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Greetings, this profile has been taken over by The Administrator and his proxies.

Here are some character pages I made because reasons:

My Battles

Note: I know I have a lot of battles but I will try to get them done eventually. Also the battles order might change due to my interest changing a lot.

Season One

1.Gumball vs Garfield (Completed)

2.Yuuya Kizami vs Ticci Toby (Completed)

3.Krampus vs SCP-4666 (Christmas special, completed)

4.Jason Voorhees vs Mr. P (Completed)

5.Impostor vs The Thing (Completed)

6.Ghostface vs Ayano Aishi (Completed)

7.Kirby vs Chara

8.Dipper Pines vs Ash Williams

9.Fanboy & Chum Chum vs Robot and Monster

10.Light Yagami vs Jigsaw

Season Two

1.HABIT vs Herobrine

2.Jason Voorhees vs Chris Walker

3.Meta Knight vs Undyne

4.Nina the Killer vs Tiffany Valentine

5.Ayano Aishi vs Shion Sonozaki

6.Invader Zim Vs Timmy Turner

7.Himiko Toga vs Yuno Gasai

8.Monika vs The Observer

9.Cartoon Cat vs Blake Belladonna

10.Esdeath vs Slenderman

Season Three

1.Yuno Gasai vs Jeff the Killer

2.Look-See vs The Demogorgon

3.Goatman vs Bunny Man

4.Mario (Mario The Music Box) vs Sachiko Shinozaki

5.Johan Liebert vs Michael Myers

6.SCP-939 vs Siren Head

7.Bunny Man vs Springtrap (Collab with TheGreatDimentio!)

8.JD vs Yuuya Kizami

9.SCP-049 vs The Medic

10.GOLB vs Slender Man (Collab with ThatCynetGuy35)

Season Four

1.L vs Makoto Naegi

2.Akame vs Tanjiro Kamado

3.Reimu vs. Godzilla

4.Overpowered Villains Battle Royale (Collab with DreamyLuigi300986, TheGreatDimentio!, Y3P owo and Bro-Kai 36799)

5.ARG Antagonist Battle Royale (Collab with ThatCynetGuy35)

6.Ghostface vs Billy Lenz

7.Fanboy & Chum Chum vs Robot and Monster

8.Frisk vs Madoka Kaname (Collab with Lord JJJ)

9.Scary vs Coward Battle Royale (Collab with Dreamy Luigi300986, TheGreatDimentio!, PsychoMaster35 and King Clab)

10.Baldi vs Aya Drevis

Season Five

1.Sonic.EXE and Tails Doll VS SlenderMan and Jeff the Killer (Collab with HyperSsonic, TheGreatDimentio! and Foxyboy1998)

2.Team Piggy vs The Animatronics (Collab with Mega Kirby, Ican'tthinkof1goodname, Dreamy Luigi300986, Game boy next door, AGOODPERSON75, Sharkboy305, ThatCynetGuy35 and Y3p owo)

3.Sonic.EXE vs Monika (Collab with The Golden Moustache)

4.Kool-Aid Man vs Pepsiman (Collab with Y3P owo and TheGreatDimentio!)

5.Team Microsoft games vs team PC games vs team Nintendo vs team Sony games (Collab with Game boy next door, TheGreatDimentio! and Vrokota)

6.Homura Akemi vs The Joker

7.Victor (MyDarkJournal) vs Roy Burns

8.Mark Hoffman vs Dexter Morgan

9.Circus Baby vs Sachiko Shinozaki (Collab with Sharkboy305)

10.Sans vs Slenderman

Season Six

1.Gorefield VS RED (Collab with TheGreatDimentio! and HyperSsonic)

2.Crypt TV vs Trevor Henderson (Collab with Necromancer, ThatCynetGuy35 and TheGreatDimentio!)

3.Jane the Killer vs Homicidal Liu

4.The Tethered vs The Proxies

5.Overpowered RPG Main Protagonist Battle Royal (Collab with Y3p owo, TheGreatDimentio!, Mr. L786 and Lord JJJ.)

