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Wiz: Goku and Sonic The Hedgehog, these two have fought many rivals and enemies. Today we will be putting these two together.

Boomstick: Piccolo and Knuckles?

Wiz: No,

Boomstick: Shadow and Vegeta Rematch?

Wiz: That would be interesting but no.

Boomstick: Uhh, Oh! Metal Sonic VS Cell!!

Wiz: Actually these two are very obscure-


Wiz: HOW??!?!?

Boomstick: A magician never tells his methods, Wizard.

Wiz: You looked at the title.

Boomstick: DAMMIT!!! Anyway. King Scourge, The Hedgehog.

Wiz: and Turles, leader of the Turles Crusher Corps.

Boomstick: To make this more fair we are giving Turles his Oozaru form.

Wiz: Without further to do.

Boomstick; He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Turles Mights Into Death Battle![]

(Cue Challengers - Dragon Ball Z Budokai OST)

Boomstick: When Goku was fighting in the 21st World Tournament, he fell into a chemical plant, and then he went insane and turned into Turles.

Wiz: NO! Not at all!

Boomstick: I legitimately guessed that one Wizard, I'm a human being, I can't store that much information.

Wiz: Turles was a low class Saiyan on the planet Vegeta who managed to avoid the planet's destruction unintentionally.

Boomstick: Damn. Well after that, he organized a team consisting of a closet homosexual, another closet homosexual, a pair of testicles and.


Wiz: To go and search for the tree of might, a mysterious tree that plants fruits that granted the eater powers.

Boomstick: *COUGH

Wiz: It multiplies the users strength by about 15x, and of course like any villain, Turles targeted Earth for the tree.

Boomstick: Even though he was stopped by Goku, he was able to kick the shit out of most of the Z Fighters without a Fruit Of The Tree Of The Tree Of Might.

Wiz: And with one fruit he was able to beat Goku with Kaioken x10.

(Cue Move Forward Fearlessly - Dragon Ball Z Budokai OST)

Boomstick: Turles is able to use an explosion wave, many laser blasts, one being able to kill a Great Ape.

Wiz: Speaking of which, he can use a technique called the Power Ball which lets him use his Ki to simulate a Full Moon allowing him to go into a Great Ape form. In this form his power and size is increased, being able to fire blasts from his mouth.

Boomstick: But on the down side, Turles is extremely arrogant, and can underestimate an opponent like any proud Saiyan. But I guess when you can turn into King Fucking Kong. You are allowed bragging rights.

Turles: Beg for forgiveness! And if you're lucky, I might spare your worthless life. 

Scourge Speeds Into Death Battle![]

(Mystic Cave Zone - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 OST)

Wiz: On the planet Moebius, Yes MOEbius, the opposite of Mobius. A child was born.

Boomstick; An evil, evil.... and badass child... Strap in kids cause this one is gonna be long.

Wiz: Formerly known as Anti-Sonic. AS was born from the Anti-Versions of Normal Sonic's parents, Anti-Jules The Hedgehog and Anti-Bernadette The Hedgehog.

Boomstick: Surprisingly it's was actually in peace for a while since the regular Mobius was in war.

Wiz: And among those who participated, Anti-Sonic's dad was working on it as well. Because the old man was constantly at work and well-


Wiz: A decade after the great peace where everything went down, the mischievous hedgehog killed his father and threw the ruler of Moebius to the Zone of Silence and ruled Robotropolis.

Boomstick: So.... The prime Sonic came to Moebius by complete accident and pissed Anti-Sonic off.

Wiz: No. Sonic came to MOEbius by accident and-

Boomstick: That's what I said.

Wiz: No you said Mobius.




(Stop Music)



*2000 YEARS LATER...

Boomstick: So I found out that Moebius and Mobius are two different things. I apologize.

Wiz: Lets just call Moebius Anti-Mobius instead.

Boomstick: But that would just make Mobius into Anti-Mobius. Shouldn't we call Moebius Anti-Mobius Wizard?

Wiz: *Sigh*

Boomstick: So Sonic beat Anti-Sonic and left. Then some Robo version of Eggman asked Anti Sonic to distract the other Sonics from rebuilding this giant mech thing. Which he pulled off, then he basically went around all the other zones dicking around and messing shit up with his friends. Until he met Rouge.

(Cue Malicious Fingers - SnappleMan)

Wiz: And they set their eyes on the Master Emerald, after double crossing her, Anti-Sonic grabbed the Master Emerald and attempted to go super.

