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  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is Aspiring writer
  • I am Male

I've been a huge fan of Death Battle since Akuma vs. Shang Tsung and I'm looking forward to the future battles that they'll have for us. I can certainly hope a few of my suggestions become a reality, but if not, then at least I can imagine what might have been here.

My YouTube channel is Chuck's Pal.

My new gaming channel is ClearingPS4Storage.

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If you're wondering what the heck my name is supposed to be, I made it for the Deadliest Warrior Wiki. It's the first initials of my two mains in the Deadliest Warrior game, the ninja and the knight, and the initials of my two mains in Deadliest Warrior: Legends, Sun Tzu and Joan of Ark.

Update (9/1/19): As of this moment, I have retired from writing battles.

Nkstjoa Sayonara

An excellent quote for writers

“I’m still insecure, I still hate everything that I do, I still try to make everything better than I possibly can and I’m always disappointed when I don’t reach that level all that creative torment that I felt in the beginning, totally still present. If I start paying attention to that while I’m trying to write, I’m never gonna get anything done, you know. Every time I sit down to work, I’m trying to make it good. If I try to add an extra layer of pressure because it’s gonna be seen by more people, I feel like it’s just gonna make the work bad as a creative person if you’re out there trying to worry about whether or not the thing your doing is gonna be successful or if it’s gonna be received by an audience. You’re kinda knee capping yourself because what you really should be focusing on is, you know, does it speak to you? Then also eat your vegetables.”

- Robert Kirkman, Creator of the Walking Dead

My online philosophy

  • "We don't have to be trolling to act like a troll. One common dickish mistake is to reduce people to stereotypes in order to dismiss or invalidate what they have to say. This is lazy and presumptive." - How Not to be a Dick
  • "Perhaps it should go without saying, but when commenting, never use hurtful slurs, epithets, profanity, or offensive slang. This is never okay. Telling people how wrong they are in the most offensive way possible is "slagging". In truth, this type of behavior only reveals our own ignorance of people who are different from us." -  How Not to be a Dick
  • "When criticism stifles confidence, it is no longer valid." - Unknown
  • "Swearing doesn’t make your argument valid; it just tells the other person you have lost your class and control." - Shannon L. Alder
  • "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway
  • "To be aware of a single shortcoming within oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in somebody else. If you find yourself slandering anyone, first imagine that your mouth is filled with excrement. It will break you of the habit quickly enough." - Dalai Lama

