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Yay! This is my ninth death battle, and no. This isn’t the season finale. Nine is my lucky number!


black butler vs fnaf

will the phamtomhive servents turn dark and survive at the freddy fazbear pizzeria or will the animatronics finally get a win?


Due to my godamn fear of fnaf, I give credit to Ahomeschoolingroudon who made this awesome thumbnail. Oh yeah btw I’m not using Tanaka, I acknowledge the fact that he has been at the Phamtomhive estate more than these servants. But I’m using these guys because they wopped the asses of the noah’s ark circus pretty easily. Tanaka’s only action was present in the manga or book of murder (which spans for around like...2 episodes [from my knowledge]), where he executed a move from bartitsu, which is a form of martial arts.I'm also not using Snake, due to his duties as a servant only present in the manga. I will not be using the phantom animatronics, mainly because they are intangible and just figments of your imagination. And no nightmare animatronics. Ok are we clear? Ok hooray!  


Wiz: we pay or build something for a purpose but…it seems that these employers can’t do it properly

Boomstick: hell, they even do a better job at killing people than doing what they are supposed to do! …where’s Aqua?

Wiz: She decided to sit this one out, she’s developed a fear of those animatronics

Boomstick: Like the Phamtomhive servants! Finnian, Meyrin and Baldroy! Who were supposed to tend the garden, wash the clothes and cook… but they do a crappy job at it so Ciel just hired them as bodyguards

Wiz: and the animatronics of the Freddy fazbear pizzeria, who were built for entertainment…but got trashed due to the malfunctions that costed a customer’s life!

Boomstick: he’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick

Wiz: and it’s our job to analyse their strengths armour and skills to see who would win a death battle


  • This battle will be set in the FNAF 2 pizzeria
  • Weapons will be laid around the pizzeria
  • All the hallucinations will not be an official combatant in this fight
  • If you are hungry, you can go buy yourself a burger ^-^

The phamtomhive servants[]


Wiz: Finnian or finny for short is the head gardener of the Phamtomhive estate.

Boomstick: but Sebastian takes most of the gardening

Finny: Sebastian-san!

Sebastian: ugh what is it finny!

Finny: All the plants were doing so great so I decided to take them outside and then….

Sebastian: what…

*shows all the wilted dead plants.

Wiz: but under those girly bangs and red hair clips….

Boomstick: guys wearing red hair clips? Now that’s one thing you only see in anime

Wiz: is a monster! Don’t underestimate just because of his girly exterior. Finny was a test subject for mysterious serums that impacted on his strength. He can lift marble pillars with ease and throw them accurately.

Finny: Upsy *picks up pillar* daisy!

Dagger and Beast gasp at his immense strength

Boomstick: That’s right! He’s so godamn happy yet he can murder with ease.

Wiz: As well as this Finny can break a person’s skull with ease and somehow manage to punch a tree trunk so hard that it can crack!

Finny: Give me my hat! I want back NOW!

*punches the tree so hard that the trunk cracks and Peter and Wendy nearly fall out

Wendy: who is this guy?

Peter: he’s a monster!

Wiz: Finny sometimes is too naive, which becomes a flaw due to him becoming oblivious to his strength, making him hard to console him and uncontrollable.

Boomstick: Finnian is simply one hell of a…

Wiz and Aqua: Enough with the Sebastian joke!

Finny: Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that. But Sebastian-san told me not to let anyone in

Jumbo looks up from his dazed expression, blood was dripping from his head.


Jumbo’s voice echos throughout the mansion as Finny cracked his skull


Finny is running towards Peter and Wendy, who have a metal line extended.

Peter: you better duck you bastard, we’ll cut you in half!

A gunshot was heard and a bullet pierces through Wendy’s head.

Wiz: By day she is the maid of the Phantomhive but when people thwart the mansion, she defends it with her life. Her name is…

Boomstick: MAI SHIRANUI!

Wiz: uh…no Meyrin. She may look like a ditzy and clumsy servant but under those harry potter glasses, she is a whole different woman.

Boomstick: Not Mai shiranui?

Wiz: No, not Mai Shiranui, Boomstick. You see Meyrin is far sighted, making it easier to see objects from a far distance. This fostered her to take up her job to become a professional sniper. Without being hassled with scopes, her rifles become more light-weight and it becomes easier for her to run with her weapons.