Boomstick: Then Locke punched the shit out of him mid-transformation turning him green. Now becoming 200% more badass with two scars on his chest, some sick shades and a new alias, Scourge.

Wiz: Scourge had now joined the Destructix with members such as Fiona Fox, Lightning Lynx and Sleuth Dawg.

Boomstick: Gangster....

Wiz: Uh, ridiculous names aside, he went on to lead the Suppression Squad and become the King of Anti-Mobius.

Boomstick: But it turns out you can only have friends when you have them in your mind control powers. But it doesn't matter cause who need friends when you have a hot girlfriend and some sick abilities. Speaking of which, the best part that I have been waiting for!

Wiz: Scourge pretty much has Sonic's powers since he is an alternate version of him........

Boomstick: (Cocks shotgun)

Wiz: Such as the spin dash, the ability to teleport with Chaos Control and has the same speed, durability and strength.

Boomstick: (Cocks another unknown firearm) Aaannd?....

Wiz: Where did you?- He can go into a Super Form using the Anarchy Beryl, which grants him invincibility, faster speed and flying ability. This let him pummel the likes of Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Amy, Rosy, Metal Sonic and Rob'o.

Boomstick: Good...

(Cue VS. Shadow - Sonic Generations OST)

Wiz: However, Scourge is not all strength, he is extremely full of himself, he has an ego bigger than his own freaking planet, lazy, and loses to the heroes like any normal villain. Such as the time he got put in prison, because Sonic tricked him into turning back into regular form.

Boomstick: Then beat the shit out of him. Also, when Scourge reverts back to normal, it drains his power by A LOT. But I'm pretty sure when you can use Chaos Control it shouldn't be a problem. Right?

(Cue THIS - Sonic Shorts Volume 6)

An evil hedgehog is prepared to kill Sonic with a fireball but is interrupted by a brick thrown at him.

Nameless Villain: Who did that?

The person who threw the brick revealed to be Scourge and begins dancing as the Sonic crew and villain watch.

Scourge: Hail to the king baby!

Then Scourge is hit by a fireball.

Pre Fight[]

Wiz: Alright the combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all!



(Cue A Hero's Desperation - Dragon Ball Z Budokai OST)

Turles is flying around in an unknown planet.

Turles: BLAST IT! Where is that god forsaken tree?! I have been looking for hours!

The screen pans to the surface where Scourge is running away with a gem.

Scourge: Those Mobian pricks had it coming-


Scourge had tripped over the roots of a mysterious tree, the gem slipped out of his hands and smashed into pieces onto the floor. In anger, Scourge proceeded to shout as loud as he could.


Scourge curled up into a ball and sped up in a spin dash charge. The scream had caught Turles' attention.

Turles: Hey! What are you doing here!?

Scourge: Same question to you asshat. Get outta' here loser!

Turles: Stay out of my way! I have business with this tree.

Scourge: Interesting.

Scourge curled back into a ball and cut the tree into shreds leaving only pieces of the tree and the fruit.

Turles: GAH!

Turles walked over to one of the fruits and grabbed it.

Turles: *Crunch* *Gulp* You just earned yourself a ticket to hell! Fool.

Scourge: Try me.


(Cue Go Ahead - Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 OST)


Scourge dashed forward, catching Turles off guard and smashed him around five times. Scourge went in for another hit but Turles blocked and grabbed the green hedgehog.

Turles: Gotcha!

Turles threw Scourge onto the ground and kneed him away. Scourge quickly came back however and spun into him.

Scourge: Not so fast!

The Saiyan sidestepped and grabbed Scourge by the leg, and spun him around until he let go, sending the hedgehog into the air, after that Scourge homed in on Turles as he fired multiple Ki blasts. Scourge avoided all of them and heel-kicked Turles in the head. Turles wasn't phased and he kicked Scourge away. Both hedgehog and Saiyan blasted forward to each other in the air flailing kicks and punches. They turned up the speed and at this point all was seen where shockwaves from the hits.

Turles got hit out of this spectacle of waves, flying through the air, he caught himself, pointed his index fingers out and fired multiple lasers.

Turles; Take this!

Scourge ran at Turles and managed to dodge the first couple of beams, but got hit and kept getting hit into a thick wall of smoke. Turles kept firing.

Scourge: Chaos Control!

(Cue Dragon's Nest - Tekken 7 OST)

Scourge appeared behind Turles and threw a punch that was able to send Turles flying once more.

Scourge: Chaos Control!

