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Shazam vs. Thor
Shazam vs. Thor
Season 1, Episode 2
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Written by GoldenMaster7
Directed by Unknown
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Shazam vs. Thor is a Death Battle written by GoldenMaster7. 


Season 1, Episode 2 - This two are the Gods of Lightning, few of the strongest heroes in DC and Marvel and considered as the foes of Superman. When the Heir to the power of Shazam will face the Son of Odin Himself, who would gain the upper hand?


GoldenMaster: Welcome to another Episode of Death Battle.

DarkFighter: Today, we'll cover one of the biggest battles in the Comics Community.

GoldenMaster: Thor, Son of Odin.

DarkFighter: And Shazam the first Captain Marvel.

GoldenMaster: i'm GoldenMaster and he's DarkFighter and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armors, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


DarkFighter: Shazam, is a superhero that every kid would want to be.

GoldenMaster: You are right about that, kind of..

DarkFighter: Who would not want to scream the word Shazam and basically transform into Superman.

GoldenMaster: Not exactly, Dark, Before he became Shazam, the guardian of the Rock of Eternity, Billy Batson was a young boy who became an homeless after he lost his parents when he was um, actually he never met them and he was separated from his sister..very hard life. But don't worry, Dark, because our kid was adopted by a loving family. He had Mother, Brother who will become his best friend and etc.

DarkFighter: You mean Elvis Presley? (Elvis Presley was an huge fan of Captain Marvel Jr. He even had comics of the character in his mansion)

GoldenMaster: No, i'm talking Captain Marvel Jr, but wait we are not there.

DarkFighter: When the Wizard Shazam, needed an heir after his last bet failed (Black Adam), he searched the best and most kind hearted person he could find. He searched and searched, searched until..he found Billy. He summoned him to his Cave..

GoldenMaster: He gave Billy Batson his powers. When Billy said the word Shazam..ue transforms into a Superman-like superhero, with red suit and white cape.

DarkFighter: Damn! My Dream! He is Superman!

GoldenMaster: Not exactly. You literally made the same mistake Dark. While Billy is similar to Superman a lot, he isn't him.

DarkFighter: Go watch Shazam folks!

GoldenMaster: Anyway, he got the powers of 6 Greek gods. He became the Super hero "Captain Marvel"/Shazam and slowly became the Superman of Fawcett City. Be became the youngest member of the Justice League and fought alongside them on Infinite Crisis, Darkseid war, etc.

DarkFighter: Yea yea, right! The wisdom of Solomon, Strength of Hercules, Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus (which allowing him to control lightnings and use almost any single type of Magic), Has the courage of Achilles and The speed of mercury.

GoldenMaster: Besides this amazing powers, he also got Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Lightnings, Flight, Magic. Almost like Superman.

DarkFighter: By using the Wisdom of Solomon, he could get access a to vast libary of Knowledge. Shazam literally knows everything and could use Solomon's wisdom in order to find the weak points of his foes. By using this, he could control the Battle and use the disadvantages of his enemies against them.

GoldenMaster: Solomon's Wisdom is surely one of Shazam's best weapons. He could use the Strength of Hercules, which allows him to battle multiple DC Hearlds. He battled Superman himself, the same Superman who destroyed a structure that withstood the Big Bang, Restored all possible futures and is capable of shattering time-space and the Multiverse itself.

DarkFighter: He could battle Barry Allen and Wally West, both Barry and Wally are capable of gaining and energy that could destroy the space-time continuum, also Barry was able to destroy the Anti-Matter cannon which is on a Multiversal level.

GoldenMaster: And don't forget the scaling to Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan. Hal contained the Universal+ U-Bomb and Killed Korona, who had had the power of all emotional embodiments, which including Ion and Parallax and could use his probs to destroy Universes. Hal was able to bend reality during his brawl with Sinestro.

DarkFighter: And Captain Atom..who could create a Universe in a nanosecond and can create a Multiverse

GoldenMaster: But Shazam have his own Universal feats as well. He combated the Multiversal Spectre, and defeated the Invincible Man who had the power of the Big Bang. So as you see, Shazam's strength is at the Universal+ to Multiversal levels, at least..

