Geodude (Starter Squad) vs Monty Mole (Complete) (collab with Fireballsyum)
  2. Geodude vs Bionicat
  3. Geodude vs Gnome(Powerpuff Girls)
  4. Geodude vs Sphere Robot(OC)
  5. Geodude vs Little Mac
  6. Geodude vs Stone Talus
  7. Geodude vs Zip(Flingsmash)
  8. Geodude vs Inkling
  9. Geodude vs Metal Slime
  10. Geodude vs Gotsumon
  11. Geodude vs Goat(Green Eggs & Ham)
  12. Geodude vs Burple
  13. Geodude vs Spinel
  14. Geodude vs Meatball Man
  15. Geodude vs Rocky(BfDI)
  16. Geodude vs Mighty Poo
  17. Geodude vs Rock Paper Scissors
  18. Geodude vs Geodude

Lub Lub wanted a fight, so he did

A season featuring Lub Lub from the whoisthisgit YouTube channel.

  1. Lub Lub vs The Stig
  2. Lub Lub vs King Dedede(Theawesomeking4444)
  3. Lub Lub vs Uncle Grandpa
  4. Lub Lub vs The Darkness(Skylanders)
  5. Lub Lub vs Four(BfDI)
  6. Lub Lub vs Flowey
  7. Lub Lub vs Grobletombus Marble Eyes
  8. Lub Lub vs Infinite(Sonic)
  9. Lub Lub vs Chakravartin
  10. Lub Lub vs Alduin
  11. Lub Lub vs Kirby
  12. Lub Lub vs Beckbrojack(YouTube)
  13. Lub Lub vs Discord(MLP)
  14. Lub Lub vs Chica's Magic Rainbow(FNaF World)
  15. Lub Lub vs Bill Cipher
  16. Lub Lub & whoisthisgit vs SMG4 & Mario

Extras (these fights are optional, & may not get made): Lub Lub vs Freddy the Frog, Lub Lub vs Gus Veedome, Lub Lub vs Flash, Lub Lub vs Ghost Rider, Lub Lub vs Invisible Dragon

BioBeasts: Mutate & Kill

A season featuring characters from Biobeasts: Mutate & Destroy.

  1. Bio Hazard vs George
  2. Carnax Jr. vs Monster(Monster Lab)
  3. Baby Yeti vs Ratcicle
  4. Kartherax vs Cthulu(Brawl of Cthulu)
  5. Bionic Bunny vs Colonel Pluck(DKCR)
  6. Toxic Mantis vs Preytor
  7. Salamancer vs Lugmos
  8. Bio Hazard vs Monster(Monster Mayhem)
  9. Frogzard vs Charizard
  10. Toxic Mantis vs Praying Mantis(Battle of Giant Mutant Insects)
  11. Baby Yeti vs Migo(Smallfoot)
  12. Bio Hazard vs Blast
  13. Biobeasts vs Shadow of the Colossus (Verse v. verse fight)
  14. Biobeasts vs Override Mech City Brawl (Verse v. verse fight)

Override: Mech City Death Battle

A TBD season featuring characters from Override: Mech City Brawl.

  1. Megazurg_2000 vs Blast(Epic Boss Fighter)
  2. Metageckon vs Godzilla
  3. Metageckon vs Red Dragon(Tank! Tank! Tank!)
  4. Megazurg_2000 vs Player(Daemon X Machina)

Something Spectrobes

A TBD season featuring characters from Spectrobes.

  1. Komanoto vs Jibanyan
  2. Zuwaja vs Crab Monster
  3. Komanoto vs Pikachu
  4. Swar vs Bendy
  5. Zeragong vs Ukazeer (Same series fight)
  6. Komanoto vs Kuro(CK-c)
  7. Komanoto vs Greymon
  8. Senkro vs Pepeza (Same series fight)
  9. Krawl vs Subspace Army(Smash Bros.)
  10. Krawl vs Grimm
  11. Krawl vs Gohma(Asura's Wrath)
  12. Spectrobes vs Kingdom Hearts

Four Fights

A four episode season featuring Four (BFDI) from Battle for Dream Island.

  1. Four vs CPGreeno(TSFTW)
  2. Four vs Discord(MLP)
  3. Four vs Uncle Grandpa
  4. Four vs SMG4

Dark Gaia Returns

A season featuring Dark Gaia from Sonic Unleashed.

