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"My wrath will have no boundaries. I will destroy you and everyone you care for!"

One by one, worlds shall fall, until every being in this entire dimension bows down to worship Trigon the Terrible!

Trigon is a character from DC Comics. He is the father of Raven, in addition to being one of the major enemies of the Teen Titans.

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A cruel and powerful entity, Trigon was born from the accumulation of inner evil cast off by the inhabitants of Azarath. For ages, Trigon comes to be known by various names as he ruled over the six Under-Realms, a collective title for conquered planets and dimensions. His only equal was the wearer of the Silent Armor, vowing to destroy it through his progeny. After siring his three sons Belial, Ruskoff and Suge. Trigon ended up on Earth in Gotham City for a brief moment and, despite having only a fraction of his power, as part of a ritual by a cult to give him a "bride" in their member Angela Roth. Once the deed was done, revealing his true appearance while learning his fourth child would be a girl, Trigon arranged for Angela to reach Azarath to have Raven raised there as part of his master-plan for their daughter to be his heir, believing that her being able to learn how to love is key to remolding the Under-realms in their image. Thus, he considers anyone who attempts to kill Raven, or any form of distraction like Azarathians, as a threat to his plans of universal dominion. Though Raven refuses to ever help him after he destroyed Azarath, knowing he must first gain a corporeal foothold on Earth, Trigon is still bent to win over while removing the Teen Titans for their interference.

Death Battle Info[]

As the embodiment of pure evil, Trigon is highly manipulative and untrustworthy. He appears to be generally friendly and outgoing to some, but in reality, he is actually a soul-sucking monster who cares only for himself and sees others under him like his sons as tools to suit his needs. The only exception to this is Raven, whom he cares to a degree in a somewhat warped way, having expressed his hope for her to embrace her demonic heritage and be by his side.

Physically, Trigon possesses enormous strength and durability, making him extremely difficult to harm or weaken without great skill and willpower. His eyes also give him a near virtual omniscience of all events across the cosmos. Trigon also possesses vast magical and energy manipulation abilities to an uncertain yet incredibly high extent, these include shape-shifting and size-shifting, telekinesis, portal creating with a simple gesture, high-speed flight, soul consumption, power granting, and soul-self derived flames (fireballs and flaming demons). He can also manipulate others with his words or possession, terraform a planet with all living beings turned to stone, create dark doppleganger constructs, and bring back someone from the dead.


  • Considered one of the DC universe's more powerful beings.
    • Summoned Scorpion to the DC universe.
    • Ate the Heart of Darkness, a relic created by the Divine created to extract evil from countless worlds in their universe.
    • Was compared to The Spectre in terms of power.
  • Held his own against Darkseid
  • Able to possesses the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash.
  • According to Raven, has the potential to conquer the Universe
  • Destroyed his first planet at age six.
  • Can transfer souls into food and turn people into animals.
  • Tanked damage from Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash.
  • Fought in a seemingly endless standoff against Mister Mxyzptlk.


  • Can be been sealed in a crystal or in Raven.
  • Has underestimated his daughter and her friends numerous times.
  • His possessions can be canceled if his victims are wounded enough that he cannot maintain his hold.
  • Consumed by a hunger for pure evil.