• Due to the previous “Rating characters” thread being inconsistent as a result of there being a lack of rules on said thread, me and the other staff members have decided to set up a new thread with a set of ground rules to make it more organised.


    • Please put the name of the character you’re asking to be rated even if you believe that said character is well known
    • Please include reasons for your rating. Said reasons don’t have to be particularly detailed (even writing a single sentence will do).
    • Please DO NOT leave reviews on characters you don’t know little/anything about (i.e. saying “I don’t know who this character is, sorry” before posting an image of another character), as this is unfair to whoever was the last person to comment on the thread, since they don’t end up receiving a review for their character.
    • Even if you dislike the character you’re reviewing, please try and be respectful in your review. Insulting reviews or troll reviews (e.g. 0/10 Luke Skywalker is a crap character who should not exist) are NOT acceptable.
    • Please DO NOT submit OCs on this thread.
    • Please be respectful to other users on this thread.

    Any comments which go against these rules will be deleted, and the users who made them will be issued with Warnings and Blocks if necessary.

    If you have any questions any of the rules on here, please let me know on my message wall.

    Let the ratings commence!

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