  1. Perfect Chaos vs Perfect Dark Gaia (Upcoming)(adopted)
  2. Dark Gaia vs Gohma Vlitra
  3. Dark Gaia vs Dark Gaia(Terranigma)
  4. Dark Gaia vs Void Termina
  5. Dark Gaia vs Asura(Asura's Wrath)
  6. Dark Gaia vs Giygas
  7. Dark Gaia vs Nega Wisp Armor
  8. Dark Gaia vs Black Paint Bowser
  9. Dark Gaia vs Eternatus(Pokemon)
  10. Dark Gaia vs Malroth
  11. Dark Gaia vs Shadow Mewtwo
  12. Dark Gaia vs MetalSeadramon
  13. Dark Gaia vs Shadow Queen(Paper Mario)
  14. Dark Gaia vs Teridax
  15. Dark Gaia vs Orgalorg
  16. Dark Gaia vs Krawl(Spectrobes)
  17. Dark Gaia & Light Gaia vs Mothra & Battra
  18. Dark Gaia & Light Gaia vs God of Light & God of Darkness(RWBY)
  19. Dark Gaia & Light Gaia vs Galeem & Dharkon
  20. Dark Gaia vs the Darkness(Skylanders)

Epic Death Battle Fighter

A season featuring Blast (Epic Boss Fighter).

  1. Blast vs Cuphead
  2. Blast vs Mack(Nefarious)
  3. Blast vs Beck
  4. Blast vs Rodea
  5. Blast vs Player(Arcane Weapon)
  6. Blast vs Shovel Knight
  7. Blast vs Player(Upgrade Complete)
  8. Blast vs Max(Boss 101)
  9. Blast vs 88 Heroes (1 v. verse)
  10. Blast vs Gain Ground (1 v. verse)
  11. Blast vs Biobeasts (1 v. verse)
  12. Epic Boss Fighter vs Boss 101 (Verse v. verse)

Octogeddon at Arms

A season featuring Octogeddon from the game of the same name.

  1. Octogeddon vs Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
  2. Octogeddon vs Kartherax
  3. Octogeddon vs Octodad
  4. Octogeddon vs Blast(Epic Boss Fighter)
  5. Octogeddon vs Octopus(Tasty Planet)
  6. Octogeddon vs Cloverfield Monster
  7. Octogeddon vs Egg(Eggstinction)
  8. Octogeddon vs Megazurg_2000
  9. Octogeddon vs Inkling
  10. Octogeddon vs Plants vs. Zombies (Verse v. verse)
  11. Octogeddon vs Biobeasts (Verse v. verse)

Nefarious Battles

A season primarily featuring Crow from Nefarious. Will feature a few others if I think of them.

  1. Crow vs Blast
  2. Crow vs Robot(RWIA)
  3. Mack vs Little Mac
  4. Crow vs Seryu Ubiquitous
  5. Crow vs Player(Hob)
  6. Mack vs Eldrin(OC)
  7. Crow vs Doomfist
  8. Crow vs Qrow Branwen(RWBY)
  9. Mack vs Jim Lake Jr.
  10. Crow vs Sash Lilac
  11. Crow vs Dexter
  12. Treble Rangers vs Hue Troop
  13. Crow vs Kaos
  14. Crow vs Chief(TheHottestDog)
  15. Crow vs Boss Cass
  16. Crow vs Dr. Zomboss
  17. Crow vs Dr. Nefarious
  18. Crow vs 88 Heroes (1 v. verse)

Optional: Crow vs Cable(Marvel)

Robot Wants Death Battle

A season featuring Robot from Robot Wants it All.

  1. Robot vs Octogeddon
  2. Robot vs Vectorman
  3. Robot vs Bender
  4. Robot vs Hero(Labyrinth: Secrets of Shadowhaven)
  5. Robot vs R.O.B.
  6. Robot vs Mettaton
  7. Robot vs Chibi Robo
  8. Robot vs Witch(Noita)
  9. Robot vs Sans
  10. Robot vs Mobo(Bonanza Bros.)
  11. Robot vs Dan(Dan Vs.)
  12. Robot vs Clone(Clone Drone in the Danger Zone)
  13. Robot vs Zip(Flingsmash)
  14. Robot vs Mag Nex(Scrap Rush)
  15. Robot vs Elephant(John/Armor Games)
  16. Robot vs Egg(Eggstinction)
  17. Robot Wants it All vs 88 Heroes (Verse v. verse)

Mechstermination Assault

A season featuring characters from Mechstermination Force.

