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Travis Touchdown
It's game time!
~ Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown is the main protagonist of the video game series, No More Heroes.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Nicknamed: 'No More Hero' and 'Crownless King'
  • Age: 30
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: 'Professional' Assassin, Lucha Libre, and Otaku.
  • Brother of Henry and half-brother of Jeane.


  • Superhuman physical characteristics  
  • Master Swordsmen
  • Skilled Assassin 
  • Adept Wrestler 
    • Frequently uses suplexes during a fight
  • Extremely Lucky
  • Can briefly transform into a Tiger
  • Ecstasy Mode
    • When in prolonged combat, Travis will get excited and have an adrenaline rush enhancing his strength and speed for a short period of time

Dark Side Mode[]

  • Strawberry on the Shortcake.
    • Travis' hair glows yellow, like a Super Saiyan, and his beam katana is supercharged.
    • Speed increases exponentially allowing him to speed blitz his opponents.
  • Blueberry Cheese Brownie.
    • Fires waves of energy to annihilate opponents.
  • Cranberry Chocolate Sundae.
    • Everything turns monochrome.
    • Restricts Travis' movement to walking, but allows him to one-shot opponents by cutting off their limbs, impaling them straight into the air, and then slash them into two.
  • Anarchy in the Galaxy.
    • Allows Travis to momentarily stop time and rain down pink energy, destroying everyone around him.
  • Cherry.
    • Activates by yelling "This is the end!" and slowing time down to a crawl.


  • Blood Berry.
    • Travis' first primary and trademark weapon.
    • A primitive-looking Beam Katana which Travis earned through an online auction.
    • The weapon that kickstarted Travis' career as a hitman.
  • Tsubaki
    • A series of beam katanas created by Dr. Naomi for Travis.
    • MK I is a prototype the provides better durability than the Blood Berry.
    • MK II is more complete then the MK I and is labeled as the most powerful beam katana ever produced, but it requires to be held by two hands to be properly used.
    • MK III is the complete model of the Tsubaki, though weaker then the MK II it operates at maximum efficiency and doesn't require to be recharged.
  • Peony
    • Another beam katana made by Dr. Naomi.
    • Requires being wielded two-handed and trades speed for strength.
    • The blade extends based on the wielders Ki or Travis' ecstasy gauge.
    • The blade's length decreases the more Travis' health goes down.
  • Rose Nasty
    • A pair of curved beam katanas.
    • Given to Travis in the will of his best friend Bishop.
    • It provides greater speed and maneuverability.


  • Kills multiple trained assassins of the United Assassins Association to reach the top. 
    • Kills Helter-Skelter; the 11th ranked Assassin.
    • Decapitates Death Metal; the 10th ranked Assassin.
    • Cuts down Dr. Peace; the 9th ranked Assassin.
    • Defeats Shinobu, the 8th ranked Assassin
    • Vertically bisected Destroyman; the 7th ranked Assassin.
    • Bests Holly Summer; the 6th ranked Assassin.
    • Murders Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii; the 4th ranked Assassin.
    • Kills Speed Buster; the 3rd ranked Assassin.
    • Barely beats Bad Girl, the 2nd ranked Assassin (Though he admitted she defeated him just before she bleeds out). 
    • With help from Shinobu kills Jeane; Travis' childhood love interest, half-sister, and the 1st ranked Assassin after killing the previous holder of the title.
    • Decapitates Cloud wannabe Skelter Helter; the younger brother of Helter-Skelter and 51st ranked Assassin.
    • Cuts Nathan Copeland in-half; the 50th ranked Assassin.
    • In a mech battle, he defeats Charlie MacDonald; the 25th ranked Assassin.
    • Knocked out Kimmy Howel, the Nation Student Assassin champion.
    • Defeats Matt Helms; an undead pyromaniac and the 24th ranked Assassin.
    • Cuts down Cloe Walsh; the 23rd ranked Assassin.
    • Destroys Dr. Letz Shake, a giant mech that formerly held the 5th rank but turned into the 10th ranked Assassin.
    • Defeated Ryuji, the 5th ranked Assassin, both in a sword fight and a motorbike Sumo match.
    • Bests Margaret Moonlight, the 4th ranked Assassin.
    • Defeats Captain Vladimir, former Russian Cosmonaut turned 3rd ranked Assassin.
    • Bisects Alice Twilight, the 2nd ranked Assassin.
    • Got his revenge for Bishop by killing Jasper Batt Jr., the 1st ranked Assassin.
  • Fought evenly with his brother Henry, who effortlessly slashed through the giant robot; Letz Shake. 
  • Tanks multiple point-blank grenade explosions.
  • Shrugs off Margaret Moonlight's song which had put Sylvia into a coma for a week when hearing it 100 yards away. 
  • Shrugged of being electrocuted, multiple times.
  • He can will himself to ignore death and keep on fighting. 
  • Bangs Sylvia so hard that the signs of the hotel he stays at fall off. 
  • Survives Cloe Walsh's poison.
  • Fast enough to block multiple bullets and laser beams with his beam katana.
  • Withstands the blades of a chainsaw and multiple beam katanas
  • He can slice people to bits in an instant.
  • Survived a point-blank mine explosion. 
  • No sells being impaled. 


  • Same weakness as any mortal man.
  • He can be easily tricked. 
  • Forced to forfeit his fight with Bad Girl only winning when she succumbs to her wounds. 
  • Easily overconfident. 
  • Beam Katana's have a limited charge and need to be rapidly shaken for it to be charged which can take three seconds.
  • Beam Katanas aren't waterproof. 
  • Immature, brash, and perverted. 
  • He has some reluctance in fighting/killing women. 
  • In poverty and only accepts his job as an assassin to buy more video games.
  • Can be caught off-guard.
  • Can only access his Dark Side Mode after delivering a Death Blow to a regular enemy