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Thunderbird 2 is one of the original five rescue vehicles of International Rescue from the TV series, Thunderbirds.

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Battle Record[]

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Thunderbird 2 was created by International Rescue as a heavy-duty supplier and transporter of tools and equipment to a rescue zone. Designed and built by Brains, the team's engineer and mechanic, Thunderbird 2 is capable of hauling multitudes of equipment, but its size, versatility and lifting capability makes it a prominent rescue vehicle in its own right. It is even capable of carrying Thunderbird 4 on a mission, and is the main rescue vehicle for Earth-based missions.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Height: 60ft / 18.3 meters (Normal) // 110ft / 33.5 meters (Pod lowered)
  • Length: 250ft / 76.2 meters
  • Width: 180ft / 54.9 meters
  • Top speed: 2,000mph / 894 m/s (Cruising) // 12,000mph / 5,364 m/s (Maximum)
  • Weight: 406 tons / 368 metric tons
  • Main Pilot: Virgil Tracy
  • Armor: Top secret
  • Power Source: Atomic fusion reactor


Virgil Tracy[]

  • Main pilot

Gordon Tracy[]

  • Co-pilot
  • Aquanaut of Thunderbird 4

Alan Tracy[]

  • Astronaut of Thunderbird 3


  • Lead Engineer
  • Mechanic

Tin-Tin Kyrano[]

  • Special International Rescue Agent
  • Half-niece of The Hood, International Rescue's arch-enemy
  • Alan Tracy's love interest
  • Kyrano's daughter

Pod Vehicles and Equipment[]


  • Can travel into the heart of a burning fire
  • Shoots explosive nitro-glycerine shells to put out fires
  • Equipped with high and low pressure foam turrets

Electromagnetic Pod Grabs[]

  • Can lift up to 25 tons
  • Lowered through doors in the underside
  • Works in suction mode and magnetic mode

Laser Cutter Vehicle[]

  • Powerful laser cutter
  • Capable of cutting through blast doors
  • Uses an on-board computer for determing laser power


  • Electronic countermeasure (ECM) jamming
  • Used to protect from missiles

Air-to-air Unit[]

Observation Cameras[]

  • Two on the port and starboard sides respectively

Machine Cannons[]

  • Two machine cannons, manned
  • Demolition machine cannon in underside just before pod

Missile Launcher[]

Thunderbird 4[]

  • Aquanaut: Gordon Tracy
  • Height: 12 ft / 3.6 meters
  • Power source: Hydrogen fuel cell plant
  • Top Speed: 173MPH (Underwater) / 115MPH (Surface)


  • Missile launcher
  • Battering ram
  • Laser
  • "Paralyser"

Thunderbird 6[]

  • Tiger Moth biplane
  • Pilot: Brains
  • Height: N/A
  • Top speed: Unknown
  • Used as a satellite


  • Performed countless rescues
  • Knocked out giant alligators with just tranquilizer darts in the machine cannons
  • Jammed Skythrust's landing gear and stopped it being hijacked with a non-explosive missile
  • Helped Thunderbird 1 to destroy a base of Black Phantom
  • Lifted a giant solar generator reflector from the bottom of a mountain


  • Put out of commission by U.S.N Sentinel with a few missiles
  • A large target
  • Usually carries non-lethal rounds
  • Crew can sometimes argue