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THIS ACCOUNT IS PERMANENTLY INACTIVE: Do not message me, you won't get a response. If you want to write a version of my fights, I give you permission no matter which battle it is. Whether you're a longtime contributor or a newcomer, if any of my old fights seem appealing, go for it.

Hey, you found my profile! I am Ahomeschoolingroudon, or HG for short. However, you can just call me Groudon, HG, That guy who spent a month and a half researching two comic book demons, etc. I am a big fan of the web series DEATH BATTLE!, and I have been ever since Goomba VS Koopa. I now have my own Death Battle Fanon series that, while in development hell, does have some battles that you can check out on your own time. I believe in quality over quantity, so you won't be seeing fights shelved out for the sake of them being shelved out, I'm working as hard as possible on these. Or supposedly working on them, anyway. Shhh.

All of my fights, from Season 1 onwards will be below this text. Personally I'd recommend Season 4 onward as the starting place, but the choice is in your hands.

Thank you for your time! SignatureHG.png 12:58, December 28, 2016 (UTC)

Death Battles

All battles that I have created, whether incomplete or otherwise, are free to be made into your own versions. As long as you give me a notice that you want to create your own version (Provided I am active for the set period of time) on my message wall or any other sites I happen to be active on and don't edit my version. Also include if you need help with the Tabber tool or any other questions in your notice, I will to respond as quickly as possible, though you can start making your fight as soon as the message is sent; there isn't any reason to wait for a reply as I'll always say yes. Thank you.

Season 1 (Complete)

The Original

Shulk vs Isaac (Finished)

Malus vs Regigigas (Finished)

Season 2 (Complete)

May vs Risky Boots (Finished)

Kuro vs Vega (Finished)

Darkseid vs Thanos (Finished)

Season 3 (Complete)

Ein vs Stocking (Finished)

Danny Phantom vs Kim Possible (Finished) (Collab with BonBooker)

Rinku vs Goemon (Finished)

Volcana vs Azula (Finished)

Season 4 (Complete)

Guts vs Woodpecker (Ganta Igarashi) (Finished)

Raven vs Inuyasha (Finished)

Palutena vs Eden (Finished)

Guilmon vs War (Finished)

Pyron vs Unicron (Finished)

Alucard vs Blade (Finished)

Shiro vs Kaede (Finished) (Bonus Episode/Halloween Episode)

Season 5

Mokap vs Dampierre (Finished)

Fights In Progress

Yamcha vs Kazuma Kuwabara (Collab with Nkstjoa)

Ghost Rider vs. Morrigan Aensland (Collab with ArachnoGia)


Megaman 2 Robot Masters Battle Royale (Collab with Aravy2002) (Finished)

Edward Elric vs Isaac (Collab with ArachnoGia)

Articuno vs Blizzeta (Collab with Grnmachine1) (Finished)

Bane vs Kingpin (Collab with GameBoyAdv) (Finished)

SCP-682 vs Lobo (Collab with SaikouTouhou)

Axe Cop vs Inferno Cop (Collab with Derpurple)

John Constantine vs Hellboy (Collab with Gliscor Fan) (Finished)

Ein vs Heracles (Collab with SuperSaiyan2Link) (Finished)

Punisher vs. Red Hood (Collab with Nkstjoa) (Finished)

Death Battles Considering To Make/Adopt

Bold Text means this battles are confirmed to be coming out sometime in the future. Italics means it's on the Battle Poll

  • Laharl vs Ness
  • Wyzen vs Juggernaut
  • Victini vs Jean Grey
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo vs Popeye
  • Demi-Fiend vs Dormammu

My Best Fight Poll

Thumbnails: The Complete Collection

I've always made thumbnails for my fights, as well as others. This is just the complete collection of them in chronological order (Except for the remastered TNs, those will be grouped with the original, because I'm lazy like that). This includes ones that are for my fights, other's fights, and TN contests. They just have to be for DB, so no OMM or DBX TNs here.

Some are good, some are bad. You guys can be the judge of that. Although the first ones will be, pretty outdated and cringy.