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Bonus Battles


Bonus Collaborations

My battles and collabs, and what the combatants have in common

  • Scorpion vs. Ryu: two of the most well-known fighting game icons and icons of their respected series'
  • Vergil vs. Sesshōmaru: eldest sons of great demons, vying to honor and surpass them, have a keepsake weapon from their fathers, have codes of honor despite their ruthlessness, at odds with their red-wearing younger brothers
  • Deadpool vs. Deathstroke: the world-famous imitator against his inspiration, polar-opposite personalities, incredible skill despite not being the best in their worlds
  • Jin Kazama vs. Kasumi: two of the main protagonists of their respected series', children of destiny who sought to avenge an attack on a loved one and are constantly fighting against the literal manifestations of their evil selves
  • Ghost Rider vs. Scorpion: near-immortal hellfire-wielders of fearsome physique whose morals are almost exclusively run on vengeance
  • Liu Kang vs. Ryu: traditional martial artists and champions of their respected worlds' tournaments who focus on fireball projectiles and melee strikes
  • Sub-Zero vs. Glacius: ice-wielders of the fighting genre who seek to do good
  • Ken Masters vs. Sub-Zero: secondary idols of their respected franchises, rivals of their series' icons, opposing elements
  • Lex Luthor vs. Iron Man: human beings and business owners whose technology and suits have stood up to their world's best superheroes and villains, and whose companies shape the world around them
  • Johnny Cage vs. Dan Hibiki: comedic relief of their fighting game franchises who never take things seriously and harbor various comical moves
  • Shao Kahn vs. Akuma: final bosses and ultimate challenges of their respected fighting game series', often frustratingly difficult to fight against
  • Taki vs. Mileena: fighting game ninja warriors renowned for their dual blades and skintight attire
  • Mercenary Tao vs. Albert Wesker: cruel and evil human beings with abilities far beyond that of the average human
  • Electro vs. Cole MacGrath: ordinary men who were transformed into wielders of electricity by accidents who went completely opposite paths
  • Assassin's Creed Battle Royale (Nkstjoa): the three most iconic assassins in the series' history and who were responsible for the original protagonist being able to save the world
  • Hulk vs. Doomsday: physical manifestations of rage incarnate who are so powerful they often challenge the most powerful in their universes', both given their abilities by science
  • Batman vs Solid Snake: peak human beings, combat experts, and masters of stealth who have far surpassed their human limitations, saved the world multiple times, and beat impossible odds on a regular basis
  • Raven (Tekken) vs. Crimson Viper: secret agents of their respected franchises whose skill is a match for nearly any character despite how recent their introductions were, each wielding an assortment of gadgets
  • Ryu vs Kazuya Mishima: world-renowned fighting champions of polar opposite views, with one wanting to improve himself and reject his dark side while the other wants only power and gave in to his own
  • Max Payne vs. Nathan Drake: "ordinary" humans whose skills and luck have helped them survive the impossible with an unbelievable bodycount
  • Spinal vs. Cervantes: undead pirates of the fighting genre who were resurrected and granted even greater power and renowned for their close-range weapon skills
  • Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin: two of the most iconic dimwitted leads, husbands, fathers, and family men in cartoon history who sometimes showcase incredible durability
  • X vs. Zero: comrades and the best of friends in canon, and the best and final creations of their makers, who were hated arch-enemies of one another
  • Punisher vs. Red Hood: violent vigilantes who defy conventional superhero tactics and rules while dishing out justice in whatever brutal fashion they desire
  • Cyrax vs. Fulgore: mechanized cyborgs who serve their leaders' agendas, yet whose human side still remains
  • Kratos VS Guts: brutal sword-wielders who have performed virtually impossible feats and who show no mercy to their enemies and anyone who stands in their way
  • Dante (Devil May Cry) vs. Dante (DmC: Devil May Cry): sons of Sparda and Eva of their respected universes who wield their father's weapon, are at odds with their brother Vergil, and who fight to protect their worlds from demons
  • Pan (Nkstjoa) vs. Supergirl: young heroines whose homes were taken from them by tyrannical forces, who fight to protect the world and sometimes fight alongside their world-famous relatives
  • Thanos (MCU) vs Steppenwolf (DCEU): world-conquering beings with vastly different motives that are physically more than a match for even their universes' greatest teams
  • Cole MacGrath VS Alex Mercer: both once lived somewhat normal lives until they were at the center of events that caused their cities to be locked down, obtained powers and sought to find answers only to find out they themselves were ultimately responsible, and then worked to save the world in their sequels in their own way
  • Cruch VS Cyborg E.: OC's who were transformed into foes for the main heroes and further enhanced by antagonists, but were saved and became allies instead
  • Bad Box Art Mega Man vs. Captain N! Mega Man: two vastly different interpretations of the Mega Man character
  • Yamcha vs Kazuma Kuwabara: two of the strongest humans in their worlds who are overshadowed by their far more powerful comrades, but whose skills are not to be underestimated
  • Cinder vs Sub-Zero: opposing elements and personalities with one using his power under the command of his masters while the other defied his order's ways and reformed it for good
  • Jin Kazama vs. Ryu: two fighting champions with dark sides both seek to conquer
  • Zax vs Pan (Nkstjoa): two of the top Time Patrollers of their respected universes who have taken on some of Dragon Ball's strongest characters

What I'm Known For

  • Former admin of the Wiki
  • A user name that's hard to pronounce
  • Loves writing long fights
  • Thought Johnny Cage vs. Dan Hibiki was a good match-up
  • Uber-Wolverine fanboy... whose very accepting of those who don't like him
    • And to the idea of him losing against other characters
  • Once on chat, stays on chat for hours
  • Serious biz with occasional humor
  • Can't tell joke mean comments from actual mean comments
  • Control freak
  • Loves Goku vs. Superman 1 even as a Goku fanboy
  • Does odd match-ups
  • Utterly obsessed with Vergil vs. Sesshōmaru to downright uncomfortable levels
    • Like everything short of carving it into my own skin
  • Can be defeated by Dan Hibiki in a fight
    • Dude would one-shot me like Jason Bourne did to that guy in a trailer
  • Procrastinates, then pulls all-nighters on battles
  • Actually drew his Sonic OC's picture instead of coloring in official art
  • Wants to get along with and see the good within everyone
  • Unapologetic advertiser of my fights
  • Puts Fake Thumbnail at the end of all my thumbnails
  • Addicted to Steamed Hams, Shooting Stars, and Vitas

Favorites pics

My most wanted Death Battle's


Fan-Wallpaper Red Hood vs Punisher KD8888; Capybaria to Nksjtoa 2

Punisher vs. Red Hood (Picture credit goes to KingDedede8888


Vergil versus Sesshomaru

Vergil vs. Sesshomaru

Green Lantern versus Nova

Green Lantern vs. Nova

Most wanted What-If? Death Battle's that came true

My favorite What-If? Death Battle combatants

My favorite Official Death Battle combatants

Too lazy to make, link to list on Death Battle Wiki

My favorite Death Battle episodes

Too lazy to make, link to list on Death Battle Wiki

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My What-If? Death Battle Winners

Who knows who wins my battles. It could be anyone.

Not gonna say. You gotta read my fights to find out.

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