DarkFighter: Haha, in your face Go-

GoldenMaster: Shut up idiot! Anyway, Shazam's strength is not the last. Don't forget is hilarious speed!

DarkFighter: Oh, yea the speed of Freddy Mercury!

GoldenMaster: Shazam is very, very fast. While he obviously scales to the Ten hours feat of Green Lantern which is more then 80 quadrillions c, he scales to much higher feats. He scales to Hal Jordan, who was able to search the entire Universe in a Heartbeat, which gives us..20.8 duoquadragintillion c.

DarkFighter: What the heck is this number? Come on DC!

GoldenMaster: I don't know as well. Anyway he also scales to another Massively Faster then Light feats. He managed to outran Wally West. Wally West was able to outran the inflationary epoch of the Big Bang, which is 1.89 octodecillion times the speed of light!.

DarkFighter: A low ball to the DC Universe size is 200 Trillion light years. Billy and Superman literally managed chased the reality blitzing missiles and destroyed them in less then a heartbeat. 

GoldenMaster: Which giving us 1.85 sexdecillion times the speed of light.

DarkFighter: Damn you DC! What the heck are this numbers?

GoldenMaster: Huh huh friend this is just the beginning. Shazam traveled between atoms to go back to the Big Bang and can fight in a realm in between and beyond time and space. He Could travel outside of time and Matched Superman in speed, who flew back in time through the timestream until he flew through a timeless, placeless dimension. 

DarkFighter: Here we go again..

GoldenMaster: Shazam is equal to Superman who flew back in time to the Big Bang when fighting Brainiac 13.

DarkFighter: Oh, and if we are talkinga bout Immeasurable speeds, Shazam Traveled to The Rock of Eternity, which exists beyond Time.

GoldenMaster: He Should be comparable to Green Lantern who crossed a timeless and distanceless barrier when entering the Phantom Zone which exists beyond the space-time continuum as well...

DarkFighter And Comparable to Wally West who is capable of tagging the Reverse Flash who ran to the 25th century can move through multiple temporal dimensions, was going to run to the past to change it during his fight with the Flash, and can freely move through the timestream

GoldenMaster: You see, when a character is capable of moving beyond time and move through time with sheer speed, this means that the character is Immeasurable in terms of speeds. DC Hearlds performed such feats multiple times, so Shazam is Immeasurable as well.

DarkFighter: You forgot something.

GoldenMaster: Right, thanks for reminding.  The Speed Force Wall known to denizens of the orrery as the speed of light. The Speed Force Wall is clearly beyond the Bleed, which is Infinite Dimensional and contains all dimensions. Which is Irrelevant in terms of speeds..

DarkFighter: Damn it i finished here!

GoldenMaster: Come to here right now!

DarkFighter: Okay..

GoldenMaster: Shazam has the stamina of Atlas himself! Which means he could fight for days and even weeks without food or water!

DarkFighter: I should try this sometime!

GoldenMaster: And he could also use the Lightning of Zeus himself. With this lightning, he could use his godly lightnings and even managed to harm Universal tiers!

DarkFighter: And finally, the courage of Achilles!

GoldenMaster: Shazam is very brave. He almost has no fears. He was brave enough in order to fight in wars like Darkseid war, fought gods and was even brave enough in order to combat a Robot who absorbed the powers of the entire Justice League!

DarkFighter: So he is unbeatable!

GoldenMaster: Not exactly. Shazam is still childish and not experienced, which could be used against him. Also, his lightnings could transform him back into a kid, so one wrong move..and Shazam is transforming back into little Billy.

DarkFighter: He is the proof, that dreams can come true. He is the Mightiest Mortal of Earth.

