Hello all y'all! I'm just a simple weeb who got into Death Battle and figured he could dabble in the art of DB Writing, hopefully I'll make new friends along the way!

I'm a huge fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Undertale, Fallout, and all kinds of other stuff!

Death Battles

  • Jago VS Garnet
  • Brandon Breyer VS Lord Dominator
  • The Pyro VS The Antagonist
  • Okuyasu Nijimura VS Amethyst
  • Aganos VS Nautilus
  • Hellboy VS Ruby Rose
  • Brad Armstrong VS Afro Samurai
  • Ghost Rider VS Enrico Pucci


The Tiger's Gem: Jago VS Garnet (COMPLETED!)

We are The Bad Guys: Brandon Breyer VS Lord Dominator (Status: Fight in-progress)

The World's on Fire: The Pyro VS The Antagonist (Status: Incomplete)

Heavy-handed Whiplash: Okuyasu Nijimura VS Amethyst (Status: Incomplete)

War of The Giants: Aganos VS Nautilus (Status: Incomplete)

The Devil's Rose: Hellboy VS Ruby Rose (Status: Incomplete)

The Painful Katana: Brad Armstrong VS Afro Samurai (Status: Incomplete)

Episode 8: COMING SOON...

Episode 9: COMING SOON...

Episode 10: COMING SOON...


Champions Of Heaven and Hell: Ghost Rider VS Enrico Pucci (Status: Anlaysis In-Progress)

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