Boomstick: Meyrin can adapt to any guns and can aim with ease. Shotguns and sniper rifles are more of her taste, ‘cause they are silent and no one can hear you scream when you get hit. Too bad she doesn’t use those more bad@$$ guns.

Wiz: That’s more of Baldroy’s type but we’ll get over…

Boomstick (in a Scorpion like voice): Get over here!
Wiz: BUT we’ll cover that later. Her eyesight may become a slight problem, being long-sighted makes her vision blurry, which can sometimes affect her aim. Not only that, she can be clumsy at times. Meyrin is a force to be reckoned with, as her eyes are one of a kind.

Peter: wait…the guns…the bullet that killed Wendy…does that mean…NO WAY!

Meyrin: there’s no escape brat!

She pulls the trigger and a deafening bang is heard in the mansion and a window shatters to little shards. Elizabeth then wakes up.

Elizabeth: Tanaka-san, what was that sound?

Tanaka: My lady, it is in the middle of the night. It must have been a sound from your dream.

Elizabeth: you’re right Tanaka-san, I’m very tired. Goodnight

Tanaka: Goodnight your lady

Peter’s bloody corpse peppered with glass shards is behind Tanaka’s feet. His eyes stare listlessly at the ceiling


Wiz: A sergeant lost all his friends to a trap laid by the opposing army. He had nowhere to return to until he met Sebastian Michalis

Boomstick: Wait…aren’t we talking about Baldroy?

Wiz: Yes we are Boomstick, yes we are. The soldier was Baldroy, and quickly he became the head cook. Yet…he seems to cook like you Boomstick…

Sebastian hears a very loud explosion from the kitchen and he rushes to check what happened. He sees an obliterated kitchen and Baldroy with an afro

Sebastian: Baldroy I told you so many times: DYNAMITE IS NOT A COOKING UTENSIL.

Baldroy: eh, but it’s faster

Sebastian facepalms

Boomstick: he he they do say, Great minds think alike.

Wiz: Due to this uh difficulty, Sebastian takes over the cooking. Whenever Sebastian and Ciel order the servants to protect the mansion. That’s when Baldroy comes in, his military experience assist him in his strategizing and orders the other servants around. One of his great military strategies that he applied as defence was when he took advantage of the humidity in the kitchen and used it as an explosive material, powerful enough to eliminate 8 men!

Boomstick: Baldo can use a variety of weapons which use a lot of fire-power, he always has the element of surprise at his side. ‘Cause somehow he can hide a F*CKING MACHINE GUN IN THE KITCHEN?! Like how come these two idiots didn’t see that? As well as machine gun, he has flame-throwers, frying pans and rifles.  More like my kind of taste minus the frying pan though

Wiz: Baldroy has some athletic ability, able to defend knives throw at him with speed and precision. Although he can become hot-headed and cocky, which can trigger him to be vulnerable.

Beast: You’re pretty cocky without a weapon

Baldroy smirks

Boomstick: as well as his smart Alek attitude, Baldo can get restless and sometimes get hasty with weapons using things when he should’ve used for a last resort.

Wiz: Baldroy is always full of surprises, because you’ll never know what he’ll cook up for you.

Ciel: *begins snicker

Joker: what’s wrong, my friends are going to kill you servants

Ciel: these are Phamtomhive servants

Baldroy throws his cigarette at the flour filled kitchen, as Beast stands there with her mouth agape

Ciel: they protect this mansion with their life, heh, I don’t think your friends stand a chance.

Beast’s eyes widen and she sees Joker in her last vision.

Beast: Joker…

She engulfs into flames due to the explosion caused

The animatronics[]

Wiz: By day Freddy Fazbear pizzeria was a place that preserved childhood

Boomstick: But by night it turned into the HELLISH PLACE ON EARTH!

Wiz: The animatronics who were once the innocent entertainers of that party area…turned into monsters due to the bite of ’87.

Phone guy: it’s amazing how long a human person can live without a front lobe

Boomstick: So the business people said “Hey, why don’t we chuck this random guy who we pay $50 dollars a week to become a security guard of malfunctioning robots!” and they did. The hapless security guard had to deal with killer animatronics for five nights.

