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Link and Zelda BOTW

Link and Zelda because they're adorable

Hey, I'm SoMaShadow and I love Death Battle! I've been watching it for years and after seeing the amazing work that the people on here do, I figured I could try my hand at it as well. Shadow7615 is a huge inspiration for creating an account and page for this wiki and you should all check him out (though my name isn't inspired by him). I'm always open to talk and I have a horrible sleep schedule, so I'll be here fairly often.

I hope you look forward to seeing what I create!

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My Death Battles!

Here are all my fights here on the wiki!

Season 1 - Genesis (In Progress)

Character Consideration List

These are the characters I would like to use in future Death Battles, characters in italics are strong contenders to appear in a future episode, and characters in bold are confirmed to appear in a future episode!

Death Battle Collaborations!

These are the fights that I have worked on with another user.

Arvis vs Cinder Fall

Arvis vs. Cinder Fall (collab with Shadow7615)

Green Lantern vs Nova (SoMaShadow)

Green Lantern VS Nova (collab with Big the cat 10)

Erza vs Ryuko

Erza Scarlet vs Ryuko Matoi (collab with Jioto576)

M. Bison vs Shang Tsung

M. Bison vs Shang Tsung (collab with AgentRedhead)

Sonic Main Villain Battle Royale

Sonic Main Villain Battle Royale (collab with RoadRollerDio)

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