  1. Blast vs Player
  2. Max(Boss 101) vs Player
  3. Wander(SotC) vs Player
  4. Octogeddon vs Mechstermination Force (1 v. verse)
  5. Megazurg_2000 vs Mechstermination Force (1 v. verse)
  6. Ty vs Mechstermination Force (1 v. verse)
  7. Shadow of the Colossus vs Mechstermination Force (Verse v. verse)
  8. Biobeasts vs Mechstermination Force (Verse v. verse)
  9. 88 Heroes vs Mechstermination Force (Verse v. verse)
  10. Boss 101 vs Mechstermination Force (Verse v. verse)
  11. Epic Boss Fighter vs Mechstermination Force (Verse v. verse)

The Crimes of Zavok

A large season featuring Zavok from the Sonic series.

  1. Zavok vs Allegro(PPG 2016)
  2. Zavok vs Elsa(Frozen)
  3. Zavok vs Mashtooth
  4. Zavok vs Blinky(Pac-man)
  5. Zavok vs King K. Rool
  6. Zavok vs Lord Frederik
  7. Zavok vs Strike(OK K.O.)
  8. Zavok vs Lord Brevon(Freedom Planet)
  9. Zavok vs Zarok(MediEvil)
  10. Zavok vs Zeltrax
  11. Zavok vs Ridley
  12. Zavok vs Red(Angry Birds)
  13. Zavok vs Lyric(Sonic Boom)
  14. Zavok vs Havik(Mortal Kombat)
  15. Zavok vs Cozy Glow
  16. Zavok vs Zeck(OC)
  17. Zavok vs D-Fekt(Sonic Boom)
  18. Zavok vs Smaug
  19. Zavok vs King Sombra
  20. Zavok vs Hot Head(Skylanders)
  21. Zavok vs Asgore & Toriel
  22. Zavok vs Incineroar & Flamedramon
  23. Zavok vs Volvagia & Volga
  24. Zavok vs Tahu, Vakama, Lhikan, Norik, & Jaller
  25. Wiz & Boomstick vs Vrokorta & Sphere Robot

The Dark Age

A short season intended as a follow up to Crimes of Zavok under certain circumstances.

(Note: This season is HIGHLY subject to change, & may not even be carried out. If things look weird, it's either cause I haven't given this season much thought yet, or cause you don't know the setup)

  1. Cyborgs vs Obscure Characters
  2. Robots vs Vrokorta's Favorite Characters
  3. The Deadly 6 vs Vrokorta's OCs
  4. Sonic Villains vs YouTubers
  5. OP OCs vs Vrokorta & the Sphere Robot
  6. Ultimate Zavok vs DBFW Staff

Pokemon vs Digimon

I own too many of these, & I'd like to remove some from my mainline seasons. This is essentially a dump for all the Pokemon v. Digimon fights I don't want in my seasons.

  1. Lilithmon vs Gardevoir(TBD) (requested by CrimsonAce01)
  2. Drapion vs Skullscorpionmon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  3. Renamon vs Gardevoir (Upcoming)(adopted)
  4. Pikachu vs Patamon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  5. Roserade VS Rosemon (Upcoming)(adopted)
  6. Arceus vs Omnimon (Upcoming)(adopted)

Blog Fights

Fights that're restricted to blogs for one reason or another. Note that not all blogged fights will be here, as some belong in a certain season.

  1. Kirby Mario vs Ty (Complete)
  2. Kirby Mario vs Captain Underpants (Upcoming)
  3. True Bionicat vs Final Kuro
  4. Composite Dark Gaia vs Composite Godzilla
  5. Alt Bowsers vs Alt DDDs
  6. Alt Marios vs Alt Sonics
  7. Sphere Robot with prep vs Batman with prep
  8. Kuro vs Mao Mao vs Unikitty



These battles were requested by somebody for me to make. I wanted to separate these from my main season so I don't have to worry about which season I put them in, or how long it'll take for me to start working on it. However, not all requested battles will be placed here, but the reasoning for such varies, so I won't bother trying to explain.

Standalone Battles

Battles that aren't part of any season.

