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It's just my true potential, my inner spirit. I'm maturing into a more rounded, more vicious criminal, is all...
~ The Riddler

The Riddler, real name Edward Nygma (or Nygma), is a supervillain from DC Comics and is one of Batman's many villains.

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  • Having a fondness for riddles, graduating from Gotham City University while developing a thesis on unlocking the potential of the human mind, Edward Nygma worked as a computer software designer for Wayne Enterprises' research department. He harbored unrequited romantic feelings for Kristin Kringle, an archivist at Gotham City Police Department, and committed his first crime by killing her abusive boyfriend, GCPD Detective Tom Daugherty. The ordeal, along with unintentionally killing Kristy when she recoiled upon learning what he did, caused Nygma to suffers a mental breakdown while managing to get away with both murders. It was only from the fact he was not caught in the act that Nygma finds himself longing for greater challenges and thrills. Two years after quitting Wayne Enterprises, Nygma resurfaced as the murderous and all-knowing "Riddler".
  • While a normal human, the Riddler has a genius-level IQ with a profound knowledge of the human anatomy that plays in his usual method of cutting up a victim's body and usually disposing of the remains in acid. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, which he incorporated into his riddles and puzzles. He was also quite skilled with technology and had developed several cutting edge inventions.

His signature weapon is a question-mark-shaped cane that incorporated several different weapons, including firearms and hacking equipment.

Death Battle Info


  • Real Name: Edward Nashton
  • Age: Late 30s to Early 40s
  • Aliases: Riddler, Enigma, & Joker 2.0
  • One of Batman's Most Intelligent Foes
  • Developed his own Video Game and Toy brand
  • Online Username: 'Wizard101'
  • Once a Private Detective who worked alongside Batman
  • He is Mark Hamill's favourite Comic book Villan


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Expert Detective
  • Criminal Mastermind
  • Expert Escape Artist
  • Master Hacker
  • Expert Engineer
  • Adept Stick Fighting


  • Riddler Cane: Small missiles, knockout gas, lasers, Electric projectiles, explosive detonator, the question mark has been depicted as a sickle-blade before (Telltale)
  • Several Handheld Explosives: question mark box bombs, separating question mark bombs, small ticking bombs
  • Duel Hooks
  • Invulnerability Device
  • Various firearms: pistols, Bubble pistols that blot enemies and causing them to float shortly
  • Big Riddler mode: increase in size and extreme Strength also makes him slower
  • Ridder Mech: Electrified force field and energy beam projectiles
  • Sleeping Cream Pies
  • Riddler Trophies


  • Has created multiple traps over the years that nearly led to Batman's death, multiple times
  • Has broken into the Batmobile and stole from it
  • Tricked Batman to perform the acts of an ancient ritual
  • Survived a fall from multiple stories
  • Once took over all of Gotham City
  • Managed to use a Lazarus Pit without Ra's finding out
  • Survived the Joker's Venom 
  • Deduced Batman's secret identity
  • Survived being tortured by Poison Ivy
  • Started a war in Gotham with the Joker
  • Has survived encounters with Green Arrow, Hush, Barry Allen, Daredevil, and King Tut himself 
  • Unlocked a door made with New Genesis technology
  • Led a crime war against Joker; which ended in a stalemate (Batman: The War of Jokes and Riddles)
  • Subdued the powerful Solomon Grundy with a Chinese finger trap
  • Defeated the Joker in hand-to-hand combat

Weaknesses and Faults

  • Physically weak in comparison to Batman
  • Depends mostly on his traps and intellect, treating hand to hand combat as a last resort
  • Extremely overconfident and egotistical 
    • Will lose his composure if he feels he is losing, as he refuses to acknowledge anyone else as better than him
  • He suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • Feels an obsessive desire for attention and acknowledgment
    • He believes Batman cannot beat him and is mostly driven to prove that he is indeed smarter
    • Literally compelled to leave clues that allow him to be caught and thwarted, even when he stopped he subconsciously left behind clues for Batman
  • According to Hugo Strange, he is extremely Narcissistic  
  • While he is extremely smart he sometimes is driven more by his emotions than by logic
  • Obsessed with Riddles
    • Was convinced to keep Batman's secret identity to himself because 'a riddle that everyone knows is worthless'
    • Was compelled to answer a riddle for the Joker despite knowing that it will lead to Batman's death
    • The Riddler once went into a tantrum when someone tried to spoil his game of figuring out Batman's true identity 
    • Once had his chance to kill Batman, but he had to think of a riddle before he did it
    • Will start to panic if his Riddles are not working
  • Never figured out Batman's identity despite his intellect (Arkham Games)
    • Even when Batman's identity was revealed to the entire world, he refused to believe it was Bruce Wayne thinking it was all a trick (Arkham Knight)


  • Along with Bane, Hugo Strange, Owlman, Lex Luthor, and Ra's al Ghul are the only villains who have discovered the secret identity of Batman by themselves and did not need the help of someone.
  • Even knowing the secret identity of Batman, his own compulsion for riddles prevents you from revealing the identity of the 'Dark Knight' the biggest mystery of all. As Batman in the comic "a riddle that everyone knows the answer to is worthless".