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Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife, he's pretty cool!

Hello everyone, I am Shadow, and I am a huge fan of DEATH BATTLE! I am an Admin on this wiki, promoted to admin as February 8th, 2015, so, if you're lost or in need of assistance, please feel free to contact me on my Message Wall, and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible, better yet, if you want to ask me a question, feel free to ask me a question on my account.

I got into Death Battle after watching Link vs. Cloud, intrigued by the match itself, I wanted to see who would win between other characters from Final Fantasy, that's when I decided to become a member of the Death Battle Fanon Wiki, I am quite active and I enjoy seeing other people's original ideas and I enjoy doing my own research to conclude my own ideas, I look forward to seeing more and more ideas in the future!

Are you into Waifus/Husbandos? Then feel free to check out my blog about my personal Top 10 Waifus.

Death Battles Ideas I have created!

Here are all my fights here on the wiki!

Season 1 - Dawn of the Fantasy (Complete)

Season 2 - The Concealed Darkness (Complete)

Season 3 - Severed Ties (Complete)

Season 4 - A New Dawn (Complete)

Season 5 - Resurgence of Power (In Progress)

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 2: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 3: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 4: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 5: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 6: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 7: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 8: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 9: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 10: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 11: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Episode 12: ??? vs. ???

Battletemplate unknown

Bonus Episode: ??? vs. ???

What the combatants from my battles have in common

  • Akame vs. Ryūko Matoi - Black-hair protagonists in a conflict setting them against their sibling part of an organized group
  • Fulgore vs. Labrys - Artificial life created by global corporations, intended to combat other fighters
  • Ayane vs. Yang Xiao Long - Half-Sisters to the main protagonist, stars of Monty Oum's animated works
  • Chai Xianghua vs. Ling Xiaoyu - Chinese Peppy Gals from Namco fighting games, always optimistic and love a conflicted protagonist
  • Kain Highwind vs. Kyoko Sakura - Conservative lance wielders of the group, possess holy connections.
  • Wolverine vs. Darth Maul - Pain endurers, amplified by rage, practiced sword wielders
  • Akuma vs. Kazuya Mishima - Japanese fighting game boss characters with devilish super forms, debuting in 1994
  • Iron Fist vs. Kenshiro - Chinese martial arts practitioners, harnessing mystic ancient powers
  • Hinata Hyūga vs. Orihime Inoue - Shonen Jump heroines, kind, but brave. Ultimately wives to the protagonist
  • Penny Polendina vs. Alisa Bosconovitch - Protagonist Androids used as tools by powerful leaders, later reconstructed and became a core ally.
  • Mewtwo vs. Starkiller - Genetic clones with extraordinary levels of power, created to serve evil organizations, overthrew their creators, and went soul-searching.
  • Martian Manhunter vs. Vision - Non-human members of Earth's superhero teams. Famous for their shapeshifting and density altering powers. They had a romantic relationship with a human woman, despite not being human themselves.
  • Yasha vs. Jeanne - Action RPG main protagonist's rivals. Wears the opposite colour to their rivals. Subdued their rival for several hundred years, and were once allied with their enemies.

Mami Tomoe vs. Noel Vermillion - Partially human blonde heroine marksman, experienced fighters in their respective fields despite their young appearance.

Character Consideration List

These are the characters I would like to use in future Death Battles, characters in italics are strong contenders to appear in a future episode, but are not confirmed, characters in bold are confirmed to appear in a future episode!

One Minute Melee

I also write One Minute Melee blogs here on the wiki, here you'll find some characters who haven't shown up as combatants in my Death Battle series, and a couple of my scrapped Death Battles turned One Minute Melee blogs!

Death Battle Collaborations!

And there are fights so awesome, they need two people working on it instead of one, and these are the fights that I have worked on with another user.

Kyoko Madara Thumbnail

Kyoko Sakura vs. Madara Uchiha (collab with Fedora Lord Para 348)

Tier Kisame Thumbnail

Tier Halibel vs Kisame Hoshigaki (collab with Tierhalibelbrylle)

Zant Ghirahim Thumbnail

Zant vs. Ghirahim (collab with Grnmachine1)

Aiden Connor Thumbnail

Aiden Pearce vs. Connor Kenway (collab with ReverseShadow)

Aizen vs dio by hakuxtemari

Sōsuke Aizen vs Dio Brando (collab with Derpurple)

Tao Wesker Fake Thumbnail

Mercenary Tao vs. Albert Wesker (collab with Nkstjoa & ParaGoomba348)

Assassin's Creed Battle Royale Fake Thumbnail

Assassin's Creed Battle Royale (collab with Nkstjoa)

Frieza Mewtwo Fake Thumbnail

Frieza vs. Mewtwo (collab with WarpyNeko930)

Claude Spider-Man Thumbnail

Claude Faustus VS Spiderman (collab with Aqua-pineapple-princess)

Era Kaguya Thumbnail

Era Fraw vs Kaguya Ōtsutsuki (collab with Tierhalibelbrylle)

Tifa Jonathan Thumbnail

Tifa Lockhart vs. Jonathan Joestar (collab with ArachnoGia)

Time Masters Thumbnail

Time Manipulators Battle Royale (collab with Derpurple)

Death Battles I have contributed to!

Other than the Death Battles I have created, I also upload the VS thumbnails for other Death Battles! At request as well! If you would like me to provide your Death Battle with a VS logo, let me know, and I'll get right on it!

Other Death Battle Ideas

These ideas sure sound awesome, but sadly, they're either one-sided or a combatant hasn't shown enough capabilities in battle. 

Pucci Ren Thumbnail

Enrico Pucci vs. Kylo Ren

Cosmos Palutena Thumbnail

Cosmos vs. Palutena

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