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-All I have to offer Tanita is a friendly smile, a gentle hand, and a few words of comfort. In my mind that's not nearly enough, but it has made her very happy. It has given her a reason to smile, a moment of relief from her fear and pain

-Billy Batson/Shazam


GoldenMaster: Asgard, the Godly Kingdom of the Gods. The Home of the Asgardians

DarkFighter: On Asgard, the Kindom of A-

GoldenMaster: You are not going to say that. Anyway, on Asgard, there is the mighty Odinson..Thor Odinson himself!

DarkFighter: With a badass armor, blond hair and red cape, he is one of the coolest heroes EVER!

GoldenMaster: Cannot argue about that. Anyway, Thor was always a strong warrior. He is the Son of Odin, who is capable of combating Universal+ threats and battled multiple Gods and Titans.

DarkFighter: However.. But he always feels that something is missing. Like, what a badass prince who is a God could miss?

GoldenMaster: The Mjolnir. Mjolnir is one of the strongest weapons in the Marvel Universe. Whoever lifts it, literally become a God with godly strength and will become an extremely strong warrior.

(DarkFighter is leaving the panel going to search for Mjolnir)

DarkFighter: What are you doing? You don't want your pal to become a god?

GoldenMaster: Wait, Dark, there is a catch.

DarkFighter: What now..

GoldenMaster: In order to lift Mjolnir, you have to be kind-hearted, Modest and humble, etc. Basically all the features that a superhero has.

DarkFighter: So..that's why Captain America managed to lift Mjolnir!

GoldenMaster: Yes yes my friend, Captain America is definitely worthy to the Hammer.

DarkFighter: Anyway our Thor tried to lift Mjolnir almost every day, but at the time he was cocky and arrogant. Like he should be. I mean he is literally the Mighty Thor!

GoldenMaster: Odin was disappointed, so he sent Thor to Planet Earth, transforming him into Donald Blake.

DarkFighter: Who is basically Clark Kent but without the double life thing.

GoldenMaster: As Donald Blake, Thor learned humility and started to change. Becoming Modest and humble.

DarkFighter: Since Odin was watching his progression, Odin sent him to Norway for a vacation. In Norway, he encountered the Stone Men from Saturn. Blake escaped from them to a mysterious cave. This cave was the cave that Thor was born on!

GoldenMaster: He closed a circle. Anyway, in this cave, Odin had left Thor's hammer. Blake then managed to run, and finally.....he managed to life the mighty Mjolnir, fully achieving his godly and mighty form.

DarkFighter: Oh Finally! Thank you god!

GoldenMaster: This basically gave him a very strong powers.  He could use Asgardian/elder god heritage, godforce, Godlike strength, Invulnerability, Super speed, Stamina, senses, healing factor, Super breath, Flight, Self sustenance , energy manipulation, Memory manipulation, Time Travel, Time Stop, Odinforce, Thorforce, Thorsleep, BFR, Matter Manipulation, Reality Warping, Resistance to Time-Stop, Matter Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Can survive in space, Resistance to Electricity, Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Poison.

DarkFighter: The Odinson is very, very strong, like a God should be.

GoldenMaster: True. Thor was able to push the nine realms, which is equal to nine Universes.

DarkFighter: Wooooowwwww what the hell? Nine Universes?

GoldenMaster: Yes, this is just hilarious. Thor is also capable of defeating The Hulk, he almost killed him at once. 

DarkFighter: And this is the same Hulk Destroyed an entire Universe during his battle with The Nameless One, shattered the Dark Dimension and destroyed a Dimension with a Thunderclap. Hulk is capable of channeling the power of two Universes.

GoldenMaster: Which is Universal+ at least. Thor also scales to Silver Surfer, who contained two universes. He is Capable of harming Thanos with his blows, Thanos at his Base is Universal to Multi-Universal threat as well!

DarkFighter: By using the God-Blast, he could harm the fabric of the Universe itself, so he is easily Universal to Multi-Universal..

GoldenMaster: Right. There are some amazing feats as well. The clash of Drago Ktor and Eric Masterson, two inferior versions of Thor, shook the Universe and was felt through the entire Multiverse. Thor with the God Blast managed to harm Galactus, who could tank blows from the likes of Odin. Shattered a small portion of reality and Comparable to World Breaker Hulk who is stronger then the normal Hulk and was a threat to Realms which are several Universes. He cracked a Celestial's armor, Celestials are on a Multiverse level and even knocked out the Phoenix Force!