  1. Mr. Frosty vs Bad Mr. Frosty(Christmas Special) (Complete)
  2. Flash Game Battle Royale

My Thoughts on Others' Fights

My Favorite Fights Ranked & Why (WIP)

  1. Megaman.EXE VS Keramon - I love fights where Digimon isn't downplayed or nerfed, & Mattardis clearly did his research. On top of that, he took scenes from the movies and used that for scenes of the fight. Not to mention Megaman's analysis was funny. Overall, it was pretty great.
  2. Kaos vs. Bowser - There are very few grammar errors, the analyses are pretty good, & the fight itself is the best part. Neither character was portrayed as being inferior to the other, & their personalities were carried over very well, something I'm quite fond of. There's also a really funny joke near the beginning of Kaos' analysis.
  3. King Dedede & Escargoon vs. Rap Rat & Fire Sumo - This fight has a charm to it that I really appreciate. I was honestly surprised I ranked it above Koopa vs Moblin.
  4. [[[Koopa vs Moblin]] - It's a bit of a long read, but it's very well written, & pretty funny.
  5. Garfield vs Snoopy - Simply hilarious.
  6. Petey Piranha vs Mr. Patch - One of the first death battles I ever read, & the one I used as reference for my first battles. It's a nice little fight with the correct outcome. It could be improved, but I still like it. Also, Petey Piranha was in it.

Fights I Disagree With

Note: I'm very vague with my reasons so's not to spoil the fight.

Character Related


OCs I put on the wiki (or plan to) for Death Battles. No link means they're not on the wiki (yet). Italics means the character doesn't specifically belong to me, but was simply added by me.

  • Beast
  • Counsil
  • Crab Monster (OC)
  • Garzarrd
  • Gorkin
  • IMP
  • Jom the Cat Man
  • Kirban
  • Kirby Mario
  • Mach Threemu
  • Magma King
  • Magnetic
  • Mega Zomb Lirby
  • Metal Golem Hand
  • Money Man
  • The Monster
  • Psychy
  • Pyro Penguin
  • Que
  • Ripter
  • Robot T-Rex
  • Sheldin
  • Skesaur
  • Skullusion
  • Sphere Robot (OC)
  • Tyanatris
  • Wibble Wobble Wing Wong