Wiz: the animatronics spend 6 hours trying to spook out the main character, if they do they shove the player into a spare animatronic suit. Killing the player

Aqua: wow…wait… so if the company knows about the malfunction animatronics, why didn’t they just make the animatronics guard the pizzeria instead of killing an employer every day?

Wiz and Boomstick:*plays puppet’s jump scare

Aqua:*squeals and runs away

Wiz: there’s the original Freddy Fazbear, who can teleport and has the strength to stuff a person in a metal suit

Boomstick: and his toy counterpart Toy Freddy! And before you complain about the stupidity of that name, don’t be fooled by his teddy bear appearance! He likes duping people, when they see him first, he’s there. When they see him again, he’s not there. When they see him for the third he’s…

*cues toy freddy’s jumpscare

Boomstick: WTF!

Wiz: Chica is…eccentric


Wiz: uh…her strategy is just to go head on, Chica also has the capabilities to chew through wires, securing the fact that she is electric-proof

Boomstick: Chica used bite! It’s super effective!

Wiz: what?

Boomstick: Shut up, Wiz I’m being clever. Toy chica, the more prostitute version of original chica, has a cupcake; which can be thrown but she never seems to use it. Toy chica is also is more stealthier than her original.

Wiz: Bonnie is one of the most unpredictable of the original animatronics, dispersing unusual patterns, making him very dangerous. Not only that, Bonnie may be almost more deadly than Foxy! And can teleport.

Boomstick: Toy bonnie mostly goofs around, dropping in and out but still attacks, he can also teleport

Wiz: Foxy is the potential causer of the bite of ’87

Boomstick: that or mangle

Wiz: Foxy can run at rapid speeds and has a hook that can potentially impale opponents, although his only weakness is a flashlight

Boomstick: Mangle can climb walls and roofs, which can launch surprise attacks, but like foxy he/she can be affected by the flashlight

Wiz: Balloon boy is um…useless but like the others he can teleport and disable lights.

Boomstick: Puppet is the godamn b*tch who can murder and JUMP LIKE HELL! He maybe either animatronic or hallucination but still can murder.

Wiz: the golden freddy is just the only last thing you can see before you die, whether he’s a hallucination or not, no one knows.

Boomstick: And Springtrap, the smartest of them all. Mostly ‘cause he’s possessed by an adult, can teleport, run at fast speeds. Although springtrap can be very distracted easily.

Wiz: Few people enter the pizzeria but none of them ever come back alive at night

(cues all the jumpscares and balloon boy laughing)


Wiz: Ok the combatents are set, let’s end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: It’s time for a death battle!!!!!

The death battle[]

Ciel, his servants and butler were investigating the mystery of the missing children (who care about the time thing) of Fazbear’s pizzeria and they leave the crimescene although…the young demon had forgot a few things.

Ciel: Sebastian…where are Finny, Meyrin and Baldroy?

Meanwhile at the pizzeria

Finny: Did boc-chan forget about us?

Baldroy: probably, come on let’s go explore.

The three servants wander down the hallway and they do not notice a large figure stalking them. When they reached to the office, not only did they hear their footprints but some heavy clanking. The three servants turned their heads, they saw toy Freddy, with it head cocked to the side. In fear the people ran into the office and Finny raised the shelf to barricade the door. The phone rings, unlike the ordinary phone guy, it was a different.

Aqua: Whassup dudes! I’m aqua-pineapple-princess and I decided to do a bet with Wiz and Boomstick, ok so I said that you guys would destroy the robots that haunt this place. Mr Phamtomhive wants this to be done to his wishes. So good luck! Oh yeah and btw there are 12 of them and there are weapons and flour stashed in the vents. Good luck! Oh yeah and Meyrin, take off you glasses. CUZ IT’S SHOWTIME!

The phone beeps and turns off, Meyrin slides off her glasses and leaves them at the desk. She cocks two handguns and holds them tight. Baldroy grabs a blowtorch and lights a cigarette with it. Finny cracks his knuckles and his pale emerald eyes had altered to crimson pupils.

Baldroy: Alright! Let’s do this in boc-chan’s orders. The lord says that we need to rid the rats of this area, what do we reply?