DarkFighter: With the Warrior Madness Form, he is basically a Super Saiyan as he multiply his strength by 10. So Thor is a Multi-Universal threat! Insane!

GoldenMaster: The Odinson is also very fast..He was able to sent Mjolnir to the edge of the Galaxy in a minute. The Milky Way is around 150,000 light years. Mjolnir did it in one minute and came back. 150,000 Light years is 1.419110e+18km. 1.419110e+18km in one minute is 78,894,001,340 times the speed of light

DarkFighter: This very slow compared to the other speeds feats that he performed later. He crossed the Universe in a minute!

GoldenMaster: Let's give a time frame of one minute for the low-end and 5 seconds for the high end. 94,000,000,000 light years is 8.893087e+23km. 8.893087e+23km in one minute is 4.94402278678E+16, which is 49 quadrillion times the speed of light. For the high end, 8.893087e+23km in 5 seconds is 5.932e+17c which is 593 quadrillion times the speed of light. 

DarkFighter: The Odinson also flew to the END OF THE UNIVERSE ITSELF!

GoldenMaster: This is one of his highest speed feats. hor reached to the End of the Universe after flying from Asgard. Since each Realm is a Universe, Thor should have cover 188 billion light years in a short time frame. Why 188 billion LY? Because he flew from a realm (A Univere) to the End of the Universe. 188 billion light years is 1.778617e+24km. The time frame for a low-end is one minute and one seconds for a high end. 1.778617e+24km in one minute is 9.8880433498E+16c which is 98 quadrillion times the speed of light. 1.778617e+24km in one second is 5.93282600988E+18, which is 5 quintillion times the speed of light!

DarkFighter: Wow..he is very fast! Damn!

GoldenMaster: But there are some higher feats, i know you might be shocked. Thor is able to transcend the barrier between space and time by building up his speed. He could also swing his hammer so fast that he can effect time.

DarkFighter: What the hell Golden..he is OP as heck!

GoldenMaster: Thor is also durable. He tanked Universal and Multiversal attacks and even blows from Surtur and Odin!

DarkFighter: Thor's arsenal is also vast!

GoldenMaster: He could use weapons like Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, Megingjord, Jarnbjorn and attacks like Anti-Force Blast and God-Blast which could harm Galactus and destroy the Universe. Thor could use the following techniques:

  • Regeneration: Thor can heal injuries from his battles by using his Godly powers.
  • Magic: Thor’s attacks are magical in nature due to his godly roots.
  • Energy Manipulation: Can unleash a powerful magical energy which allowing him to kill foes like Durok the Destroyer
  • The God Blast: By using the Mjolnir, Thor can use his Ultimate attack: The God Blast. A powerful Blast that can literally destroy everything, including the fabric of the Universe and could harm Galactus himself.
  • Warrior’s Madness: Similar to a Super Saiyan. Increasing his speed, strength, and durability with his Rage.

DarkFighter: So he is unbeatable.

GoldenMaster: Not exactly Dark. Thor could sometime lose Mjolnir when he is arrogant. He also hold back a lot which could be used against him.

DarkFighter: In the end, Thor is one of the greatest Asgrdians in the history. He managed to fix the cycle of Ragnarök itself and save Asgard! The Mighty Thor!

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-Indeed...but let them tremble when the clarion call sounds! The revelation of our very existence will strike like the mightiest thunderclap! Out victories shall be the stuff of legend! Our triumphs shall echo throughout the nine worlds -- 'tis endeavors such as these where the warrior ideals of god and man intersect to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. On this day, we have declared war...and we shall avenge the evils perpetrated by those who would oppose us. We shall...avenge them all.

-Thor Odinson

Death Battle[]

GoldenMaster: The analysis is complete, let's get ready for the battle.

DarkFighter: IT'S TIME..


Shazam vs

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