My Favorite Characters in Fiction

  1. Bowser (Mario Series) - A big strong guy who takes orders from NOBODY. He has an endless drive to achieve his goals, and lets NOTHING stand in his way, no matter how tough things get. He also has the most character out of ANY Mario character.
  2. E-102 Gamma (Sonic Adventure) - Quite possibly the most compelling Sonic character EVER. He had a fantastic design, a humble personality, & a strong motivation to do what he had to do. It's really too bad that he won't be coming back (even if he did, Sega would just kill him again).
  3. Spinel (Steven Universe) - She was REALLY well written, & her character does not disappoint (like so many others have). I kind of relate to her, her design is perfect, & her motivation is ON POINT. Easily one of the best developed characters on this list, & I hope we get to see more of her.
  4. Mi (Cyborg Kuro-chan) - He's got the best backstory & relationship in the show, & I can't help but love him. He has amazing powers, he's a good sport, & he pulls off being cute & cool at the same time perfectly.
  5. Vice (Cyborg Kuro-chan) - Fantastic design, story relevance, & what I'm guessing is really good motivation (I watched that show in raw Japanese, so my knowledge is bit a shoddy).
  6. Master Frown (Unikitty!) - He's funny, charismatic, motivated, & even smart sometimes. He has a really fun friendship with Brock. Not to mention he has a very simple, yet appealing design. Whenever this dude's on screen, I can't help but smile.
  7. Olegmon (Digimon) - I liked how his values were portrayed, to the point where he would betray his allies & work with the enemy just because he liked them better. He was interesting as a villain cause he valued friendship, which made his reformation into a hero all the more satisfying. His design is really cool too.
  8. Asura (Asura's Wrath) - An absolute bad*** who never gives up, & doesn't give one. Quite possibly the most compelling protagonist of any franchise I've experienced. Did I mention his game's awesome?
  9. Crow (Nefarious) - Cool & charismatic. Not to mention he's a successful villain protagonist, which is definitely unique from most series.
  10. Onua (Bionicle) - I liked Onua for being smart, strong, subtle, & profound, which are some of my favorite character traits. I like his design, weapons, & even his mask, simple as it may be.
  11. Kuro (Cyborg Kuro-chan) - He's a huge jerk for being the hero of his series, but that's part of why I like him. He breaks the mold & characterizes himself rather than appealing to the masses with that heroic "I'll never give up" schtick.
  12. Pohatu (Bionicle) - Besides that fact that everything about his design works together to make a distinct character, he really stood out from the other toa by being more confident & upbeat, not to mention fighting with his legs instead of his arms. The dynamic between him & Kopaka was also really good.
  13. Magolor (Kirby) - Interesting story relevance, great boss fight, & fun to play as.
  14. Kirby (...) - Besides the fact that he's cute, he has great games, & a lot of personality for someone who doesn't talk.
  15. Solaris (Sonic '06) - While I like Dark Gaia better as a final boss, Solaris has more story relevance & motivation.
  16. Bob (SMG4) - He's a stupid jerk & I love him. Good characters with bad qualities really appeal to me cause they're different from the norm without being outright unlikable. I also like that Bob just doesn't give one, & he follows his own lead as opposed to trying to do things the "right" way.
  17. Dark Gaia (Sonic Unleashed) - I really liked Sonic Unleashed, & Dark Gaia made for one of the most climatic finales of any Sonic game. I love his design & story relevance. Something about him really resonates with me.
  18. Digitamamon/Devitamamon (Digimon) - Two more of my favorite Digimon. I love the whole egg design, & Digitamamon is just so cute. I also love the development between the two, it makes sense.
  19. Mephiles the Dark (Sonic '06) - Cold, calculated, & serious. He has an epic design, creates a very fitting atmosphere, is actually successful, & has a good motivation (which is somehow too much to ask for nowadays). Mephiles is easily one of, if not THE BEST Sonic villain of all.
  20. Diaboromon (Digimon) - Y'know how Mewtwo was the antagonist of the first Pokemon movie? Well Diaboromon was the antagonist of the first Digimon movie, & he did a grand spanking good job. Diaboromon made a real impact & left a strong first impression.
  21. Viggo Grimborn (Dreamworks Dragons) - Easily the best villain in all of Dragons. He was smart, cunning, tactical, manipulative, skilled, & even strong. He made an impression unlike any other.
  22. Mametyramon (Digimon) - One of my favorite Digimon through its design alone, & it has some cool concepts to go with it. He also had a cool personality & relevance in the manga.
  23. Iblis (Sonic '06) - A giant, immortal, lava monster/demigod. I like his relevance to Sonic 06's story, & how he forms part of Solaris.
  24. Petey Piranha (Mario Series) - He has a great design, & he's one of those underrated characters I can't help but love.
  25. Tiki Tong (Donkey Kong Country Returns) - Cool fight, awesome intro, & surprising amount of character for a one-off final boss.
  26. Kunemon (Digimon) - I've grown very fond of this Digimon ever since Weedle vs Kunemon. Also, Okuwamon's a bad***, & GrandisKuwagamon is, amazing.
  27. Beedrill (Pokemon) - I've grown very fond of this Pokemon ever since Weedle vs Kunemon.
  28. Orga (Godzilla) - My favorite Godzilla kaiju. I played him in Destroy All Monsters Melee & Unleashed. He's slow but powerful, & I like his enormous hands.

Characters I Wanna Use In Death Battle

If you happen to think of cool ideas with these characters, I'd like if you suggested them to me (unless you don't want to, or you plan on doing it yourself). If you want to request a fight with one of these characters, refer to my request blog.

