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The Sapphire Prince (Thomas Chumbley) is the main protagonist of the Young United series. He is also created by Windindi.

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Fanon Wiki ideas so far[]



  • Hypersonic speeds


  • Anytime water is added, it triples his strength.
  • Can boil his body to about 300 degrees Celsius, can't be used during his Primal state.
  • Carries a sword only able to be wielded by him, it has an anchor at the end of the sword which acts as a grapple. If user absorbs the sword, his strength increases by X2. The sword itself is able to cut through mountains.
  • Hydrokinesis on a major level, this includes:

1.Create/generate/increase, shape and manipulate water.

2.Control ocean currents.

3.Flood, Tornado, and Hurricane Generation

4.Manipulate tides.

5.Tidal Wave Generation

6.Water Separation

7.Whirlpool Generation

8.Density Manipulation/Water Solidification

9.Hydrokinetic Constructs

10.Hydrokinetic Flight

11.Hydrokinetic Surfing

12.Water Attacks

13.Water Purification

14.Water Walking

15.Viscosity Manipulation

16.Ice Generation

17.Basic Ki Abilities

18. Limited Blood Manipulation

  • Has an evil form which makes him very strong, sadly, he cannot control his mind, going after whoever is in his way, this can also be a weakness. While in this form, Thomas goes in a state where his muscles are drastically increased and gains darker skin, and also bloody eyes. Also, he gains a X6 increase in strength, but the effects of the sword (even having access to use it) are removed.
  • Has a Primal form, this form takes Thomas into a X10 increase in power, and even his water attacks gain a X20 increase. His sword also gains a power-up, The sword gains the ability to do more damage (and also takes the design of Soul Calibur) and when absorbed gives Thomas a X1.4 increase to his already op state. This ability also grants him to use Ice Generation of any kind. His Boil Point (Teapot Effect) cannot be used in this state.
  • Has a monster state, as a Tabblin, Thomas possesses the ability to transform into a giant Orca-like Kaiju. This is Thomas's most powerful form, this form allows Thomas a X20 to his power, and even can transform into Primal in this form, which is the best Thomas is capable of, giving him a X40 increase to his regular power. When not primal, Thomas's mind cannot be controlled, and will go on a rampage. Although in Primal form of the Kaiju state, Thomas will have access to his mind and also to his most powerful form he can possibly achieve naturally.


  • Destroyed a solar system while fighting his father in Primal form. Defeated his Father in Primal form with help from Toon Thomas, who specializes in electrical attacks.
  • Defeated his evil self when his body was split into two parts and the good side being weaker.
  • On the Powerscale, Thomas ranks a total of 5.7, meaning he has potential of destroying galaxies with his total strength. Although, this is his maximum potential when he is 16 in series.


  • Weak to electrical and nature elemental attacks.
  • His mental struggles, such as autism and past experiences.
  • Any form except his Primal form causes Thomas to go insane after use.
  • Naturally will die or get severely hurt for his friends.

Death Battle info[]

Mary Sue Score: 29