Scourge teleported and threw another punch, now Scourge was teleporting to each point Turles ended up at from each hit and pinballed him across the area. Until Scourge kicked the low-class Saiyan into the ground. Scourge spun into a ball and performed a homing attack again while Turles was on the floor. Turles was anticipating this and flipped out of the way when the King of Moebius landed, Turles blasted in a sphere of yellow Ki which stunned Scourge who was at the apex of the attack.

Scourge: S----Sc----Scr-SCREW Y- -YOU!

Scourge punched Turles out of the attack. Turles was quick to act and fired a beam of Ki from the palm of his hand.

Turles: Calamity Blaster!

Scourge hopped out of the way and-

Got kneed in the face, sending him into the air. Turles went after him, punched him in the air, flip kicked Scourge back down, went back down, kneed him in the abdomen as he was going back down, smashed the hedgehog and fired a beam at the downed Scourge.

Turles: Die!

(Music Stop)

The blast hit and spawned a large cloud of smoke. Turles walked away.

Turles: *Sigh* Off to another planet... Hopefully no more wretched rats will ruin my hunt.

(Cue Crisis City - Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 OST)

Purple Chaos energy erupted from the smoke and dissipated it, revealing a spiky silhouette.

Scourge: Who did ya call rat?

Turles: Is this an attempt to threaten me? Laughable. You would have been better off handing me a teddy bear. Damned rat.

Turles charged Ki in the palm of his hand, creating the Power Ball. The energy ball floated up and Turles began to turn.

Turles: It looks like you are not the only one who can transform.

Turles turned into a Great Ape Oozaru and roared. Super Scourge flew up to the Great Ape's eyes, spun up and struck the Oozaru's chest back and forth, the ape didn't even flinch and smashed Scourge down with both hands. Then Ape Turles smacked the floor with a very loud clap which bounced the now purple hedgehog up. He grabbed a hold of Super Scourge with one hand and squeezed, but before he could, Scourge spun and.....


Sliced Turles' hand open.

The Great Ape stumbled backwards, clutched his hand with his other arm as he roared in pain. Scourge broke out of the hold, Turles got back on balance and fired a Chou Makousen, Scourge flew and avoided the blast and Turles kept going with the beam, Scourge would fly up, down and side to side. The Chou Makousen hit a building behind Scourge and it collapsed on the purple hedgehog. Scourge busted out, he flew up and spun right through the Great Ape diagonally, who paused before blood splatted out of it's body, it's tail had been cut off and Turles was turning back to normal.

Turles: What! How?!

Scourge: It's over!

Turles: I still got more! KILL DRIVER!

Turles formed a big ring of bright Ki in his hands and pushed it forward, Scourge went into a spin dash and went right through the hole of the Kill Driver, dodging it. The ring of Ki hit the surface behind Scourge as the momentum caused the King of Moebius to knock right into Turles. Scourge went into a ball and homed in on Turles and it was time to end it once and for all. The purple spiked ball drilled right through Turles chest, killing him on impact.

Scourge: That's what ya get when you mess with King Scourge, skrub...



Scourge eats a Fruit of Might whilst taunting the dead body of Turles.


(Cue VS. Metal Sonic - Sonic Generations OST)


Wiz: Uh. Um. Yeah I guess, this wasn't the closest fight on the show.


Wiz: While Turles is a very strong Saiyan and is very capable himself, Scourge is leagues above him in Speed, Durability and Strength

Boomstick: Well, I guess Scourge is MFTL so he could have blitzed Turles with ease, his durability and power lets him defeat Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic and more at the same time. A feat Turles, as powerful he is, can't perform.. *Sob*.


Scourge, Multi Solar System Level without Super, Multi-Universe Level with Super

Turles, Planet Level

Scourge > Turles


Scourge, MFTL without Super, MFTL+ with Super

Turles, Sub-Relativistic+

Scourge > Turles


Scourge, Multi-Universe Level with Super

Turles, Large Planet Level

Scourge > Turles

Wiz: The only small advantage that Turles had was ranged attacks, but even then with his insane speed, Scourge just could have closed the gap.

Boomstick: For those of you who were thinking that Turles may have been able to convince Scourge into de-transforming, he probably wouldn't since he is just as cocky as Scourge.

Wiz: In short summary, Turles was just a minor hurdle for Goku and was made to be defeatable while Scourge was made to be a recurring villain.

Boomstick: No fruit could fill up Turles' empty stomach.

Wiz: The winner is Scourge.