  • Mashtooth (The Legendary Starfy) - He's got a lot of cool abilities & a stronger form, seems like he'd be fun.
  • Dodongo (The Legend of Zelda series) - I don't know him too well, he just sounds fun to use & research.
  • Snimon (Digimon) - I researched him, now I wanna find him some good opponents.
    • Opponents in mind: Kuwagamon
  • Orga (Godzilla series) - My favorite kaiju.
  • Tactimon (Digimon) - He can destroy stars & his sword alters terrain, need I say more?
    • Opponents in mind: Augus
  • Crow (Nefarious) - I loved the game he came from & I love his character, the only problem would be finding a fair fight.
  • Pop Fizz (Skylanders) - He's one of my favorite Skylanders.
  • Dreadtrux (Dinotrux) - You'd have to see her to know why I wanna use her.
  • Petey Piranha (Mario) - I know I already used him, but I wanna use him more.
  • Megalon (Godzilla) - My second favorite kaiju.
  • Croc (Croc) - Part of me wants an excuse to research him, another part of me wants to find a fair fight.
  • Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo) - I played Zip-Lash, & now I'm like "What would be a good opponent?", so there.
    • Opponents in mind: Olimar, Damacy
  • Any Fossil Fighters character (Fossil Fighters) - I played the games, & I really like the series, so some opponents would be good.
  • Any Spectrobes character (Spectrobes) - Just like FF, I really liked the games, so I wanna make fights for them.
  • Vectorman (Vectorman) - He seems cool, and I think he'd be fun to use.
    • Opponents in mind: Robot (Robot wants)
  • Kunemon (Digimon) - I used him once, & I really liked him. I think he deserves to be in more fights.
    • Opponents in mind: Kuwagamon
  • Metal General (Kirby) - I really liked his boss fights, & I want to use those in a battle.
  • Goriath (Kirby) - I also liked his boss fight & moveset.
  • Baragon (Godzilla) - My 3rd favorite kaiju.
  • Robot (Robot Wants) - Though weak, he has a huge arsenal, & I'd love to use that in a DB.
    • Opponents in mind: Bender, Vectorman, Hero (Labyrinth: Secrets of Shadowhaven)
  • Starfy (The Legendary Starfy) - Played the game, liked the character, want to fight.
  • Nintendo Land Robots/enemies (Nintendo Land) - I really liked Metroid Blast, & I want to use the robots from that & the other minigames.
    • Opponents in mind: Starfox Guard Robots
  • Starfox Guard (Starfox) - Played the game, liked the stuff, want fight.
    • Opponents in mind: Nintendo Land Robots, Animatronics (FNaF)
  • Taiki & Shoutmon/Xros Heart (Digimon Fusion) - These two were really cool characters, & their ability of fusion makes them very versatile, something I'd like to use in a fight.
  • OCs - Mostly my own OCs. If you want your OCs to fight mine, comment your character on my wall & maybe we can find an opponent for both our characters.
  • Patafoin Animations (Youtube) - Patafoin's a Sonic focused Youtube animator who mainly focuses on comedy & randomness. If I had to pick any character from his animations in particular, it'd be the Death Egg Robot.
  • The Grey Goo (Tasty Planet) - It's a blob that eats everything. I wanna see how he'd fair in a real battle.
  • Asura (Asura's Wrath) - I played the game a while back, & it was great (mostly). Now I want some fight ideas
    • Opponents in mind: Asuramon
  • Object Show characters (Youtube) - A while back I got into BFDI & binged the whole series :P. It all went downhill from there (or uphill, cause I really enjoy them). The characters have a good few feats, so I want to see how they'd fair in a Death Battle.
    • Opponents in mind: Super Star Showdown characters, Lub Lub, Turbo Mecha Sonic
  • Bloons Tower Defense Monkeys (Bloons TD) - These guys are my childhood, & I can't help but put everything I see into a fight.
  • Diaboromon (Digimon) - This Digimon is really impressive, & I want to use him in a death battle. My favorite DBs should put this into perspective.
  • Galeem &/or Dharkon (Smash Bros.) - Seem like fun to use.
  • Screaming Death (How to Train Your Dragon) - One of my favorite dragons in the series. Really powerful & deserves an opponent.
    • Opponents in mind: Kaishin(Fossil Fighters)
  • Clone Drone in the Danger Zone (...) - The characters have decent feats, & I already have some ideas for fights with them.
    • Opponents in mind: Sonic the hedgehog, Cybermen
  • Mi (Cyborg Kuro-Chan) - He's one of my favorite characters in CK-c, & has awesome abilities.
  • Vice (Cyborg Kuro-Chan) - Another of my favorite characters from CK-c, & a good fighter.
  • Master Frown (Unikitty!) - My favorite character from Unikitty!. Has a lot of interesting feats & gadgets that should be fun to research.
  • Octogeddon (...) - Strong & versatile. I want to test the limits of this character.

Other Things

I take requests/do collabs, but...

I have rules too.

Here's everything you need to know

My Feats

  • Survived Sonic '06 (I actually enjoyed it)
  • Survived Sonic Unleashed (I don't know why people don't like it)
  • Slayed countless monsters of great power (Yet I haven't beat Thunderton)
  • Completed SMG 2's "The Perfect Run" (With help from player 2)
  • Completed Mario 3D World's "Champion's Road" (With help from 2 other players)
  • Can fight Discord users (It was a bot function that simulated fights)
  • Helped create a 24 dimensional universe
  • Fought the other Staff members, including Big the cat 10
  • Created a page for each of the 7 Koopalings (I didn't add the info though, that credit goes to Foxthefox1000)
  • Added Mario's wins & losses to the Hall of Records


  • I'm an introvert
  • I've analysed Dark Gaia 4 times
  • Ironically, I act more robotic than the Sphere Robot (OC)

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