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The Pain

The Pain is a villain in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He's one of the six members of the Cobra Unit.

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In 1942, the Cobra Unit was formed by the Allied powers to combat the Axis. One of its members was The Pain. Together, this group of six soldiers with exceptional skills fought at some of the most important battles of the war, such as Stalingrad and during the D-Day landings.

The Cobra Unit was disbanded after the war, but its members reunited in the summer of 1964 under the command of their old leader, The Boss, who had seemingly defected to the Soviet Union. Together, the members of the Cobra Unit collaborated to defeat Naked Snake, the protege of The Boss. The Pain was the first member of the Cobra Unit Naked Snake would encounter.

Death Battle Info[]

The Pain's main ability is to command a swarm of hornets. These hornets were controlled by pheromones secreted from his body and using the beating wings a queen bee in a pack on his hips. He also stores pheromones in vials stored in his vest, which he can throw to aim his hornets towards targets.

These hornets could perform a number of actions. Somethimes, The Pain would cover himself in hornets to create armor, which proved effective against smaller weapons. He can create doppelgaangers of himself constructed out of his hornets. Hornets can be commanded to pick up grenades thrown at him and fly away, often making them ineffective. Additionally, he also carries a small number of "bullet bees" within his body. He can open his mouth to release these extremely fast insects, which drill into opponents and attempt to kill the from the inside

The Pain also carries a Tommy Gun and grenades into battle.


  • Bee Armor can be broken by sufficiently powerful attacks, like a hit from a shotgun or a grenade.
  • The Pain is named such for the extraordinary amount of pain he is constantly in, thus this does give him a constant adrenaline rush.
  • Hornets will not attack white targets.


  • The Pain's true name and age are unknown.
  • The Pain can theoretically control other kinds of insects by changing the pheromones he emits. However, he has never been known to do so, possibly because it would interfere with his control over his hornets.