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Tyrone the Tasmanian Tiger, or just Ty, is the main playable protagonist of the TY the Tasmanian Tiger series.

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When Ty was still young, an evil genius named Boss Cass attempted to steal the 5 Talismans from Rainbow Cliffs, & use their power to banish all mammals to another dimension. However, before he could do so, Ty's father, Bri, managed to scatter the Talismans as he & most other thylacines were banished.

Several years later, the Bunyip Elder, Nandu Gili, informs Ty of his parents fate, Boss Cass' plan, & that he can save his family by recollecting all 5 Talismans. With the help of his friends, Ty travels across the world & finds all the Talismans before facing off against Boss Cass & freeing the Tasmanian tigers.

He goes on to be a hero of Southern Rivers, saving everyone from threats like Boss Cass, & the Quinkan.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Height: 100 cm
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Tasmanian tiger (thylacine)

Abilities & Equipment[]

  • Skilled melee fighter
  • Can use his boomerangs to slow his descent
  • Enhanced acrobatics & agility
  • Can swim pretty well
    • In Ty 4, he can hold his breath underwater indefinitely
  • Powerful bite, often strong enough to beat enemies that resist his rangs, likely with a bite force quotient of 166.
  • Bunyip Gauntlet: A gauntlet containing the Shadow Stone. Made Ty strong enough to fight the Quinkan, mystical beings with unfathomable power that he wouldn't stand a chance against otherwise.


  • Ironbark boomerang
    • A regular pair of returning boomerangs
  • Aquarang
    • Works like a regular boomerang, but can be used underwater
    • Slices through water like a hot knife through butter
    • Useless outside of water
  • Flamerang
    • Can melt ice, create fireballs, & burn away wooden weapons & obstacles
  • Zoomerang
    • Has the most range of any rang
    • Can zoom in on enemies
    • Useful for taking out enemies from a distance
  • Multirang
    • Multiplies the number of boomerangs Ty can throw
  • Lassorang
    • Works like a lasso
  • Frostyrang
    • Can freeze just about anything, including air, water, & enemies
  • Infrarang
    • Can spot hidden objects & enemies, as well as see through disguises
    • Flies further than regular rangs
  • Megarang
    • Can target up to 3 enemies in a single throw
    • Homes in on multiple enemies
  • Zappyrang
    • Shocks enemies into submission
    • Can be used to jump-start machinery
  • Kaboomerang
    • Both are thrown in a figure-8 pattern before colliding & exploding
    • Can destroy metal crates & boulders
  • Chronorang
    • Slows down whoever it hits
  • Doomerang
    • The most powerful boomerang in Ty's arsenal
    • Is a essentially guided missile that can be controlled by Ty
    • Homes in & hits multiple enemies
  • Lasharang
    • Allows Ty to latch onto special hooks and swing across chasms and gaps
    • Can also spin enemies into the ground
  • Smasharang
    • Stronger than the standard boomerang
    • Can bust through doors, walls, & metal creates
  • Blastorang
    • An explosive rang that travels in a straight line
  • Lavarang
    • Can burn objects and obstacles
    • Creates a large spurt of lava on impact, which burns frills to ashes
  • Freezerang
    • Same as the Frostyrang, but far stronger
  • X-rang
    • Same as the Infrarang, but more effective
  • Omegarang
    • Same as the Megarang, but Ty can throw more than 2 at a time
  • Thunderang
    • Can stun enemies with a burst of thunder
    • Sends out a concussion wave that knocks enemies to the ground
    • Larger enemies recover faster
  • Deadlyrang
    • On impact, sends up a big mushroom cloud explosion that sends anyone caught up in it to the great beyond
    • Has a larger range than standard boomerangs
    • Hand-crafted by his cousin Sly
    • Hits more than one opponent
  • Warperang
    • Upgrades the Lasharang's low-tech rope with a Trans-Dimensional warp coil, allowing Ty to teleport to specific purple crystals
    • Is otherwise the same as the Lasharang
  • Blazerang
    • A fiery rang forged in a volcano
  • Blizzarang
    • An icy rang created from million-year-old ice
    • Freezes things faster than the Frostyrang
  • Plasmarang
    • An electric rang possessing 1.22 gigawatts of electricity
  • Infinirang
    • Warps the space-time continuum to slow down enemies
  • Hyperang
    • Extremely fast rangs
  • Cryptorang
    • Let's Ty see the unseen
  • Chaosrang
    • Creates chaos on a sub-atomic level, causing an explosion
  • Disruptorang
    • You never know what you're going to get when this rang hits

Boomerang Chassis[]

These are special boomerangs that can be modified by placing Bunyip Stones into their slots.

  • Mono Chassis: A standard boomerang with 1 slot
  • Duo Chassis: A standard boomerang with 2 slots
  • Lash Chassis: Functions like the Lasharang, has 3 slots
  • Mega Chassis: Functions like the Megarang, has 4 slots
  • Doom Chassis: Provides ultimate maneuverability, has 4 slots
  • Smash Chassis: Functions like the Smasharang, has 5 slots
  • Ring Chassis: A circular boomerang with 6 slots
  • Shadowrang: The strongest chassis, made even more powerful by the Shadow Stones. Gave Ty enough power to defeat the Quinking, the leader of the Quinkan

Bunyip Stones[]

  • Fire Stone: Adds the fire element to any chassis it's equipped to. More stones will make the chassis hotter
  • Water Stone: Adds the ice element to any chassis it's equipped to. More stones make the chassis colder
  • Air Stone: Adds lightning to any chassis it's equipped to
  • Earth Stone: Adds explosive power to any chassis. More stones will make the explosions bigger
  • Chrono Stone: Adds a slowing effect to any chassis. More stones will slow enemies down more, & for longer
  • Warp Stone: Gives chassis the ability to teleport between specific crystals. Two stones will give the chassis user (TY) a forcefield. Three stones will make the chassis user invisible
  • Ultra Stone: Allows the chassis user to see the unseen
  • Zoom Stone: Gives chassis greater range. More stones grant greater range
  • Multi Stone: Makes the chassis faster & more plentiful, similar to the Multirang
  • Magnet Stone: Attracts helpful objects to the chassis


  • Battle Bunyip: A small, combat mech that can hover, swim, & create shock waves
  • Lifter Bunyip: A large mech possessing the strength to lift & throw boulders
  • Thermo Extreme Bunyip: A heat resistant mech that can swim & shoot coolant
  • Shadow Bunyip Mk1: A large mech equipped with a giant laser & double jump
  • Shadow Bunyip Mk2: Same as the Mk1, but lost its double jump in exchange for grenades & a forcefield. Weighs 3 tons
  • Crabmersible: A crab mech capable of travelling on land & water. It's equipped with missiles, & claws comparable to the jaws of life
  • Extreme Bunyip: A heat resistant mech that can swim. Comes equipped with a flamethrower, grappling hook, & orbital laser
  • Gunyip: A combat aircraft equipped with machine guns & bombs. Power-ups allow it to shoot guided missiles & lasers, as well as slow down time

Other Things[]

  • Smart enough to strategize against enemies, find & exploit weaknesses, pilot various vehicles, wield various weapons, & use the environment to his advantage


  • Can survive being hit by a giant saw blade
  • Can survive being crushed by a boulder
  • Can take hits from a giant boar, shark, & robots
  • Can cool down rocks that're too hot to touch with his Frostyrang
  • Can smash boulders with the Smasharang
  • Knocked small boulders off the ground with his rangs
  • Pulled down weak structures with his Lassorang
  • Can keep up with bats, & react to electricity & missiles


  • None notable