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You know why people are afraid of the dark, don't you? It's a very basic loss of control, a certainty that while you suffer the disorientation of blindness... other creatures are moving through your territory, staking their own claims, manipulating your environment to suit their own needs. I'll tell you something, though. You have no need to fear those creatures who use the darkness to their advantage... Not as long as you stick to the one who's controlling the light...!
~ The Penguin

The Penguin, real name Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, is a supervillain from DC Comics, and is among Batman's most recognizable villains, along with The Joker.

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Born the illegitimate son of Elijah Van Dahl, whose is among Gotham's richest, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot is a deformed man who was solely raised by his birth mother Gertrud Kapelput prior to her death. Having been ostracized by his bird-like appearance, called "Penguin" due to his limp, Oswald learned of his heritage and resolve to make his fortune after his father died. But being a bitter and ruthless sociopath, Penguin saw his best chances of getting rich is in crime as he lied, cheated, and stole his way from being an umbrella-man of Fish Mooney to owner of a nightclub as part of the Falcone Crime Family. But Penguin desired more, eventually ending up in Batman's sights.

Death Battle Info[]

  • Penguin is a master criminal of genius-level intellect
    • Frequently plans ahead with contingencies and alternative options against Batman
  • Acquired wealth gives him access to better resources than most other Batman villains
  • Penguin took an interest in martial arts (primarily Judo) and trained his body into top fighting form: his combat skills are proficient enough that he can sometimes hold his own in a fight against Batman.
  • Has extensive knowledge of the criminal underground of Gotham: sometimes possessing more information than Batman has.
    • Frequently portrayed as one of the most powerful criminal heads in Gotham
  • His skill with firearms is at least above average, as he was able to use Mr. Freeze's freeze gun effectively for a while
  • Trick umbrellas
    • Rifles, Machine Guns or Shotguns
    • Flame-Throwers
    • Coiled electrified chains.
    • Swords
      • Enough strength to completely slice through a massive tree branch with very little effort.
    • Lasers
    • Toxic or Knock-Out Gas
    • Bulletproof Shield
    • Personal Helicopter
      • The blades can be used as a melee weapon [1]
    • Basically anything that can fit inside an umbrella...
    • Hypnotic [2]
  • An army of bird minions (primarily penguins)
    • Sometimes controlled by a device that can command any bird.

While he completed 'dispassionate' kills, kissing his victim on the forehead in a benedictive manner, Oswald normally uses others to do his dirty work.


  • One of Batman's most sane adversaries, though he faked being insane to get a lighter sentence in Arkham with traumatizing consequences. (It should be noted that Penguin's sanity varies on the canon).
    • Batman admitted that Oswald is smarter than he is
  • Able to enjoy his luxurious lifestyle despite violent criminal record.
    • The Iceberg Lounge remains one of Gotham's most luxurious and popular nightclubs despite its reputation for being a criminal hideout.
  • Training birds to commit criminal acts, converting the Van Dahl estate into a huge aviary.
  • Briefly used a Green Lantern ring and despite it being on low power he was able to create constructs
  • Caused a gang war between Falcone and Maroni to raise up the ranks, ending up the leader of Gotham's criminal underworld before forced to go on the lam.
  • One of the few Batman Villains with political influence and power.
    • Was once the mayor of Gotham City
  • Manages to keep out of jail most of the time by being one Batman's and Amanda Waller's informants.
  • Led a dominant faction in the Arkham City gang wars, smuggling in military-grade equipment for his armies to use
    • Successfully captured Mr. Freeze and an elite Assassin, and shot the Joker's pet hyenas, during the war.
    • Acquired and tamed both Solomon Grundy and a pet shark.


  • Losing streak against Batman.
  • Dependent on his umbrella.
  • Obsessed with his umbrella. This habit was due to his overprotective mother forcing him to carry one at all times.
  • Violently insane; not to the same degree as Joker but still can lash out impulsively and recklessly.
  • Despite knowing martial arts; he's relatively physically weak due to his short size and deformities.
  • No superhuman abilities or armor.
  • Can sometimes get intimidated by Batman [3]
    • Once became a 'rat'; giving Batman information about other criminals in exchange for Batman leaving Penguin relatively alone.
  • Avoids being as 'audacious' as other Batman villains; primarily because of his more careful and calculated approach as well as feeling pressured by the massive competition within Gotham's underground. [4]
  • LOVES fish. [5] [6]


  • Penguin's design was a parody of the Kool Cigarette penguin mascot; hence why Penguin is a smoker. [7] This mascot also carried around a cane, hence the umbrella. [8]