6.Masky, Hoodie and Skully vs The Strangers

7.Vincent Caffarello vs Light Yagami

8.Alex DeLarge vs Alex Kralie

9.Sans vs Annoying Orange

10.Flumpty's Gang vs The Collective

Random Memes

Wall of Quotes

I had to fight off the french speaking mexican mafia who were at my door

- Y3p owo after returning to the chat

I love how we were fighting in the void half an hour ago, and now, we're playing Minecraft.

-TheGreatDimentio! after Zalgo frees him and HyperSsonic


- Y3P after summoning Lord English.

Lord English: I call UNO

HyperSsonic: How? We just started.

- Me, HyperSsonic, TheGreatDimentio, Zalgo and a bunch of other people playing Poker.


ERROR!: lOL gEt dUNkEd O-oN

EXE: Shut the fuck up

ERROR!: m-MaKe mE


EXE runs at ERROR! and they teleport away and go fighting

Jeff: Should somebody stop them or?

Toby: Nah

- EXE, Jeff the Killer, Ticci Toby and Error Sans after I kick EXE from the Minecraft server for killing Dimentio while he was AFK.


- HyperSsonic after Lord English steals one of Y3p owo's cookies.

Kirbysakurai: This un-evolved into a 5 year old's role play. And I love it.

HyperSsonic: Same.

- Me and HyperSsonic after EXE and Error Sans beat the shit out of each other

Y3p owo's pinkie fucking dies

- Me after Y3p owo says his pinkie fell asleep

i might permanently have my pfp be Joka

- Y3p owo

Ngl Sonic.EXE as a girl would look dummy thicc

- The Golden Moustache in the chat

To be honest i'd be totally into Girl Sonic.EXE

- Also The Golden Moustache

The destroyer of worlds, the most powerful character ever, Murphy.

- Me

HyperSsonic: Lol, if he accepts God into his life doesn't that mean he accepts himself?

Kirbysakurai: A journey of EXE accepting himself

HyperSsonic: Y E S

Y3p owo: EXE has depression confirmed

Kirbysakurai: That sounds so wholesome if you don't know who EXE is and the fact he is a murderous psycho

HyperSsonic: It does

Y3p owo: that's why he has depression

- Me, Y3p owo and HyperSsonic discussing Sonic.EXE accepting god into his heart.


- HyperSsonic after changing his profile picture to a mixture of Jevil and Soviet Shrek.

Remember kids, this battle is sponsored by McDonald's, and the new meal, the Hyper's dead corpse meal! Coming as soon as I fucking destroy Hyper!

- Ronald McDonald after launching HyperSsonic into a portal in HyperSsonic vs Y3p owo

I wonder how being a Goomba would be like

- Me

Lawn Mower

- HyperSsonic

Bread Yeast

- Y3P owo

When there's no cops around, anything's legal!

- Stan Pines


- The Great Dimentio

Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub

- Rick Sanchez

I don't give a crap if you covered yourself in peanut butter and had a 15 hooker gang bang!

- Adam Stanheight

You look like Sonic the Hedgehog’s mother!

- Hank Hogan to Kim Jong-il in their ERB

Ooh, would you look at that? It’s the scary Danganronpa man

- Boss Baby mocking Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu in their rap battle by Snakebite126


- Master Oogway


- Me

Planned Battles

  • My own version of Frisk vs The Batter
  • Amanda Young vs Vanny (Gotta wait for FNaF: Security Breach to be released before I can make this battle)
  • Clockwork/Natalie Outlette vs Jeff the Killer/Jeffrey Woods
  • Ghostface vs The Fisherman (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
  • Jigsaw/John Kramer vs John Doe (Se7en)
  • HABIT (EverymanHYBRID) vs The Pizza Man (Pizza Time Pizza)
  • Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) vs John F. Kennedy (Call of Duty)
  • Arthur Fleck (Joker) vs Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

My Past Profile Pictures