Meyrin, finny and Baldroy: Yes, my lord!

A childish laughter echoes through the room and Baldroy gestures the door. Finny hefts the shelf and Meyrin cocks her gun. A “little boy” paces down the hallway and greets the servants with red eyes and an innocent “hello!”


Finny gasps at seeing balloon boy and hugs him due to it being “cute”. Although, his immense strength crushed Balloon boy’s head and the “little boy” crumpled to the ground. Fast footsteps were heard and Meyrin saw a dark figure at the very end of the hallway.

Meyrin: Finny, duck!

As Finnian ducked, the maid proceeded to fire her guns repeatedly until the figure halted. It was Toy bonnie but with a lot of holes in its head. Out of nowhere, old Freddy lunged at Baldroy, who swung his blowtorch at him and set the bear on fire. Finny grabbed the fire-extinguisher and smashed it on Freddy’s head. Despite putting out the fire, the extinguisher caused a massive dent in animatronic’s head…leaving it lifeless. Baldroy exchanged his blowtorch for a rifle and loaded. The servants left the office and proceeded to the stage area.

Meyrin: Sheesh, why’s it so dark in here.

The stage lights flashed on, revealing toy Chica. Holding her cupcake and waitress tray, she waved at the servant seductively. Finny cocked his head in confusion although Baldroy covered the gardener’s eyes. Meyrin’s mouth looked like it had sucked a lemon. Then Toy Chica lobbed her heavy cupcake at Finny. Finny, who thought it was a game, caught it and flung it back to Toy Chica. As the evil chicken lady ran towards them, she stopped at her tracks and had her face smashed due to the cupcake thrown at a fast speed. Toy Chica’s face was mush and her face a cupcake imprint.

Finny: aw…she didn’t want to play.

Old Chica witnessed the death of its younger counter-part and ran at Finny in rage. Not seeing Baldroy it jumped in the air but got shot to bits.

Chica: Piz…

Its eyes when to a dull grey. Mangle and Foxy then entered the stage. Mangle crawled on the roof as it approached Meyrin, who had trouble aiming with her eyesight. It lunged at her and severely scratched her arm. Her right arm had many scratches and she gasped in pain. Baldroy shot and removed Mangle’s head off and Finny tossed the mangled (get it XD) remnants at Foxy. Forcing the fox to chew on its friend’s metal body; Finny punched the pirate vermin (foxes are vermin…I think…oh well) and Fox fell to the ground without a head. Meyrin’s arm was bleeding, Baldroy grabbed a nearby napkin and wrapped Meyrin’s bloody arm. The woman nodded to gesture that she was fine. Baldroy handed her twin guns, which she snatched and reloaded them. Then a tune echoed and ceased in the stage. Meyrin saw the puppet running from the gam eroom and almost entered the door stage room but Meyrin blasted its legs off. The morbid monster crawled to Baldroy but stoped when Meyrin stepped on its hand.

Meyrin: When there’s filth

She pulls the trigger and a bullet pierces through the puppet’s head and the puppet slumps to the ground.

Meyrin: it’s a maid’s job to clean it

Meyrin helped Baldroy up and the servants saw two pairs of red eyes at the door way. Baldroy and Meyrin clicked their guns but not bullets fire, and they hand no more reloading bullets. Baldroy gritted his teeth as the two unknown animatronics thudded towards them.

Baldroy: I’ve got a plan but it may be risky.

A few minutes later

Finny is laughing, charging and lifting a table as a shield at the same time. Meyrin and Baldroy were charging after the innocent gardener. Old bonnie stupidly charge towards the table, thinking it might break it. Although the plastic table rammed the animatronic into the wall. Baldroy and Meyrin raced into the office whilst Finny dealt with the rabbit robot. Old bonnie corned Finny and lunged at him. The blond boy ducked and grabbed the purple rabbit by the shoulders and forced the rabbit to look at him.

Finny: Your friend hurt Meyrin, I don’t like it when my friends get hurt. You will pay the price.

Finnian bashed Toy bonnie’s head several times against the wall until Toy bonnie’s head was reduced to the exoskeleton. The rabbit groaned weakly but Finny crushed its exoskeleton skull as Baldroy and Meyrin returned with loaded guns. Instead of his rifle, he wielded a giant machine gun

Baldroy: Ok, how many did we eliminated?

