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Series I'm Knowledgeable On

  • Soul Eater- About halfway through the series, currently have a basic understanding of every character so far. (Not to bad, RWBY as it should have been)
  • RWBY- Sadly, I'm knowledgeable on the entire series. (OOF from 4-present)
  • Friday the 13th- Seen the movies, Read the comics and Played the games. (Ouch)
  • Halloween- Read the comics, novel and watched the movies. (Not as fun as FT13)
  • Mega Man-Played a bunch of the games (Mostly good)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog-Played a few games (Just horrible)
  • Mario- Played a few games (Boring)
  • Akame Ga Kill-Read the manga and watched the anime (Barely stands out)
  • Kill La Kill- Read the manga and watched the anime (Beautiful)
  • Fairy Tail- Seen some of the anime, read some of the Manga (Very good)
  • Konosuba- watched the anime read the manga, listened to the CD drama, read the light novel (Hilarious)
  • Overlord-Seen season 1 of the anime (Blech)
  • Nightmare on Elm Street-Seen the movies (Fun. bad, but fun. remake=ewwww)
  • Cryptids- Very intrested in them (All of them are pretty cool)
  • Percy Jackson- Read the books, saw the movies (Books=fine, movies=ewww)
  • Avatar the last Airbender- Watched the show (very, very good, Zuko best boi)
  • My Hero Academia- Watched the anime, read the manga (Eh.)
  • Mob Psycho 100-Watched the anime (Perfect)
  • Black Clover- Watched the anime (SCREAMING is the new language)
  • Seven deadly sins-watched the anime (It's fine)
  • Shovel Knight-Played and beaten all 4 games (Really good)
  • Undertale- Beaten the game, many, many times. (Will never do it again)
  • Marvel Comics- Read em (Been slipping a good bit)
  • MCU- watched the movies (good for the most part, any scene with Captain Marvel makes me sad)
  • DC Comics- Read em (they bad)
  • Red vs Blue (Hell Yeah)
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Yeah, ew.)
  • Crypt TV (Seen Every Single Canon Video)
  • Dead Rising (Played 1 and 4. Watched a let's play of DR3, still no clue who this "Chuck Greene" is)
  • The Dresden Files (I've read ten books and have ten to go. Yay, me.)
  • Skulduggery Pleasant (I've read one book and have thirteen to go...Why do i do this to myself?)
  • Fate/stay night (Lancer is the best servant)


  • The Irish VS Writer: He's a good guy. We're both big anime fans, and we've known each other for a while. His work's great, and he's also really funny, and his original ideas are excellent.
  • Sinnovalos: Formerly Peep4Life, I suppose you could say he's my best friend on this wiki. I greatly enjoy his company, and I find his debating style very interesting.
  • Inkrael: He's my brother. We get along very well, for the most part. Even if our scaling beliefs differ. Greatly.
  • KirbySakurai: He's fun to talk to, and we're both massive horror fans, which has lead to some fun ideas and discussions.
  • Bloodybloodwork365: A fellow story writer like myself. He's actually completed a good bit of content, and while his views of some characters are absurd to me, he's enjoyable to talk to.
  • Komodo25M: Another story writer. We've got similar problems, as both of us have had some pretty good ideas, but we just have yet to actually finish anything.
  • SuperSayin2Link: A good writer, and not just in VS debating. While The Dragon King's Son could use some polishing, it's still a solid story.
  • Deathbattlewatcher5: I argue with him a lot, but I still enjoy a lot of his work, and while I strongly disagree with several of his matches and how he debates, we are both interested in most of the same things, and he's also completed like, fifty fights or something.
  • Sharaku Jr.: Known him for a long time. We haven't talked in forever, but I think we still get along all right.
  • Commander Ghost: He may not like me much, but I really respect his dedication to the wiki, and his work has always been good. I've been petty with him in the past, and I really shouldn't have, as he probably one of the most mature users on this site.
  • VoidofDrawings: We haven't interacted much, but their work is good, and I like them.
  • If you aren't here, I haven't had time to add you yet. Or I may have not met you.

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