Meyrin: The bear, the two chickens, the puppet, the foxes and the little boy

Finny: And the rabbits!

Baldroy counts his fingers to conclude that they have killed ten of them…

Baldroy: Ok! Two more left, let’s do it!

Meyrin and finny: YEAH!

The group journeyed to the Kids cove where loud footsteps were heard. The servants turned their heads and were ambushed by toy Freddy. He lunged at Baldroy and pinned him down.

Baldroy: Finny…Meyrin…

Meyrin pulled the trigger 6 times at Toy Freddy’s head and Finny threw the body…unintentionally at Golden Freddy. In rage, the golden animatronic lunged at Finny. But the gardener punched the demon bear in the face to send it flying back to Springtrap’s arms. Baldroy stood up and picked up his machine gun. Finny picked up the table and Meyrin aimed carefully at Golden Freddy’s head.

Baldroy: Meyrin, take the golden one. Finny, keep out newcomer distracted. I’ve got a plan!

Baldroy runs to the office leaving his friends with the remaining ‘rats’. Meyrin then looked at the pirate nest and got a nod from Finny. Finny who was fighting Springtrap hand to hand, grabbed the rabbit and flung it at the demon bear. Golden Freddy had its glued on Finny instead of Meyrin, who was swiftly climbing the crow’s nest of the ship. Finny kept weaving and ducking from the punches until Meyrin pulled the trigger. The bullet pierced through Springtrap’s leg causing it to fall down. Finny then saw Baldroy lugging 2 huge sacks of flour.

Baldroy: Meyrin, get down here. Finny, spread this flour around!

Finny ripped open the bag and poured a trail of it as Meyrin and Baldroy ran. There was a large serving tray so the three of them jumped on the small cart with wheels and rolled down the hallway as Golden Freddy and Springtrap pursued them. Finny poured the flour on the floor as they rolled to the entrance. The cart pulled to a stop and the three servants jumped off the cart. Finny dumped the rest of the flour at the entrance. They had everything in place although there was one slight problem.

Finny and Meyrin: Baldo-san! What are you waiting for! LIGHT IT!                      

Baldroy: Wait for it…wait for it…

Springtrap overtook golden freddy and lunged at the servants. But Finny balled his fists and smashed  on Springtrap’s head. With Springtrap recovering Baldroy tossed his cigarette at the accumulated flour dump and the servants ran from the pizzeria with their back turned because we all know that cool guys don’t look at explosions.


The next day

Ciel was rubbing his temple in frustration.

Ciel: thanks to you idiots, now I have to pay for the pizzeria's repairs

The three servants hung their head in shame


Meyrin, Finny and Baldroy: yes boc-chan, sorry boc-chan.

Ciel: ugh…and I’ve still got to pay someone to kill that blue creep that murdered Mr di angelo’s friend. Get out of my sight.

The three servants trudged out the sight of the young master.

Sebastian: more tea boc-chan?

Death battle analysis[]


Wiz: Meyrin’s eyesight and Baldroy’s personality may have impacted on their chances of survival, the animatronic’s stupidity and broken parts may have assisted them to win.

Boomstick: Finny’s oblivious joy brutally slaughtered some of the animatronics and Baldroy’s military strategies assisted them to win. Meyrin’s eyesight may have caused Mangle to severely scratch her, but they protected puppet from jumpscaring my favourite servant. Looks like Springtrap and golden Freddy went out with a bang

Aqua: you owe me 50 bucks, and don’t give me the chicken thing

Wiz: (sigh) the winners are the servants of Ciel Phamtomhive

*cues scene where all the gangster dudes are running from the ciel's mansion.

Finny, meyrin and baldroy: a phamtomhive servant who can't do this much, isn't worth their salt

Finny bardroy meyrin

Next time on death battles[]

Boomstick: Next time on death battles

Anonymous character 1: "Are you going to kill me now or later, 'cause now is better for my schedule."

Anonymous character 2: “Eh sorry, I wasn’t listening”

Aqua: Ok! That’s my nightmarish battle done and over with! And yay! Not another death battle with a book character, and guess what?! This next one also has no book character. So celebrate, comment and BE EXCITED!